I'm not sure how long I slept, but I woke to Caleb's fingertip running up my spine. I shivered, and felt his chest press against my shoulder blades. I cringed back, feeling his hand up my side, and his arm flex against my forearm, pulling me closer to him. 

"Hey baby," his breath was hot against my neck, and it made my smile, and lean back into him, further. "Hey babe." He was kissing along my shoulder, and the prickles of his stubble sent a new shiver down my back. "Damn baby, you're so sensitive." He was pulling at my arm, as I turn over, to face him. I had my briefs on, but he was naked. The sheets and blanket had bunched up between us, hiding any signs of dick...until now.

I glanced down, seeing him pointing straight up at me, his dick was glorious, thick, and beautiful, against the dark bush and trail, leading up his muscular abs. He pulled my face up, with his thumb and finger under my chin. Our eyes met, and he bit his lip, before leaning in to kiss me passionately. Both of his hands had found their way around my waist, and under the back of my briefs, pulling at my cheeks, and groping the smooth flesh, surrounding my sweet spot...The place I knew he wanted to be. 

I moaned, and leaned into him. I was hard. He was hard. We made out for God only knows how long. I love him. I love his face, his scruff, the hint of musk and odor that I sensed, while my hands explored his hairy nipples, and the small patch of  curly hairs in the center of his pecs. He was flexing for me, and moaning.

I slid my free leg up his hairy thigh, and pressed in closely to his crotch. His balls were soft, and his shaft was rock hard, forcing mine to one side, in the contoured pouch of my Papi briefs. I moaned in his ear, while I curled my leg around him, tucking my curled toes in between the back of his thighs. He forced my briefs down in back, fully exposing my ass to the cool room air. I shivered again, and he nuzzled my face and neck, pulling me all the way in. There was no room between our bodies, and his body was putting off more heat than I required, causing little drops of perspiration along our chests and stomachs. I could feel the moistness between us, and his hands were pushing my briefs all. the way. down. 

I was turning over, while he squirted some lube on his dick. I glanced over my shoulder, raising my ass up, and arching my back. His cold, lubed fingers were probing me in a minute, and his hot breath was on my spine, tongue exploring the crevice that led from my ass to my shoulders. His free hand was cupping the left side of my chest. His fingers pinched at my hard nip, and I got a whiff of musk from his hairy armpit, inches from me. He was nibbling at the back of my neck, and grinding his dick in between my thighs, and his hairy crotch on my lower back. I wanted him inside me in the worst way.

He slowly, and delicately entered me. The feelings and senses expanded throughout my entire insides, sending a wave of arousal throughout my body. I pulled my arms close to my body, holding his hand to my chest, as he pulled me close. He was thrusting slowly and lovingly in and out of me. His breathing was thick and heavy, and his mouth was open, and over my shoulders and upper back. "Fuck baby, I love you so much."

I couldn't speak, and I grunted and moaned back at him, reaching my hand up, to finger his mouth and tongue. He bit at my fingertips, and pulled away, to kiss back down my neck. We fucked like this for a few minutes, getting worked up quickly, and the heat from our bodies had plateau'd to a sweaty high. 

We were moaning and grunting, and talking dirty to each other, as he pulled out, and turned me over. Our eyes met again, and he smiled down at me, leaning in to kiss me properly. I lifted my legs up, pulling them in to his sides. He was in me again, and thrusting at his hips. My bare feet grazed his hairy ass, feeling the wet hairs tickle my toes, and his sweat, wetting my heels. He was pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust, and hitting up against my prostate over and over. I moaned for him to make me cum. "Keep going baby, You're gonna make me cum." "Yeah baby...I wanna cum with you."

He sped up his thrusting and I couldn't even open my eyes. I pulled myself up, as much as I could, and pressed my face to his. I started cumming. It rose quickly, and then froze just inside the head, for a brief 4 second delay. The I came uncontrollably, and intensely all over my chest and stomach. I cried out, in surprise, and pleasure. He sent me over the top like I'd never been before. I was still cumming while he moaned a low "Fucccccckkkkk" and I felt him erupt inside me.

His body was pressed against mine, and his hands were pulling my waist as close as I could be to him. I felt his dick spasm and flex repeatedly inside of me, while he moaned and breathed against my chest. He emptied his entire manhood into me, and I felt him shake, while he whimpered against me. I held him close, and ran my hands up and down his back. 

We lay like that for half an hour at least. My legs were sore, and I think my left arm was falling asleep, but feeling him resting against me, hard inside me, in this moment, I wanted nothing else. I was content and satisfied. 

