Ok so I have a crazy story to tell you but like any real story you must have some background first. My story takes place a few years ago when I was only 16 years old. I was in my Junior year and having a blast! I was finally an only child my older brother had just left for college he was one of my three older siblings. This particular week that my story starts my parents had gone to visit my brothers. So I was home alone and king of the house! I decided that I wouldn't have a huge party or anything because my neighbors would tell my mom (that's what happened when my older brother did it). So I suppose I should tell you my name. I am Billy. I am about 5'11 with a average build. At the time of this story I was straight and a virgin. Now like many teenage boys I was horny as hell all the time including this week that I was home alone. I had one friend Sara who I had liked forever and was pretty sure she liked me. My plan was to invite her over on Sunday for some alone time if you know what I mean ;). I was responsible so I went out (all the way to three towns over) and got condoms. I brought them home and put them in my bed side table hoping no one would find them. My worry was silly though because no one was home right? Wrong!

Well all week I had been to friends houses after school. But that weekend I figured I should have my two best friend over. Joe and Kevin. I had known kevin since we were babies and joe since just about the same time. People always called us the three musketeers. Now Kevin was an all American athlete he played 3 sports and he was the kid in school everyone wanted to be. He was 6'2 with perfect blonde hair and blue eyes. He was an athletic build but just average. He wasn't ripped but he wasn't not ripped of that makes sense. Now Joe was out schools star skier! He brought us to states every year and won. Joe was about 5'10 and he dirty blonde hair short with beautiful blue eyes! Joe's body was amazing he had muscles that I didn't even know existed. Even the straight guys in the locker room were a little turned on by his abs and chest. It was pure muscle but not overdone like some people. So anyway I invited joe and Kevin to stay over at my house on Friday. So after school Kevin had practice (surprise) and joe had a dry land practice for the ski team (dry lands for him were all year long). Anyway Kevin had a team dinner or something after so he wouldn't be to the house for a while. Joe got back about 5. I had ran out to the store to get some stuff for dinner. Now Joe surprisingly had not spent much time at my house he hated my older brother so we usually hung at his house. I left him a not and said to make him self at home. He texted me to ask if he could take a shower and I said sure. I was right around the corner when I said that and must have pulled in just as Joe turned on the shower. I was downstairs making dinner quietly by my self when I figured I should just wait and see what Joe wants if Kevin wasn't coming home. I ran upstairs to go to the bathroom. I would like to defend my self right now in saying that in y house we had one bathroom for 6 people 5 of whom were guys the bathroom door lock didn't even work anymore. We all just barged in on each other when you were taking a piss or a shower or what ever it was just nature to walk right in. So I did I walked right into the bathroom and found Joe in the shower with the curtain only pulled about half way. I didn't really notice but Joe was pretty shocked to have me walk in on him. I went the bathroom cause I had to and of didn't bother me but he was really weirded out for a little while. Of course so was I because when I walked in and saw him naked all I could think was GOD DAMN he is fucking hot!! So I left and when he got out I thought Ohh good now I can explain and apologize. So I hear him coming down the stairs and so I wait for him but come to find there were no towels in the bathroom because my mom had washed them before she left and they were in the closet in the hall and mine was in my room. So I had to show him where they were and watching him walk butt naked was making me a little hard. I just figured that it was because I was horny and hadn't jacked off in about a month because I was planning for sex with Sara this weekend for that long. Well anyway I got him a towel then went down and made dinner because I figured the least I could do at this point was to make dinner for him when he's done.

Kevin ended up getting home about an hour early because his friends were getting high and drunk and he didn't want to have to drive drunk to get to my house. So all three of us had dinner. Joe and I talked about the bathroom thing and we were all laughing about it now. So we went out to play volleyball in the yard and trampoline. We also went for a run/walk because the two idiots thought that it was a great day for a run. Well it was like a mile run around the block but I was tired and sweet as hell when we were done cause I was so fucking out of shape. When we got home we hung out and talked for what seemed like forever before I felt just too gross and had to go shower. Those two were totally fine cause they had both taken showers after practice but between school and running around after school to our most recent run I was feeling a little gross. So I went and jumped in the shower. Now when I got in the shower Kevin decided to go claim his spot to sleep tonight and Joe just turned on the TV.

After about 5mins Joe couldn't find anything good in to watch because it was about 1 I'm the morning at this point. So he thought he would play a prank on me and come barge in on me in the shower. Well he came upstairs quietly and the door was open to the bathroom cause I never closed it:p. Joe quick as he could, and it was quick, pulled the shower curtain down. He just laughed and said see how it feels. Well I will admit I was a little embarrassed because I was all soapy and naked in the shower. It was weird but I mean I didn't care that much my brothers had done it before. Then just as we had stopped laughing Kevin came barging in with my box of condoms in his hand!

