Tommy and Peter's families are good friends. The parents are very conservative religious believers who visit a conservative religious college. They interviewed the administrators and some of the faculty with the purpose of determining if their sons would enroll as freshmen. They are informed that the college conduct code permits no drinking of liquor or beer, no smoking, no drugs, no premarital sex and any students engaging in same sex acts or confessed to be gay will be instantly expelled. Tommy's parents as well as Peter's parents also consulted with their pastor and made the decision to enroll their sons in the college. It would be a perfect setting for Tommy and Peter to pursue a four year degree and maintain their high moral code.

Tommy and Peter have been friends since early childhood. During their high school years, they took the same classes and never dated. 

Tommy was the outstanding quarterback on the high school football team his last three years. He is a slim 165 pound well-built athlete standing 6-feet. He is of Swedish ancestry with blond hair and blue eyes.

Peter was the top pitcher on his high school baseball team all four years. He stands 6-feet and 3-inches, weighs 185-pounds and has very dark brown hair and eyes.

At their high school graduation, Peter was announced as the valedictorian and Tommy was the salutatorian. They were popular guys on campus both as athletes and student scholars. They were known as Mr. Clean with no bad habits.

Beginning their college careers, they started off being their usual outstanding academic students. As college roommates, they spent most of their time studying and always met the 9 PM curfew in the dorm. They lived by all the college conduct code rules.


This story took place our fifth week as freshmen on a Saturday night. We were roommates living in one of the men's dorms. Among the many rules were: no drinking of any form of alcoholic beverages , no smoking cigarettes, no use of illegal drugs, no sexual activity allowed including masturbation, no female students were allowed to visit our dorm or we their dorms and all students signed a pledge that they were virgins. We all had to be in our dorms by 9 PM. We were allowed to have male friends visit our dorms on Saturday evening until 11:30 PM to eat, watch TV and play games.

Tommy and I had no problem with the rules as we had grown up in families and our church with these rules. We had each other as friends  and we were devoted to our studies and obtaining high academic marks.

The rules did permit us to invite buddies on Saturday evenings. On this given Saturday evening, Tommy and I invited, Todd and Leo, two of his good friends that had been on the high school football team with him and who were attending a liberal arts college in the same town. Although Leo and Todd were know as party-goers in high school, they had always respected Tommy and me for our conservative life styles.

Todd and Leo were big former defensive linemen on the high school football team. They both stood 6-feet and about 5-inches tall, weighed around 220 pounds each, had broad shoulders, wide necks, huge arms and biceps, rock hard thick thighs, coal black hair and drown eyes.

They had a reputation of being ladies' men dating especially the cheerleaders in high school. They continued this life style as now members of their college football team.

Leo and Todd arrived at our room around 6 PM. Tommy and I had prepared lots of snacks including chips, cheese and fruits as well as soft drinks. Todd and Leo had stopped by McDonalds and purchased hamburgers and fries. They also had a large container of punch.

As we ate, we watched a baseball game on TV, played a few games and chatted about our high school days. Tommy and I especially enjoyed the punch that our buddies had brought. I noticed that Leo and Todd only drank Pepsi. Finally, I felt rather light headed and I said: "Tommy, this is the best punch I've ever had. Man, I feel great."

As Tommy flopped down on the carpet, I thought he said: "Meeee toooooo, wowoooo...."

I was not sure what he said as he seemed to be slurring his words.

I began to feel so horny. Oh no, this was so wrong. I must ask for forgiveness for thinking these carnal thoughts about sexy Leo and Todd. This was wrong. I looked at Todd and Leo, as they began to grin and give each other high fives.

Then the impossible happened. From not too clear vision, oh my goodness, I noticed big ribbed muscled hard football jock Leo had gotten down on the carpet and had begun wrestling with Tommy. Soon Leo jumped up on top of my best friend Tommy and began to dry hump him. Tommy began to moan and thrust his hips up to meet Leo's crotch. Oh fuck, I felt my cock began to swell from what looked like Leo was trying to fuck my buddy who seemed to be into the humping.

