I woke up to a loud snort from Caleb. My head was on his chest, and my hand was draped over his lower abs. I felt his dick laying over my hand, and moved it slightly, feeling him flex. He was hard, as always. I smiled, and moved my face up to his neck, feeling his fuzzy chest hairs brushing against my chin. He was breathing calmly, and heavily. 

I kissed him lightly up his stubbly neck, and chin, and slowly took hold of his manhood. It was warm, and solid, but soft in my hand. I worked the smooth shaft up and down, feeling his pulse through the veins in his dick. He was still calmly breathing, and I looked up, seeing his lips parted, and the edge of his upper teeth. i studied his nose, seeing the small hairs inside his nostrils. I watched his eyes fluttering under the lids of his eyes, and noticed how long his lashes were. He's perfect. 

I rested my head on his heaving chest, while I continued to stroke his thick dick. The blanket and sheets slowly shifted back, with my jerking motion, revealing his furry abs, dick and balls. I'm always amazed at his hotness. His head was slowly leaking precum, while i slowly jerked him. I glanced back up to see if he was awake. Still the long breaths from his parted lips.

I'm not sure how long i was jerking him, but his dick started to throb a little, and a small amount of cum oozed out. It was almost like a slow orgasm. His abs were flexing, and his breath quickened, and he let out a small moan. I looked up, and he was looking down at me. "Babe, what's up? that feels amazing." "I just wanted to jerk you off baby." "Keep going,.." I looked back down, continuing my slow strokes. "I think you came a little." "Yeah, but I feel like I'm still cumming. Fuck." His left hand was gripping my shoulder, and he rubbed his right hand up and down his thick happy trail. 

I watched as his balls rose tightly against his shaft. Tighter than I'd noticed before. He was moaning again, and his hand stopped, at the base of his dick. i continued jerking him... "Shit ba....babe....Fuckkkk!" His dick erupted and shot cum out, directly at me. He shot me twice in the face, and once in my mouth. I was too shocked to move, as I kept stroking him, with my eyes closed. He was swearing and grunting, while he continued cumming. I felt the fresh spurts coat each other across the top of my hand. After almost a minute of orgasm, he put his hand over mine, begging me to stop. "Fuck...stopppp baby, stop stop." I let go, and wiped at my face. 

When I opened my eyes again, and had swallowed the little bit of cum he'd gotten in my mouth, I saw how messy he'd cum. I moved my hand up his slick abs and chest. His dick was flexing independently, and his hand was in the same spot, at the base of the shaft. I grabbed a corner of the sheet, and wiped the rest of my face, turning to look at him. He was holding back a laugh, and I lightly punched his chest. We both busted out laughing, and I leaned in to kiss him. 

"Damn, I'm so sorry babe." His hand was behind my neck, and he was pulling my face against his. "That was....amazing." "You owe me." "Yes, i do." He kissed my lips. "As soon as I can calm the fuck down." He didn't move is right hand, and his dick was still moving around. I swung my leg over his abs, and continued kissing him, while I slid my ass and thighs down his slick body. He moaned in my mouth, and his free hand was holding my hip. I slid down further, until I felt his dick pressing against the crack of my ass. I reached back, spreading my ass cheeks as wide as they would go, and slid down, feeling his dick slide directly up the center, til it was resting in between my cheeks. He was still twitching.

His hand moved, and he grabbed hold of my dick. It was cold and wet, and slick. He slowly started jerking my shaft, quickly warming the palm of his hand, and the cum that had coated it. I moaned, while we kissed. He had me rising quickly, and I reached back, grabbing his dick. he cried out quickly, as I let go. "Fuck...It's sensitive babe." He didn't move for a couple seconds, and I slowly pressed my ass back, feeling myself open up for him.

We made out, while he continued jerking my dick, and I pressed my weight back, slowly covering his dick with my ass. He was twitching and flexing the entire time, which made my ass that much more sensitive. I was feeling myself rising more and more, and knew I'd be cumming soon. I pulled back, as i let the rest of my weight drop onto his dick, and he let go of my shaft. He started cumming within seconds, and I didn' t move. I contracted my ass muscles, while he came inside me. His dick throbbing against my prostate, brought me over the top, and I came on his chest.

We were moaning and panting, and I collapsed on top of him, feeling my body being caked with our mess. He grabbed my ass, digging his fingertips into my soft flesh. He was moaning against my shoulder, while he emptied the rest of his load in me. He was kissing along my shoulder, and running his fingertips up and down my sides. I sat up, looking into his eyes. They were barely open, and he seemed out of it. "Shit..." He started giggling, and I kissed his lips. "You're completely spent, huh?" "Yeah baby, I can't even see straight." We both laughed. I slid up, feeling his dick pop out of my ass, and laid next to him.

We cuddled for a little bit, and after a few minutes, i felt the urge to pee. I got up, and went to the bathroom. I stood over the toilet, relieving myself, when Caleb walked in. He leaned against the counter, picking at the drying cum on his abs. "Wanna shower?" "Yeah." He stepped into the shower stall, and started up the water. I flushed, and walked around to join him. We quickly showered, and soaped each other up and rinsed off. We toweled off, and I wrapped the bath sheet around my waist, stepping back into the cool room. Caleb followed me, and started stripping his bed.

We followed the same routine as Friday, taking his bedding down to the laundry room, and putting a fresh bed set on. He started picking our clothes up, and organizing the bags at the foot of the bed. I could've packed my tooth brush and I would've been good for this weekend. We didn't even open the two other bags.

We went downstairs and Caleb made us lunch. We chatted about school that week, and quickly cleaned up the kitchen, starting the dishwasher. His parents wouldn't be back until later that night, but we had a long drive, so we packed up the car and did one final walk through, making sure we didn't leave anything. 

All the way back to the dorms, we sang along to whatever came on that we recognized, and even stopped at an old school drive-in, for shakes and chili fries. We sat on an old picnic table behind the building, and no other customers showed for the hour we hungout, which gave us time to make out and feed each other. 

Caleb threw our containers away and we got back in the car, with an hour left til we got to school. I fell asleep, and woke up shortly after, as Caleb pulled into the parking lot. "Home sweet home," he quickly kissed my hand, letting go, as we pulled closer to the building. A few other guys were unpacking their cars, and laundry bags out of their trunks. We got out, grabbing out bags, and laundry, and headed toward the building. I was making squishing noises as we walked up to the dorm, teasing Caleb about how messy he was earlier, when Donnie walked up behind me, putting his arm around my neck.

And we're back...


Luc G

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