Joel woke up suddenly with a shudder. He was so cold his teeth were chattering. His nipples were so erect they were stinging. For a moment he didn’t know where he was. As he looked around the shambolic room in the dusty morning light filtering through the boarded up windows, he remembered that he and his boyfriend, Iain had been staying in an old abandoned house. They had been in the house for almost a week and he had never woken up feeling cold because Iain’s warm naked body was always wrapped around his, they always spooned to sleep after fucking, sometimes with Iain still inside Joel.

But that morning, Joel was all alone in the sleeping bag. He wondered for a moment if Iain had gone out to get some food, but it was way too early and Iain’s clothes and shoes were right where he’d left them last night. Joel felt something scratching at his big toe, he didn’t pay it any mind until he felt a furry body against his foot. He screeched and jumped out of the sleeping bag, almost tumbling to the floor as he did so. He had been sharing the sleeping bag with a rat all night, he shuddered again and threw the sleeping bag to a dark corner, he’d let Iain deal with it when he came back.

In a slice of light seeping through the boards on the windows, Joel noticed he had morning wood. His dick was dripping with pre-cum out of habit because at this time, Iain usually woke Joel up by jerking him off and sliding inside him.

“Iain!” Joel cried out, putting his shoes on, there were wooden boards with nails scattered everywhere in the house and he didn’t want to hurt his foot. “Iain, come to me, baby.”

The house was silent. Outside, beds chirped merrily in the green sun bathing leaves but inside the house, it still seemed like night time. In the silence he could hear metal clanging in the basement; he had heard the quiet sound many times since moving in but Iain had been there to reassure him. On his own, the sound made Joel’s heart beat faster and faster. He’d always thought it was the pipes but it was different that morning, he figured that maybe it was Iain.

“Iain, are you down there?” he called out; he had to find Iain.

He couldn’t find any of his clothes in the mess- he must have left them downstairs where the making out always started- so he decided to put on Iain’s orange running shorts but they were so small his dick was sticking out one leg and the shorts were pinching at his puckering, tight hole and barely keeping the cold breeze away.

There were footsteps downstairs, maybe somewhere in the kitchen.

“Iain! Tell me where you are?” Joel had goose bumps on his arms and neck. His balls were pulled up so deep under his dick he could feel them inside. Man he needed to cum. Maybe Iain was playing hide and seek.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!” Joel called out. He was both scared and excited and he really hoped Iain would jump out through the door just so he wouldn’t be alone.

Joel decided to go looking for Iain even though he had the haunting fear that he’d spend all morning calling for Iain. He could miss Iain going up and down the stairs. What if he never found him?

Silence, some shuffling feet and more clanging in the basement.

“Iiiiiii-aaain! Iain! Baby, come out; I’m scared,” there was no response so Joel started taking the stairs one step at a time, his ears listening out for the dragging footsteps. His morning wood was gone by now. He just wanted to find Iain and hold him. He rubbed his hands over his shoulders, the hairs on their ends felt like sandpaper.

He reached the bottom step and listened again. “I know you’re in here,” he whispered to the shadows. He had the strange feeling someone was watching him and he regretted that he hadn’t put on his clothes. He felt naked wearing just the polyester shorts, his smooth bare chest out in the open.

“Iain,” he whispered again. His own voice was starting to make him jumpy.

There was movement in the basement; it sounded like something was being dragged across the floor for a very long time. It was really loud and sharp, like one of those metal frame chairs being dragged on the floor.

“Who’s down there?” Joel called out to the basement, hugging himself with his cold, numb hands across his chest. He could feel his heart beating fast against his arms. For the first time it occurred to him that there could be someone else in the house. After all anyone could have walked in through the door just as they had, or maybe the house wasn’t abandoned at all. This seemed even worse. Someone could have been watching Joel and Iain fucking all those nights and mornings upstairs.

“Iain, if you’re down there you’ll find me outside. I’m not staying in this house for another second.”

