Chapter Eight

I thought I would arrive first, but when the train pulled into Karlsruhe, Billy was waiting on me. Fuck, he looked great! Dressed in uniform, looking sexy as hell in his combat boots....well, if I hadn't already left Stucker at the gate back in Gelnhausen, I would've left him there in that train station. We met each other in a big bear hug.

'Fuck, its good to see you again,' he gushed with his wide smile and those big innocent eyes sparkling. 'I got us a place, just a few blocks away,' he added as he picked up his bag.

I almost asked him why he was carrying such a large bag; I'd brought only an overnight, with my shaving gear and a change of shorts and T-shirt.

'You wanta go there now, or go sight seeing,' he asked.

'I'm pretty much looking at the sights I came to see, right now,' I said.

'You're fuckin' horny, that's all,' he said, laughing.

'Like you're not,' I scoffed.

'Ohh, Mann, are you kidding?' he said, more seriously. 'I haven't been able to think of anything else.' I realized I'd lied the moment the words were out of my mouth, but I didn't mention Stucker.

So we headed for the hotel where he had us a room. It was small, but built like a fortress, with rooms on three floors. It was typical old-world German, with heavy drapes and massive furniture. The bed looked like it could be rolled into battle.

'Nice,' I said.

'Yeah, and it'll muffle the noise,' Billy said.

'Are you planning on making a lot noise?' I joked.

He laughed.

We were both horny and anxious so we didn't waste any time getting out of our clothes. Our eyes were glued to each other as we undressed.

'Damn, I've been dreaming about this,' Billy said.

'I haven't given it a thought,' I joked.

'Right. Like you could forget my butt that easily,' he scoffed. 'Hey, did you happen to bring poppers? I couldn't get any.'

'Yeah, I've got some.'

I didn't know what was going down; I thought I would let Billy lead the way and I would just be there. I couldn't have imagined where he would take me; or just how I would be there for him. Literally, for him. Not what I'd planned. I was naked first, and I sprawled out on the bed with my arms thrown above my head to watch Billy. He stripped down to his briefs and went into the bathroom. He spent a long time in there; long enough that I was ready to go check on him. When he came out, he gave me the surprise of my life; the first of many surprises that night.

He was wearing tight, short, grayish-green leather belted shorts and his combat boots and a German officers hat. The shorts were made with a leather pouch that looked like it could be unsnapped or unzipped to reveal and free its contents. On the belt were several pairs of handcuffs and a leather-covered night stick, and he had a pair of opened cuffs in his hand and a sports water bottle in the other. He took a long swig of the water. A leather harness thing adorned his upper body with heavy metal studs that glistened in the soft light. The thing that really got me; around his right arm, he wore a swastika band.

'Geezusss, Billy, what's that all about?' I said, eyeing the swastika. It gave me chills, but they were the wrong kind of chills. Confusing.

He smiled as he drank some more then set the bottle down and came toward the bed.

'You didn't know it, but you're my prisoner,' he said as he deftly snapped the cuffs around my right wrist and to the bedpost in one fluid motion.

'What?' I said with a bewildered smile, tugging at the cuffs. I didn't try to get away; I had no reason to fear him. He was playing a game, and I thought it might be fun.

'You are my prisoner,' he said again as he dragged his hand down my thigh. 'And you will remain my prisoner and at my mercy till I decided to set you free.' With that, before I realized what he was doing, he had my right ankle cuffed to the foot bedpost.

'Hey, Man....what're you doing?' I asked, raising up, still with the bewildered smile, but with a little more bewilderment than before.

Without a word he took another long drink of water then moved to the other side of the bed. I jerked back when he reached for my left arm, but with my other arm useless, he was able to subdue me and cuff my wrist to the bedpost. All I had free was my left leg and I used it to try to fight him off and prevent him from immobilizing me completely but he was strong enough that he prevailed and I found myself cuffed, helplessly spread-eagle on the bed.

'Okay, what're you going to do?' I asked, thinking that he was going to give me a blowjob that would blow the top of my head off, lying helpless as I was. But he wasn't finished.

Having immobilized me completely, he uncuffed my left ankle and pulled my leg up by the cuff to the bedpost at the head of the bed. I reacted too slowly, and with my leg pulled so high, I was helpless but to have my ankle cuffed with my wrist. I was beginning to get the picture and I was scaring me a little. He came around to the other side of the bed and uncuffed my right ankle. I reacted quicker and tried to kick him away but I was in a most awkward position with no leverage, and he easily brought me under control and drew my leg up and cuffed it, and I was literally folded in two with my arms and legs pulled apart about as wide as they could be. I was keenly aware that my butt, pointing straight up to the ceiling, was also pulled wide open.

'Payback time,' Billy said, taking another long drink. He emptied the bottle and went back into the bathroom to refill it. I wondered why he was consuming so much water.

'Payback? For what? What'd I do, that you didn't want me to do?' I called out.

He came out of the bathroom still guzzling from the bottle. He didn't answer me.

'I don't believe I let you do this to me,' I said.

'You didn't let me. Hell, you didn't even know what was happening till I had you cuffed,' he said.

'What're you going to do, Billy?' I asked.

He crawled up on the bed on his knees. 'Well, for starters, I skipped lunch,' he said as he hunkered over and buried his face in my butt.

'AAAwwhhhh,' I cried out as his tongue went to work on me. My ass was pulled open and his tongue caused it to flutter and relax more. Using his spit, he worked two fingers inside me and stretched it open even more, so wide that he was able to drive his tongue way up inside me. I squirmed and thrashed about as I strained at the cuffs, trying to keep from screaming. He alternated between his tongue and his fingers, first two, then four, then six, gouging at my insides almost brutally. Still, it felt good. He pulled his hands free to take another long drink of water, then wiped his mouth on his forearm. Then he began punching at my asshole with his fist. It felt strangely good. It felt good when he pushed his fist hard against my gaping ass and twisted it back and forth. So good that I found myself trying to push back, cringing against the pressure, but with my eyes closed, as if to block it out. He pounded and pushed and twisted will I was moaning for him to keep it up. I had forgotten all about wondering what the payback was all about.

Suddenly I felt something else pushing against my asshole. I opened my eyes to see Billy holding the leather-covered nightstick.

'Fuck, don't use that on me,' I gasped.

'Its not all that much bigger than a cock,' he said, twisting and pushing on the stick.

I could feel my asshole giving way. 'Its twice as big as a cock,' I said.

'Not if I only use half of it,' he said.

'Oh, shit, Billy, don't.....don't.....,' I pleaded. But I felt my asshole spreading around the end of it and he was pushing it deeper. 'Not all the way, Billy. Don't use all of it,' I begged frantically.

He laughed and kept pushing and twisting it in circles. I wished he wouldn't do that; I wasn't sure I wouldn't want him not to use all of it if he kept doing it.

'Just up to the handle,' he said.

I lay there gaping wide-eyed between my legs at the long, black instrument disappearing into my body.

'Ohhh....Ohh, Goddd,' I moaned, pressing my head back against the headboard of the bed. 'AAAHHH!' I cried out when he hit something, but an instant later, he had maneuvered around it and was pushing deeper. I opened my eyes again to see the upright handle approaching my butt. Godd, how many inches did he have in me? Where was it going? He didn't stop till it was in up to the handle which thankfully prevented it from going in any deeper. Then he began twisting it around and fucking me with it. I was wide-eyed stunned by the pleasure it was giving me; the smooth, soft leather rubbing against the smooth, soft inner lining of my ass. He added to it by hunkering over and taking my cock in his mouth.

'Ohhhh, Geezusss, Billy, what're you doing to me!' I groaned.

'Paying you back,' he said, looking up from between my legs with a smile.

So that's what he meant by paying me back.

