That day after school my mind was on nothing but going over to nicks house. I think everyone noticed my volleyball coach shouted at me a few times but i didnt care i was gonna be with a hunk pretty soon.I decided to go home and take a shower before i went to nicks house so i sent him a text

'gonna hit the showers then come over'

after i steped of the shower i had one message it was from Nick

'no dont im working out i dont want to be the only one who stinks just come over'

i had to laugh

'sorry im already fresh and clean'

I jumped in my car and started to his house. Id been there 100 of times but for some reason i had the biggest knot of anticipation in my stomach like right before i play in a tournament match. I turned down Yarbird trail and turned into the first driveway on my right. I honked once got out of my car and walked up to the front door. Before i could even knock Nick was standing there wearing a tight black tank top that showed every muscle in his chest and torso and running shorts where i could see all his beautifull legs. Before i could say anything i got a hard hit to the arm

'owwwww what the hell was that for'

'for taking a shower and making me the only one who stinks' he said I slyly smiles and whispered

'dont you always stink?' another hit for that comment he let me in and i followed him to the wieght room. Nick was 6'1 157lbs had piercing blue eyes and a smile that lit up the room. He was all muscle but not to much just th right about of muscle he was fairly smooth except for the trail of blonde hair that lead from his belly button to the top of his shorts. And his ass was one of the best asses id ever seen like to apples that bounces as he walked. He turned around caught me starring smiled then lead me into the room.

'Mike i really am sorry about today' i couldnt read his face and didnt know if he was for real or just faking it so i decided to test the waters

'Hey its fine im just a fairy remember?' and then i saw it the look of sadness in his eyes and i knew he was for real.

'Danm shot down again I guess I really fucked up this time huh?' he said sitting down on the wooden bench that was facing the wall he refused to look at me.

'Yeah I guess you did now what', i put my hand on his shoulder and gave a little squezed. He didnt flench but didnt exactly turn around and say I love you Mike.

'Mike I dont know what to say I tried to apologize, but you seem to hate me now what can i do...ill do anything'

The same thing that had been runnung threw my mind for the past year flashed again I smiled a devilish smile and said'ANYTHING?'

To Be continued.



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