Got an early morning call from Diego, my best friend´s brother. He said he had a delivery near my house  and asked whether I wanted to suck him off  and make my decision easier. It was 8: 00 a.m. when he arrived  and as I opened the gate I could see the outline of his huge 14 inch cock. He followed me inside and closed the door behind him. All at once, he grabbed me from behind and pinned me against the wall. Diego was strong as an ox so there was no use fighting him. He was muttering certain phrases in Spanish  like ¨Yo se tu quieres my verga pero este vez yo quiero su culo.¨He wanted to fuck my ass. I could hear the metallic sound of his zipper being lowered. I felt him pull my white briefs to the side exposing my ass to him. He entered my hole first with one finger, then two getting me ready for his big cock. I heard him spit in his fingers and used it to lubricate his stiff cock. I had never been fucked by such a huge cock before and really didn´t want my ass invaded by such a huge weapon. I was trying to get out of his grasp but he was determined to have his way. 

   I felt the head of his cock against my hole and the intense pressure he was using to enter. All at once the head popped in making me gasp in pain. He sent his whole length inside until I felt his balls smack against my asscheeks.I was impaled on all 14 inches of his black cock. Diego let me get use to his cock both in length and thickness. As he was waiting he told me that he had always wanted to fuck his brother´s ass  since the days they were growing up. Diego said he knew his brother, Jhon liked cock since he had watched Jhon suck off a few boyfriends of his sisters under the covers. He said he pretended to be asleep and deep down hoped Jhon would see that he was hard also and take care of him too. He knew Jhon had seen his hard cock as he was sucking off the other guys in bed next to him but Diego said I guess he was afraid. Diego also said he knew Jhon had sucked his father´s cock off , a cock two inches bigger than his. I asked him how he found out and he said he had come home  one day and heard them in the bedroom. He said it was obvious Jhon was sucking his father since at times Jhon would cough and tell his father it was so big and that he couldn´t swallow it all. Diego said they thought they were alone in the house but he was just outside the door jerking his cock off to the noises within. 

   Diego started to fuck my ass which had finally stopped stinging fro his invasion of my hole. He told me to relax and enjoy it. He still kept me pinned against the wall as he fucked me. I shuddered each time he withdrew and thrust inward finally accepting he was going to fuck me hell or high water. He said I had a tight ass and I told him I didn´t let guys fuck me that I was more into sucking a guy off. He said I better get used to the fact that sometimes I would have to take his cock up my ass. I asked him if he had ever be fucked and his response surprised me . Diego said one time his father was drunk and they were out in the coffee groves, when his father said he needed to take a piss. Diego knew his father had a huge cock and when his father whipped it out in front of him and started to piss I guess he had showed too much curiosity. After his father finished pissing, Diego noticed it was getting hard. His father,waved his cock egging him to come closer to where he was standing in the grove of coffee trees. He hasked Diego whether he wanted to touch it. Diego got along his father and reached out and fondled his father´s huge weapon. His father told Diego to take his cock out  and join him. His father started to jerk off exposing and covering his cock head with his foreskin. His father said to show him his ass as he continued to jerk off. Diego said he was standing just in front of his father using his right hand to jerk his father off. While he was pleasuring his father´s cock ,his father was touching his ass and sought out Diego´s virgin hole. By this time Diego was stiff also and liked his father fingering his hole. He had no idea what was coming as his father told him to turn around. His father bent down and started to rim his ass and when he felt his father´s tongue enter his hole he said he almost came from the pleasure. He said his father stood up and brought the head of his cock to his son´s hole . Diego could feel alittle pressure as the head slipped in luckily as his father´s cock entered he felt his father gasp and empty his seed within his ass having the head just inside. It made Diego fist his cock until he shot his load onto the leaf covered ground in front of them. Diego said it wasnñt really a ass fucking since his father´s head was the only part that was inside his ass. 

   I knew Diego was a fast cummer and I started to feed my ass to him. I could believe I was taking such a huge cock. Diego started to buck and bang his pelvis against me in sheer abandonment. He asked whether I wanted his cum and I gasped yes fill my ass with your hot come. I continued to plead with him til with one final thrust I felt him filling my ass. We remained glued together til I felt his cock shrink and slip from my hole. Diego said it was a great fuck and hoped I had enjoyed it too. I said yes as I felt the need to use the bathroom. I just reached the toilet and sat down as a flood of Diego´s juice exited my hole. My hole felt like it was raw but to tell the truth I had enjoyed it immensely.




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