My search for the perfect fuck buddy was now down to three left. I had mentioned to my best friend Jhon´s brother Diego that I was in search of someone who could serve as my fuck buddy. I told Diego I was tired of hooking up with men from the street since my target population was bi or straight Colombian men. I wanted someone that had their own life already set and just wanted to add a touch of spice to their lives and mine for that matter. It didn´t matter whether they were married or had kids, just a business arrangement where I could depend on them for sex.

   Diego, Jhon´s brother asked whether I would consider him as a candidate for the job . He said he could always use the extra money for his family. I liked Diego because he was straight but if he had the opportunity to have his big cock sucked off he would do it. Diego has a 14 inch uncut cock with an enormous head and he knew how to use it. And he loved sex whether it was with a woman or another guy. I remember the first time he tried to seduce me. I had asked him to help me at my farm one Saturday morning. I had picked him up after working the night shift at the Mayorista. He had a job there lifting sacks of produce that ranged from coffee, sacks of rice and beans. He had a great body accustomed for the heavy lifing that was needed to do his job. 

   Diego got in the car, exhausted from the night´s work and after a few words he fell asleep while on our way to the farm. I had noticed the zipper of his pants was pulled down but I didn´t want to wake him up. During the trip, I would glance at the opening hoping to see what he had. I was surprised that he wasn´t wearing underwear which got me hard. I also noticed that he didn´t shave his private parts which to me was a big turn off. All at once, he moved as he slept giving me full view of what he had. It was semi-hard and immense and rested on his huge balls full of cum. The head of his cock was still covered by the foreskin but as time went by I could tell it was trying to show it´s head to me. It reminded me of a big black snake uncoiling with every bump in the road. At times, I was sure he caught me glancing at his cock because he would open his eyes and then close them almost waiting for me to make the move on him. On the way I stopped for coffee and asked him whether he wanted a cup. He didn´t answer still in deep sleep. When I returned to the car, his cock was hanging out of the opening along with the balls I wanted to empty. 

   Was he seducing me or what? i had to find out. I pulled over along side of the road. He was snoring real loud so I figured he wouldn´t even notice if I got a closer look at his cock. I got my head inches from his cock when I noticed it was growing by the second. I looked at his face and noticed he was telling me it was okay by the way he opened and closed his sleepy eyes. I  managed to take the head of his cock between my lips savoring the salty sweat and started to suckle the ever growing member. All at once he startled me by putting his hand on the back of my head and thrusting his cock far in the recess of my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth until I could only take six inches within my mouth. As the minutes passed he was forcing more of  his cock  into my sucking mouth. The precum had started to flow which made it easier to take his length. Evidently, I was doing a good job because his pistoning became more pronounced and his eyes were open telling me to continue. All at once I heard him grunt and force his whole length down my throat. I felt the first pulsation begin  and was rewarded with a mouthful of his cream which I greedily swallowed. After filling my mouth with his thick cum at least four more times his cock became still and started to shrink in thickness and length. I let his still slick member slip from my lips and he patted my head while putting his cock away.

   We got on the road again and I savored the taste of his load all the way to the farm. During that day, he never mentioned what he and I had done. In the back of my mind, I hoped this wouldn´t be the first and last time sucking his cock. And it wasn´t, I mentioned to my friend, Jhon that I was attracted to his brother and whether he would ask his brother to let me suck him off. I didn´t tell Jhon that I had already given his brother a blow job not wanting to anger Diego. When he and Jhon went out drinking ,Jhon asked his brother if he would let me. Diego said yes saying he had a great cock for sucking and that to him a mouth was a mouth whether it was a man or woman. It wasn´t a week after their conversation that Diego came to the house early one morning. I opened the gate and let him in. I remember he nonchalantly said good morning to his brother , Jhon. Diego entered the bedroom and removed his clothes and sat on the bed. Jhon wanted to watch but Diego said to close the door behind me. I got down between his legs and noticed he had a suttle smile on his face. Almost acknowledging to me that I was addicted to his cock and wanted more of his cum. I went directly to his heavy balls swirling each orb within my mouth. I noticed his raised his buttocks telling me he wanted me to eat his ass, He put a pillow under his cheeks giving me clear access to his fur covered hole. I let my tongue savor the musky taste and speared within the hole telling him I was there to please him. After a bit, he removed the pillow and held his cock pointing at my mouth. I engulfed his member and tried to swallow its huge length. It was impossible in that positon so I laid along side of him and managed to take his cock to his balls. He started to fuck my mouth in that same piston like thrust as before and soon was rewarded with his luscious thick cream. As I let his spent cock slip from my lips he nonchalantly got up and opened the bedroom down. I watched as Jhon looked at his swinging cock still wet and slimy with his cream. I also noticed Jhon had a huge hard on resulting seeing his brother´s huge cock. After showering and dressing Diego went on his way like nothing had happened . I secretly gave him a tip, telling him he had a great cock to suck. As I closed the gate and went inside Jhon was lying on the bed wanting to get sucked off and eventually sinking his cock into my ass. All the time he was fucking me he asked me about what had gone on between his brother and I. 

   I knew deep down that Jhon wanted a chance at  sucking his brother´s cock and taking his big cock up his ass. Jhon had told me once he and Diego had shared a prostitute together. And after Diego had unloaded his balls into her cunt, Jhon surprised Diego by eating her out before he fucked her. Jhon said Diego watched as his ate the thick ropes of his cum that he had just  deposited. Jhon said it was the best tasting cream and what made it better was it was from his brother´s balls. This story really turned me on and I told Jhon to tell him to come for another blowjob but tell his brother that he wanted to watch. Diego showed up one Sunday  and all three of us went to my bedroom. Diego stripped and laid on the bed as I started to suck his cock. Diego told Jhon to join us and Jhon hurridly stripped  and laid next to his brother. Jhon was stiff as a rock watching me down his brother´s cock. Diego reached and started to stroke Jhon´s cock, all at once Diego was going down on Jhon´s cock  and I could see Jhon start to feed his cock up into Diego´s mouth above. I knew if Jhon continued he was going to cum and by the way Diego was fucking my mouth he was too. 

   Jhon abruptly straddled Diego´s torso, a signal to me that he wanted to take Diego´s cock up his hungry ass. I started to eat Jhon´s and lubricated  his hole. I positioned Diego´s huge cockhead at the opening and watched ass Jhon´s ass settled over and engulfed his member. Jhon started to ride his brother´s cock up and down, muttering ¨Que chimba¨meaning he was immensely enjoying his brother´s cock. It wasn´t long til Jhon shot his load onto his brother´s chest. I could see Diego´s balls rise up  and start to empty his balls. He was actually filling his brother´s ass with his cum. As Diego stopped coming he pulled his cock out for me to clean off. I could see the cum start to dribble from Jhon´s hole which I lapped up. Again Diego acted nonchalantly that he had fucked his own brother´s ass. He showered and left like nothing had happened.

   I was intrigued by having Diego as my fuck buddy since what had happened between him and Jhon. He certainly was in the running.




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