I felt Caleb's dick probe the back of my throat, and I gagged a little. His fingers were pulling at my hair, and his hips were lightly thrusting, pushing his thickness past my lips, spreading my mouth and filling me up. I wanted him inside me, but I was happy to get him up like this.

He was moaning, and cursing, while he pulled my hair, and pushed my head back down, over his thick dick. I moved my body around, so that my lower half was protruding out of the bunched sheets and blankets. I felt Caleb's hands work off my briefs, and his lips worked their way up my thighs. I paused for a moment, to enjoy him teasing me. My thighs were relatively smooth, with shortly trimmed hairs, and his lips sliding up my skin, tickled the short bristles. 

I was hard in a moment, and Caleb worked his lips around my smooth balls and the base of my shaft, softly kissing up my shaft. I moaned, with my mouth over his dick, and felt him flex his dick, expanding the shaft to fill me even more. He was slurping at my dick, and I on his. We were moaning, and working our lips over each other. I felt my body temperature rise, and soon I felt my dick oozing out precum, to match the deposit he was leaving in my mouth as well.

I liked his taste. He was sweet with a slight salty flavor after taste. I worked his meat over, until his balls wouldn't budge from the sides of his shaft. I knew he was close, and I worked myself up, to match the pace. I pulled my lips off to tell him I was close. "Me too baby, cum with me." He went back over my dick, and I took him back in mine, rubbing between his balls with my fingertips. He started moaning, which sent vibrations through my entire crotch, and caused me to shoot in his mouth. He started shooting shortly after me, filling my mouth with his salty sweet cum.

I held my lips tightly at the base of his shaft, so he was pointed directly down my throat. I gulped frantically as shot after shot of him went into me. My hands were sweaty against his hairy thighs, and his entire body was flexing against me while we drained each other. I felt him pull off of me, and nuzzle in between my thighs. He was kissing down the insides, and rubbing his hands on the outsides of my thighs and cheeks. I felt his hairy pecs pressing against my stomach, and his thick trail tickled my smooth chest. I sat up, and moved up to cuddle with him.

He was smiling, and closed his eyes, while he kissed me. "Mmmm, you are the best thing to wake up to baby." "That was hot Caleb." "Fuck yeah it was. How you doing baby?" "I'm good. You make me feel so good." "Yeah I do." He pulled me close, and ground his dick into me. He stayed hard for a few minutes, and softened between my thighs. My leg was over his side, and our cheeks were pressed together. His face was so stubbly, which I love, but it made my face itchy, and I pulled away shortly after.

"What's up?" "Just feeling itchy faced." "Aw, I thought you liked the scruff." "Oh, I do...I promise. It was just getting scratchy." "Well, let's go shave it off." "Nooooo, I like it. Maybe we just need to shower and cool off." He laughed and got up, sliding off the bed. He walked to his bathroom, and I heard the shower start up. I got up off the bed, and walked in after him. He was standing in front of the vanity, feeling his face. "I told you, I liked it." "Yeah, but maybe I could just trim it up a bit." "Ok, if you want to." He opened a drawer, taking out a clippers. I walked up behind him, peeking over his shoulder, while he started them up, and slowly trimmed down his scruff. He kept smiling at me, and I wrapped my arms around his chest.

He was working his chin and upper lip over, while I moved my hands down his happy trail, and rested my hands just above his shaft, in his bushy pubes. I felt him flex, and ran my fingertips over the dips and bulges of his abs. He finished up, and we stepped in the shower. It was warm, and the pulses were soothing against my skin. I felt Caleb press up behind me, and he kissed my neck, and pressed himself against my ass. 

I let him take over me, and rested back against him. His body was strong and hard, as he soaped me up, and washed me up. He shampooed my hair, and even shaved me. It was erotic. I returned the soaping and shampooing, and conditioned him all over. We ended up making out against the shower wall, under the spout. The water poured over our bodies, while Caleb kissed me, and worked his lips down my neck and chest. He worked his way back up, and shut the water off, while we kissed some more. he opened the shower door, and stepped out onto the mat, handing me a bath sheet, and wrapping himself in one as well.

The cool air hit me hard, and made me shiver, while I pulled the sheet up around my shoulders. I felt Caleb's hands rub up and down the terrycloth, warming my body under the white fabric. He kissed my neck some more. "Damn, baby, I put hickies all up your neck." "What?" I leaned forward, creening my neck. There were a few red and blue marks down the side of my neck. "Babe!" "What? I love my mouth on you." "What if this stays here til Monday?" "So what?" I giggled and turned to him. He dropped his bath sheet, and pulled at the sides of mine, pulling against me. I raised myself up on the edge of the counter, while he pulled my thighs up to his sides. We made out for a few minutes, and then he pulled back, completely hard again. I reached down, pulling a couple times at his shaft, and he grunted, pulling back. 

"Come on, let's go get some food." "You don't wanna fuck me?" "Oh, I'll be fucking you. I'm starving though." We went downstairs and I sat in a pub chair, while he got some pans and utensils out, and got some food out of the refrigerator: some peppers, onions, eggs, milk, and four different shredded cheeses. He made us some omelets, and I followed him into a well lit eating area. It was a circular room, completely surrounded by windows, and a glass table with high back tufted chairs. I felt weird sitting naked on the nice fabric, so I laid a napkin down, before sitting. Caleb made fun of me, and sat at the head of the table. I'd never eaten naked at a table before. 

