Todd's sexy argument that gay sex was the "ultimate cataclysmic orgasm" and seeing those still rock hard leaking cocks standing at full attention along with a buzz from drinking that spiked punch laced with vodka destroyed the last ounce of my will to resist the hottest stud in town.

As Todd continued to stand by my bed stroking his monstrous cock and playing with his big balls, I ripped off my boxer shorts and began to stroke my 7-inch stone hard cock while lying on my back on the bed with my legs spread wide. I used my head to motion for Todd to get up on the bed beside me. Fuck, I'd have this hot stud even if I got excommunicated from my church. My lust for him had melted all my resistance---the lust of the flesh had won.

With a huge grin and a twitching 9-inch stiff cock, big football stud Todd jumped upon the bed, got between my sexy sweaty legs and buried his face in my brown pubic hair crotch and began to lick and suck my asshole. I instantly felt dizzy from the wild pleasure of his two-day old scruffy beard tickling my crotch, his hot breath and his thick warm lips and sloppy tongue giving my ass an incredible rimming. I began to moan and buck my hips up to meet this stud's raunchy eating of my sensitive pussy. I'd never felt such pure lust or pleasure as Todd used his salvia to coat my ass.

I began to beg: "Oh Fuck Yea, eat my ass. Oh my god, you big hunk that feels so good. Don't stop. Do you feel my puckering ass on your tongue? Holy fuck, oh shit, I want to be your bitch. I'm all yours. Tommy, let Leo at your ass, man this rimming is so good by Todd."

I hear Tommy say: "Shit yea Peter buddy, I'm so horny. I'll let Leo, the stud, fuck me raw. Fuck our parents and this damn fucking college. Leo strip off my clothes and use me for your pleasure."

Leo threw Tommy on the other dorm room bed, removed Tommy's shoes, socks, unzipped his pants and took them off, pulled off those red briefs and pulled Tommy's polo shirt up over and off his head leaving Tommy butt naked on his back on the bed. Leo jumped on top of Tommy and resumed his humping that cute body this time with Tommy naked.

As Todd was wildly eating my ass, I turned my head to watch big Leo use his naked body to hump the hell out of my roommate. I felt my cock grow even stiffer as I watched Leo's big hard round ass cheeks bob up and down on top of Tommy's sweaty sexy body. I knew Leo was using his blood filled 10-inch horse cock to drive it hard into my buddies' rock hard 7-incher. I could see Leo ramming his wet tongue to the back of Tommy's throat while Tommy moaned and groaned in pleasure.

I knew how turned on Tommy was when Leo stopped kissing him  long enough for Tommy to say: "Oh my god, fuck yea, hump me harder, grind that huge iron hard giant sausage into my aching cock. Yea wow, my crotch is so wet from all our leaking pre-cum. Wow this feels so great and the smell of cum is hot. Please suck my cock and let me give you my nice fresh piece of virgin ass for your man meat.

The room filled with the smells of sweaty bodies, dangling spewing pre-cum and dirty fucking talk added to the lust. It was impossible to know which one of us guys was the horniest or most in heat. The level of testosterone and raging libidos weer then off the chart. The moans, grunts, panting and rapid breathing had to be filtering out into the hallway. It had become clear that Tommy and I were the bitches for the evening and under the total control of whatever Leo and Todd wished. We were under their spell as these two horny athletes decided to use us for their lustful pleasure.

After some ten minutes in this state of wild sex, Todd and Leo began to suck our cocks. I felt Todd began to slide his tongue up and down my throbbing cock shaft for the longest time before he firmly stretched his lips around my fresh cock and swallowed my entire cock deep to the back of his throat. My have mercy; he went wild coming off and back down deep on my throbbing cock over and over. The blowjob was the most awesome lustful feeling I'd ever experienced. I begged: "Oh my god, that feels so great. You fucking hunk. suck my cock, and make me come. Let me shoot my huge load in your mouth. Eat my seed Baby. I'm your slut, your whore and your bitch. Yea, yea, yea, that is it. Oh shit, that feel so good."

I could see that Leo had swallowed my buddies' hard cock at the same time as he too was wildly coming down and off that dick with his head bobbing up and down. Tommy was bucking his hips up to push his cute dick deep into Leo's mouth. Tommy begged: "Yea suck my cock. Let me shoot my load. Fuck man, that feels so good."