Now I was embarrassed. He asked what they were for and jokingly I said "I thought we could have a gay threesome tonight". Kevin just dropped his pants and his dick was ROCK hard with one of the condoms on and said " that's what I was hoping for". Joe and I kinda stood there for a second trying to think. Well I soon figured why I couldn't think because in the great words of our beloved Robin Williams

"God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time". Kevin just pointed at my cock and said damn Billy you have a nice uncut cock!!! I looked down and I was also hard as a fucking rock. So I glanced over at Joe and I could just barely see the outline of his cock through his shorts. So I decided what else are you gonna do but go with it.

I knelt down and started to rub Joe's cock and play with his balls. I didn't dare stick my hand in his pants yet invade he was freaked out. Good thing too because about thirty seconds after I knelt down he ran so fast. He ran outside! I rinsed off really quick then got dressed and went to find him.

I was going to have to apologize for the second time tonight for being a creepy homo. Well it took me a while but I finally found him in our old fort that we made years ago just off in the woods of my house. I sat down with him and I apologized until I couldn't sleek anymore. That's when I noticed that he was crying to I gave him my biggest best hug and apologized one more time offering to bring him home. It took a while but he eventually said that he didn't want to leave and he was sorry for how he reacted. That's when he admitted that he liked it and that he had in fact fantasied about us having a threesome multiple times. He even admitted to having a huge crush on me which was an interesting moment for me. I told him that I was attracted to him too. That really helped him. So we went back inside and just tried to pretend that nothing happened. That is until I noticed that during the movie at some point Joe and I started holding hands and he was rubbing my thigh. I liked it and I didn't want to scare him so I didn't do anything about it.

After the movie we all went to bed in different rooms. Thats what we decided would be the best after the night we had had.

I fell asleep thinking about Joe and to my surprise I woke up to him in my bed. At some point in the night he had climbed into be with me and we were spooning. He was the little spoon and my dick as it always is in the morning was rock hard. But some how I had gotten so close to Joe that it was literally rock hard in between his thighs. So I tried to move but he felt it and woke up.

I started to say sorry but he stopped me and said don't. Then he asked if it would be okay if we tried it again. I knew just what he meant so I reached over and started to rub his cock. Joe kissed me while I was rubbing his cock and he was an amazing kisser. I moved my kissing down to his amazing chest and he pushed his shorts off revealing his huge ass thick cock. It was 9 inches long and about 4in girth. I couldn't even believe how perfect this boy was. I sucked his cock for a while while he laid there moaning and telling me how much he loved me. I looked up and asked him if he was willing to try to blow me for a while because my mouth was starting to hurt from his cock. He was happy to blow me to I dropped my shorts to show my 7.5inch 2inch girth uncut cock. He liked it and got right down there! After only about 5 mins I thought I was gonna cum so I stopped him and said "let's go have sum fun!" he was all for it so I explained to him that we should sneak into Kevin's room and slap his face with our hard cocks and balls! Joe loved the idea and off we went Once in Kevin's room we got into position to slap him and I counted down with my fingers on three we slapped him! He just kind of moaned and stuck out his tongue. I grabbed his shorts and ripped them off. I started sucking his cock and he woke up pretty quick. He began to suck off Joe and we were all having so much fun!

Wow the three of us must have just hardcore fucked each other for 2 hours before anyone even began to think about trying some anal. Kevin of course grabbed the box of condoms which for some reason he had taken from my room. I said that I was up to it and Joe said the same. Kevin stretched my asshole with his tongue for a little before he shoved his hard ass cock right into my ass hole! It hurt like hell but felt good all at the same time. Joe Bent over in front of me whole Kevin was inside of me and I went into him slowly. It took me about 10mins before I got all the way inside Joe and it took a lot of spit to use as a lube but when I finally got it in there I was in heaven!! My cock was inside Joe who I had developed a crush on over night and Kevin's was inside of me! We stayed in that position for about a half hour until Kevin was about to blow his load. He pulled out as fast as he could and ripped his condom off. He made it off just in time to cum all Over my face and Joes while we were kissing! It was totally hot!

After that it was just Joe and I that hadn't cum and Kevin was exhausted so he kicked us out and went to bed! Joe and I went back to my room and fucked and sucked each other for about another 30mins until I came in his mouth then he came all over my ass! That was the conclusion to our first night of gay sex ever! Joe and I sleep together the rest of the night.

Today two years later Joe and I are dating and Kevin will come join us every so often when he starts to get bored with the ladies. It is a perfect group of friends!!



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