Author's note: If you're under age or don't want to read about gay domination, don't read this. Otherwise, enjoy it.

This author does know there are no such words as bicep (singular) and pec (singular) but they are important to this story so I've used them anyway. Don't blame me for the inadequacies of the English language.

What I Look For In My Twinks Chapter one

My buddy Dave asked me what it was that I looked for most in my twinks. And, to tell the truth, I'd never actually put it into words before. Oh, I knew what I wanted, and I went after it when I saw it, and I'd been getting it ever since I'd first started wanting it. And I wanted it a lot. But what did I look for most? The thing I looked for the most when I wanted to pick up a new boy toy? I mean, I'll have to think about it.

Of course I want him to be very good looking. I mean, really outstanding, a real looker. I can pretty much always get the ones I want whenever I want, so why not pick up the really gorgeous ones? Why not? With a body and a face and a personality like mine there is no reason I would ever accept anything less than the very best.

And, naturally, I want them to have nice bodies. They don't have to be big but they definitely have to have some muscle tone with some definition showing. Skinny little eleven inch arms don't do it for me. I want to know that they are interested enough in their own bodies that they spent regular time at the gym. Few things turned me off more than some skinny runt who thinks, just because he's young and pretty, that I should be interested in him. Skinny young pretty boys were made to service handsome muscle guys, but not me because I'm pickier than that. They have to have some muscles for me to look at and hold on to when I do them.

But what did I want most in a pick up? Actually there's really no question on that score. I want a worshiper. I want a kid who knows what muscle building is all about, and is absolutely astounded by a really hot, really spectacular bodybuilder like me. I mean down and dirty with his eyes bugged out and almost drooling all over himself just to look at me. A kid who can't keep his eyes off of me and knows in a second that I'm a god needing to be worshiped and he wants to be the one to do the worshiping. Somebody that would beg and cry to be allowed to even touch me, and go crazy with lust and desire and be willing to be a slave to my desires. A kid who is so crazy for muscle that he'd be willing to be a total slave to a muscleman, who in fact wants to be controlled and dominated and even abused just to be able to serve.

Even though I'm a domination fanatic, I want a kid who knows he's being honored to be on his knees for me from the get-go and will do anything, and I mean anything, just to please me. A kid who knows he's privileged to be singled out to give service. And if I have a tendency to be a little rough and demanding while training a new twink, the kid needs to know he's lucky to even be allowed to accept a bruise or two from a god. I don't want a kid who thinks his shit doesn't stink. I hate it when kids, even those who are really hunky, walk up to me and try to get my interest. I'm the one doing the picking here, not them. I'm not particularly interested in a kid who thinks that he is good enough to deserve me, because that kid is probably too full of himself. I want a kid who hasn't been around the block and been fucked by everything in sight.

When I'm in the bars I always keep my eye out for the kids in the corners, totally gorgeous but somehow unaware of how attractive they are, a bit on the shy side maybe, and afraid to approach me thinking that I'm way out of their league. That's more my style, even though some of them are a little old for me. Luckily, a lot of them lie their age with false I.D's to get into the bars, but if I can't find a perfect sixteen year old aspirant in a bar, there are lots of other places to pick them up.

Okay, so that's the other thing. I like them young. Young and innocent and malleable with cherubic little boy faces. Occasionally I've found someone who is in their late teens who fits my requirements, but mostly I like them at about sixteen, or maybe seventeen. I've probably had them younger than that but if they're built and pretty it don't matter all that much. I want them to be old enough to have put on some muscle, but young enough to be inexperienced and ready to be trained in how to service a real muscle master. It's okay if they're virgin, and I've had my share, but it's not critical like some of these other requirements. I mean, training a virgin to service me is no different from training any other kid to do it. Even if they've been fucked before they haven't had a prick like mine in them, and they haven't been with anyone as demanding as I am either. So they have to be trained to meet my requirements no matter what.

So, you think I expect too much? That's a laugh, funnier that hell. There are kids everywhere who fit my requirements and they almost fight to get in front of the line to be the next one to service me. I ain't bragging; that's just the way it is. Now why is that? Well that's easy to tell.

I'm about as gorgeous and masculine as a man can get. I mean, I define those words: gorgeous and masculine. The easiest thing to say is that I'm just awe-inspiring You thing not? You should just see me. I have a build of spectacular proportions. Magnificent is the word. Not totally massive and almost grotesque like some guys are who don't have enough sense to know when they are big enough. But I'm big, really big. A lot bigger than anybody else around with cuts that give my body definition that is almost beyond belief. There ain't nobody on the planet that doesn't take a second look when they see me go by, because I'm so damn near perfection that I literally blow their minds. The eyes bug out on young beginning bodybuilders when they first see me, and on second look lust takes over and they want to touch me. And to use a phrase, I have the face of a movie star. But that actually puts me down because there ain't many movie stars even half as attractive as I am.

Let me give you an example of the kind of twink and the kind of situation I'm talking about. A couple weeks ago I went to the band concert in the park. If I had my own way, I'd walk around nude, because I've got it all. I mean I'm absolutely spectacular and I don't mind showing off. However, since I can't go around nude, I tend to dress only just subtle enough so that I'm not outrageous. You can't hide a body like mine so I'm going to be noticed no matter what, but I'm a firm believer that if you've got it, flaunt it. But I don't want to come across as some sort of freak either so this afternoon I was wearing just a wife beater, shorts and sandals. The shorts were not skin tight but were just snug enough to show that I was pretty damn big everywhere.

I arrived a few minutes before the concert started and walked completely around the bandstand checking to see what was available. Of course all eyes were on me, but I only looked for my type: the gorgeous sixteen year olds with faces that wouldn't quit and just enough muscle to show they were into bodybuilding. I picked out a couple who might be possibilities, but only one of them really met my standards and I could see that he had his eyes glued on me. Oh yeah, he was a muscle hound alright and I knew he would be so hot for me he'd probably do anything just to be able to touch me. He was setting on a blanket with what was probably his girlfriend. But I wasn't about to let a little thing like a girlfriend get in the way of having those luscious lips gliding over my muscles. He was just too perfectly my type to consider letting him get away. I made an instant decision that I was going to have him, and I was going to have him now.