It was like magic or perfect timing when a powerful surge built up in my nuts at the same time as Tommy's nuts gathered his cum.

I yelled: "Oh Fuck, Todd, I'm about to come. If you don't want my sticky cum, you better pull off my dick now. My dick is spasming, my cock is ready to burst my seed down your throat."

My warning caused Tommy to clamp down hard on my cock head as I blasted a mother load of my seed to the back of his throat. He sucked hard on my cock until he had sucked me dry.

I heard Tommy give the same warning to Leo that he was going to come. Leo pulled his mouth off Tommy's hard cock and allowed Tommy to blast a volcanic load all over his face. The sight of Tommy shooting his huge load all over Leo's face caused my cock to actually stiffen again. Holy shit, Tommy got down and licked his own cum off Leo's face. They kissed and shared the nectar. That caused me to shoot a second load on Todd's face that I licked off and kissed him with cum on my lips. WOW, when  you are a young 18-year-old buck you can shoot more than one load in a few seconds.


Todd and Leo stood up and gave each other a high five for their victory over us. They had broad mischief grins of a conquer as they showed drops of cum on their lips. Then Todd spoke for both of them: "Hey bitches, are you ready to get those virgin fresh asses fucked by our big dicks? We want to ram our big sausages up those tight assholes."

I spoke up and said: "Fuck yea, we want you to fuck us raw and pound our rosebuds hard. Give it to us rough with those big jock cocks.' We're ready for our first fuck by you studs."

Then came the big surprise as Leo said: "You sluts, listen, we are going to change partners. Peter you are going to get my fucking 10-inch hose cock up that pink tight pussy and Tommy you're going to take Todd's big 9-inch missile up your virgin pussy."

I felt my cock and ass began to spasm wiht the pure lust and excitement. I was read as was Tommy. Man, it was hot to experience sex from both studs.

Leo said: "Peter get on the bed on your stomach, spread those fucking legs and get ready to take this giant dick up your pussy."

Todd ordered: "Tommy lay down on your back on the other bed, pull those legs upon your chest and get ready for me to fuck you."

They lubed their cocks and our asses.

I felt Leo's hot crotch and throbbing cock invade my ass. He drove his stone hard cock all the way inside me, as he plunked his hot sexy body heavy down on my back. I felt a severe pain with that huge log in my ass but I was wild with lust as he fucked me while driving my body and hard cock deep into the mattress.

I heard Tommy moan as Todd drove his huge tool of a fire hose size all the way into that hot tight ass. Soon Tommy began to stroke his own cock while continuing to get his ass plummeted with that fucking big cock.

The beds began to make screeching sounds as Tommy and I were getting our asses pounded by those huge cocks. Leo and Todd used those hard bodies and football developed athletic frames to fuck the hell out of our male pussies. We all were yelling and making the usual sexual sounds as we all were on fire with lust and enjoyment.

I was sure that we could be heard in the hallway and the adjoining rooms as we moaned, grunted, and yelled from the ecstasy of  the wild fucking going on. Man, this was one hot scene.

After about ten minutes of getting our asses fucked, Todd and Leo dumped huge white semen loads deep in our pussies. Both Tommy and I blasted a load of cum while our asses became filled with all that semen. When spent, Leo and Todd had us lick the warm cum off their still semi-hard cocks.

Then all hell broke out when the 63-year-old cranky dorm manager used his key to open our dorm room and caught the four of us butt naked covered in cum. With great anger in his voice and with several dorm dudes watching from outside the room, he said: "What in heavens are you guys doing. Yea, you are a bunch of fags. How disgraceful to this college  and your parents. Just wait until your parents learn about this horrible act. Some of the guys on this floor heard you making all thsoe sexual sounds and called me."

We stood silent in our birthday suits and in shock. In fact, we still had semi-hard cocks with drops of cum on our cock heads.

The campus police were called and we were given two hours to pack and get off campus. Fuck, what would our parents do and yea the church leaders? But I for one knew I now loved gay sex and it had been worth it even though we were getting kicked out of college. 

We went over to Leo and Todd's apartment and spent the next week. We discussed with Leo and Todd what we would do next.

NEXT CHAPTER: Leo and Todd hosted a wild party for us at a local hotel and invited some of their college wrestling team studs to join us for a hot orgy. Stay tuned.


Naughty Eric


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