Things were moving too fast. I wanted to run, but I couldn't resist the old, deep curiosity to find out what would happen next. I found myself a sandwich filling between the two of them. Hands were moving all over my body. Sally's fingers closed round my treasure. Two tidal waves collided. The last struggle of the old regime hit the full force of a something deep down that was fast awakening. My mind was still reeling as I was gently coaxed onto the bed. I lay on my back. Sally continued her exploration. She started kissing my member and squeezing him with delight.

'You're so nice. You're just like Mike but thicker. And he's got a foreskin. You look so powerful standing erect like that.'

Mike joined in the game. Four eager hands pleasured my most personal and erogenous equipment and none of them was mine! I writhed with pure pleasure. When I next looked down at my loins I was wearing a condom. That had been cunningly contrived! Later, he joked that any children that were sired that afternoon were definitely going to be his!

Almost before I knew it, Sally was astride me. She took hold of my shaft and pointed it straight at her pleasure dome. I felt the warm wetness as my knob touched and passed her lips. Gently, but firmly, she rode me all the way to maximum penetration. It felt so good.

Buried deep in the back of my brain guilt was trying to make a last stand. In nearly four years I had been totally faithful to Jill....but again, was that the whole truth? What Mike and I had been doing didn't exactly proclaim unqualified commitment...

Sally lay on top of me and started kissing me softly. At the same moment I was aware of Mike's activity. He gently parted my legs and stood between them. Sally tensed and pushed down harder onto me. I felt a new sensation, a determined pressure at the base of my cock. It moved steadily along the full length. Mike was taking his wife by the alternative route. I don't know if that was a first; I suspect it wasn't. She seemed to be very secure with it.

The effect on me was mind blowing. The most sensitive part of his body was ravaging the corresponding spot on mine, with nothing but a thin membrane of flesh between us. In my excitement I clutched Sally. I so much wanted to complement Mike's movements, but with the weight of two people on top of me I had little room to manoeuvre. Somehow I did manage a limited response. I tried to synchronise with Mike with some success, but before long I knew I was losing control. I gasped as my dam burst and filled the condom inside Sally. But Mike wasn't ready yet. He rammed his cock home hard, again and again. I wasn't going anywhere; I had to submit to him ravaging my shrinking and overwrought penis until I heard and felt his own triumph.

After a minute or two he released us. By then I had already shrunk out of Sally and my sticky cum was trickling out of the condom round my balls.

As soon as I could I grabbed my clothes and retreated to the bathroom while they cooed and sniggered.

I was still very embarrassed, but couldn't deny that it had been 'something else'. Pressed to book another date, I simply said, 'I don't know - we'll see.'

As I drove home I resolved that whatever happened, this relationship had to finish. If by some disaster they were unkind enough to put Jill into the picture - and I didn't think they would; they weren't like that - I would simply deny everything. It was over. I would totally ignore them if ever I saw them again.

The problem was, that within a couple of days I found myself reminiscing over the whole episode. I caught myself with a smirk of pleasure as I remembered Sally descending onto my hungry cock.

One evening I had a long soak in the bathtub. For me that usually involves a lovely time of self handling and blissful release. This was no exception. The only problem was that the fantasy that finally drove me to my climax was thinking about the threesome I had told myself would never happen again.

You won't be surprised to learn that a couple of weeks later I was once more with Mike and Sally. We had all agreed it would be purely a social occasion. I was merely delivering more prints from the photographs I had taken for them. They were really pleased with the results. Mike suggested we should get some snaps of the threesome. When I showed little enthusiasm Sally took over again and started trying to persuade me. I am not sure how it happened, but before long I was on their settee, legs wide apart, eyes closed and head back, with my genitals out in the open, blissful in the hands of this charming Mata Hare. It was just a short step into the bedroom, total nudity and the melee of hands, mouths and genitals.