Caleb moved slightly, pulling back, and looking down at me, smiling. "Baby..." He laid his head back down. "Yeah?" I giggled. "Baby baby baby.....what you do to me...shit, boy." He laughed deeply, and I felt him vibrate through my body. He padded the sides of my ass, and flexed his dick a couple more times. "You wanna shower now?" "Wait..." I wrapped my legs around his ass, crossing my feet over. "Ok, fine." He giggled again, rubbing his scruff along my shoulder. "I like that you like me inside you." "Yeah?" "Yeah boy...You're mine." He ran his hands up my sides, and I moaned, feeling a shiver run up my body.

He moved his body up, and I felt the pressure lift off my arm. "Ok, I'm insisting we get up and shower. You made a mess, and my stank is all over you." "I like your stank though." "Yeah, I know you do, you freak." He pulled out of me slowly, sighing loudly, as his dick made a slurpy popping sound. "Fuck." He was still hard, as he pulled my hands, forcing me up off the mattress. He hugged me close, and his dick poked my groin, making me jump back. "Sorry! Haha, I'm still hard, shit." "You want to fuck me again?" "Nah, I need to wash up boy." He pulled my hand and led me down the small walkway to the bathroom.

I leaned against the counter, looking at myself in the mirror. I hadn't noticed any new muscle tone, and I'd let some of my hair grow out around my dick. It was still super short, but a little more bristly. I ran my fingertips around the short hairs. It felt nice. My hair was matted, and you could see the reflective crusties of my cum across my chest and stomach. I picked at a couple of the flakey areas, and looked up to see Caleb watching me, one hand up on the frame of the shower, his other hand on his hip. He smiled at me, and tilted his head toward the shower door. I smiled and turned around, walking before him, into the warm shower basin.

Caleb and I soaped up, grinded on each other, and playfully got clean. He had a small mirror under the nozzle, and lathered up his face. I watched him shave, with my chin on his shoulder, and my hands around his chest. His free hand was over mine, holding my hands in place, while he shaved, and winked or smiled at me occasionally. He washed his face off, and we got out, toweling each other off. I wrapped my bath sheet around my waist, and Caleb draped his over my shoulders, pushing me out into the cool room, toward the bed. I sat on the edge, and he walked out in to the hall. I heard his feet pad along the wood floors, until it was quiet. A couple minutes later he came in, with fresh sheets and pillow cases. I got of the bed, and dropped the bath sheets to the floor, pulling at the tucked sheets around the foot of the bed. 

We had his bed remade in a few minutes, and I got in, pulling the sheets and fresh comforter up to my chin. My body was cold, and I curled up, with a couple of pillows, leaning up against the head board. Caleb took the used bedding back down the hall, and came back shortly after. He smiled at me, while he walked across his room, in front of the bed. I liked the way his body flexed when he walked, and his dick swung heavily between his thighs.

I heard him lift the toilet seat and pee. It echoed throughout his room, and I giggled. "What's so funny?" He said from the bathroom. "Nothing!" I leaned down, digging through my clothes, to find my phone. I was at 2% battery, and I didn't want to dig for my charger. I saw 12 missed texts, 3 kiks and a few notifications with my social media apps. I quickly checked my messages. 8 of them were from Donnie. He knew I was with Caleb but wanted me to know I was on his mind....and again...and again...I thought it was really sweet, but part of me was annoyed that he'd try and infiltrate on my weekend with Caleb. 

I also saw messages from Chris, just explaining how he was feeling, and that he really cared for me, and just wanted me to be happy. He felt jealous, but understood Caleb was my first, and he had a special place with me. Caleb walked back into the room, as I closed out and screen locked, setting my phone on the side table. "Are your lovers missing you?" He looked annoyed. "I'm at 2% baby, I didn't talk to anyone." "Nah, it's cool. You don't have to explain." "But I want to." He crawled into bed next to me, and I leaned over, kissing his lips. He slid down, and turned to me, putting his hand on my thigh, leaning his head against my chest. 

I scooted closer, pulling him to me. "I just want this to be a good weekend for us." He was running his fingertips down my thigh. "Me too. How about we have a 'no phones' policy this weekend?" "Yeah?" He looked up, smiling at me. "Yeah. I'll let mine die, and you can just leave your wherever it is." "I'd like that." He sat up, smiling, and kissed my cheek.

We curled up together, while Caleb turned on netflix, and started season 3 of AHS. I  closed my eyes, and fell asleep. 

The next morning, I woke up, stretching out, feeling Caleb behind me. I turned over, and he snorted, and shifted his weight. I scooted close, pressing my body against his warm chest. He sighed, and draped his arm over me, subconsciously. I reached down, feeling his morning wood pointing upward. I slid my body down, under the covers, taking the head of his dick into my mouth. He was sweet and salty in my mouth.

I started flicking my tongue against the underside of his shaft, working my mouth as far over his dick as it could go, feeling his head press against the back of my throat. Just before I gagged, I pulled up, cupping his balls. I felt his body shift. "What ba....fuckkkkk." His hands were at the back of my head, as I worked my way back down.

Happy Saturday baby.


Luc G

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