At about 5:00pm our car hauled and pulled to a stop in the parking lot or let me say garage in front of a new duplex.Mrs Lisa Baker flashed me an affectionate smile and then said"Willie this is my house,I mean our house".I blushed with my eyes wide opened as I observed how well kept the red-brick house was,with varieties of flowers adoring its corners ranging from hibscus,roses,lily etc.

I was still lost and amazed at the beautiful house when I guess I heard Mrs.Baker open her door and came down from the car,I followed suit and grabbing my bags from the trunk I went into Mrs Baker's waiting right hand which she held out to me with car keys dangling freely in her index finger.I reached my hand to meet hers as she took me led the way into the house I'd with time get to refer as my home.

"Honey this is Willie the boy I told you about"Mrs Baker said amidst smile after a warm hug and a welcome kiss to her hubby.She seem to smile easily for she smile from Akron to their home."well am Mr Matthew Baker just call me Matt"Mr Baker said sticking out his right hand for a man-to-man shakê.I couldnt help but stare at the middle aged man who seem to be in his late 30's or early 40's, he's a lightly tanned muscled hunk,dirty blond hair,watery green eyes and I noticed the furs which seem to coat his arms especiålly the one he stuck out to me.Shaking my head out as if to reality I drop my bag and shook his warm hand"Will Gordon but call me Will-I-Am as my pals do.I caught his eyes checking me out as if I was a drug pusher and he hoped to find some white stuffs on me maybe coccaine.

Enough of these craps my name's William Gordon but I like it when my friends call me will-i-am,it makes me happy,just graduated high in Ohio when my parents mysteriously died in an auto crash last summer.Mrs Baker mum's friend got married and moved to Florida a town quite close to Miami in Spring this year who took me and promised I'd go to college after Summer break.I turned 18 a few weeks back,5'7,dark hair,black eye and pink lips and as the last child of 3 kids,my two older brothers going to college&working in Ohio with my eldest brother Kyle in his finals am just adjusting to shock of being an orphan.

"hey bud you okay?" Matt asked smiling and then offered to show me my room,it's just two door from their room."Feel at home and call me if need be okay".I nodded yes not sure if am nodding to his words of his musical voice which amazed me.

I opened the door to my room and was happy at the interior,a large room with walls sky blue,queen-sized bed,wine red drapes,air conditioner and a small freezer its amazing.I went in and closed my døor,in less than thirty minutes am doné arranging my stuffs,went showering in the bathroom and came down for dinner in an hour.

I wore my Levi boxers and white singlet which manage to fit my frame as a result of my workout with my football team in high school.I eased into the dining seat next to me still aware of Matt's wandering eyes which I caught from the time I entered the dining room.I know I am handsome from the compliments i got from my females but with a guy checking me out that was a little too awkward for I've nothing to do with guys except for this Chris guy in my seniors who was damn geeky and hot too who did everything to get my attention by trying many tricks but no way.

"um Willie pray for us,Will,Willie,Will-I-Am"!.I shook my head and jolted back from imagination,I do that every now and then.

What?I asked

"Willie are you okay?" Lisa asked "Yea,Yes" I said

"Buddie can you help us with some grace before meal"Lisa said

As I was about to close my eyes and say the prayer I saw Matt staring at me with that you're a damn sexy and hottie on the planet look and drools on the sides of his mouth from lust or hunger,I closed my eyes and said the prayers.

After dinner which was chips and roasted porks,sausages,vegetable and a shake of milk and fruits to go with enough to keep the dinner for 15 minutes after the main meal,I quickly cleared the table and plates to the kitchen and ràn upstairs to escapes Matt's quizzical eyes.There was something about those eyes, I once saw the look on his face in the eyes of our die hard stallion as he fucked the hell out of our mare back then in my Dad's farm the farm which now belonged to Kyle.As I grab the handle of my door I hear Lisa coming upstairs,I closed my door and sat on my bed minutes later Lisa who I always refer to as ma'am knocked on my door and I heard the døor handle rattle before it opened and closed.

"Hey buddy"she called as she approached me and placed her hand on my shoulder"are you okay,you don't like the meal,whats wrong?".

"Nö dinner was fine its just that I miss Mum and Dad and also my brothers in Ohio"I said trying to fight back the tears building up in my eyes.

"It's ok I miss them too,your Mum my friend Jessie was such a saintly soul full of vitality,energy and humor".

I blinked giving way to tears that trail down my cheek to my jaw.I miss them so much more than my life cos they left when I needed them most.

"I miss them"

"I know"said ma'am Lisa wiping away the tears from my face and giving a reassuring smile which made me smile too.

"Tomorrow am taking you down town to a beach in Miami for you to féel and taste Miami's great charms.

"Really!!"I said said wide eyed as he pulled her to a hug.

"Yea really and am gonna take you to catch a movie and dinner hope you'd love it."she whispered into my right ear."I already do thanks ma'am" I said..



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