He had to be about sixteen because I could see a shapely chest showing under the tight t-shirt he was wearing. He had a nice beginning bodybuilder's physique and was proud of it because he was dressed to show it off. His red hair and gorgeous youthful face with freckles made him look like he was barely into his teens, but that body was not that of a twelve year old. I liked teenagers because they could be so devoted to muscles, but I didn't pick up children. I mean really. I just wasn't turned on to anything under fifteen or sixteen.

I had brought a towel with me to set on so I put it down fairly near their blanket and walked over to them. "Do you have any Grey Poupon?" I asked. They both laughed and that started the conversation.

I introduced myself and they said their names were Jerry and Clair. As to be expected they were totally in awe of me and I had to lead the conversation at first because they were completely tongue tied. Just like always when I approached kids like this, they were really excited and felt totally honored that I was talking to them. I mean, after all, I was the best looking stud in town and older than them so they were astounded that an obviously superior being like me would walk right up and give them some attention.

"You must work out a lot, Jerry" I said. "You have a great body."

"Oh... ah...I... ah... you think so?" he sputtered. "I mean... yeah, I work out almost every day. But you are totally awesome. I've never seen nobody looks like you."

"Thanks" I said giving him one of my devastating smiles. "But yeah, I'm a dedicated bodybuilder. I work out at least once every day."

"Wow, really?" he swooned. "Every day? More than once every day?"

"I'm dedicated" I answered. "I like being healthy and looking my best."

"You sure do look your best" Clair answered. "You look terrific."

"Thanks, Clair, but the reason I stopped over" I said "was because I was thinking of skipping the band concert and heading home for an arms workout. It's been two days since I've worked these biceps and I'd like to get them really pumped tonight." I gave them a quick pump and I heard a gasp from both of them and I saw the lump in Jerry's pants take a jerk.

"My regular workout partner is away, so I need somebody to workout with me and pace me and I saw you sitting here looking like you know the inside of a gym." I gave Jerry a big grin. "This would be a great opportunity for you, Jerry, if you are interested. Working with a real bodybuilder like me would be quite an experience and I could give you some pointers and see that you're doing everything correctly. You'd also be helping me by being my spotter." Jerry's mouth dropped open and it looked like he was beginning to sweat. Just the idea of working with me was sending him into shock overload and it was clear that nothing short of the ground dropping out from under him was going to keep him from taking me up on my offer.

"That would be fabulous" he gushed. "Wow. Incredible. Yeah, I'd love to. That would be amazing."

"What about the concert and going out for an ice cream after, Jerry?" Clair asked. "Remember?"

"I shouldn't be having ice cream anyway, and you know that Clair" he said giving her a dirty look. "I should never have agreed to that. And the concert can go hang. It's not every day I get a chance to work out with a superman." We all laughed when he said that, but he and I both knew he meant it. He'd already accepted the fact that I was a god and he was excited to the point of exhilaration.

"Can I go?" Clair asked. "I don't want to stay here at the concert by myself."

"Sorry, Clair. No can do" I answered. "Dedicated bodybuilding is for men only and we really can't have any distractions. Sorry." As Clair folded up the blanket I stood next to Jerry and put my arm around him from the side and gave him a hug, almost dragging him off his feet. The intimidation starts now.

"Nice delts, Jerry. Good firm muscle there" I said as I gripped his shoulder. Jerry started turning red in embarrassment and tried to pull away. I held on for a couple more seconds, letting him know he couldn't get away if I didn't want him to. But then I let loose. "Grab that towel of mine over there, Jerry, and let's go. I'm raring to get started.

Jerry went over and got my towel and we said good bye to Clair and headed out of the park. Of course I had no intention of working out and I wasn't even going to pretend. I was horny. I mean, that's why I was here, and I was going to teach this new twink how to worship muscle and then I was going to fuck him.

Even though I'm twenty years old and no longer a teenager, I still live with my parents. Right now I was just too dedicated to building and maintaining my perfect body to worry about getting a job, and since my parents seemed willing to support me I wasn't about to rock the boat. Besides, I had a perfect situation with a small apartment above the garage at the back of the lot which gave me complete privacy.

I only lived two blocks from the park so of course we walked. I kept putting my arm around Jerry with my hand on his shoulder as we walked, and twice I reached down and gave him a pat on the butt. Even though he may have been straight he didn't react and just seemed to think it was okay for me to do it.

When we were half way there I nonchalantly pulled my shirt off and handed it to him. He looked surprised but he took it and put it with the towel and didn't say a word. He was obviously embarrassed and didn't know what to do or say, and was too shy to even look at me.

"That's okay, you can look" I said.

"I,,, I... um... ah..." he mumbled as he looked down at the ground.

"I said you could look" I repeated. "So look."

Umm... ah..." he mumbled still looking at the ground.

"I said look" I repeated again and taking my hand off his shoulder I grabbed a handful of hair and gently turned his head to face me. "Pretty damn impressive heh?"

"Ahhh... yeah. Ahhh... shit yeah. Ahhh... Jesus" he answered. I had to laugh because even though he was embarrassed, he was totally enthralled by my bulging pectoral muscles that were just inches from his face. His mouth was hanging open and then I saw him lick his lips. Oh shit was he ever ready. This was going to be fun.

My apartment had an outside stairway at the back and when we arrived I grabbed his belt and almost lifted him up the first two steps bodily. When we arrived at the top I leaned into him pushing him towards the door and reached around him with the key. Bouncing my prick against his ass a couple times as I unlocked the door, I then pushed him inside.

