I sat down next to Megan at the senior lunch table and whispered Im gonna kill someone if I cant eat in peace. She laughed and told me to stop worring about what other people thought of me. Its become a bad habbit ever since I came out my sophomore year. I was 19 not ugly but not exactly a stud muffin either I was 5'9ish i always said i was 5'11 about 180lbs not the best body on earth but I had a great pair of legs from running track and playing volleyball. Thats another thing I was the first guy to be on the volleyball team at my small school, which made me kinda popular.

I also had the destict previlage of being best friends with the hottest guy in our school possibly in our town. Nick Best god he was(and still is) hot, Id known him since pre k so of course all the girls wanted to know if i could get them laid by him. Secretely I wanted him all to myself so most of the tim i told them that he was going with some other girl and usually they left me alone. My phoned buzzed a text messaged from Nick reading, Im sorry I didnt meen to let it get so out of hand back there. I wrote back saying, it is what it is you do what you need to do im gonna do what i need to do. I knew that would get his attention I really didnt want a agruement but he pissed me off. It all happened because we went to see a movie the night before and one of his friends had said something like Nick I cant believe you hang out with that fag. That didnt bother me the words that came out of Nicks mouth almost sent me over the edge he said, I dont hes just a fucking fairy that wants my dick. I could feel it coming I knew that if we didnt talk without all his friends around we could end up hating each other.

The next text message he sent me said

'hey i said i was sorry its the best i could do'

and then it hit me i really liked him I dont know how or why but I started to have real feelings for him i sent him a text saying

'if thats all you have to say then i guess we're done talking about it arent we?'

I was tring to catch him off gaurd anything to make him realize that i really wanted to talk. A little bit later while i was in Government class he sent me a text

'mike i really am sorry can we please talk today after school?' i had to laugh as I was writting back thinking that my trap had finally worked

'sorry got practice,but maybe after that?'

I tuned out everything the tacher said and started to day dream about what happen with me and Nick latter on in the day. I came down from cloud nine when i heard someone say Mike I have a pass for you. It was a secretary i took the pass looked at it, it said flip me over. S I flipped it over on the back there was a big smiley face and the words sure thing cant wait and the N.E.B, Nicks signature.




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