He sucked me and fucked me with the night stick for a good half hour, all the while, making me still wonder why he paused so often to guzzle more water. He went to fill the bottle again. After awhile he pulled the nightstick out of my ass and punched it with his fist again several times then lodged it hard. He pushed harder, without letup; and harder, the muscles in his arm and shoulder bulging. Suddenly I, he couldn't be even thinking of doing that! But he wasn't letting up, and he was twisting his fist back and forth like he had done with the nightstick.

'Billy....? Billy, mann, don't even think about it,' I said, my voice wavering.

'You're wide open. Looks like the grand canyon down here,' he said, and his eyes looked sort of glazed over.

'But its not,' I said. 'And it ain't a baseball glove.'

He laughed. 'That's a good one....your ass a baseball glove,' he said. He pushed harder. 'Let's see if I can get the glove on.'

'No!!' I cried. 'Fuck, Billy, No! You c-can't do that, you'll kill me.'

But he wasn't listening. He just kept pushing and punching and twisting his fist back and forth like he was trying to drill a hole with a blunt drill. I tried to tell myself he wouldn't really do it....he wouldn't actually shove his fist in my ass....but I braced myself just the same. Suddenly I felt the oddest sensation I'd ever felt in my life, my eyes popped open and my mouth flew open to cry out but no sound came. My asshole had burst wide open and Billy had his fist in my ass!!!

'B-Billy,' I gasped in a bare whisper. 'Fuck, Billy, what're you doing? You can't....I c-can't.....not your fist, man.....'

'I already did, you already did,' he said with that lopsided grin.

I held perfectly still, except for trembling. I was afraid to move, or even breath, for fear that something terrible would happen. Billy began squeezing his fist inside me and slowly twisting his forearm. I finally let out the air I was holding in my lungs and sucked them full again.

'Geezussss!' I whispered in disbelief. I had a fist in my ass and it wasn't even hurting. I was barely aware that he was shoving his fist deeper till I realized that his wrist was gone as well and his forearm was disappearing before my very eyes. 'Billy! Keerist, you're fucking with some serious shit, here,' I said.

'Just up to my elbow,' he said soothingly.

'NO! Keerist, NO! Awwhhh....Awwwhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhh, Geezussss!' I cried out in fear but it ended up a cry of pleasure, so intense that I could barely grasp it. He kept clenching his fist and spreading his fingers out and clenching a fist again, as if he were groping for something up inside me. He eased out a little and I felt his fingers clasp around my prostate. It felt so incredibly wonderful that I was unable to cry out. I choked on my outcry. He squeezed and massaged my prostate till I thought I would explode, then released it and began shoving his arm inside me again. I gasped and braced myself, fearful of how deep he might go this time; fearing that he really would shove all the way in to his elbow. I think I little part of me wanted him to. Going deeper, he flexed the muscles of his forearm, causing wonderful sensations in my sphincter muscle that was stretched to unmercifully. I closed my eyes again to endure the wonderful impalement. When I opened them, I saw only about two inches of his forearm. Godd, he really was going up to his elbow. What if he decided to go deeper?!! What if he got carried away and decided to shove his entire arm inside me!! Goddd, the size of his bicep! I didn't know if that were possible but I didn't know that it wasn't, and Billy didn't either, and he might not care if it was possible, he might just do it.

'Billy, you gotta stop. Don't go any deeper, man, you're scaring me,' I said, and the fear was evident in my voice.

He paused then smiled and began to slowly withdraw his arm. 'Okay, we can take a break, I gotta take a piss anyway,' he said.

I frightened me a little that I enjoyed the slow and gentle withdrawal of his arm from my ass. It was an incredible sensation when he tugged his fist free, pulling and stretching my asshole. He held his arm up in a triumphant gesture and I felt air wafting up inside me.

'That's how much you too, fucker,' he said proudly.

I was wide open. He gazed at my butt for a moment then leaned down and buried his face in my ass. He was able to push his mouth inside me, so far that I thought his tongue might reach my prostate. I screeched and whinnied from the intense pleasure. Then he raised up to climb off the bed to go piss, undoing the belted shorts as he went.

He was only a few steps from the bed when he stopped and turned to look at me. 'Aw, what the hell,' he said as he shoved the shorts down and took them off over his combat boots. His meaty cock swung upward with a mighty swing, throbbing to a total hardon. Then instead of going to the bathroom, he climbed back on the bed. I was confused only for a moment as he stroked his cock, thinking at first that he was going to fuck me but then I realized his intentions.

'No, Billy, you're not, man....not, you can't do that!'

'It'll save me a trip to the bathroom,' he said as he moved up on his knees till I felt his cock touch my still-gaping hole. Before I could protest further, he had shoved his cock all the way in. It was an easy entry; my ass was still stretched from his arm. But he didn't fuck me. He just held his cock in deep, waiting....waiting!

', man, you're not gonna do that,' I said.

He only smiled, and waited. I braced myself for I didn't know what. Suddenly, I felt the liquid heat gushing into me as he began to piss.

'Aahhhh,' he moaned with blessed relief.

'Ohh, Goddd,' I moaned in disbelief. I couldn't believe it was happening, but I could believe less that it was feeling so strangely, incredibly wonderful. The warm nectar continued to flood my guts, swirling like a whirlpool, filling me up, ballooning back around his cock. Then I felt him pulling back, I supposed to make room for all the water he had drunk and was emptying inside me. But then he horrified me with yet another surprise.

'Open up,' he said as he extracted his cock from my flooded ass. I could feel piss boiling out of my ass and running down my back. 'Open your mouth,' he said as he raised up over me.

'No!' I said, shaking my head with my lips pursed. 'Fuck, Billy, you're gonna ruin the bed,' I said, looking up at his menacing cock suspended over my face, aimed at my mouth.

'They won't know who it was, I didn't use our real names when I registered,' he said.

The next instant my mouth flew open when he grabbed my balls and squeezed them and the very next instant, he was pissing in my mouth! I moaned and whined and gurgled the hot liquid in my mouth, trying to keep from swallowing, but the stuff splattering the back of my throat kept setting off the swallow reflex and I couldn't help swallowing some of it. He was pissing so much so fast, though, that most of it was running out of my mouth and all down my chest. I didn't see how he was able to piss through such a hardon.

As the stream slowed, he began jacking his hard cock, and I was suddenly aware that I had a throbbing hardon myself. Fuck, how could I be turned on by this! Billy saw it too, and he smiled and took hold of it and jacked me off too. Within minutes, his legs were trembling and his arm was lurching and I knew he was about to come. I still had piss in my mouth that I was trying not to swallow but when I started shooting his load, I opened my mouth when he told me to, to receive it; yeah, despite it all, I wanted his come. He shot a stupendous load, almost every salvo spurting right into my mouth, swirling and mixing with his warm piss. He was jacking me off hard and fast and I tried to gurgle a warning that I was about to come. He jacked me harder and told me to swallow. I shook, my head but the next instant, I was coming like a horny little stallion and in my excitement I couldn't help gulping the stuff down.

I was dizzy, seeing black by the time it was over. I might've even blacked out, I couldn't be sure, but I opened my eyes from being off somewhere in la-la land and Billy was sitting on the edge of the bed smiling at me. I looked at him, gasping for my breath.

'That was fuckin' wild, wasn't it?' he said. 'Wildest thing I ever did.'

I just looked at him, sucking in precious air. 'You need to let me go so I can breath,' I said.

'You're not gonna be pissed and tear into me, are you?' he asked.


'That a promise?'

'Let me go, Billy,' I said.

'Is that a promise?' he asked again.

'Yes, it's a promise. I won't tear into you. Hell, I'm so weak I couldn't do much damage anyway,' I said.

'Okay, just remember, I've got my night stick,' Billy said.