As you can see I'm not particularly subtle and there had to be no question in this kid's mind that we were going to be doing something other than weightlifting.

"Just drop that stuff anywhere" I said as I walked through the living room into the bedroom. I kicked off the sandals and removed the cutoffs and tossed them aside leaving me in only my tiny white bikini. Then I turned to him as he stood in the bedroom doorway. "Well?" I asked. "What do you think?"

He just stood there with his mouth hanging open and a look of awe on his face.

"Say something" I ordered.

"You're gorgeous" he mumbled softly, barely above a whisper. "Gorgeous" he repeated turning his head back and forth in complete amazement.

I couldn't help but chuckle because this was going so well. Hell, this kid was no more interested in lifting weights right now than I was. Do I know how to pick them, or do I know how to pick them? This kid was a natural and I knew I was going to have a lot of fun with him this evening. A lot of fun and I intended to get a whole lot of pleasure as well. Stretching up with my guns, I slowly formed them into a double bicep pose. "So?" I said. He didn't say a word but just stood there with that look of amazement pasted on his face. Then he moaned softly.

"Yeah. You like" I said with a grin. "You want to touch? Huh?"

"Oh yeah" he whispered so softly I barely heard him.

"I'll bet you do" I chuckled as I flexed some more forcing my biceps to form a peak. "I know you do."

"Com'er" I said as I dropped my hands down, put them on my hips and with a big grin on my face, just waited. He hesitated for a moment like he didn't know what to do, and then finally, very slowly, walked over to me.

"You sure you want to touch these muscles?" I laughed. "Are you really sure?"

"Oh yes. Please" he whispered as he reached for my pecs.

"No" I said as I pushed his hands aside. "Just look." I performed the double bicep pose again literally right in his face and just held it there. He just stood there and I could actually see him beginning to sweat and I swear to God he was beginning to drool. The look of adoration on this face was something to behold. As I dropped my pose he reached for me again. I slapped his hands aside again and then slapped his face, not too hard but just enough to sting. "I said just look" I snapped at him. "You do what you're told." He looked shocked for just a moment, but then the lust took over again.

"Okay" he whispered.

Then I performed the double bicep pose again and just watched his face. He looked so fuckin cute standing there with his mouth hanging open and with his whole body quivering slightly. Sweat was beginning to bead on his forehead, and yes, he actually was drooling. I could see he wanted me desperately but since I wouldn't let him touch me he just didn't know what to do. I couldn't stop smiling and chuckling aloud at his frustration.

"What do you think?" I asked. "Pretty fabulous hey?"

"Oh yeah. Shit yeah" he moaned.

"Hands behind your back" I ordered and I was pleased to see that he obeyed immediately. "Good boy."

"Now tell me you want to touch these muscles."

"Oh please yes." He whimpered. "Please."

"Oh yeah you want it bad" I laughed. Then taking a good hold on a hunk of his hair, I pulled him in so his lips just touched my left pec. "Kiss it, baby" I said softly. "Kiss it."

He gave it a kiss and I pulled him back and held him just an inch away. After ten seconds or so I pulled him back. "Again." He kissed it again.

"Now thank me" I ordered. He hesitated for a second and then looked up at me. "Huh?"

"I said thank me. Thank me for letting you kiss my hot pecs."

"Ah... yeah... ah... thank you" he mumbled.


"Sir" he repeated.

"Okay now, kiss it. Go ahead. Kiss it all over" I said as I let go of his hair. He leaned in and started giving my pecs light kisses, just the way I liked it. God, this kid was perfect. He slowly moved around my left pec, then moving to the valley between and finally over to my right pec. "Oh yeah, baby. Keep it up. That's it" I crooned. I have to say it doesn't come a whole lot better than this, hearing kissing sounds coming from a young pretty boy as he worships my body. Definitely one of my favorite sounds.

I really, really love having my muscles kissed so I just let him go at it for a good five minutes. He opened his eyes and glanced up at me once but mostly just kept them closed and kept kissing

"Okay, now lick" I ordered after getting all the pleasure I wanted and was ready to go on. "Stick out that tongue and worship my chest. Worship those muscles with your tongue." He immediately stuck out his tongue and started licking my slabs of pectoral muscle.

"Keep licking those pecs" I said after a bit "but start sucking too. Suck on those man tits for me." The kid was doing a great job and was obviously enjoying what he was doing because he now started making soft moaning sounds, kind of like a humming sound in the back of his throat, as he licked and sucked and kissed. He tried to touch me a couple times but I slapped his hands away each time.

I grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it out of his pants and over his head. He raised his arms so I could get it off but then went right back to worshiping my chest. He just couldn't get enough of my bulging pecs. I knew when I picked this kid up that he had a nice build, but I didn't give him enough credit because even though his t-shirt was fairly snug, it still covered up a really nice body. He had nice defined pecs and abs and his shoulders and arms were definitely showing the results of strenuous workouts. I tweaked his tits a little, not trying to hurt him, but just to trying to stiffen them up a little.

Then I stepped away from him and lay down on the bed. "Get those shoes off and get over here" I ordered. Up to this moment there really hadn't been anything sexual in what we were doing. This was simply muscle worship. However, we both had roaring hard-ons and mine could no longer fit within the confines of the tiny white undies I was wearing. It looked absolutely obscene pointing off to the right, only half covered, and looking ready to pop out at any moment. We were hot, but up to now there had been no indication that I was going to fuck him.

He was probably sixteen and probably not a virgin, but he acted straight and he was with a girlfriend so I doubted he'd been fucked by a man. Not yet anyway. But that was definitely going to change tonight. So I wasn't sure how he'd react to my telling him to get on the bed. I was fairly sure however that he was so hot for my body that he'd do anything just to be able to continue.

"Move your ass and get over here" I snapped. With his eyes glued to my body, he sat on the stool next to the bed and quickly removed his shoes and socks. There was no question in my mind that I now had him. I knew he'd do absolutely anything for me. A muscle crazy kid who needed a fix and would do absolutely anything to get it. I owned him.