Caleb was giving me some history on their house, and why it was so huge. His grandparents had raised 4 kids there, and then when his grandpa got sick, his mom and dad added an additional wing, where he and his parents lived for a few years before his grandparents moved into an assisted living, retirement community. I was trying to pay attention, but I could see his body through the glass table top. He was still hard, and his dick flexed repeatedly, making me horny. I shifted a few times in my chair, and he asked how I liked the omelet. I nodded, and picked at my plate. It was really filling, and I wanted sex.

"It's good babe." "You hardly ate any boo." "I'm just...not hungry I guess." He dropped his fork on his plate, and I realized I was staring at his dick. I looked up, and he had a smirk on his face, as I looked away. "Come here." He pushed his chair back, and motioned me over. I moved over to him, and sat on his thigh. He kissed my lips, and turned me to face him. The chairs were armless, which made it easy to straddle him. He pulled me close to him, and I felt his dick throbbing against my inner ass and thighs. I moaned in his mouth, and he was pulling at my cheeks. "Fuck you make me hard." "You make me want it bad baby." 

He shifted, and slid out of the chair, while I was still straddling him. We made out on the floor, while he thrusted his hips against me. He sat up, pushing me back, and led me to the floor, while he pushed my thighs up, working quickly down my back, to my ass. He was licking, and sucking along my inner ass, probing his tongue into me. I was craving him so badly, my ass practically opened up on its own. 

Caleb was moaning and grunting, while he tongue fucked me. I was starting to sweat, while he was inside me with his tongue, and his lips around my ass hole. He moved up, sliding his shaft between my cheeks, and kissing the base of my neck. He was sliding in between me, and then he'd pull back, and work his lips over my ass again. He had me so slick and wet, and in a couple minutes, he was inside me. He was pulling my hair back, kissing along the side of my neck, while he fucked me deeply.

We fucked for awhile, on the floor. My knees were feeling weak, and rashed from the rug beneath us. I didn't care. Caleb was moaning and sweating against me, grunting and cussing while he went deeper into me. "You feel so good baby...Fuck me..." "God damnit boy, stop it. You're getting me worked up." His balls weren't slapping against my smooth ass anymore, and I knew he was close. I was nowhere near close, but he felt amazing inside of me.

I reached back, gripping the sides of his head in my hands, while he bit at my neck, hunched over me, with his arms on either side of my body. He moaned he was close, and shortly after, he collapsed against me, flexing his dick while he shot his load. I felt him fill me up, while his whole body shook and his chest puffed against my back.

We lay there for quite awhile, with him slowly breathing in and out, running his fingers up and down my sides. His dick was still throbbing in me, and I wanted to stay like that forever. He pushed up off of me, and slowly pulled his dick out. It made a loud slurping noise while the head popped out, and I felt him finger me a little, sliding his pointer and middle fingers up my taint and around my hole. "I wanna keep as much of me in you as I can baby." "You're always in me babe." He kissed up my spine, with his fingers pressed against my clenching asshole. He was so soft and affectionate, while he kissed my neck.

A few minutes after, we got up off the floor, and Caleb put our dishes in the sink. I felt him leaking out of me, and reached back with the napkin I'd grabbed before. He giggled, and slapped my ass cheek, as we walked back toward the stairwell. On the way up, he kept his hand up against my ass, repeatedly fingering me. "Damn baby, that ass makes me want to fuck you all over again." "You just filled me up. I'm leaking all over the place babe." "I could go again, damnit boy." I turned and faced him at the top of the stairs, biting at his lower lip. 

He reached back, fingering my asshole again, and kissing me deeply. He was still hard, pressing his dick against my lower abs. I wanted him inside me again, but I needed to push his load out of me, or I'd be leaving bits of him all over the floor.

I pulled back, walking toward his end of the last hall. He was close behind, while I walked through his room, and to the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet, pushing him out of me. "Aw man." "What?" "I like being in there." "I'm glad you do, but it's messy babe." "That's why we need to stay in bed all day." "You're the one who wanted food." "True. So you wanna go again?" I giggled, and looked away. "If you want to." "You know I do." I looked up, and he started jerking off in front of me. I noticed he was still oozing some cum out of his dick head, and I reached out, rubbing the tip of his head.

He moaned, and tilted his head back. "Fuck, baby." I continued to rub the head, and palmed him a little. He shuttered, and continued jerking his shaft. I let go, and used some toilet paper to wipe at my ass. I got up and flushed, walking to the sink, and washing my hands. He pressed up against me, rubbing his head up and down my moist ass. 

I moaned, leaning forward, feeling him slide the head into my, already loose, ass. He was quickly all the way in, pressing his bush against my upper ass. He stayed still inside, flexing his dick, and kissing my shoulders. I braced myself against the counter, feeling my ass spasm against his thickness. He started to slowly thrust at his hips, making slick noises with his dick sliding in and out of me.

I looked up, making eye contact with him in the mirror, and he had that same smirk on his face. "I love you baby." "I love you." I moaned, and lowered my head, as I felt him take over me. His hands were at my sides, and his fingers were gripping into my smooth skin...


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