Coming out of highschool sucked because not only all the people I've ever known I was going away from, but the one person I would go against the world for, I'll be leaving. When we were in highschool we were the closest that friends could be (a bit too close I might add). He was the dream boy of every girl's fantasy.His name was kayle .He was tall not too built, slender with brown eyes that could cut the soul if gazed at. He has a perfect tan mainly because of his athletic life as a footballer.

Before our senior year, we never spoke but we did cross paths occasionally. Now its time for me to tell you a little about myself.My name is Caen. I'm tall too but a bit on the more muscular side. I have short hair, light brown eyes and very attractive to the girls, not boys( I thought)... Anyway that's enough of the descriptions. I have a thing for smart guys that are balanced. Must be stud like cool but nerdyly smart.

It was saturday and he was coming over for us to work out some math. I was alone at home. After setting up I eagerly waited for him to come. Moments later the door bell rang, I answered and invited him in. He looked hot with his sweater and short pants. I never saw him in any pants above his ankle so I was a bit surprised. My dick twiched a little but that wasn't enough for me to get an erection. He startled me a bit as he was about to grab my dick( usual gay jokes). After that we went to the study to start our work. We were going smoothly into the sums but I was stuck at a certain point. I asked him for his "expertise" assistance( he's a bit cocky). He slid to the side of me and asked what is was willing to do for it. I told him very seductively that I would suck his straight cock until his head exploded. He smiled with a little blush but brushed it off immediately. He began to help me and there was something I just wasn't getting and he guided my hand with his and placed it on the error. He left his hand on mine, but I didn't know whether to take it as another one of his jokes or he was trying to tell me something. Normally one of my gay jokes was to pretend to be going in for a kiss at him. Normally he would either push me or move. But as I was going in for it he didn't seem to bother whether I would land my lips on his. Right at the moment when our lips were going to meet I stopped. "Nice one, never thought that you would come back with an even better joke" I said chuckling. But he wasn't smiling. In my opinion he was a little disappointed. I was a little curious as to what he was thinking so I tried to lunge for another attempted kiss but this time when I stopped he lunged forward and our lips connected. I have never felt so alive, but yet at the same time shocked. I have never felt this much passion in any kiss I've ever had.(Probably because they were all from girls). As it was getting more intense he stoppped and apologised and left the study heading out without even collecting his stuff. I speeded after him, and caught him just before he went out the door.

"What the fuck was that?" I questioned him, a bit angry"

"I don't fucking know, maybe we took things a bit too far " he said hesitantly

"Maybe we didn't take things far enough" I answered.

He was red with anger. He grabbed the door handle. I pushed his hand away. He raised a clenched fist heading towards me but I dodged then pushed him into the door with my hands holding his clothes embracing him.

"What the fuck is your problem! I asked a question and you throw a fist at me, we have...." I was cut short of my words when I felt his pulsating cock against my stomach. He got even redder when he found out that I knew he had a hard-on. He looked away from me. I give him one last kiss to see what he was thinking. He kissed back ferociously. He pushed me into the wall grabbing my stuff, dry fucking me through me jeans. I grabbed his butt and I lifted him of the floor and lifted him right back at the study. We both stripped down to our boxers and he climbed on top of me, grinding his cock on mine, slowly caressing my neck with soft kisses. He slowly went down my chest giving special attention to my pecs, all at the same time with his focus on my eyes. He stared at me whilst heading down to my happy trail. He pulled out my rock hard cock through the slit in my boxers and began to slowly kissed every inch( that's 8 inches of kisses), then sucked slowly but passionately. He went down to my sac and kissed and sucked it ferociously like the tamed beast is now a wild demon. I was at the peak of ecstasy. In one gulp he took all of my dick inside of him. I felt his beard against my sac. As he pulled off, I could see the strans of precum ousing from his mouth. He went back up to kiss me for what seemed like eternity. With force I pushed him off of me and I crawled to the top of him pinning his arms down. I looked at him intensly. We both paused. It seemed as though he was worried as to what I was going to do. I broke the serious look off of my face and slowly embraced his neck and caressed it with my tongue. Going down to his chest, I paid special attention to each one of his pecs. He lead my head down to his cock and when I took his thick 8.5" monster out he pushed me off and placed me to lie on my back as he climbed to the top of me and placed his sac in my mouth. After teasing it for a little while he lifted himself a bit and placed his entire cock in my mouth. He slowly began to face fuck me. He increased his pace then I began to gag, he slowly raised off of me not taking his cock from my mouth to ask me if I was alright. The only thing I could do was nod. Can't talk with a cock in your mouth. I was masturbating at the time and shot whizz after whizz of cum onto his back and with that he cummed into my mouth. He came off of me and I pinned him back on the floor and kissed him passionately to give him a taste of his own juices. After that we just layed there on the carpet holding eachother close. We heard the car back up into the drive way and we quickly put our clothes back on and cleaned up. My mother came into the study and he was getting his books together preparing to leave.

"Looks like you boys had a full day of hard work" my mother said.

"You have no idea" I said as we both chuckled.

My mother left to go upstairs and I was following him to the door and he said

"What the fuck is that on the wall?"

I turned around to look and there was nothing on it. As I turned back to him I was met with a warm and slow kiss.

"Be expecting that a lot" he said with a grin as he left the house.

To be continued



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