'I know all about your fuckin' night stick,' I said.

He undid the cuffs off my left wrist and ankle then came back around and undid the cuff from my right ankle. He didn't undo the right wrist cuff.

'You forgot one,' I said, tugging on it.

'I just wanta look at you like this,' he said. 'You're so damned studly, being so helpless and my prisoner.'

I didn't say anything and he finally undid the last handcuff. I noticed he moved back a little from the bed.

'I said I wouldn't tear into you,' I said as I moved gingerly to get off the piss-soaked bed. 'Fuck, where are we going to sleep now?'

'The floor. There are extra blankets,' he said. 'I could sleep anywhere with you, even on hard rocks.'

'Don't fuckin' try to butter me up after what you did to me,' I growled.

'Try to convinced me you didn't like it,' he scoffed.

'You scared me, fucker,' I said.

'I wasn't gonna hurt you.'

'Ha! Shoving your arm in my ass up to your elbow?'

'You liked it,' he said.

He was right. Damn him, he was right. And despite the mixture of anger and fear I'd felt previously, I still liked Billy. I more than liked him. I gave a fleeting thought to Ryan Stucker as I watched Billy spread the blankets out on the floor to make us a bed.

'Come on,' he said, motioning to me as he stretched out on the blankets. 'Let's get you rested up then you can fuck me, if you've still got the strength.'

I laid down beside him and he put his big arm out for me to lie on. He curled his arm up, pulling me in tighter to his warm, naked body.

'Get rested up, 'cause I need it,' he said. 'I've needed it so bad since the last time, I couldn't wait to get together with you again.'

'Don't tell me you haven't had sex since we were together last,' I said.

'Oh, sure, I have. A half dozen times at least. But nobody fucks like you do. Nobody's got a cock like yours. I went to bed every night thinking about you, and us, like this.'

I laughed softly. 'You're a mystery. One minute you're a brutal little Nazi and the next minute, you're that innocent little muscle boy from Tennessee.'

'I can be anything you want me to be,' he said. 'I can be your slave, your master, your whore, your stud....whatever you want me to be.'

I moved my head. 'You know, your arm is just too hard for a pillow,' I said.

'Okay.' He pulled his arm from under my head and rolled over on his stomach. 'Try my butt. It'll be nice and cushiony.'

I liked his idea. I stretched out between his legs and laid my head on his butt. He was right.

Chapter Nine

I thought of Billy all way back on the train, so intensely that it almost made me cry. I still really liked the guy, despite what he'd done to me. Maybe because of what he'd done to me. But nearing the barracks, my thoughts returned to Ryan. I couldn't understand how my emotions could be torn between two very different men, nor why I had these feelings for other men at all. My life was turning topsy-turvy.

Ryan was glad to see me. Really glad to see me. He was stretched out on his bunk in his briefs, reading. A big smile came across his face and he laid the book down when I came through the door. I stepped back and locked the door.

'Hey, we can't lock the door,' he said, sitting up on the edge of his bunk.

'I just did. Fuck, man, you look sexy in those shorts,' I said.

'I don't want to have to deal with the questions if somebody comes, ' he said. He got up and unlocked the door then went to his locker and started putting his clothes on.

'I didn't mean to offend you, about your shorts,' I said.

'I've got us a place,' he said.

'Where?' I asked, suddenly excited.

'Better change into your fatigues; its not the Ritz,' he said.

I tore off my uniform and hung it up and changed into my work fatigues. I dug into my shaving kit and discreetly removed a tube of lube. If Ryan had gone to the trouble to find a place for us, it was probably time to take things to the next level.

'Where is this place?' I asked again.

'I'll show you.'

We left the barracks and walked past the PX toward the motor pool.

'The motor pool?' I asked.


'What about the guard?'

'He just walks the perimeter. He never goes inside. The guards don't have keys to get inside,' he said.

'And you do?' I asked.

'No, but I found a way in,' he said.

We walked down the dark, narrow street alongside the motor pool till we came to the far end of the first building where tall grass and weeds separated it from the high chain fence. I was surprised the Army allowed it go to un-mowed.

'How do you know where the guard is?' I asked.

'He's on the far side, walking around the tanks. It'll take him ten minutes to get back here. I've timed him. Come on.' He led me around behind the building to an overgrown, obviously unused dock. We climbed up on the dock and he knelt down and slipped his fingers under the big overhead door. With very little effort he lifted the door enough for us to crawl under it. It creaked from disuse, and if the guard had been close by he would've heard it. Once inside we pushed the door back down. The place was dark except for a naked bulb tucked here and there in the beams above the long expanse of parked trucks and other vehicles. I wondered how we would get back out without being caught, but I was too involved in an adrenalin rush to worry about it. We moved between the duce-and-a-half trucks till Ryan picked one at random and opened the door on the driver's side. He climbed up into the cab and moved to the other side to make room for me.

'Fuck, man, this is crazy,' I said as he pulled me up.

'Yeah, ain't it,' he said with a chuckle as he was peeling off his Army-green T-shirt.

'Are you getting naked?' I asked.

'Hell, yeah, might as well go all the way,' he said.

His guts gave me the courage. I started taking off my clothes. When he was naked except for his socks, Ryan put his boots back on for some reason. I didn't give a fuck what reason, he looked sexy as hell in just his boots, and I did the same. He cock was hard and he was stroking it, waiting anxiously, leaned back against the door with one leg extended under the dash and his other leg cocked up against the back of the seat. I didn't make him wait. I crawled between his legs and took his cock in my mouth.

'UUUhhnnnnnn!' he moaned softly as I started sucking his cock. 'Ohhh, I wasn't's every bit as good as I remembered.'

Yeah, it was. I sucked and slobbered and moaned my own little tune of pleasure as I moved my mouth up and down his thick cock. I had already decided I was going to deep-throat him next time I got hold of it. I started working on stretching my throat, forcing the head of his cock against the opening harder and harder each time.

'Are you trying to swallow it?' he asked in disbelief.

'I'm going to swallow it,' I said.

'Aww, shit, man, I gotta see this,' he said.

It took me awhile but I gradually got over my fear and worked the bulbous head through the opening of my throat. The sound of Ryan's gasping moan when the head shoved through gave me the impetus to go on. I slowly worked my mouth down the shaft, forcing it up into my throat. He was big and my throat was tight and I had to really concentrate on controlling my gag reflex. My eyes started to water. But I persevered. I wanted this guy's cock. I wanted his pubes brushing my lips and I wanted to be down there where I could lick his balls with his cock in my mouth, like guys had done to me. It was a long journey but I finally made it.

'Holy Fuck! I don't believe this!' Ryan exclaimed as he sat gaping between his legs where his cock once was. It was worth the effort just to hear the tremor of pleasure in his voice.

I held him as long as I could then raised up, carefully un-impaling myself till I held the head of his cock in my mouth. Then I went back down. It was easier the second time, and the third and the fourth, and soon I was giving him head full throttle, taking personal advantage of every tall inch of his magnificent cock. I was back in my little corner of heaven, oblivious of the thoughts of Billy that had been relegated to the back of my mind; and damned proud of myself. All that mattered was this big, muscular stud who was giving himself to me so willingly.

He had to stop me a several of times so he could hold off. I sucked his balls while I waited for him to cool down. Once I nuzzled my face in under his balls, lapping at the crack of his ass but he didn't take the hint. Finally, I lifted his left leg onto my shoulder and tilted his butt up off the seat so I could get to his ass.

'Ohhh, Shit!' he gasped as he pulled his legs up tighter against his chest, realizing what I wanted to do.

I tongued his ass and licked his balls for awhile then raised up and asked him if he wanted to fuck me.

He lifted his head with a surprised look. 'Are you talking ass fucking?'