When he came over and got on the bed on his knees I sat up and flexed my right bicep. "Kiss it, baby" I said. He leaned over and started kissing my bicep. "Go ahead, baby. Slobber all over it. Worship that muscle." And that's what he did, kissing and sucking and slobbering all over my bulging bicep.

Again, I just can't get enough of this shit so I kept flexing and crunching my bicep while he went over it and over it with his mouth.

"Armpit, baby," I finally said as I grabbed a hunk of his hair and pushed him into my pit. For the first time this was not actual muscle worship but sheer domination, but he went to it like a duck to water and started sucking my armpit like crazy. He was obviously now accepting my domination and control because I didn't have to encourage him or force him or anything to keep him working my pit.

After several minutes of intense pleasure, I dragged him over me to the other side and flexed that arm. And away he went, licking and sucking that bicep like nobody's business. "Get your nose in there, baby" I said. "Rub your nose against that big muscle." I heard his gasp, like he hadn't thought of that, and he immediately started rubbing his face against my big bicep. "Oh yeah, baby. That's it."

He was moaning aloud, evidently in total delirium, as he crammed his nose against my rock hard bicep smearing his saliva all over his face. There was no doubt he was loving it as much or more than I was.

"That's it, baby. That's it" I said as I relished his intensity. "Worship that muscle. Go, go, go." He was still moaning softly but was now making slurping noises as well as he slobbered all over the bicep and coated his face with spit.

I let him go for several more minutes, several delightful minutes, before I finally grabbed his hair and pulled him up just so I could see his face. And he was dripping. His eyes were closed, his mouth was hanging open and drooling and his face was coated with spit. I reached up and smeared the spit around his face some more and then pushed him into my armpit.

"Oh, you're good, baby" I whispered into his ear. He was now so much into it that he jammed his face so tightly into my armpit that I didn't know how he could even breathe. Evidently that was secondary to the intoxication of worshiping my body.

You wonder why some musclemen are so vain and arrogant? Well, it's easy to understand when there are kids like this around. It made me feel like a god having an acolyte kneeling next to me like this who was totally overwhelmed with desire and completely blown away in his own world of pleasure. Having a well built, good looking, youthful fanatic like this in total ecstasy while slaving over my body is absolutely exhilarating. I didn't want it to end. Not ever.

However, the only thing that even comes close to how much I love getting my muscles worshiped is getting my dick worshiped, and right now my nine inches were so hard they'd probably grown to ten and were so hot they were hurting. I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold out, but hell, I had lots of gism stored up, and there was no way I was going to limit myself to only one orgasm with this fantastic kid.

I simply pushed him over backwards and climbed on top. Pulling my cock out of my undies I started jerking it hard and fast. It only took about five times and I was ready to blow, so I grabbed him by the hair, pulling his head up, and started firing into his face. His face was soaked with saliva and he was still completely out of it so I don't think he even realized what was happening until my spooge started landing in his face.

For me, I was yelling. Holding his hair and jerking my prick hard and fast, I screamed in pleasure as I fired shot after shot into his face. I had my knees on his arms and was setting on his chest so there wasn't anything he could do except close his eyes and just accept what was happening. Now it was me that was in ecstasy.

"Wha...? Wha...?" is all I got from Jerry, as he had this startled look on his face. I aimed my cock so every spurt landed somewhere on his face: his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, even some in his mouth before he realized he'd better close it.

When my orgasm finally subsided I let go of his hair and took a couple deep breaths. Shit, was that ever a great orgasm. Let me tell you there ain't nothing like blowing your spunk into a worshiper's face.

"Wha...? Wha...? What'd you do?" Jerry said, still looking shocked.

"I fuckin blew my wad in your face is what I did" I answered with a laugh. "Oh man, did I ever." Shifting my body up higher on his chest and grabbing my cock, I began to smear my cum all over his face with it, covering every inch.

"Don't. Don't" Jerry said as he tried to get his arms out from under my knees.

"Come on, baby. You loved it. You know you did" I said as I let go of my cock and grabbed his wrists and then slid down his body. Pulling his arms above his head and holding them there, I leaned down and gave him a light kiss, tasting my cum on his lips. Then I licked my cum from around his mouth a little and kissed him again. "Kiss me, baby. Kiss me."

"Don't. Don't. Let me up" he sputtered as he turned his face away from me. Okay, so kissing could come later I thought as I got up off of him. This kid probably still thought he was straight but was just into muscles. Kinda stupid really but why else wouldn't he kiss a guy. As I got off the bed I tried to tuck my stiff horse-meat back into my bikini, but could get it only partially covered by the thin strip of cloth. I then picked up my crusted cum rag from the side of the bed and tossed it to him.

"Here, babe. Wipe your face."

"Don't call me babe" he said angrily as he wiped his face with the very much used towel. Oh shit I thought, he had been totally mesmerized and enthralled while licking my muscles but it looked like he was back into reality now. Evidently jerking off in his face was just a little bit more than he was ready for.

"I'm leaving" he said as he got up off the bed and went over to pick up his pants. I grabbed him and simply tossed him back on the bed where he bounced a couple times. I mean, for god's sake, these muscles aren't just for show. Besides, he was a slim teenager of about 5'5" or 5'6" and I was 5'11" and I probably outweighed him by fifty pounds or more. He was like a bag of feathers.

"No you're not. Not quite yet" I said with a chuckle. "You've got some more worshiping to do." Standing next to the bed I flexed my right arm, grabbed him by a wrist and pulled him up to it. "Feel this muscle, Jerry. There ain't nothin in the world like this."

"No. Stop. I don't wanna" he said as he tried to pull his hand back.