He started running towards the door but there was definite shuffling of feet and Joel was sure he heard someone say something really quietly from the basement. What if it was Iain and he was hurt?

As he started descending into the quiet darkness to the basement, Joel started relaxing a little even though his heart was still palpitating. It was much warmer down there. Behind him, the door at the top of the steps swung shut with a creak and what little light there had been was lost.

“Iain!” Joel whispered when he reached the stone floor at the bottom of the steps. It smelled of piss and sweat in the basement, and Joel had no idea how big it was. He was holding onto the rail of the steps because everything was pitch black dark and he was sure if he let go he wouldn’t be able to find the steps again.


Something poked Joel in the butt, right on the cheek. Whimpering, he jumped and let go of the hand rail, now he was lost in the darkness and had no idea which way was up.

Another poke. This one was from the other side. Joel didn’t move this time, he had to make sure his mind wasn’t playing tricks on him. He reached out behind him, feeling in the dark space with his fingers until his fingers wrapped around what felt like a hard dick. He heard a soft moan as he felt the skin sliding up and down the shaft when he moved his hand and he was convinced it was dick. He held on for a moment but then he realised it wasn’t Iain’s. It was much bigger and seemed uncut.

“Be quiet,” a raspy voice Joel didn’t recognise whispered into his ears.

Joel felt himself pushed into the wall until his face was flat against the wall with an arm pinning his back down and another hand greedily feeling his hole through his tight shorts.

“Who are you?” Joel asked, the hair on his neck standing. He couldn’t tell how old the man behind him was from his voice alone.

“You bring your ass down here in these tight shorts and you expect me to believe you weren’t looking to get fucked?” the man with the hoarse voice said. He spat on his fingers and started digging into Joel’s tight hole, lubing it up while his dick was poking at his ass impatiently.

Joel was silent for a moment; he was horny as hell and wanted to be fucked. But he had no idea who the man was. Just that he was a bit taller than him and much stronger.

“Tell me your name,” Joel said quietly and then he let out a quiet cry as the man shoved his dick inside him through the leg hole in his shorts. The man’s dick wasn’t as big as he thought it was but it still felt really good. “I have a boyfriend,” Joel whispered to the man, remembering he was supposed to be looking for his boyfriend, Iain.

The man gripped Joel’s neck and he thrusted slowly in and out, breathing each moan into Joel’s ears. He could barely stay on his feet; as he fucked Joel, his right leg was shaking.

“You like that?” He breathed into Joel’s ear, wrapping his arms around Joel’s body so he could really go deeper.

The whole basement was quiet now except for the man’s heavy breathing but there also seemed to be quiet moaning coming from somewhere else in the basement. The man’s shirt was clinging to Joel’s sweaty back when the man started to cum. He felt him shooting inside him and Joel let out a little scream as the man entered balls deep into his tight hole. He could feel the man’s abs twitching against his back.

Suddenly in the silence, there was a loud soft bang and the man fell to the side and onto the floor. Joel’s heart was beating so fast he thought it would tear out of his ribcage. The man was groaning on the floor and even though Joel still hadn’t turned around, he could feel the body heat from someone standing very close behind him.

“Iain, is that you?” he whispered in a shaky voice, hoping that it was his boyfriend and he could finally escape from the hellish basement. “Iain.”

There was silence, the person behind him didn’t move. The room grew even quieter and colder. As his fingers trembled with fear, Joel felt cold cum slowly running down his thigh from his wet hole. It made him nervous so he reached out to wipe it off with a shaky hand. There was moaning behind him, and it suddenly made sense. The person standing behind him was moaning because he was probably jerking off in the dark. He’d been watching Joel being fucked and now he wanted to have a go on the ride.

Joel turned around and almost immediately, the man reached out and grabbed his wrist, and he started licking the strings of cum off Joel’s fingers. Joel shuddered as he felt the man’s bifurcated lip on his wet fingers. The man dug Joel’s fingers into his wet mouth and he started to suck all the cum off, moaning as he did so.