'It's the only way I know how to get fucked,' I said.

'Sure....hell, yeah....fuck, yeah, man,' he said eagerly.

I dug into my pants pocket for the lube. I lubed up his cock for him first.

'If you've never done this before, just know that this beer can cock of yours is going to hurt like hell going in, so take it easy,' I told him as I lubed up my ass. 'Now, raise up so I can lay down,' I said.

He got up from the seat and hunkered back against the dashboard so I could lie down on the seat. Then he crawled on top of me, between my legs which were spread out, one on the dash and the other one resting high against the back of the cab. I was convinced that Ryan had never fucked another guy before. He couldn't find my asshole.

'Your asshole isn't as big as pussy,' he said as he fumbled.

'Not by a long shot,' I said. I reached down for his cock and guided him on target.

'Shit, that's hot,' he said.

'Yeah, it's hotter inside,' I told him.

He pushed but nothing happened. I clasped one hand around the side of his butt to encourage him. He pushed again but didn't go in. I squeezed his taut butt muscle, urging him forward.

'You've got a muscle butt that could drive that cock through a concrete block, you oughta be able to penetrate my ass,' I said.

He shoved again and went in. Way in! All the fuckin' way in!!

'Geezusss!' I gasped, fairly spitting the word out through clenched teeth.

'I'm in,' he said.

'Fuck, tell me about it!'

I hadn't explained that he should wait till I got used to the girth of his cock tearing my asshole open, and he didn't. He plowed into me like he was turning new ground with a plow and a mule. And he was the mule.

'Geezussss!' he whispered as he pressed his loins against my spread butt. 'Fuck, I never had a pussy that felt like this!'

Maybe I just forgot how incredibly wonderful all the other times were, but Ryan took me to a whole new level of heaven. Maybe he'd never fucked another guy before, but he was an expert cocksman and the rudiments were the same and he quickly found his way around my ass. He dam near fucked my brains out. I thought I might have to shove my eyeballs back in my head. My Godd, he could fuck! And he didn't seem to have any idea when he would stop. I forgot we were even in the fuckin' motor pool with a guard strolling around outside. He fucked me till my ass started going numb. I didn't care; I still had feelings in my cock that I was stroking intermittently.

'Damn, stud, my butt muscles are getting sore,' he said at one point.

'Your butt is getting sore?' I scoffed, mockingly.

'Do you want me to stop?' he asked.

'No! Fuck, no!'

Judging the time later, I figured he must have fucked me for over an hour. That doesn't count the time I spent with his cock in my mouth. That was just the fucking, cock-pumping time. Non-stop. He was like a machine. When he finally dumped his load he pounded me so hard the truck was rocking and the springs were creaking. A duce-and-a-half is a solid truck, with solid, stiff springs; he had some real hip action going on. He collapsed on top of me, breathing hard, and I wrapped my arms and legs around him. He rested on top of me for several minutes before he started to raise up.

'I gotta be heavy,' he said but I tightened my hold on him.

'You're okay,' I said.

'Thanks, man,' he said. 'That was the most incredible fuck I ever had.'

'Yeah, it ranks right up there,' I agreed.

'This wasn't your first time, was it?' he asked.

'It felt like it,' I said.

'It wasn't, was it?' he asked again.

'No, but I'm pretty new to it.' In my mind, being fucked with a nightstick and fisted didn't count as being fucked like being fucked by Ryan Stucker.

'Shit, I'm glad you made that move on me in the tent,' he said.

'I'm glad you were open to it,' I said. 'I was scared I might end up being pussy in Leavenworth.' My cock was still throbbing mad. Ryan finally noticed it, even though he was laying on it the whole time.

'You didn't go off,' he said.

'You figured that out,' I said dryly, laughing.

'Want me to jack you off?' he asked.

'You would do that?' I said.

'Hell, yeah, after what you did for me.' He raised up but didn't pull out, and bent over so his head wouldn't hit the roof of the truck. He took hold of my cock as if it were the most natural thing in the world - It had to be the first time he'd ever touched another man's cock - and started jacking me off,

'Its not gonna take long,' I said.

He wasn't bone hard, but he had enough stiff to move his cock in and out of my ass, and he started fucking me again in rhythm to his hand moving up and down my cock.

'Ohhh....ohhhh, it's not gonna take long for sure, doing that,' I said, squirming around on his thrusting cock. I stopped him when he shoved in on the next thrust. 'Hold it right there, let me do the work,' I said. His cock had brushed against my prostate and I wanted him to leave it there and let me use it to get myself off. I rode his cock in short jabs and little circles, massaging my prostate with his hot cock with incredible results. My eyes crossed and I knew I was coming. I grabbed his wrist so he wouldn't let go and guided him to do it harder, forcing his hand down hard so the heel of his hand slammed against my balls.

My cock exploded. I mean the stuff shot up like old faithful, splattering against the truck roof. It was a dull splat; my come was heavy and thick, and it stuck to the roof. I got it on the window and on the dash and more on the roof, and when Ryan didn't control the trajectory, I shot all over his face and arm.

'Shit, man!' he said as he ducked out of the way, but kept jacking me off.

Ryan was amazed at my come, both the volume and the delivery.

'Fuck, how do you come like that? You shot at least thirteen times!'

'I'm a heavy shooter,' I said.

'You're a fuckin' tank.'

'Part of it was the way you were handling my cannon,' I said.

'We've got a hell of a mess,' he said, looking at the come-splattered truck cab. 'Fuck, its on the roof of the truck! Look, it's plastered up there. And all over the window and the windshield and the dash. Shit!'

'On your face, too,' I pointed out.

With a growl, he groped for his T-shirt and started wiping come off of his face. Then he began cleaning it off the windshield. He smeared it pretty bad. I raised up and found my shirt and tried to help him clean up the mess.

'This truck's gonna smell like come for a month,' he said.

'Yeah, I would like to be a fly on the steering wheel when some guy discovers it,' I said, laughing. 'Listen, next time, so we don't make a mess, why don't you cap it with your mouth,' I told him.

'Don't ask me to do that,' he said. 'Don't even say that.'

'It was worth a try,' I joked. 'Hey, thanks, though, for taking care of it for me.'

'Least I could do, the way you took care of me,' he said.

We started getting dressed.

'Fuck, we're going to have to put these T-shirts back on,' Ryan said. 'We can't take the chance of getting caught carrying them.'

'Wouldn't be any worse than being caught wearing them, all cum soaked,' I said.

We got dressed and made our way to the back of the building. At the overhead, Ryan punched the illuminated dial on his watch.

'Three minutes,' he said.

'Till what?' I asked.

'Till the guard has moved far enough to the tanks so we can slip out without being seen.'

'Damn, you timed all of this?'

'If he didn't get stopped to talk to anybody,' he said.

We sneaked out without incident and made our way back to the barracks.

'Listen, that was risky as hell,' I said.

'Yeah, I now, but it was dam sure worth the risk,' he said.

'This time. But I don't think we oughta do it again in the motor pool.'

'Where, then?' he asked.

'Wait till we can get off base,' I said.

'That can be weeks. Shit, I can't wait that long,' he whined.

'And when we go out on maneuvers,' I added. 'You can make up for lost time then.'

We were probably the only two soldiers in the outfit who prayed for maneuvers. I didn't forget about Billy, though. Ryan and I were more celibate than not and I yearned for the little stud from Tennessee, despite what he'd done to me; hell, maybe because of it. I was torn between the two men. I wanted Ryan and he was right there in the next bunk and I couldn't have him. And I wanted Billy. And the next problem, I knew, was going to be, who would I spend my weekend passes or overnights with. I decided in the back of my mind that I would spend my overnights with Ryan since there wouldn't be enough time to travel to have any quality time with Billy. I thought I would spend my weekend passes with Billy, but when the first one came up, I just couldn't disappoint Ryan.; he was so looking forward to it.

