I could've passed out. Caleb was slow and deliberate, while he thrusted in and out of me. He would kiss up my spine occasionally, reaching around, and fondling my nipples, and sliding his hands down my sides, holding onto my hips. I was leaning over the granite counter, with Caleb hunched over me. He was pushing all the way inside me, and I felt his bush nuzzling my upper ass, and lower back. He was moaning and groaning, mumbling little "fuck"s and "damn baby"s. I loved him, but was I falling IN love?

I rested my face against the cool surface, feeling the warmth from my face, fade. We'd been fucking for awhile. I was in and out of my sex fades, feeling myself on the verge of cumming from the inside, and then holding off, since he was really enjoying fucking me. He pulled me up off the counter, and slowly slid his thickness out of me. My ass contracted several times, longing for him to stay inside me. He turned me, and we made out for a couple of minutes. He took over me, and I went loose against him. 

We walked back into the bedroom, feeling the cool air surrounding out sweaty bodies. I laid back on the bed, and Caleb was over me, licking and kissing along my chest and shoulders. He had my legs spread, and was working his way down my stomach, taking me in his mouth. He slurped and licked up and down the shaft, sucking on my smooth balls, and down to my ass. He moaned while he ate me out, sending little vibrations up inside me. I pulled my legs up, opening up widely for him. He was inside me with his tongue, and his stubbly chin tickled along my crevice, and inner ass cheeks. I felt myself begin to cum, and clenched every muscle tightly. 

Caleb knew what was happening, and he moved his head up, taking my dick completely in his mouth. He reached his hand up, taking my hand in his, and squeezed tightly while I let go. I throbbed and shook inside his mouth, wrapping my legs around his shoulders and neck, clinging onto him. He sucked and choked on my cum. I felt like I was emptying every bit of me into his mouth. He nibbled at the base of my dick, while my head rubbed against the back of his throat. He was so soft inside there, and his gulps created a suction onto the soft head of my dick, making my orgasm so much sweeter. 

I came down, and relaxed my whole body, running my hands through his hair, while he licked and kissed my softening dick. "Damn baby, you came alot." "You make me feel so good baby." He smiled, and slid up my body, pressing his hardness up inside the crevice of my thighs and ass. We made out for a few minutes, and he started grinding against me again. "I'm so close baby." "I want you inside." He pulled back, smiling, and took my face in his hands. "You're so fucking cute Lucas."

He slowly slid himself inside me, sending pleasure pains up my spine, making my softening dick harden again. He was slowly sliding in and out, and soon our pace had quickened, and he had his arms up under mine, holding me close, with my legs up at his sides, fucking me deeply and quickly. "I'm so close baby." "I'm ready for you Caleb...Fuck me baby." He moaned and pressed his face against mine, breathing heavily in my ear. He was telling me how good it felt to fuck me, and a few seconds later, he was grunting, and cumming inside me. 

He was still thrusting, and filling me up with his love. He thrusted a few more times, and then he was laying on top of me, breathing deeply, and flexing his dick inside me. We were sweaty, and spent, and I loved every second of it. 

We lay like that for a long time. I was playing with the short hairs at the back of his head, and feeling him breathing against me. He crossed his hands over my chest, resting his chin, and looking up at me. "Wanna go for a swim?" "I'm exhausted!" I giggled. He giggled too, and reached a hand up, running his finger along my mouth. "We can just sit in the shallow end and make out. "Ok." "Damn baby, I could fuck you forever." "You'd wear me out." "Yeah, but then I could hold you forever." I closed my eyes, turning away. He was a romantic, for sure.

We got up off the bed, and Caleb led me down the stairs, and through the house. We walked through the garage, seeing some of his Grandpa's car collection. There was a small pool addition past the garage. It was warm, and very well lit. Caleb stepped into the pool, and I followed after. He looked so sexy, covered in sweat, with his matted body hair and shiny muscular build. His dick looked huge, and shiny. We settled in, sitting on the lower steps, with the water up to our chests. caleb pulled me back against him, in the corner, and we splashed a little, and talked about the house some more.

Our conversation was basic, but it didn't matter. Just spending time with him, was all that I wanted. The weekend seemed to be speeding by, but for now, it was the two of us, and I couldn't care less about getitng back to school. For a second, I thought about Donnie and Chris, but right now, I was with my love. 

We ended up swimming around, and throwing a beach ball around. The pool was about 20 feet, but enough room to play. We ended up making out in one of the corners, next to the filter, feeling the pulses of water being pushed against us. Caleb was rock hard when we left the pool, and I reached out, grabbing playfully at it. "Hey, don't start again. We still have to have dinner." I let go, and he slapped my ass. We toweled off and showered, in a small cubby, build just inside the garage entrance. Caleb led us back through to the kitchen, and he pulled some frozen chicken and peppers out of the freezer. I sat at the bar, while he cooked up some skillets for us. 

We nibbled and talked some more about school, and he wanted to leave our beds together, going forward. I was definitely ok with that idea. I loved falling asleep with him, and waking up to his lovin. We finished eating, and rinsed our plates off, setting them in the dishwasher. We went back up to his room, and watched avengers, one of our favorite movies. We cuddled, and kissed, and made it through half the movie, before Caleb was hard and throbbing against me again. He slipped under the covers, and pushed my legs up, kissing and licking at my ass. He got me lubed up quickly, and he came back up, spitting on his hand and jerking his dick, before pressing the head against me. I was ready for him in a second.

We had quick sex, and we both came at the same time. My orgasm wasn't as messy, and we cuddled for awhile. It was suddenly dark, and I wasn't sure how long the menu screen had been playing with the intro music. Caleb got off me, feeling the half dried cum peeling between out bodies. We got up and went to the bathroom, and showered together. 

We were wrapped in our bath sheets, and Caleb was nuzzling my neck. I was exhausted, but felt extremely fulfilled. I had that squishy feeling in my ass, but i didn't care. Tomorrow was our last day together, and we'd be leaving before it got dark. Caleb pressed up against me, kissing my neck and shoulder, and rubbing his stubbly face against my cheek. He whispered sexy things in my ear, while I closed my eyes and drifted off.


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