Kaylan and Toby moved close to each other. Kaylan developed a crush for toby and he was finding it difficult to stay away from him, and when he was moving all nude except those red shorts and slippers which just excited Kaylan more. As they moved forward, Toby slipped on a leaf and as he was about to fall Kaylan took otice and held him in between his hands just preventing him from falling down. Toby's body felt so smooth, muscular but still soft in his hands and as Toby stood back kaylan smelled his hairs.... There was this peculiar smell of some wild flowers which was exotic in its own queer way.

Toby: thanx kay. Umm i hope u dont mind my calling u 'Kay'.

Kaylan: not since we are freinds and saying this he gave Toby a breif hug. His body, the chest felt great. Soon they reached Kaylans home and Toby took his leave promising to meet the nxt morning at breakfast on Kaylans request. Kaylan was beaming with happiness when he entered his home. His grandpa was taking a nap. He soon went upstairs and then into the shower for a hot bath. His thoughts went back to Toby...those beautiful eyes, the smile and then the hug. Soon enough Kaylan had his boner stood rock hard. He knew he must do something to help it. He took some oil on his hands and masseged his cock. He pulled back his foreskin. The head of his massive cock was all purple and oozing precum. He hold it in between his hand and began to stroke it hard. With his other hand he began caressing his nipples, then took his fingers in his mouth and began licking them. All the tym he was thinking of Toby caressing his nipples and sucking his lips. Soon enough he erupted a huge load...... He felt releived.... He got out of the shower went to the kitchen prepared dinner and slept after eating contended with his grandpa. At midnight, while Kaylan was in his sleep, he felt a cold wind over his chest, then going down reaching his navel.... He suddenly awoke to see the blanket on the floor. He thought it might be the wind that took the blanket off.then he went back to his sleep.

At morning, Toby was at his door as promised. Kaylan saw his beautiful face and the sweet smile making him even beautiful. He was mesmerized thinking how can someone be so beautiful. After breakfast they went out for a movie. Kaylan came to know that Toby was an orphan, his parents died a few years back in an accident and nw he stayed alone. He had a small house a little inside the forest and he earned his living working at a grocery store. Since kaylan had nothing else to do and he wanted every second to be with Toby he too joined as a staff at the store. Soon they worked together, went to swimming together mostly dined together and a few tyms Toby even sleptover at Kaylans house. Kaylan was by now in deep love with Toby. One nyt when Toby came for a sleepover Kaylan thought to propose him.he was in doubt if Toby would ever accept him? But he had to find out. He could no longer be away from him. After dinner when they went to Kaylans room , kaylan hugged Toby from backwards. When tobby turned Kaylan went on his knees and said: dear Toby, i m in love with you, its you who is in my mind and heart everytime. Pls be mine.

Toby was shocked. He had no words to say. He lifted Kaylan and said' i have loved you fron the day i saw u at the beach, and every moment my love has increased for u but u have to undersatnd we cannot be together.'

saying this Toby ran out from his place. Kaylan followed him but soon he lost his sign. The nxt day there was no sign of Toby. Kaylan was really worried. In the evening he set out for Kaylans house. After nearly an hour's walk kaylan found the house in the woods. It was a big house but there was no wall or fence surrounding it. There were trees all around. It was first tym Kaylan came here. He moved inside and began to search for Toby. Soon he found him sitting on a couch in the centre of a room which was all dark and had no windows except for a ventilator through which sunlight was coming in. Toby was sitting in the sunlight his face resting on his knees hidden from Kaylan. Kaylan went to him and placed his hands on his shoulder. Toby rose his face and kaylan moved back in fear. The face was all beautiful as before but there kaylan saw two big canine teeth or fangs in his mouth. Toby said: this is the reason we cannot be together. I m a vampire. Kaylan stood there frozen........ To be continued


vikas jain

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