I had been trying to arrange the final interview in search of a fuck buddy for ocassional sexual encounters. The guy texted me and said he was from Envigado the same small town that I live in, so we set up a meeting for the weekend. Before the weekend came, I was caught jerking off in front of my computer to a website of erotic gay stories ¨gaydemon¨. I like the site because it had many amateur writers that submit  gay stories that always gave me a hard on. I was fisting my cock and was at the point of shooting my load when my friend´s nephew entered the room where my computer is located. He had arrived at the house unexpectedly  and walked into the room I couldn´t react in time since my balls were already emptying a huge load. He curiously watched all my cum shoot from my cock and hit the floor. I said shit, what if he tells his Uncle Jhon After a few days, I dismissed being caught with my cock in hand  since I  held a secret about him that luckily he wanted to remain a secret. 

   Juan Carlos, his older cousin had come to visit him for the weekend and I had caught him sucking Juan Carlos off. I had went on  an errand and upon returning with take out, went upstairs to see if they were hungry. As I neared the closed door I could hear distinct sucking noises and even heard Juan Carlos telling his younger cousin to suck him faster and to get ready for his  hot load like the last time. As I opened the door, I could see them both on the floor blocked by the bed. As I entered and peered over the other side  his younger cousin still was in the midst of downing Juan Carlos´s stiff cock. Juan Carlos noticed me right away but continued to thrust his cock into the mouth of his younger cousin. At that point , Juan raised his younger cousin´s mouth off his cock and both were red faced in embarassment.  The younger cousin was the one who had caught me jerking off a few days before. In my mind, I passed it off to curiosity between two young boys experimenting with sex but Juan Carlos was nineteen and the younger one thirteen. When I caught them, both pleaded with me to keep it a secret so I agreed telling the younger one to also keep the secret of catching me jerking off. I said we needed a stronger covenant between us three and Juan Carlos muttered he would let me suck his cock off while his cousin did the same to me. He laid on the bed and stroked his still startled cock stiff again. I asked him whether he had been close to coming and he said if I had caught them a minute later the evidence would have been in the stomach of his younger cousin.  I looked at his nine uncut cock still slimy from the saliva of his young cousin, begging me to suck it. I got between his legs and started to suck his cock after savoring his shaven sweaty ballsack. This drove Juan Carlos crazy and I could see his precum dripping down the side of his thick cock. The younger cousin unzipped my jeans and fished out my cock. When I felt he lips surround my shaft I swallowed his older´s cousin to his large heavy  balls.. I asked Juan Carlos if this was the first time they had had sex together and he said no that the last time he had come for a visit his younger cousin and him were wrestling on the bed. They were both wearing nylon shorts and Juan Carlos ´s cock had slipped from the netting and exposed itself out of one of the  the legs of his shorts..The younger cousin looked at his cock and said he had a big cock and if he could feel it. Juan Carlo´s took the iniciative plus the fact he was horny  and said would you like to suck it, almost kidding with him. The younger cousin asked whether he was sure and Juan Carlos thought what the hell we´re family. They ended up showing each other what they had and he coaxed his young cousin to suck him off. Juan Carlos said that it felt so good that he came back this weekend for more. I asked whether he did anything with his younger cousin and he said after getting sucked off and watching his younger cousin swallow his creamy reward, he had gotten hard again and ended up fucking his virgin ass until his younger cousin shot his load on his chest. I asked him if he had had any other experience with guys and he said he Uncle. I asked him which one, since I knew he had four. I was expecting him to say that Jhon, my friend was the one but he said Diego. I said what happened between them  and he told me that he had stayed overnight with Diego when Diego´s wife and son were away. They had been drinking and smoking pot  until the wee hours. They both ended up in the same bed  and during the time they were sleeping Diego started to jerk off. Juan Carlos said he awoke to the bed shaking  and the noise of Diego´s wet foreskin making a slapping sound.

