When the Wife’s Away

Years ago, I was poking around on Squirt, a gay chartroom for Dallas area guys. It was late and I was horny. I’d been out drinking and my then wife, Barbara was out of town for the weekend. It was a perfect night for some quick dirty chat, a nice jerk off session and then off to bed.

I started talking with Kevin and it turned out that his situation was nearly the same as mine, drinking, horny, spouse out of the picture, etc. 

We figured out that we had similar tastes and it turned out that we lived fairly close to each other. Neither of us, though, was comfortable with going to or having someone come to his house. But we weren't comfortable with the giant boners trying to break through our pants either.

Some more beer, some more really good chat and the horny meter went up to eleven. 

We finally agreed to meet at a nearby business complex that had a lightly wooded area adjacent to its back parking lot. 

Cock so hard that I almost couldn’t walk, I quickly drove there. 

The area that we chose was secluded and dark enough that I couldn’t see that Kevin was already there until I was right on top of his car. 

When I checked closer I saw that it was the right vehicle, in the right deserted area, everything looked good, so I parked next to him and we both got out. 

At first there was a little awkward small talk and then Kevin finally reached over, grabbed my cock through my pants and asked, “Do you really wanted to do this?”

I nervously stammered, “Yes.”

So we went into the woods. 

When we got in a ways where it was dark enough and we were far enough in that we couldn’t be seen from either the street or the parking lot, Kevin turned and got down on his knees. 

With fingers shaking so bad that they almost didn’t work, I unbuckled my belt and then unzipped and dropped my Levis, revealing my seven inch cock straining against my BVD's. 

Anxiously Kevin hooked his thumbs in my waist band and pulled down my briefs, freeing my already painfully hardened cock. 

I probably nearly put Kevin’s eye out as my BVD’s dropped. My cock was so hard that when freed, it sprang forward and hit Kevin on the face hard enough to almost raise a bruise. I was as hard as I could ever remember being, and the cool night air on my hot rigid cock felt amazing. 

As Kevin lowered his face, he wrapped his hand around my cock and used his tongue to flick the head a few times. 

When I moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” he slid his tongue down the shaft and started sucking and licking my balls.  

I was speechless as I watched Kevin raise his face and engulf the head of my cock in his mouth. 

In the dim moonlight I watched as inch-by-inch Kevin took of my cock into his warm mouth. As my rigid shaft penetrated Kevin's mouth, I felt Kevin’s nose and lips rubbing against my pubic hair. He apparently found this erotic because he sucked my cock in deeper.

Once he had my cock all the way inside of his mouth, Kevin started making wet, warm, sloppy slurping noises as he bobbed his head up and down my rock hard cock. Each time his mouth descended on my cock he would roll my balls in his hand. He was giving me the most glorious blowjob I had ever experienced in my young life. That coupled with the combination of being off-the-chart horny, being outside where there was always the chance of being caught, being with a stranger and just the right level of buzzed was making this blowjob simply amazing. 

Kevin was good and was clearly enjoying himself as his head dipped and rose, wetly working my cock with his tongue and mouth. I could hear highway traffic as I closed my eyes and sighed in pleasure. Kevin picked up the pace slowly, working my cock with his mouth and a hand to massage my balls. I moaned my approval as I put my hands on the back of his head and started to thrust with my hips. 

Before too long, I could feel myself getting closer and knew that I wouldn’t be able to last long.  So I whispered, "I'm gonna cum in a minute." 

Kevin nodded a little and kept sucking. 

After a few more moments of bliss I groaned and tensed and exploded with a muffled yell. I started cumming hard as a rush of hot cum spewed into Kevin’s wet sucking mouth. My hips shook as I spurted five or six good solid pulses into his throat. Kevin swallowed as I blew my load, and sucked until my cum swollen balls were empty.

After a moment, Kevin let go of my cock and stood up. He had a little dribble of cum running down the corner of one side of his mouth. Looking pretty pleased with himself, he wiped it off with his finger and put it in his mouth.  "Not too bad?" he asked with a little grin.

I think I said, "Holy shit dude," or something equally suave.

I pulled up my drawers and my Levis and then grabbed the outline of Kevin’s cock through his pants. It was like holding a rigid steel rod so I knew this was going to be good. 

I knelt down, unzipped his pants and as I pulled his pants and his boxers down, I pulled out his rock-hard tool. 

Kevin had to be about as worked up as I was, because his cock was positively humming with energy. It was around six or seven inches or so, straight and clean and screaming for attention. 

I could feel the heat radiating off it as I gently took hold of the base of his gorgeous cock and slowly wrapped my lips around his warm cockhead. 

I started sucking nice and slow, working down a little further as I wrapped my wet tongue around the sensitive underside where his foreskin connected to the base of the head. 

I had one arm sort of wrapped around Kevin’s leg so I had pretty good leverage and balance. 

I was able to go down pretty far but made sure that my tongue never left that sweet spot as I filled my mouth with his pulsing hardness. It went like that for several minutes, me savoring the salty taste, the musky smell of male sweat and the texture of his cock. 

Then Kevin started moving his hips in time with my cocksucking. 

He grabbed my shoulders and started to increase the pace a little at a time, pulling my face down a little more with each thrust. My mouth was wet with saliva and pre-cum as I hungrily kept pace. Kevin’s cock was soon going in so deep that my nose was being roughly jammed into his coarse pubic hair and his big cum filled balls were slamming against my chin.

It wasn't long until I felt Kevin’s balls clinch up and his throbbing cock grow inside my mouth and knew he was getting ready to cum. I couldn’t wait to have his rock hard cock spewing down my throat so I picked up the pace and sucked deeper and harder. Kevin’s legs begin to tense up as I felt the explosion that was building up about to happen. With a sharp breath and a final powerful thrust, Kevin pushed his cock into my mouth even deeper.  And then the first spasm hit and a gush of thick, steamy cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly but not fast enough because the second shot of cum filled my mouth and oozed out of the corners of my mouth.

I was enjoying the feeling of the warm cum in my mouth, languishing in the salty flavor as I swallowed in rhythm with his pulses, as Kevin groaned and shuddered and emptied his balls into my happy mouth. This was a moment that for me was so intensely sexual that I continued to suck and lick until the last of Kevin’s warm slippery load was pumped into me. 

Finally, Kevin’s cock stopped its flow of cum and just twitched in my mouth every time I ran my tongue along the sensitive underside. After a moment, still out of breath, Kevin slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, "Wow."

"Yeah,” I gasped, out of breath myself, and added, "A pretty good night all around."

Kevin buckled up and then we made small talk as we walked back to the cars. The taste of his warm cum was still in my mouth as we chatted. I would have blown him again right on the spot, if he’d have asked. 

We agreed that we should get together again at some point but I never saw him on Squirt again, so that was that.

The end…



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