It was a painful dawning when I finally realized that I might be falling for both of the hunky studs. Not just sexual infatuation. I mean, I was having feelings that a guy ought not to be having for another guy; like the deep, permanent type. I called Billy a couple of times but we couldn't get anything arranged. One of those times I had to fight to keep from blurting out how I felt about him. I was stunned when I received a letter from him.

'Hey, Stud.

Just a note to say some things that I can't seem to get out over the phone. The words just won't come when we're talking. First, I want to apologize for what I did the last time we were together. I thought it would be kinky fun, but I know I scared you, and probably hurt you. I don't know what got into me, but I'm sorry. I promise I will never do anything like that again unless you ask me to, but I don't know if you liked it that much. All I really want to do is worship your body the best way I know how, to give you all the pleasure I can and make you want to come back to me. I hope what I did isn't keeping you away. Okay, I'm going to come right out and say it. I think I love you, man. That scares the hell out me but it doesn't change the fact that I've got such strong feelings for you. I don't mean just sexual feelings. I'm talking feelings like, could we maybe make a life together outside of the Army. Or even stay in and make a life together as soldiers, maybe transfer to the same outfit. It wouldn't matter to me as long as we could be together. I hope I'm not out of line with this. If I am, you'll let me know.


I gazed at the letter for a long time. 'Damn,' I swore under my breath. Why did he have to complicate things? Now I had to deal with that on top of my own feelings that I was wrestling with. I put the letter in my pocket and carried it around for the rest of the day and read it three more times so I could remember what he said. Then I went to the latrine and tore it up and flushed it down the toilette. Not as a gesture of rejection or disrespect of Billy's feelings; I couldn't keep such a letter anywhere in my belongings. There is no privacy in the military. I wrote back and told Billy not to write any more letters like that; I had no place to keep them and I didn't want to take the chance of somebody getting their hands on them. That wasn't all I wrote.

'Dear Billy:

Don't write any more letters like that. Got no place to keep letters like that and you don't know when somebody might open it. Having said that, I'm writing one just like it to you, but I won't write another on. I know what you mean about not being able to get things out over the phone. Thanks for the apology, but looking back, I don't think it's necessary. I don't know what the fuck got into you either, and I don't know if I want to do it again, but it was pretty wild. No, its not what's keeping me away; we haven't been getting passes. Hey, fucker, I am way okay with worshipping my body any way you want, but its not gonna take that to get me to come back down there; just a weekend pass. Dam, Billy, you laid some heavy shit on me. I'm not even going to write it here....I'm gonna wait and see if you can say it. It scares me too, more so because I've been having some pretty mixed up feelings myself lately. You're not out of line with anything you wrote but I think we need to wait till we see each other and talk face to face.


Now I was really torn, with some serious shit to deal with. I had some pretty deep feelings for Billy, too, but Ryan was a physical presence in my life, something I was reminded of on those brief overnights that we spent romping around various hotel rooms. We moved around to different hotels so we wouldn't be recognized. I lamented over how my life had taken such a turn. Or maybe it hadn't just taken a turn. Truth was, I had been driving my life around those turns at breakneck speed, and I was afraid I was going to crash and burn. In a desperate move, I went to talk to a priest. Not face to face. I took it into the confessional.

When he slid the little door back and began mumbling his prayers and blessings, I sucked up my courage. I didn't bother with a confession. That wasn't what I was there for.

'Father, I brought this into the confessional so you wouldn't have to rat me out,' I said.

'As a chaplain and a priest, I wouldn't rat you out anyway unless it was something extremely serious.'

'It might be, according to the Army,' I said. 'Can a person love two people at the same time, Father?'

'Yes, of course.'

'The same?' I asked.

'I don't know. I think that would have to be up the individual. One can't judge another's feelings or the depth of those feelings,' he said.

'I'm being a coward, Father. Let me rephrase that. Can a man love two men at the same time?'

There was dead silence. I waited.


'A man shouldn't be loving another man in the first place, not in the way I believe you mean,' he said.

That wasn't the answer I wanted, and it was so far off base I wasn't going to accept it.

'All due respect, Father, that wasn't my question,' I said bravely.

'One man loving another is an abomination in itself. Loving two men is....well, I believe first, you need to ask yourself if you are gay, or if this is just a physical infatuation. Are these two men gay, or are they straight men who are using you for their own selfish pleasure? Having said that, my best advice is, be very careful. You're in the Army, son. You're going down a slippery slope, one that could lead you into a lot of trouble.'

There was a long pause; apparently he was finished. I didn't get the answer I wanted, but I guess I didn't expect to. I certainly had no right to expect any such answers from him as a priest.

'Thanks, Father,' I said, finally. 'I would appreciate it if you would stay in the confessional till I'm gone. I don't want you to see who you were talking to.'

'It wouldn't matter if I did,' he said. 'But before you go....I'm not sure, was this supposed to be a confession?'

'No. I guess I just needed somebody to dump on. And that's what you get paid for, isn't it?'

I heard him chuckle. 'Yes, that's what I get paid for.'

I left the confessional and the chapel feeling better, even though I didn't get the answers I wanted. I guess I wanted approval; what a dumb place to go looking for it.

Billy didn't write anymore but he called. Of course, we couldn't talk about anything personal; you couldn't know who might be listening in. We talked about general stuff and how we wanted to get together again real soon. Of course, we both knew what that meant. But we never did. I didn't go back to Scheornenburg either. Feeling the way I did about Billy and Ryan, there was something about going there and being paid to have sex that didn't set well with me anymore. It was dumb and foolish; I could act like a whore with Billy and Ryan, but I wasn't being paid and that made it okay. Even noble. Geez, how screwed up was I?

Billy solved part of my problem, although painfully so. Out of the blue, he called me to say that his time was short and he was being sent stateside. It took me by surprise; oddly, we had never talked about our time left. I hit me hard but I still had Ryan and we took advantage of every opportunity. Days, and sometimes weeks if we were having war games, spent in the field on maneuvers were heaven, to him as well as me. I swear, I think he took something or ate a special diet in preparation for those times; he was insatiable. By the time we got back to barracks at the end of maneuvers our asses were dragging. The training was long and tough, and so were the nights. In between times, we spent overnights at some small hotel or other and weekend passes we traveled to other towns.

There was a time when I thought Ryan might be falling for me; one night in a room in a small hotel in Frankfurt, in the throes of lust and passion he blurted out that he loved me. I was shaken to the bone and I reveled in it for the moment, but I was afraid to put much stock in it. He gasped it out in between spurts of come that he was depositing deep in my bowels, and a man will say about anything at a time like that. Once, when our two roommates were gone on a weekend pass I gave him a blowjob in our room. And we went back to the motor pool a couple of times where he fucked my brains out, but the next time we went, the overhead door wouldn't budge. Somebody had discovered it and fixed it.

After Billy's departure, I had the presence of mind to know when Ryan's time in Germany would be up; four months before me. I dreaded his leaving. I almost got teary eyed in a bar one time when we were talking about it.

'Fuck, man, it's gonna hurt,' I said.

'Yeah,' he said quietly. 'It hurt when your other buddy left.'

I gave him a blank look. I didn't remember mentioning Billy to him, just that a buddy was going back to the states. He just smiled while I took a sip of beer to stall off saying anything.

'You don't think I know I wasn't the only one? I don't know if you were involved, but he sure as hell meant something to you.' He took a long sip of beer, waiting for me to say something.

'He meant a lot,' I said, finally. 'And I meant a lot to him, and I think I hung him out to dry.'


'He poured his guts out to me about how he felt.....I never got together with him after that,' I said.

