I´ve always been attracted to married men who like to have sex with men on the side. I decided to make it a business arrangement where I would put an ad ¨Foreigner With Benefits¨. To my surprise I had no less than three hundred candidates to choose from in less than a week. 

   Of course the first question out of their mouths ¨What are the benefits?¨and what did they have to do to receive them. I told them that they would get a monthly  minimum salary that a person makes in Colombia. In American dollars that works out to be just over three hundred dollars. Not bad for things they would normally do with a man for free. First, I wanted to make sure the person I chose had certain qualities such as a big cock being the most important. In the ad I said to send me proof that they were indeed hung and then we would go from there. Second , I wanted to make sure that they were open to all male sex which is a man labeled ¨versatil¨in Spanish and in English a man who was open to do anything.

   I used the ¨Whats App¨to communicate with them and allowed them to send me their pictures of what they had to offer me in return. Some guys were really on the skids , not even having  a normal job and trying to provide for their families and for that matter themselves. Others I could tell right away that they were paid male prostitutes looking to make a big kill. I could spot them right away and scratch them off my list. Anyone paying a male prostitute is playing with fire. There are countless news reports of tourists doing just that and ending up on the side of the road either dead or drugged. Not being a tourist, and wise through years of true experiences having mentally noted each danger sign to look for.

   Out of three hundred perspective candidates I wrote off two hundred with qualities I didn´t want such as shaving all their pubic hair which to me was a big turn off. Yeah they cocks would appear bigger without being hidden in their bushes, but since I was paying I could be particular. I also wasn´t really looking for huge cocks that would be difficult to suck or take up my virgin ass. Of the one hundred left I whittled my list down to just five. Here´s what I was left with.

   Sebastian who lived in a small town outside Medellin who seemed to be alttle too intense for my blood meaning he would call constantly wanting to know whether he was on my list. Sebastian didn´t even have a smart phone with a camera to send me proof that he had a big cock. He ended up sending me pictures of his face and abdomen with boxers covering all the important things. Sebastian said he had a huge uncut cock in centimeters 24 which was a 14 inch cock. He spoke relatively good English which was a plus since it showed he was at least well educated knowing his own idiom and mine  to a degree. Sebastian was so bored waiting to see if he was my choice that he would ask me to send him messages describing exactly what and where I wanted to put his huge cock.

   I set up a meeting in a public place where he could finally show me his huge cock that he had to offer. I choose an adult cinema where I knew to guys could go and get their balls emptied with no problem. We met at a designated spot. Sebastian was tall and lanky and I could see right away I could see that he had a big cock that was thickly outlined in his faded jeans. We went to the cinema which was dark and took seats away from the usual trolling guys trying to make a living blowing guys and getting their cocks sucked off for a few pesos. Without asking he dropped his jeans and briefs and exposed a already stiff cock. It was immense in all proportion and along with his balls were surrounded by his beautiful hairy bush. So far so good.Sebastian and I started to make out kissing and groping each others cock. He unzipped my pants and dragged out my cock and proceeded to give me head. All the while he was sucking me I could jack his cock off and feel his huge balls. After a few minutes it was my turn. I got on the floor betwen his legs and started to savor his hairy nut sack which contained his jewels filled with object of this meeting. I tasted his sweaty balls and savored his masculine aroma which was intoxicating. I went below his balls to his hairy puckered hole to taste more of him. All the  while he was jacking his huge cock. The trolling men had spotted his cock and one or two sat down next to us. Some just wanted to watch the sex between Sebastian and I, others wanted to service such a huge cock.

   As I was eating his ass out, getting it lubricated with my spit so I could soon shove my cock up his ass, a good looking guy sitting next to us took out his cock so Sebastian could keep his hands busy while the he started to give Sebastian  head. I watched as the talented cocksucker tryed to swallow Sebastian´s huge shaft. I watched from below as Sebastian reacted to me and the other guy servicing him at once. I thought to myself at least Sebastian was open enough to have sex with more than one guy, thinking in the future I would let my friend Jhon in on my rare find. I went back to Sebastain big hairy balls taking one nut within my lips which made him gasp all the while watching the guy suck his cock. I could see there was a guy in the row of seats just behind us who had exposed his huge dripping cock and brought it to the side of Sebastian head. In no time Sebastian was sucking this stranger´s uncut cock. Again it told me Sebastian was no prude about male sex. Cerainly a good sign for the future, imagining sex between Sebastian and my black friend Jhon. Sebastian was going to love Jhon´s big uncut black cock in his mouth and in his ass. 

   As I was sucking his balls I noticed how they were beginning to separate  and rise up. Sebastian told the guy sucking him to take my place sucking his balls so I could have my chance to suck  his big cock. The guy continued to suck Sebastian´s cock ignoring him  til Sebastian told him agian to suck his balls. Reluctantly , the guy took my place between his legs and I started to suck off Sebastian while watching him service the guy´s cock standing behind us.. The guy was face fucking Sebastian drilling his mouth with his cock, all at once he grunted and I could see him filling Sebastian´s mouth with his thick seed which  he swallowed, another plus for Sebastian´s favor. I continued to suck and swallow his cock almost banging my head with the guy´s head sucking his balls below. All at once I felt the lips of the guy sucking his balls taking my stiff cock within his mouth. He indeed was a talented cock sucker and managed to swallow my nine inches down his throat to my hairy balls. I knew it wouldn´t be long til I would be feeding my load to him. I really wanted to give Sebastian my cock to suck but I was busy with sucking his cock. All at once Sebastain thrust upward with his hairy shaft and started to fill my mouth with his enormous load. I swallowed all I could and released his rapidly shrinking cock to fall still spurting its thick load. I told thte guy who was sucking me to finish eating Sebastian´s load which was still spurting from his cockhead. I felt the cum in my balls begin to boil and told Sebastian I had a huge load for him. He lowered his head just in time to take my spurting cock between his lips. After he had swallowed my entire creamy reward we kissed and shared the remnants of both our cum.

   I couldn´t after such a hot experience with Sebastian take him off my list. After we left, I told him to wait for my answer and it wouldn´t be too long til I made my decision who would become my paid fuck buddy. I had four more guys to interview and within a week I could finally make my choice. Sebastian knew he had made a good impression and I had to admit he was right. There was only one problem with Sebastian, he was white. I really wanted a black guy since I had always been attracted to black cock. I wanted a thug type that one could find at many gay sites on the internet. I could only hope that someone like that  would answer my ad. I had four guys left and I would have to meet each one personally. The pictures that they sent as proof, most were poor quality and hard to make out if they were black since Colombian men usually were descended from mixed blood and there skin color varies  greatly from caramel to white. Chances are I would get at least a few African attributes from those left on my list.

   After Sebastian´s tryout, I set up a meeting with Carlos definitely a perspective candidate and he lived very close to where I lived in Envigado. At least, he would be more convenient when time sometimes is of the essence. 

to be continued.....




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