   I asked whether Diego had a big cock and he said it was the biggest black cock he had ever seen. Juan Carlos said he sat up and was watching his Uncle fist his uncut cock and Diego said to join him in jerking off. Juan Carlos took his cock out and both jerked off together for a while til Diego  asked him if he had ever sucked a man´s cock or gotten head from a man. Juan Carlos told him no. He told me Diego said to try it and he would warn him when he was ready to shoot his load. So Juan Carlos started to suck his cock but Diego forgot to warn him  and in no time had a mouthful of thick white cum. from his Uncle´s balls. I asked him whether he liked the taste and he said yes. Juan Carlos said he took his Uncle´s load since Diego was jacking him off at the same time . He said Diego fucked him after that and filled his ass with his cream. I asked whether he liked getting his ass fucked and he said no since it was so big.

   I continued to suck his cock already dripping with copious amount of precum since he had been close to having his cum swallowed. I asked the one sucking me off if he wanted my cum and he acknowledged by sucking me with more verve. I watched as Juan Carlos began to move his hips trying to force more of his young cock into my mouth. I groped his young balls massaging them to his release. He started to gasp and watched as his stomach muscles contracted telling me he was close. Juan Carlos said I was doing better than he younger cousin and said he liked when I swallowed his whole cock and banged my lips against his balls. He said to keep sucking him like that and I would get his load soon. I told him when he was ready I really  wanted to watch his younger cousin eat his creamy load which would be a real turn on for me. The younger one hearing this stopped sucking my cock and joined me next to his cousin´s cock. When I felt the first pulsation of Juan Carlos´s  cock , I quickly removed my mouth and the younger cousin took over. I got on the bed close to Juan´s Carlos´s head and let him take my cock into his mouth. Juan Carlos who was in the midst of his orgasm, started to suck my cock which was ready to unload. I show have warned him about the amount of my cum but I wanted to see if he would be able to swallow it all. I felt the rush of my cum along the underside of my shaft and start to fill his mouth to overflowing, surprising him with the amout of cum  Juan Carlos said Diego only shot about enough to fill his mouth twice but my load was enormous. After we had finished coming I told the younger one to lay between us. I could see Juan Carlos´s thick white cum still smeared outside the lips of the younger cousin. And I wanted to savor the taste of Juan Carlos´s cum. I kissed the younger cousin and he shared the remaining remnants of his older cousin´s cum within his mouth. Then  Juan Carlos and I started to mutually suck his younger cousin´s cock and we took turns bringing him to his orgasm. I wanted his cum so Juan Carlos lapped his balls with his raspy tongue and in no time I was rewarded with a sweet load from his young hairy balls. 

   Having a strong covenant between I thought that would be the end of it.It turned out these two young guys were very text savy and had hacked my Whats App app and found out I was in search of a fuck buddy. When the day arrived for the last interview it turned out to be them and they blackmailed me into selecting them. I had no choice. I went to bed that night mad as hell, having been forced into a delicate situation. 

  So everytime Juan Carlos came for a visit he and his younger cousin would make me have sex with them. It turned out to be the best business arrangement since they were great for sex. Juan Carlos would fuck me and his younger cousin would give me head at the same time.I even sucked them both off wanting to savor the different flavor of cum from each. Juan Carlos had a much stronger and thicker load while the young cousin had a much more liquid cum. And best of all, I was being serviced like I wanted and they were getting the same from me. And they turned out to be constantly horny as they continued on their road to sexual awareness and experience. Especially the younger cousin who turned out to be the greatest fuck buddy I could ever had imagined . Probably now you realize his name was Santiago from my past stories. As he grew up his cock continued to grow in size and girth and from personally having had the pleasure of sucking his Uncle and father off I knew it still had a long way to attain its full majesty. Juan Carlos continued to come to the house having gotten married but still loving to be serviced by me and his cousin. It was the best decision keeping it within the family. 

   As for Diego, I kept him on a constant retainer enjoying his fourteen inch cock, making him think I had chosen him all along.  





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