Been tough lately newly married my third time. She tells me that we are grown up and I should be Robert but I think I like Rocky. My boyfriend I have calls me Rocky so that is who I am.

My probation officer told me to get a job or go to jail for a month.

I work for a black guy I met in jail manages an auto parts scrap yard in Alabama. Four days a week I change into female clothing and service all the employees when they request it. 

They own a small mobile home in the back of the huge auto salvage yard and this is where I stay about four hours a day. 

I get to work at 7 am and am changed and ready by 7:15. Anyone that knows I'm available they then come in at preset times and I do what a girl has to do. My probation officer is happy and I am not.  

Only one more year of this and I can leave.


Rocky Wachenheim


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