Wow... Here I am. Just laying here. Not a bother in the world. Its morning already and I'm being embraced by the guy I'm in love with, as well as his morning wood.

"time to get up bud, the night is over" I said while putting on some shorts.

"augh... What the fuck is up with me" kayle said whilst holding his stomach in agony.

I rushed towards him as he gave up a loud yelp.

"what's wrong with you, do you need a doctor or need to go to the hospital?" I said with great panic.

He then squeezed my hands then screwed his face with great displeasure.

"I need... I need... (now laughing) a camera so I can keep the look on your face" he said with a grin.

I was fucking pissed of at this point in time.

"you are a real sick fuck" I said now putting on the rest of my clothes.

He had a dumb look on face saying "what did I do wrong".

I left the room now even more pissed than ever heading down the stairs.

I heard him calling me back but I didn't answer.

He rushed down the stairs with a towel around his waist to stop me.

"what the fuck is wrong with you, can't take a joke" he said chucking me.

I couldn't help it but I was pissed so I fired a punch at him to the eye then grabbed him by the neck, bracing him to the wall.

"you wanna know what my problem is.." I shouted.

"go ahead do it..." he said gasping for air.

I let go.

" I'm sorry, its just that you scared me" I said near sobbing.

"why were you so freak out about a joke?" he said recovering from my vice grip.

"I don't ever want to lose you... You are really... Special to me... And I don't think that I could live without you... I love you-" I said then cut while I was looking into his eye's. He was crying without a sound... It was like he was fighting it back.

" I'm sorry, the one time I'm actually happy I go screw it up with my dumb ass jokes" kayle said timidly then beginning to cry.

"hey don't do or say that, have you forgotten that your jokes are the reason we are together" I said with a slight grin. Then we both started to laugh.

"hey don't go just yet... You need to. Wash off" he said while heading up the hall. I don't know why I didn't notice this but kayle was naked, his towel probably dropped down during the rumble. He is such a fucking prick. He knows how turned on I get when he is naked, and still he wears so frickin little when I'm around.

" I will start the tub" he said heading back upstairs.

I really felt bad about what just happened, even though I punched him and nearly strangled him to death. He... Still cares for me. All the more for me to drown in my guilt.

"its ready caen"

I walk to the bathroom and he had some scented candles lit, along with a soothing bubble bath ready. I didn't know where he was all I heard was the bathroom door shut, I turned around, and there he was.

"once again I'm sorry for what I did" he said slightly apathetic. " I'm sorry for the eye and throat, are you ok?" I questioned him concerned.

"yeah its cool" he said forcing a smile.

"let me help you with that" kayle said while taking off my shirt, and unzipping my jeans. Now that I was fully naked and so was he I tried to go into the tub ASAP since I was getting turned on and I didn't want him to see after what had transpired just now.

"wow this is so cold" I said with a slight shiver.

"shit the heat is down again, I'm sorry".

I said that it was alright but it really wasn't. It was cold. He saw the slight displeasure on my face and he had a suggestion. I asked what and he just came up to me and sat in the tub between my legs then braced himself onto me. I gotta admit, it was the solution. He pulled my arms around him then he intertwined my fingers into his. Then lay back down on me then closed his eyes. I looked down on him and saw that his eye was turning black and blue.

My guilt was beginning to destroy me now. I took the bath sponge and gently began to wipe around the injured eye. At this point, my eyes began to weld up. He turned to me. Slowly heading towards my face then kissed me slowly. It was like he felt my guilt and I felt his pain. I could feel his giant against mine, but sex wasn't our option. Love was. He lifted himself out of the tub then used his hand to guide me out as well. Now we are just standing there. The water still dripping from our bodies. In a split second we resumed our slow but sweet sensual kisses. He began to trail his hands all across my body. Our swords were clashing and clinging. His hands stopped on my butt, cupping each, then he lifted me up started to walk and in no time we were back in his bedroom. He gently placed me onto the bed. There we engaged in a sixty nine. Him laying beside me, me beside him. Just making pure untainted love. I grabbed his ass pulling his cock in for a deep throat, he did the same. I felt him beginning to tense up, then I began to tense up. I switched positions to the top of him and within seconds we both spraying our love into each other's mouth. He turned to me with cum sliding down the sides of his mouth, then he kissed me. Then looked up and said "I told you I was sorry". I spun him over then gave him a deeper kiss and said "so am I".

That evil grin of his came back. Even though this was a passionate kind of make up sex, I'm gonna show this guy how much he means to me...


We both cleaned up then we prepared for our classes which are beginning at 12 noon. We left the house and we were off... We still had that akward silence with us. As soon as we reached he pulled me in for a kiss then we parted and opened the doors(his tinted windows kept us safe). And that is when I realised what I was going to do to make it up to him. Hint: "kept us safe". Hope he likes the outdoors...

To Be Continued....



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