Todd saw my hard cock pushing out a tent in my pants. He came over to the bed where I was stretched out on my back; he took off my shoes, unzipped my pants, pulled them off, pulled off my shirt and undershirt and left me only with my boxer shorts. My 7-inch hard cock had managed to escape through my boxer's fly and was throbbing while standing at attention leaking pre-cum. I began to lust after this hot football muscled hunk. Oh my goodness, was I gay? I could see a huge bulge in Todd's pants that was twitching. Yea, I wanted to see that big rod, touch it and see what it tasted like. Oh, could I resist this horrible sin that my parents and church forbid? But I'd never wanted anything more than Todd's big cock and hot body.

Then Todd stood up and ripped off all his clothes. He had this huge what turned out to be thick 9-inch cock that was filled with blood and a purple big cock head dripping pre-cum. He took hold of that hot cock head, slid his fingers across it and collected the pre-cum and licked it off his fingers. I felt my cock stiffen even more form the site of his eating his own pre-cum. Holy shit, he stood before me with that incredible ribbed muscled dark tanned body with a monstrous stone hard leaking cock. I so wanted that dick, to kiss it and have Todd fuck me. I'd never seen another man's cock except Tommy when he came out of the shower. WOW, this was a big dick. I began to pray: "Oh forgive me for my sins. I must say no. This is the carnal lust of the flesh. No. no, no, not these urges. This is the weakness of the flesh. No, I cannot do this."

Leo pushed the envelope. He stood up off of Tommy. He stripped until he was butt naked and lord have mercy he had a 10-inch huge cock and it was leaking pre-cum. As I watched, I felt my cock grow hard again. Oh what a beautiful fucking cock.

Tommy began to rub his crotch as he looked at that awesome naked body of Leo. Tommy then looked at me and saw my naked body except for my boxers with my pulsating cock that had poked through my fly. Then with a panic look on his face, Tommy said to me: "Oh Peter what are we going to do? This is so wrong. Help me decide what to do. Are we gay? This violates ever thing we have been taught by our parents and the church elders. Help me Peter."

"I know Tommy, I too want Todd to suck my cock and yea, fuck my virgin ass. Oh how I do want him to make love to me. I feel so guilty having these feeling and desires and my lust for him. Tommy do you want Leo to fuck you?'

"Yea Peter, I so want hot Leo to suck my cock and fuck my ass. Man, he is so HOT!!!!"

Then Todd spoke: "Hey guys, Leo and I are actually fucking fags. The stories about our playboy escapades with the cheerleaders are only a farce to hide from the public who we really are. Yea, we love fucking man pussy and sucking those sweet cocks. We love cock. Leo and I are fuck buddies and we have been lusting after you two all through high school. And yea we have fucked several of our college jock buddies. By the way, the punch is spiked with vodka. That is why you are feeling so great and your true lust are coming out. See guys, liquor brings out the real you. I bet you have been suppressing your real sexual urges. I bet you would really enjoy Leo and I fucking your guys big asses. You do desire us, don't you? Peter and Tommy you need to trust us. Fuck all those authoritarian bull shit rules, be free, live your real life and enjoy it. The greatest titillating and gratification possible is to have a man fuck you and experience the ultimate cataclysmic orgasm. Come on and let us show you how great that is."

I responded: "Todd this is wrong. Tommy and I must be strong and resist this carnal lust of the flesh. But shit, our cocks are still so rock hard. Oh Tommy what are we going to do?"

Leo said: "You guys need to trust us. I tell you what. Just let us suck your cocks and if that does not feel good then we will stop and never ask you again. Todd and I will never tell anyone what we do here tonight. We promise it is our secret. How are you ever going to know whether you are fucking gays if you do not try it?"

Tommy and I looked at each other with doubts both ways. What would we decide?

NEXT CHAPTER: Will Tommy and I say no or yes?


Naughty Eric


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