"Yes you do wanna" I replied. "I know you do. Go ahead, feel it." I flexed my arm a few times and held his hand there so he could feel the big ball of muscle contracting with each movement, but he still wasn't cooperating. Somehow I had to get him back into the mood he was in just minutes ago when he was spellbound over my muscles. So I grabbed him by the neck, pulled him up, and kissed him; firmly and with conviction, forcing his lip's open with my tongue.

"Kiss me, baby. Kiss your muscleman" I murmured. I held most of his body weight up off the bed with one hand on his neck as I swishing my tongue all over his lips and stuck it well into his mouth, I was relentless and after a minute or two it finally seemed to begin to work because I could feel his body starting to relax and I felt him beginning to return the kiss, moving his tongue against mine. "Yeah, baby. That's it" I murmured through the kiss. "Kiss your muscleman."

I now sat down on the bed next to him with my hand still on his neck and continued the kiss. He was so much shorter than me that his face was pointed almost straight up as I bent over him. With my other hand I started feeling up his chest and abs, rubbing all over his tight little muscles. He really did have a nice body for a sixteen year old and there was no reason why I couldn't give him a little attention and feed his ego if that's what it took to get him back on track. Then I grabbed his crotch and, as I suspected, he was hard as a rock. We were back in the ball game again.

As I pulled away from the kiss with my hand still on his neck, I re-aimed his face and pulled it into my chest again. "Kiss that hot chest, baby. Com'on, kiss it. Kiss your man's muscles" I urged him and that's what he did. Back on track now, he started covering my slabs of pectoral muscle with kisses. Have I told you how much I love this shit? Having a cute kid kissing your hot pecs is nothing less than awesome. Totally awesome.

I took my hand off his neck and just let him do his thing for a couple minutes. Again, he started humming softly in the back of his throat as he covered every inch of my pectorals with kisses. Then I whispered in his ear: 'lick now, baby. Go ahead. Get your tongue out there and lick." I think he was just waiting for my permission because the instant I said it he started lapping his tongue over my chest. "Way to go, man. Way to go. Keep at it, babe."

Again, I just let him go at it for a while and simply enjoyed it, but it was easy to see that he was enjoying it every bit as much as I was. You might think I'm a total nut here, but I go absolutely ape shit when I have a kid worshiping my body. The sole purpose of me working my ass off at the gym is for occasions like this, with a kid working me over and venerating my body with true reverence. I mean, getting a blowjob or fucking a tight ass can be great, but I think I could be satisfied with a true muscle hound like this kid who really adores my body, just kissing and licking and sucking every inch of my physique all day long without ever getting around to an actual fuck. In fact, I have to admit, that most of my sexual encounters start just like this one, with me shooting my load once or twice just from the worship because I get so hot.

Once I'd had enough, I stood up and pulled him off the bed to his knees. Holding his head with both hands, I pulled his face into my abs. "Go ahead, baby" I crooned. "Lick those rippling muscles." Taking a breath and then letting it out, I forced my abdominals into perfectly defined blocks of muscle. Obviously he was really turned on to abdominals because he put his hands around me and pulled his face in hard, licking and sucking and dragging his face back and forth against me.

"Ohhhh... shit. Ohhhh... shit. Ohhhh... shit" I heard him murmuring softly as he covered me with his spit.

"Look at me, baby" I said as I pulled his head back a couple inches. "You like that, baby?" I asked as he looked up at me and saw that big grin on my face. "You like those hot ridges of muscle?"

"Oh shit yeah" he whimpered. "Oh yeah. You are unbelievable." I had to laugh in enjoyment because this kid was incredible. A besotted muscle addict, a total muscle slave, who really knew how to appreciate a hot body like mine.

After he sucked on my abs for a while, I pushed his head down to my thigh, bypassing my crotch. At the moment he wasn't interested in my prick because he didn't even look at it as I pushed him down to my bulging legs. Since I had already cum and because I always ooze lots of pre-cum, my white bikini was wet and damn near invisible, and the part of my dick that was actually covered by the thin strip was totally visible and looking spectacularly licentious. However, as hot as I was, I still had some more muscles I wanted worshiped and I quickly found out that's what he wanted too.

Wrapping both arms around my left thigh, he just rubbed his cheek back and forth against it a few times. Then, not sucking or licking, he started rubbing his nose back and forth and up and down against the hard muscle. A true worshiper. A real addict. With his eyes closed and that soft hum continuing, he rubbed his hands up and down my quadriceps and finally started placing soft kisses on them. He was unquestionably trying to make love to my quads.

Hell, I wanted to howl out loud in total exhilaration. Instead I got the biggest grin on my face and, if it was at all possible, my cock got even harder. This kid was a total nut for muscles and I was a total nut for his worship.

After about ten minutes of making love to both of my thighs I pushed his head down so he went from my thigh to my knee to my calf. Crouching there, he moved his head around so he could lick up and down that swollen muscle at the back of my calf. And let me tell you, he had something worth licking. A lot of guys can't build their calves, but mine were enormous and bulged magnificently and definitely deserved to be worshiped. "Oh yeah, lick that muscle, baby."

Once he'd worked on my left calf for a while, he moved over to the right one. I just watched as that pretty little tongue worked its way up and down and up and down my muscles. Oh shit was he pretty.

"Okay, payback time, baby" I said finally. "You've had your fun, so now it's time to do something for me." Taking hold of his head with my big hand, like grabbing a basketball, I pulled him back up from his crouch and pushed his face against my barely covered prick.

"No" he said as he put his hands on my thighs and pushed himself away and looked up at me. "No, please."

"Please is the word, baby" I said, looking down into his eyes. "You say yes, please. After all this you should be glad that I'm letting you do something for me. You should be begging me."

"But I don't want this" he answered softly.

"Well, I do" I snapped at him. "And you owe me. You've had your fun. Hell, I think you already came twice in your pants, didn't you? Now it's time to pay up." I grabbed his head again but he still was trying to push himself away.