Ryan bit his lower lip, nodding. 'Your used 'em up on me,' he said.

I nodded.

'Well, fuck, man, why didn't you say something?'

'What was I supposed to say? Hey, Ryan, I'm dumping you this weekend to go spend it with Billy?'

'Yeah, something like that,' he said. 'Hell, I wouldn't have cared. Well, I would've, but you should have said something.'

'I sort of wish I had, now,' I said.

I don't know what I'm gonna do without you,' he said. 'You woke this sleeping monster inside me, I don't how I'm gonna keep it tamed.'

'The monster isn't inside you; it's living down there between your legs,' I said. 'And you won't keep it tamed. No reason why you should.'

'Okay, I was having a noble moment there,' he said with an embarrassed shrug. 'When I get sent stateside, I'll wait till you get sent back,' he said.

It was the only time Ryan ever gave a hint that he cared that much for me, implying that he would wait for me. We never explored it beyond that. It wouldn't have been fair to either of us. Not fair and not possible. Hell, we were both boiling with testosterone.

We both knew without saying it that there had to be one last time before he left Germany. That time for us was different than other times when he insatiably fucked my brains out and brutalized my throat and left me with his semen swimming in both ends. No different except it was our last. I told him goodbye in our room. I wanted to kiss him but we'd never advanced to that stage and I didn't want to take the chance of blowing everything we had together. If he were the kissing kind, I figured he would've done it by then.

Chapter Ten

I got a little bit loony after Ryan left. Restless, horny and loony. I went back to Scheornenburg with the full intention of reestablishing my macho manhood via Elga and Nina. Much to my surprise and disappointment, the girls were no longer at Scheornenburg. In my long absence from the castle, they got involved with two American GIs and got married. The lucky bastards, I thought. My disappointment was short lived, though, when I met their replacements. No, they weren't two young, pretty frauleins who shaved their pussies. Nina and Elga had been replaced with two boys. I mean boys. They were both nineteen, going to the university, but they looked like boy scouts. They were gorgeous - built, handsome and hung to a fault - and gay as the day is long. Not obviously so; to the casual eye, they were boys you wanted your daughters to marry. To the trained eye, you knew you'd better keep your teenage sons locked up.

I was used to Stucker's insatiability, but those two boys exhausted me. They loved being fucked and my cock spent most of our time at Scheornenburg buried in one or the other of their tight, muscular asses. In between times, it was buried in their throats, being primed to plow their asses again. Kurt asked if he could film us and I agreed. By the time I left I was drained to the point that I think my prostate and my balls were shriveled up from being sucked dry. My cock, on the other hand - bless the big fucker - stayed primed till the very end. The icing on the cake was that I left with another thousand bucks in my pocket.

I got one short letter from Ryan that he wrote on the ship going home. It was pretty general but I was able to read between the lines that he hated going as much as I hated for him to leave. But he never mentioned anything about us ever having sex together. Ironically, shortly after that I heard from Billy. It was a letter I didn't want to receive, but was glad I did, and another one that I couldn't keep. I started to read it in my room but a few lines into it, I decided I needed to go for a walk. I read it sitting under the big tree out behind the PX.

'Hey Dude'.....I scanned down to where I'd left off, where he was telling me about some guys he met at an orgy at some guy's apartment off base. Then he hit me between the eyes.....'I met this guy, his name is Ryan Stucker. Not at the orgy.....' I dropped the letter. I mean, my fingers wouldn't hold the weight of the paper. I picked it up, found my place and read on......'Not at the orgy; we met at a bar and hit it off right away. I mean we hit it off! The only way to describe him....he's a lot like you; a stud. He's a stallion in bed. My Godd, he can fuck from sundown till sunup. And a delivery system that ought to be in the Guinness book. He reminds me so much of you, it hurts, man.'

I read on, my chest tight with air that I couldn't get in or out of my lungs. By the end of the letter, it sounded to me like Billy had fallen for Ryan as hard as he said he'd fallen for me. I wondered how Ryan felt about him. I wondered if I would hear from him, telling me about meeting up with some cute little muscle stud from Tennessee who liked to fuck.

I tucked the letter in my pocket and walked around for awhile, trying to picture them together. It was hard, yet it was easy. Hell, they were built for each other, just like I was built for both of them. I wandered around, thinking, wondering how the hell I'd come to this point in my life, when I was thinking about two guys I'd been with instead of two women. Back at the barracks, I went to the latrine where I reread the letter then tore it up and flushed it down the toilette. There was a painful tugging inside me, as if the swirling water were sucking my guts out.

For solace, I returned to Scheornenburg and the two teenagers. They gave me solace and more sex than any man had a right to. The thousand dollars didn't hurt either. I didn't see Kurt. He was 'away.' It seemed he was simply providing a place for horny American GIs to come and relax and unload; and get to know each other on their own.

When I couldn't get to Scheornenburg I went to the bars in Gelnhausen and ventured into Frankfurt when I could get an overnight pass. On one of those ventures I met a black sergeant named Carl Washington. It wasn't so unusual that we met at the urinal. It was one of those where you stand and piss on a wall and it runs down into a shallow trough in the floor. He was a little bit drunk; I was a lot drunk, and feeling down because it looked like I was going to return to Gelnhausen chaste. Standing there beside the big black sergeant gave me renewed hope. I was taken aback by his cock; I was probably visibly shaken. It was the biggest damned thing I'd ever seen. From my vantage point and perhaps my impaired vision, it looked like it hung to his knees.

'Geezussss!' I exclaimed. 'Geezusss!' I said again.

He laughed; probably used to such reactions. He finished pissing but stood there till I was finished, then he pulled on it and shook it several times before he made a great show of lifting it and stuffing it back in his pants.

'Shit! Can I buy you a drink? I wanta salute that thing,' I blurted out.

He laughed. 'I was getting ready to head back, but yeah, I'll have another beer,' he said.

We sat at the bar and drank two more beers together and talked about the Army and the availability of German women.

'They're al lot more available to you than they are me,' I told him.

'Looked like you had plenty to offer 'em,' he said.

'Ha!' I scoffed. 'They're gonna find the land of plenty between your legs, not mine,' he said.

He laughed, undaunted by my remark, and downed his beer. 'Well, I gotta be heading back?' he said.

'Back to where?'


'No shit! I'm at Gelnhausen,' I said, almost breathless to find that this big, handsome behemoth was stationed right where I was.

'You got wheels?' he asked.

'No, I'm using public transportation; the train,' I said.

'Hell, come on, I can give you a ride.'

Oh shit, I thought, I was going to be in the same car with this big stud for the forty clicks back to base. I was wondering how I was going to keep my hands off him. If I tried it and he didn't go for it, all they were going to find of me was a heap of muscle and bone somewhere in a ditch. Part of me said, don't go with him. I knew I'd had enough beer that I wasn't thinking straight and beer always gave me courage I didn't really have; and I had developed a lot of courage since Billy and Ryan. But I couldn't turn him down.

We were driving out of the city and I'd been noticing just how big the guy was. Shit, easily two-seventy-five, maybe three hundred very solid pounds. I could image that you could almost feel the ground shake when he walked. We got to talking about German women again, and how much they liked guys. I made the remark that they would walk right over us white guys to a black man. He laughed.

'You know I gotta ask this.....,' I started to say.

'You wanta find out for yourself?' he interrupted, turning to look at me with a sly grin, his perfect teeth bright against his black skin.

'How'd you know what I was gonna ask?'

'If I had a dollar for every time I was asked how big my cock is, I could be retired by now,' he said.

'It doesn't offend you, then?'