“Hey, Big Ben! Let him go; he’s just looking for his boyfriend. He doesn’t want any trouble,” the man on the floor said in his gravelly voice; he seemed timid now. There was a shuffling noise as he stirred into a sitting position. Though Joel couldn’t see it, the man was rubbing his temple where he had been hit by the man he called Big Ben.

Big Ben snorted and grunted in a muffled voice, it seemed he was unable to enunciate because of his deformity “Is that right? You don’t want to cause any trouble?”

Joel gulped, Big Ben’s voice was sinister. He couldn’t quite make out all the words but he knew he didn’t want to upset Big Ben. “Yes, I’m sorry. I thought my boyfriend had wandered down here and I was just looking for him when…” Joel didn’t even know how he’d ended up getting fucked by a strange man in the dark basement.

“Oh, OK. You were looking for your boyfriend when you started fucking my brother,” Big Ben said calmly, he took one step forward and his big hairy belly was on Joel’s chest. His dick was digging into Joel’s nervous tummy.

“I thought he was my boyfriend. I’m not used to the dark. Please let me go,” Joel begged. His eyes hadn’t grown accustomed to the dark. He still had no idea who the two men in the room were or what they looked like. He could just tell that Big Ben was very tall, and there was something wrong with his face. He was also very hairy and smelled like piss.

“You come into my house and fuck my brother but you don’t want to cause any trouble?” Big Ben grunted again, he was still moving close to Joel and in that moment his strong, bulky chest was crushing Joel’s head into the wall behind him. His whole body was pushing Joel into the wall and he started rubbing his cock back and forth against Joel’s tummy.

“Let him go, Big Ben-“

“Shut up and go to your room,” Big Ben screamed to the other man. There were scurrying footsteps as the man disappeared into the darkness.

“Now it’s just you and me,” Big Ben said in his muffled voice.

Joel could barely breathe, he could feel Big Ben’s dick on him and it felt so thick. If he tried to put it inside him it would hurt really badly.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Joel begged.

Big Ben laughed and pushed back, Joel took a gulp of air in the rank warm basement.  He wanted to escape but he was curious what it would be like to be fucked by a giant, a man as big and hairy as Big Ben. He reached up for his face to figure out how tall he was. He had to be at least six-four and he had a beard but his face was lumpy on one side and his lips were- Joel pulled his fingers away, gasping.

“Don’t worry babe, I’m normal from the waist down,” Big Ben laughed and he started pushing Joel down to his knees by his shoulders. Joel thought if he blew the guy he’d let him go.

While stroking Joel’s ears and the back of his neck, Big Ben started pushing his dick into Joel’s face.

“If anyone comes into my house, I’m the first one to fuck them,” Big Ben said as Joel started sucking on his big head. He was about seven inches but he was thicker than any dick Joel had ever sucked.

The moment Joel’s tongue touched his pee hole, Big Ben let out a loud moan.

“Next time you come here you bring your little ass straight to me,” Big Ben said, forcing Joel’s head towards him until his big, hairy nuts were pushing on the little bitch’s chin, his dick all the way up to his throat. Joel started sucking and squeezing his throat like a pro.

“You little bitch, you’re going to make me cum,” Big Ben moaned. He started pulling his dick out but Joel locked his lips and started sucking with his cheeks and sloshing around with his tongue.

“You’re going to make me cum too soon,” Big Ben moaned as he thrust his dick deep into Joel’s mouth until Joel’s head hit the wall with a thud. He started unloading his balls right in Joel’s mouth. Joel had never tasted cum that was so salty and warm it made him grimace.

“That’s right bitch, take every drop,” Big Ben moaned as he pulled back his foreskin so Joel could clean him up nice.

Joel thought he was free to go but then Big Ben went down to his knees and yanked Joel’s legs until he was lying on his back with his legs up in the air. He leaned over Joel and started kissing him with his slobbery mouth, and Joel sucked on his forked upper lip.

