It happened innocently when my new Led flat screen  went on the fritz. I looked up local repairmen and found Antonio´s Television repair. I told him what had happened and made an appointment to see if it was worth repairing. Antonio arrived on time and within minutes had diagnosed the problem. He said it would cost more to repair than to buy a new one. I asked him whether he had an old tv to sell me since the flat screen was only two years old. Antonio said he had an Sony Trinatron for a hundred dollars . I shook his hand to seal the deal and felt his fimger stroking my palm. I pretended to ignore what he had done and checked him out as he was leaving after arranging a time when he could deliver the used television.

   From my estimation, Antonio was around 48 years old  with a nice body. He said he lived with his ailing father and mother a few streets  toward the main park of Envigado. while at the house checking out the flat screen he asked whether he could use the bathroom to take a leak. I showed him the bath near the kitchen and offered him a cold drink. He said yes as he was tugging out his cock as he stood in front of the toilet. I must admit I was curious and glanced at his cock as he started to piss. He had a real thick cock  surrounded by thick wiry hair. I could just see that he had a nice set of balls hanging below his cock. i felt my cock tingle at the sight and as he finished pissing he made sure I saw what he had to offer, puttting his cock away as he exited the bathroom. He had left his zipper half way open and I mentioned to him to watch out ¨that his horse was going to escape if he didn´t close the barn door.¨He laughed at the phrase I had used as he tugged the zipper up all the way. I could see that he had a big basket as he lightly groped himself, adjusting his already  swollen cock. 

   I asked him whether he was married and he said divorced. I answered me too. I told him I liked being single again and playing the field when the opportunity arised. He agreed with me as he groped himself again. Antonio said he would bring the used tv in about an hour if that was okay with me. I said fine. I groped my hard cock letting him know I was interested and he smiled and said he would soon be back with the tv. 

 Antonio arrived within the hour and I could tell he had showered. He set up the tv and made sure it was working alright. After he finished he asked to use the bathroom to take another piss. He said he had drank so much coffee that he had to relieve his himself. This time I was checking out the channels on the tv but I could hear the strong forceful sound of him taking a piss. Then there was an abrupt silence and Antonio said he wanted to show me something. I walked to the door of the bathroom and he stood there with his stiff cock exposed in all it´s glory. I immediately felt my mouth was run dry and hardly could react and say anything. Antonio asked whether i liked what I saw and I said yes. He asked me to show him my cock. When I hauled it out I could see the wanton need in his eyes. Antonio asked me to come closer and grpoed my cock which was about the size of his cock, a good nine inches. He was uncut and he said he had never seen a cut cock before, As he stroked my cock I brought my hand to his member and stroked it peeling back his thick foreskin. He exited the bathroom and told me to close the curtains. I didn´t even put my cock away as I closed them. When I turned around he was sitting on the sofa with his pants down to his ankles. He had the hairiest legs which was a real turn on as I approached the sofa where he was sitting. I stood in front of him and he unbuckled my belt and unsnapped the top button of my jeans. He peeled my jeans along with my boxers and they dropped to the floor.

   I stood in front of him with my cock totally exposed as he leaned forward and engulfed my cock. I could tell right away he was a talented cocksucker able to swallow me to my hairy balls. He said he was real turned on by my cut cock telling me most Colombian guys were uncut and this was a real treat sucking a cock without a foreskin. Antonio sucked me with his eager mouth only stopping when my legs began to tremble. I withdrew my cock and got on my knees to savor his cock.  Before I encircled his cockhead with my lips I went to his big hairy balls and took each balls within my lips. He laid back on the sofa and watched how I savored each one. He said wait a minute as he removed his Nikes and pulled off his pants. I got between his hairy legs and as he spread his legs to give me easy access I tasted the area just below his balls. I searched out his hole which was nestled in a deep black forest of hair. He spread his cheeks and thoroughly was enjoying  my feasting on his tight hole. I then went to his swollen cock and took its slimy head within my lips, tasting the sweet precum coming from his cockslit. I heard him gasp and quickly he asked if we could sixty nine. He got on the floor and I lowered my body directing my cock into his open mouth. I started to fuck his mouth from above and he started to fuck my mouth from below. We were like animals fullfilling a need to empty our balls. I told him to watch out that I was ready to cum and he asked when was the last time I had shot my load. I told him it was at least a week. I asked him the same and he said a guy had sucked him off the night before, but not to worry he had a huge load for me. By the size of his balls I knew he was telling the truth. I told Antonio let´s shoot our loads at the same time. I could see his balls start to separate. I felt my balls do the same. I heard the familiar grunt as he lips surrounded my cock tasting the first spurt of his cream enter my mouth above. It had a strong taste like guanabana a tropical fruit famous in South America. At the first taste of his cum I unloaded my balls whch he eagerly swallowed. We continued to force feed our loads into each other´ s mouths until we were empty. I started to soften but he didn´t. He said he always had the abilty to cum twice. Antonio said he wanted to fuck my ass as he threw me on my back. He tugged my jeans off and brought my legs to his shoulders. I felt his still slimy cockhead enter my hole and Antonio started to fuck me and it amazed me that his cock was so rock hard. I thought to myself he would be a great fuck buddy. It wasn´t long til he filled my tight ass with his creamy load. His whole body was covered in sweat from fucking me. Even when he withdrew his cock from my quivering hole it remained semi hard.

   I told him I was looking for someone that would have sex with me ocassionally and he told me he would love to be that person. I told him he had the freedom to have sex with other men if he choose too. He said he liked that arrangement but said he would make sure his cock kept me satisfied with no problem. As he left I was really torn between my choices at hand. One interview left and I would have to make a decision of which guy I wanted. 





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