'Hell, no. It used to, when I was younger and just discovering that I was hung so much bigger than other guys, and they would make fun of me. But then some girl got hold of me and showed me just how much a girl appreciates a well-equipped guy, and she sort of spread the word around the neighborhood and the guys didn't make fun of me after that. They were too busy keeping an eye on their girlfriends.' He laughed again, a deep belly laugh.

'Shit, I wouldn't make fun of you for your big cock,' I said. 'What kind of dumb-ass makes fun of a mountain? But now you've got me curious.'

'You didn't answer my question; do you wanta find out for yourself?' he asked again.

'Just tell me,' I said.

'Thirteen inches.' he said.

'Holy Fuck! That belongs on a horse!'

'It is on a horse,' he said.

'Yeah....yeah, I guess it is.'

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes. We passed a sign that read twenty-two kilometers to Gelnhausen and I felt a twinge of panic. I didn't want to get to Gelnhausen too soon. Suddenly he turned off the highway and drove down a side road till he found a place to turn into a forest. My heart skipped a couple of beats; what was he doing? Had he read my mind?

'Gotta take a piss,' he said as he turned of the engine and opened the door.

'Yeah, I guess I'd better do that, too, so you won't have to stop again,' I said.

I got out and leaned against the car as I hauled my cock out.

'Hey, don't piss on my car,' he said.

'I won't. I've got it aimed straight down,' I said.

'Good, piss on your boots,' he said, laughing.

I tuned around to face away from the car, making a wide circle with my stream of piss that sort of sparkled in the moonlight. My legs were unsteady and by the time I was finished pissing I had to lean back against the car.

'I guess I didn't get your name,' I said.

'Carl Washington. I told you once,' he said.

'Yeah, I remember now.' I stayed leaning against the car. My legs were solid under me now, and I was afraid if I moved they would buckle. Just then Carl came around to my side of the car.

'You okay?' he asked.

'Yeah, just admiring the moon,' he said.

He laughed, standing with his hands on his hips. I was disappointed that he had put his cock away.

'If you think I'm gonna put that away for you, you're mistaken,' he said.

I looked down at my own cock still hanging out of my pants. I lifted my head with some effort and looked at Carl.

'I would put yours away for you,' I said.

He laughed again. He had a great laugh, one that came from the belly. It was as if the sound of his laughter reverberated against his stomach muscles, which I knew must be like a steel plate, it was so flat.

'Go ahead, haul it out, I'll show you; I'll put it away for you,' I told him.

'Shit, you can't find your own to put it away,' he said.

'But yours would be easier to find, it's so fuckin' huge,' I said. 'Fuckin' thirteen inches huge.' Then I struck upon a little scheme to egg him on. 'I find that hard to believe, that anybody could be carrying around a cock that size. But if its true, you're so fuckin' big, it must be big around as your wrist.'

'It's bigger than a beer can,' he said, not to brag, but just stating fact.

'It's gotta be awful heavy to carry around,' I said.

'I've got the legs for it,' he said.

'Yeah,' I said. 'I'll bet you do. Fuckin' legs like tree trunks. Fuckin' legs that could break a guy's neck if you had him in the right hold.'

'And what hold would that be, white boy?' he asked.

A tiny shiver went through me when he called me white boy. I wasn't a bigot and I didn't believe he was either. It was just what big-cocked colored guys called white guys if they knew them well enough.

'I don't know, I guess with them locked around a guy's head,' I said.

'And what would a white boy's head be doing between my legs?'

'I don't know, wrestlers get each other in holds like that all the time,' I said.

'Are you a wrestler?' he asked.

'I did in high school.'

'Did you ever find your head locked between some guy's thighs?'

'Yeah, more than once,' I said.

'I'll bet it smelled real good, his sweaty crotch.'

'I don't remember,' I said

He laughed. 'Fuck, you don't remember.' He looked all around then unzipped his pants. He dug inside and hauled out his cock. He let it fall and it swung with its own weight. 'There you go, white boy, let's see you try to put it back.' He walked toward me, his cock swinging majestically. On the way, he reached in and hauled out a pair of balls the size of ones I'd seen on the stallions at Scheornenburg.

I gaped at him. I didn't doubt for a minute that the thing could grow to thirteen inches. He stood in front of me, within reach, with his hands on his hips.

'Do I have to?' I asked. 'Put it away, I mean?'

'I can't drive back with all this hanging out. What'd you wanta do with it?' he asked.

I reached out for it. My hand wouldn't go all the way around it. It dwarfed my hand, even in its flaccid state. 'I would be your white boy anytime,' I said, looking up at him.

'Well, we're stationed at the same place, maybe you will be,' he said.

I was tired playing games. I slid down the side of the car to my haunches so I was face to face with his huge manhood. I wrapped both hands around it and pulled on it. It dwarfed both of my hands even in its flaccid state. I lifted it up and licked around on the head, tasting his precome. I wondered if I would be able to get it in my mouth when he was hard.

'Godd, you're big,' I said.

'You ain't seen big yet,' he said.

I opened my mouth wide and bought the head of his cock through my lips before it got completely hard. Carl took my wrist and pulled my hands away and held them against the side of the car.

'You don't need your hands, all you need is a big mouth and a wide-open throat.'

No, I tried to say, I couldn't take it in my throat! But Carl was already prodding his cock against the back of my throat and I couldn't speak.

'Open up, it'll conform to the curvature of your throat and go down real easy before it gets totally hard,' he said.

I tried to shake my head but it was suddenly clasped in the grip of his huge hands, like it was in a vise, while he held my wrists with the other. He started pushing his cock at me, out to prove it that I could take him.

'Don't worry, white boy, I've had this big fucker stuffed in more throats than I can count; most of 'em white. Trick is to swallow it before it gets hard.'

He forced the head of his cock into my throat and I was surprised how easily it slipped through the opening. He was big, but meaty, and my throat squeezed his meat to confirm. He pushed deeper and I knelt there in fearful awe of the oversized cock disappearing before my eyes, sliding deeper and deeper into my gullet. My awe turned to terror as his balls came closer and closer to my face. He didn't stop till my face was smashed into his pubes and his balls were smashed against my chin. I didn't know where his cock had gone; maybe into my stomach. I could feel it throbbing and swelling and snaking even deeper, and getting thicker. Bigger than a beer can, he'd said. I couldn't picture myself swallowing a beer can and the idea scared me. He kept his hand clasped around my head to hold me tight. Oh, Geezusss, I thought; he's going to choke me to death. Still, when he saw I wasn't going to fight him he let go of my head and wrists and I wrapped my arms around his massive thighs, like they were life preservers. My eyes were watering but I bravely fought down the gag reflex as I clung to his thighs.

I wanted to do this but I didn't know how long I could. After a moment I got scared and eased my head back, slowly extracting his cock from my throat. When the head popped into my mouth it felt twice as big and there was twice as much black cock between my mouth and his pubes. I got off of it and wrapped both hands around it.

'Holy Shit! You weren't lying,' I said as I jacked his cock with both hands.

'Its not there yet,' he said. 'It's got an inch or so to go. Why don't you go back down on it and see if you can swallow it again.'

'No, I....I can't. You're too big, no way I could get all that down my throat now.'

'How about in your ass?'

Ohh, he's going to fuck me, I thought. 'I don't think I could take it,' I said. But I knew he was going to do it anyway. He was going to fuck me right there in that little corner of a woods in the middle of Germany and I couldn't stop him. I was big, and built, and a trained soldier, but he was all of those things, plus a hundred more pounds of muscle. I was at his mercy. And, I'd said I would be his white boy. He reminded me.

'You said you would be my white boy,' he said.

'Yes, but.....'

'But nothing,' he cut me off as he cupped his hands in my armpits and brought me to my feet. He went for my belt. 'Come on, get out of your pants and shorts, you can leave your shirt on,' he said.