"Do I have to tie your hands?" I asked. "I will if I have to. Now look at me." He looked up and I glared down at him. "You knew this was coming. Don't lie. I let you make love to these muscles that you revere so much and you know it ain't free. You knew from the start it wasn't going to be free. I spent years building this hot body and I expect a return on my investment and you should be thrilled to be able do something for me. You hear me?"

He hesitated for a minute with a sorrowful look on his face and then finally spoke. "Ahhh... yeah, I guess so."

"Yeah, you guess so" I mimicked him. "You damn well know so. Now get in there and give my prick a kiss." He hesitated for a few more seconds and then finally leaned in and gave my hard cock a soft kiss. There was no doubt in my mind that he knew all the time that this was coming, and wasn't really against the idea, but was trying to pretend that he wasn't into gay sex. Hell, I was pretty sure he was actually looking forward to this but to support his masculinity he felt he had to put up a fuss before I made him do it. And that was the kicker. He wanted me to dominate him and make him do it. If I forced him, he wouldn't have to admit to himself that he was volunteering to give me a blowjob. And think about it. Any kid who is a total muscle addict like this kid, a total worshiper, you know he wants to be dominated by the guy with the muscles he's worshiping. It's just common sense

"Do it some more, babe, and get your hands behind your back" I ordered. To give him a little encouragement I put my hand behind his head and gently pushed him into my crotch. He started kissing back and forth on my nine inch monster that was trying to hide behind the thin white strip of cotton. I let him kiss and then suck up and down its length before I finally told him to take my shorts down.

Without objection he grabbed on and pulled them down to the floor and let me step out of them. My big wanger flopped out so that when he rose back up it was right in his face. There was no question in either of our minds now that he was going to give me a blowjob. He now accepted the fact that he owed it to me and was resigned to it. Resigned hell, he wanted to suck it. He wanted his muscle master to dominate him and make him suck his cock.

"Ever suck a cock before, Jerry?" I asked.

"No, sir. Never" he answered.

"Well, this is your lucky day, Jer. Particularly since you get to experience a big donkey-dick like mine. Now let's start by you giving it a kiss. Right on the tip. Kiss it."

"Yeah, that's it" I said as he gave it a light kiss. "Do it some more." He gave it a half dozen more kisses right on the tip. Then I pushed his head back so he could look up at me. "Tell me you like it. Tell me you like worshiping my big shlong just the same as you like worshiping my muscles. Go on. Say it."

And that's what he did. "Yeah, I like it" he said and actually had a grin on his face.

"You fuckin faker" I laughed. "You wanted my big dick all the time. But now that you've got it let's see what you can do with it. Kiss it some more. Kiss it all over." He started kissing up and down the length of my nine plus inches making nice smacking sounds. "Way to go, baby. Now get in there and lick those balls for me." I grabbed my cock and rubbed it all over his face making him feel the hardness of it as he ducked down and started lapping the sweat off my ball sack. "That's it, baby, keep it up." As he licked I started banging my big hard prick against his face. Not hard enough to hurt, but just for the fun of it because I just love banging my prick against a pretty boys face. One of my favorite sports.

Then I was ready for my blowjob. I knew he was inexperienced so I also knew I'd have to go easy on him, but I didn't plan to make it too easy. He was going to have to do his damdest to please me and I was going to be sure that he did. You may think it's funny but I have minimum standards in getting blowjobs even for beginners and this kid was going to have to meet them no matter what. I may have never actually sucked a guy's dick myself but I damn well knew what it took to get a good one and I never settled for any half assed head job. Any cocksucker doing me might have to go through a bit of distress trying to reach my standards but he sure's hell was going to have to bust his ass getting there.

I took hold of his chin and pulled him away from my crotch. He opened his eyes and saw my monster dick right in his face, but then he looked up at me. "You want to suck that big dick for me?" I asked. "Huh? You want to suck your muscleman's dick? Tell me."

"Ahhh... yeah" he replied.

"Yeah, you do. So tell me. Tell me what you want to do." I know, my ego gets away from me sometimes, but I really like this shit. "Tell me what you want to do" I repeated.

"I wanna suck your cock" he said.

"Whose cock you gonna suck? You gonna suck your muscleman's cock? Go ahead; say it."

"Yeah. I wanna suck my muscleman's cock" he said. Oh yeah, that's what I wanted to hear. A true slave boy who is head over heels in love with my body, and who knows he has an obligation to service me because a muscle god like me necessitates being serviced. Here was total worship and submission from a kid who was ready and willing to suck me. I loved looking down at his face and seeing that he was longing for it, and I loved hearing him saying he wanted it, and now I was planning to love feeling him do it. I knew right then, virgin cocksucker or no, he was going to break his ass trying to do a good job and give me the pleasure I deserved.

"Take it" I said as I let go of his chin and pushed my very hard cock down so it was aiming directly at his mouth. "Go on, take it." He moved his hands up to take hold of it but I pushed them back. "No hands, babe. Just your mouth." Then, moving his head slightly forward, he took the head in his mouth. I was watching closely and could see that it was a stretch for him to even get his mouth around it. I not only have a long cock, I have a fat one as well. Big and fat, just the kind that is every cocksucker's dream.

"Okay, now suck on it" I ordered and I could feel his tongue start to move and the saliva start to build as he began to suck. I put my hand on the back of his head but did not pressure him yet. I just held it there so he'd know I was in control. But, oh god, did it feel good. And it was absolute heaven knowing that nobody'd ever had their prick in this pretty mouth before, and knowing that this kid was anxious and willing to do almost anything to please me.

I'm not really a patient man so it wasn't more than twenty or thirty seconds before I gave his head a push, forcing another inch of cock into his mouth. "Doing good, baby. Keep suckin." Sucking a cock is like falling off a horse, an automatic thing, and any young boy has got to know what it's all about even if he hasn't actually done it before. Jerry seemed to fit that category because he appeared to understand the concept pretty well; so far anyway. "That's it, baby. Lickin and suckin. Lickin and suckin."