Joel let out a yelp as he felt two big fingers burrowing into his wet hole. He was still dripping from his first fuck and Big Ben didn’t want to waste another second.

“This one’s gonna hurt,” Big Ben said as he popped the head of his thick dick into Joel’s tight hole. He pulled out the head and popped it back in. He hadn’t spit on his dick or anything; Joel’s hole was lubed up real nice from the cum his brother had deposited just moments earlier. “Are you ready?” Big Ben asked, popping the tip back inside, he moaned this time. “You’re a tight little bitch. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” Joel said, in an uncertain voice. The head alone was stretching his little hole so much and it was starting to hurt. Before he could say ‘go easy’ he felt Big Ben go all the way in in one quick thrust. His legs shot up to the ceiling and his anal muscles reflexively tightened around Big Ben’s thick dick.

“That’s right bitch, squeeze that dick,” Big Ben moaned, pulling out ever so slowly and thrusting back in quickly and deeper this time. Joel’s tight hole and his squeezing muscles were making him really hot. He pulled back out, waited for a second and pushed back in and started riding him hard.

“Tight motherfucker,” Big Ben moaned. “You want me to breed your hole?”

“Yes,” Joel replied, still getting used to the sweet pain.

Big Ben grabbed Joel’s ankles and drove his dick deeper inside. “Breed your tight little hole?” He went down to kiss the little bitch as his balls unloaded deep inside him. “Damn, you know how to take dick,” he grunted as he pulled out and shook his little guy. He was trembling.

Joel could still feel his hole, gaping from Big Ben’s thick dick. He took a moment to enjoy the moment. Two dicks and it wasn’t even noon yet! But he had to find Iain, and he had to get himself out of the basement. Sure it had been fun but he was starting to get an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. Big Ben seemed to have walked away but the clanging sound had started again. If Joel could just find his way to the stairs he could walk out of the basement and escape.

He got off his back, and Big Ben’s cum mixed with his brother’s fell down his thigh to the floor with a splat, his orange shorts were wet around his hole but he liked the feeling of those shorts around his raw hole as he started tiptoeing away, feeling out with his hands for the railing on the steps.

Out of nowhere Joel was blinded with white light. Someone had swung open the door at the top of the basement steps and there in the white light was the frame of his hero. His boyfriend Iain had come to save him!

“Iain, is that really you?” Joel cried out, rushing out towards his boyfriend and climbing up the steps, two at a time. He couldn’t believe his luck. He’d been secretly afraid Big Ben and his brother had killed Iain and they were going to kill him too after they fucked him silly.

Just a few more steps and he would be in his boyfriend’s arms, “Oh, Iain, I thought you were dead.”

Then just as he reached the last step, Iain shut the door behind him and once again, Joel was surrounded by darkness. Iain’s strong arms grabbed Joel and even though Joel was almost Iain’s size, Iain threw him over his shoulder and began carrying him back down the stairs.

“Iain, what are you doing? There are freaks down there; they’ll kill us!” Joel cried out, bashing Iain with his small fists but Iain kept going down the steps.

“Iain, let me go, please.”

When they reached the basement, Iain put Joel down to his feet and forced him down to his knees. “I told you to stay out of the basement. No one leaves the basement alive, Joel, but if you’re nice to me and my brothers this doesn’t have to be unpleasant for you,” Iain said, his voice much deeper and darker than it had ever been.

Iain belonged down there in the dark basement. Joel had never asked about the surgical scar on his boyfriend’s face but now it was all clear, Iain was a freak just like his brothers. Only his deformity had been corrected.

“Big Ben are you there?” Iain called out in the dark.

There were heavy footsteps as Big Ben came into the room.

“Get the cage ready, brother,” Iain ordered Big Ben. “And Joel, baby, welcome to the family,” Iain said, pushing Joel’s back forward so it was bent over and his hands were touching the floor. Iain spread Joel’s cheeks, pulling the wet shorts to one side, and he slid his dick into Joel’s squelchy hole. It was good to be home.



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