I brushed his hands away to do it myself, otherwise, he might have torn my clothe off of me. I had to kneel down to unlace my boots and take them off and he smacked me in the face with his cock. It had gained its additional inch or so, and I could see he wasn't lying about his size. When I had my boots off I removed my pants and Carl yanked my shorts down. I took them off and was naked from the waist down except for my socks. He grabbed my waist and turned me around against the car, sprawling me over the side of the hood.

'You've been fucked before,' he said, as if he were stating a well-known fact.

'Not by anybody your size,' I said, sounding frightened only because I was.

He laughed. 'You won't have to say that after tonight,' he said as he began squeezing my butt and pulling it apart. 'When I get done with you, you'll be able to take anything anybody comes at you with.'

I was scared but I had to do it. I had to have that monstrous black cock up inside me. I didn't know where he was going to put it but I think I would've begged him for it if I had to. I jutted my butt back and braced myself as he pressed the head of his cock against my hole. He went in without much effort on his part; my asshole just spread open and took him. I stifled my gasp but my eyes popped open. It felt like he'd shoved a baseball in my ass. Luckily, his cock was more spongy than solid, like hard rubber and it conformed to my ass as much as my ass had to conform to his cock. Once through the hole, he slowly buried all thirteen inches.

'Ohhh....ohhh, Godd....Ohhh....fuck, how much more.....Ohhhhhh.....ohh, Godd, how much more?' Moaned as he impaled me on the huge cock.

'That's it. You've got it all,' he said, laughing softly.

I knew that; I could feel his balls against mine, and his wiry pubes against my spread butt. He held still for a moment then began the long withdrawal, and I moaned from the awful emptiness it was leaving behind. When my asshole was clenching tightly around the thick gristled rim, he shoved back in.

'Ohhhhh,' I moaned again, tossing my head back. 'Ohh, My are so fuckin' big!'

'Yeah, but you like it don't you, white boy?'

'Yessss!' I hissed. 'Awww, Yesss, I love your big black cock! Fuck me. Awww, fuck your white boy.' As he fucked me I sort of floated off, like I was having an out of body experience, watching the big black stallion mounting his white mare. Godd, I love it, and tried to push aside the gnawing in my guts that I was indeed acting like a big white whore for the guy. But if I cared, my body didn't, and my body was in charge. I was a bit nervous, considering where we were, but he took his time. I don't think he would've give a dam if somebody had come up on us, so long as it wasn't the MPs. He nearly fucked my ass to mush and topped it off with a generous serving of his hot come. He flooded my insides with such a load that it began sloshing out of my ass and ran down my legs. But he didn't stop; he kept right on fucking me and I couldn't feel any difference in the size of texture of his cock.

'You getting anywheres near close?' he asked. 'Because I can do this all night till you come.'

'I've been so close so many times, but it won't come,' I whined.

'Let me help you out,': he said, and with that he reached down and took hold of my cock. I'm big, but his hand wrapped all the way around it; so warm and strong and it felt so good that it took barely a dozen more strokes of his cock before I was shooting all over the side of his car. He fucked me for still another five minutes after I was drained and I wondered if he was going to start all over again. I wouldn't have minded. But then he pulled out. It was a long way out and I heard his big cock smack against his thigh.

I had to gather my strength to shove myself up from the hood of the car and Carl had to steady me on my legs.

'Get your sea legs, then we gotta clean that stuff off my car before it takes the paint off,' he said.

When I was dressed, I used my T-shirt to wipe my come off his car. I was still weak and shaking when I climbed back in the car. Carl seemed no worse for wear.

'Okay if I look you up again?' he asked as we were driving on.

'Yes,' I replied.

'I gotta find us a place first,' he said.

Chapter Eleven

The experience with Carl was so damned satisfying, yet scary, because we were right there on the same base and he probably knew he could have me hooked with very little effort. I got to thinking about it one time when I was drinking alone at the EM club and I just couldn't bring myself to even imagine being some big black stud's white boy. I wasn't made like that. I was a big hunkin' soldier myself, no reason why I should be another man's boy, period, whether he was black or white.

I made one more stab at regaining my manhood, what was left of it. My next pass I headed for the bars where I knew I could pick up German women. It took the span of two beers, which made me wonder why I was concerned about my manhood in the first place. As I walked out of the place with her, heading for a hotel, I knew this was how it was supposed to be; this was who I was; a big, brawny, muscle hunkin' soldier with a horse cock that any self respecting woman would be glad to ride.

It worked well into the wild fuck I was giving her, till I thought of Billy for some reason, and Stucker. Not just thought of them, I felt a longing for both of them. I even found myself conjuring up images of them in the room with us, of Billy pounding me from behind at the same time I fucked the girl under me, and Stucker standing in front of me, feeding me his cock. The mere thoughts of them put me off guard and peaked my pleasure and I shot off before I intended. I was about to sink into humiliation but my cock came to my rescue. It didn't go down, I think because I'd been thinking of Billy and Stucker. Dam thing really did have a mind of its own. I was finished, my body was finished, but my cock wasn't. I fucked her for another hour. I tried to get Billy and Stucker out of the room but they kept lingering, wanting to join in. And when I did get rid them for short periods of time, Carl. Dammit, I wanted a man there with me! I wanted a man sharing this woman with me. I wanted a man pounding my ass from behind while I fucked her. Shit, somewhere in the middle of it I found myself yearning for Billy's big fat cock filling me with his piss.

So it didn't work, and I had to rethink who I had become, and try to come to grips with how I was going to deal with it. One big question was whether I would stay in the Army or not. Being gay, or Bi, or whatever I was, in the military, wasn't a good thing. Actually, the military didn't make the distinction; it was all gay or straight, no in between. I wasn't sure how easy it would be, being gay or Bi on the outside either. I just didn't have any idea how to be either, and deep down I wondered how long the attraction for women would even continue. Confusion reigned, and more than once I became 'strong' again and vowed to return to my former 'normal' life but the urges always returned, gnawing at my very soul. Denying them was hopeless. Attempts to divert them to hetero sex were futile because there was always the temptation of another male looming around every corner; a curse of being built and good looking, and hung....I attracted them.

Carl looked me up one day after even chow and when I saw him walking down the aisle between the bunks toward my bunk, I knew I was doomed. He greeted me with a big hand on my shoulder and some joking remark that I didn't catch, I was so mesmerized by his presence. He asked me to go to chow with him which I readily accepted. Walking to the chow hall, he told me he had a place. I wanted to tell him that I was no longer interested but I would've been lying to both of us and he wouldn't have believed me anyway. I think he knew the power he had over me. Instead, I asked him where; that's how strong my resolve was. He said his unit's supply room. I didn't know he was a supply sergeant. He said we could go there after we ate. My protest was so weak it never even came out of my mouth.

His supply room was the most secure place we could've found. The steel door bolted from the inside. He took me into the storage room where he had a dozen or so mattresses stacked up and draped with a sheet.

'Go ahead, strip down, we've got all night,' he said as he pulled off his shirt.

He had me before he spoke. He had me when I saw his muscles bulging out of his T-shirt. He had me when he nailed me to the side of his car out there in that little corner of a forest off the highway. I started undressing, my heart racing, my ass clenching from the terrible itch that never quite left me. How had it come to this, I wondered fleetingly. The sight of him naked took my breath away. It was the first time I'd seen him naked and he was an awesome sight. A mountain of chocolate-tone muscle on the move. One could imagine the walls shaking as he walked toward me. His big cock swung like that of a mule. He smiled as he wrapped his hand around my bicep.

'Fuckin' stud,' he said.

'Thanks,' I said. I was a fuckin' stud all right; I was his fuckin white boy stud, and sometime during that wild night of unbridled, unbelievable sex, Carl talked me into reenlisting and staying in Germany.



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