I gave his head a push and got another inch into him and just stood there for a couple minutes enjoying it. "Okay now, start jerking it. You know what I mean. Pretend you're jerking me off with your mouth." He reached up with hands again but I knocked them away. "No hands, babe. Not yet anyway. Keep suckin it and keep that tongue moving but make like I'm fucking your mouth but you're doing it." He was no dummy and caught on right away by moving his head back and forth as he sucked and licked. With light pushes against the back of his head, I helped him along in his fucking motion.

I told you about how partial I am to a kid licking me all over, so in truth I was hard and hot and ready, even though we'd only just started the blowjob. I'd been barely able to hold back and keep from cuming so I really needed to cool off a little.

"Okay" I said as I gripped his head and pulled him back off my cock. "Now lick my balls for me. Get in there and lick my balls." I pushed his head back in but held my cock up so he was now against my ball sack. He went at it like he'd been doing it all his life and it was the most natural thing imaginable. I let go of my cock and let it flop down against his nose, but it didn't faze him in the least and he kept licking. "Suck on 'em too, babe. Lots of saliva; get 'em wet."

And away he went, sucking on my balls like nobody's business. If this kid really was a virgin and had never done this stuff before, I was pretty damn sure he'd had a hell of a lot of wet dreams thinking about doing it. He sure's hell seemed to know what to do.

I didn't jerk my cock at all while he was sucking my balls, because I was really hot. Really, really hot and I wasn't ready to cum quite yet. Most times I ejaculated at least three times with a trick, usually in the face, in the mouth, and in the ass. But with an inexperienced virgin like Jerry I planned to keep it down to maybe only two. There's only just so much you can train a kid to do anyway, a virgin kid, on your very first fuck session.

"Okay, game time, baby. Get back on my cock" I said. Putting my hands on my hips I just watched as he licked his way up my nine inches from the base to the tip and then took it in his mouth. I was pleased that he didn't try to use his hands this time, remembering that I didn't allow it.

"I'm hot and ready, babe, so go to it" I said as he started sucking again. "Com'on, put some energy into it." He had about two or three inches in his mouth, and although I knew I couldn't get all nine into a beginner, I sure's hell wasn't going to be satisfied with only three. Putting my hand behind his head again, I gave him a push, forcing another inch or two into his mouth. He tried to pull back but I held on to him for a moment.

"Now start that fucking motion again, baby. Com'on. Suck on it." Then he stopped sucking on it completely and started choking and kept trying to pull his head back. Grabbing him by the hair, I jerked his head back. "God damn it, you barely got it in your mouth. Don't be choking on it already."

"I was" he gasped. "I was choking."

"Bullshit" I answered. "You can do better than that. Do it again."

"Don't push it in so far" he cried.

And that just about did it for me. No little punk is going to tell me how he's going to blow me. I dragged him over to the bed and pushed him down on his ass with his back against the bed. Taking his hands I pulled them up and over his head and held them on the mattress. His head was now backed up against the bed so he had nowhere to go as I pushed my dick back into his face.

Holding his hands on the bed with just one of mine, I stuck all four fingers of the other one into his mouth. "Suck" I ordered. He gazed up at me with this startled look on his face, but he started to suck on my fingers. "Okay, that's it. Now do the same with my prick" I said as I pulled out my fingers and replaced them with my cock.

"Suck it" I growled at him. We were back to square one again because I only had maybe three inches in his mouth, but this time there would be no escape for him when I decided to go deeper. "Com'on, work at it, cocksucker. Suck on that mother." I was really annoyed with him and he sure's hell knew it because he started really sucking on my monster. There was no way I'd put up with this kind of shit from a lowly cocksucker. I made the decisions, not this little boy toy.

He was trying harder now but he still had at least three more inches of cock to go before I was going to even begin to be satisfied. I slapped his face as I pushed another inch into him. "Take it, cocksucker" I barked. He made some kind of yelling sound from the slap and his eyes flew wide open in shock, but he took it without choking this time. He was now sucking on about four inches, not even half of my prick which was nowhere enough, so I slapped him again and pushed in a little further.

"Ugh, ugh" he choked so I didn't hold him there. Rather, I started to slowly fuck his face, going in and out so that he really didn't have much chance to choke. "Suck on it you motherfucker" I growled at him. "Suck on it." I have to admit he was really trying. I mean, his mouth was stretched out around my big dong and tears were dripping down his face as he tried to suck on it but it wasn't enough. "Get some saliva, get some suction and suck on the god damn thing you little shit. Suck on it" I said as I slapped him again.

Yeah, I know he's a beginner and I know my cock is big and fat, but no way was I going to let a little choking get in the way of a decent blowjob. Evidently my slaps had gotten his attention because his eyes were wide open and the look on his face was one of pure terror, but let me tell you, he was sucking like a trooper.

Grabbing his head and holding him still with my three or four inches in his mouth, I stared into his eyes. "I ain't gonna hurt you, baby" I said. "But you gotta suck better than this. I'll go easy on you but stop that damn choking and try harder" I gave his head a shake. "You hear me?" He nodded his head slightly. "Okay, now suck."

So I went back to fucking his face. I did go easy on him as I pumped slowly in and out, in and out until I gradually got six inches into him without any choking. I knew I'd have to be satisfied with that from a beginner so I just kept that slow fuck going. But six inches in a gorgeous young virgin mouth can be pretty wonderful, and besides he was really struggling with it. He was dripping with sweat and tears, and the look of fear never left his face. I loved it. Hell, there ain't nothing quite like a look of fear on a kids face when he's attached to the end of your prick and knows it's going to end up being very painful for him if he doesn't come through and satisfy me.

Slowly pumping in and out, I enjoyed watching him struggle with it and it was making me really hot. Did I tell you I have great control? I can cum sometimes on a dime and other times hold out almost forever. I'd been holding out all this time so now I was more than ready. Grabbing a hunk of hair, I jerked him back off of my cock and started pumping it hard and fast right in his face. After about twenty seconds I pushed it back into his mouth and it exploded, firing its first shot like a cannon into the back of his throat. Then shot, after shot fired over his tongue while he choked a little and swallowed as fast as he could. I was groaning with pleasure as I pulled out and fired a final shot onto his upper lip. The look of shock on his face as it dripped down his chin was a delight.

When I finally finished, I was still holding his hair so I squeezed the final drops of cum onto his nose and then just rubbed my big truncheon back and forth over his face.

Now, I'm in this for my pleasure, and my tricks are there to do whatever it takes to service me and satisfy me, but I don't really want a kid to go away mad. I don't want it to end up being a bad experience for them, so I'm sometimes willing to give them a little attention if I think they need it, to leave them with a positive feeling.

Still holding his hair, I got down on my knees and started licking my cum off his lips and chin and kissing him. He was responsive this time and we really got some tongue action going. He still had his pants on so I quickly undid them and lifting him up slightly, jerked them off. Taking a good hold on his underwear I gave a good jerk and ripped them apart and tossed them aside. And, low and behold, his crotch was drenched with cum. Somewhere along the way he'd cum in his pants without even touching himself. Hell, I knew all the time he wanted to be dominated, but this was clear proof.

Sitting down on the floor and leaning against the bed, I pulled him onto my lap so he was leaning back against my chest. Sticking my hand into his crotch and rubbing it through his cum, I then reached up and rubbed it all over his face mixing it with mine. "This is your cum, baby" I whispered in his ear and stuck two fingers into his mouth. "Your cum and my cum, baby. All together" I said as he sucked on my fingers.

"You are one hot little number, Jerry. You made you muscleman feel real good" I said as I stuck out my tongue and gave his ear a lick. Taking hold of his cock, which was only about half hard now, I started stroking it as I kissed and licked his neck and his ear.

"Sweet baby" I whispered as he started getting harder. "You're going to cum for me aren't you, babe? Huh? You gonna shoot your load for your man?"

"Oh yeah" he murmured under his breath as I felt him begin to hump just slightly against my hand. He started groaning as I kept up the hand action and those groans started getting louder and louder. My own cock, which was stuck right in his ass crack since he was sitting on my lap, was starting to get hard again as well, but I wanted to give him his moment so I tried to ignore it as he started gasping.

And then he came. He'd already cum at least once in his pants, but this was a whopper anyway, shooting at least a foot into the air on first shot. "Oh, oh, oh" he was groaning as he blasted time after time onto his belly. His whole body was shaking and he kept moaning as he kept shooting.

"That was good, babe" I whispered in his ear as he relaxed and leaned back against me. "But you made me hard. You wanna help me out?" I lifted him up bodily and set him down next to me as my prick sprang up to its full nine inch length. I grabbed his hand and pulled it over. "Go ahead, baby, and jerk me off. Pleasure your man one more time." And away he went. Like any kid, he knew how to bring a guy off, and within five minutes he had me ejaculating for the third time.

Now, back to reality. What I just told you was just an example of the kind of fuck session I have with a new twink and it gives you the idea of what I'm looking for and what I expect from a typical boy toy. I mean, this is my life, and maybe every twink and every story is not exactly like this one. Some are more submissive and malleable and some are less, but I have yet to find one that didn't leave me satisfied. I'd been picking up new twinks every week or so for a couple years now so, let me tell you, I've had more than my share.

Now, back at the beginning when I started this conversation I was telling you what I like most in a twink. And that was all true; absolutely; every word. However, there was one more thing that I didn't mention which is actually the most important feature of all. That is experience.

I mean, I can't spend all my time training new kids on how to service a muscle master like me even though fucking new stuff is always hot. Obviously it's a great training program for them and they get the full benefit of my experience on what submitting to a muscleman really means, but I didn't plan to spend my whole life being a teacher to beginner twinks.

So, experience! Even though fucking a virgin, getting my big cock in there for the very first time could be pretty damn terrific, what was even better was fucking a kid whom I'd already trained so he knows exactly what I want and knows how rough and demanding I can be. A kid who is trained and is more than willing to take whatever I give and beg for more is a treasure. The best sex I'd ever had had been with kids who would cry and beg to be allowed to be my slave. I mean, there's no force involved with a completely submissive kid, but I slap them around anyway because I like doing it, and they love having me do it. And choke on my cock? Hell yes. They all do, because I'm enormous, but that's something they expect from me and they absolutely live for it. They want to choke and they want to be abused and they want to be dominated by me, and they love it.

Now let's get one thing clear. I don't think of myself as a sadist, but when I find a kid who is a true submissive, or one whom I've trained to be a standout masochist, I'm always willing to fulfill their fantasies of submitting to a demanding master. Maybe I'm not a sadist but I'm definitely a master and any kid who I pick up is going to learn pretty damn quick how demanding I can be and what it means to be a my slave. I mean, their ain't nothing better than controlling a fawning slave boy who knows what it means to revere a muscle god, and using him in any way I chose for my pleasure and have him love every minute of it.

For example, take Trace. He's probably eighteen going on nineteen because I'd been fucking him now and then for more than a year. Since he's been with me multiple times the innocence is totally gone, but he more than makes up for it in submissiveness. I suppose he's getting a little old for me now but when you have a perfect slave, you don't want to let him go. Besides, he works out regularly and has very nice muscle definition, and he's still got one of those pretty boyish faces. I had him over last night.

When I opened the door, he immediately fell to his knees right there in the hallway and kissed my feet. "I'm here to serve you, master" he said. I laugh every time he does that, but what a hell of a way to start a fuck session.

But wait. That's another story. I'll have to tell you about that another time.

(to be continued)

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