As ever, Mike took charge and told Sally to lie on the bed. He told me to penetrate her. Despite all I have said and all I claim to stand for, he didn't have to ask twice. I breathed a deep sigh of wonderful satisfaction as I drove in my full length. My hands closed on her breasts. She grabbed my head, pulled me down and started kissing me. She is wonderfully responsive and always meets you half way. Very soon we were deep throating in a way Jill could never appreciate.

Mike stroked and playfully slapped my buttocks. He massaged and teased, his fingers exploring my valley, right down to the cherry. It felt good; yet another new experience and as so many other parts of my body were in ecstasy, I was up for it. I wasn't unduly alarmed when he gently probed inside with his fingertips. I suppose I realised dimly that he was stretching and preparing me for quite another journey. I felt the cold sensation of a lot of lube being rubbed around my opening. Something clicked in my mind as he climbed above me on the bed and knelt over my rear. He continued to play and tease. I became a little anxious and asked what he was doing.

'No fears, good man, it will be just fine. A nice Sunday afternoon cruise.'

I felt his knob, hot and fleshy, touch my anus. 'No Mike, you can't. I can't take it. It's been tried before. It nearly killed me.'

He totally overruled me. 'You'll be just fine. You'll be coming back begging for more.' He gripped my buttocks firmly and forced them open as wide as they would go. I tensed as I felt the pressure. He prodded around for a few seconds, a little uncertain of his direction.

'No, Mike, please no.'

Sally pulled my face down onto her and our tongues met again. At the same moment I felt Mike's knob pass through my entrance. There was a moment of discomfort and then - to my great surprise - almost no pain at all. They both gripped me to reassure me. Mike held his position, motionless for a few seconds.

'That's fine, baby', he murmured 'The pain will very soon pass and then we can have a great time. Next time you'll beg me for it.'

I didn't tell them I was not in pain, and actually was already having a very good time. I relaxed in their arms and enjoyed Mike's stately entrance, steadily, gently, but inexorably moving to its destination. Care, patience and plenty of lube had prevented the searing pains I had dreaded. Nevertheless, this was a major, uninvited invasion of my very personal space, especially as I had pleaded that he shouldn't do it. The way they held me down also made it very unlikely that I could have resisted his entrance anyway. They had raped me! I wanted to feel indignant, but another, totally opposite emotion was rising within me. I felt my face flushing. My knight was riding his charger to victory. I felt proud of my captor. I was his man, his servant and would submit to his triumph because I so honoured him. Something inside me sang as I felt my lord and master marking his property.

After a few moments he sighed deeply and relaxed on top of me. Sally was now carrying the weight of two fully grown men but wasn't complaining. He began to fuck me; probing gently, experimentally at first but then increasing the tempo as raw need and desire gripped him. After few thrusts he whispered, 'Try to get into rhythm with me.'

I contemplated the hard flesh that had invaded me. At first it felt strange rather than greatly stimulating. The biggest switch on was the thought that Mike (for whom I had suddenly developed an unaccountable affection) was buried deeply, intimately in my flesh.

I obeyed him. He had to make a more exaggerated movement to achieve the same results. This soon resulted in a powerful and ever quickening action. Before long he was ramming hard into me, which intensified my delvings into Sally. His action drove me to a new level of excitement. His manhood, roaring through my flesh became wonderfully desirable and more than anything in the world I wanted his cock to rule and dominate me.

In the middle of all this, Sally came. She cried out in a kind of delighted warble and thrashed her arms onto the bedclothes. She contracted strongly and repeatedly onto my ecstatic, crazed erection. I had never experienced this before. Jill had never got there - not with me, anyway. It was indescribable. Her contractions felt like strong hands repeatedly squeezing my shaft while a vacuum pump was being applied to my bell.

Suddenly, uncontrollably, I came too. I wanted to take a break from the frenzy while I eagerly shot my load. There was no chance. Mike's full force crashed onto my pelvis causing me to ram Sally so hard that she cried out. But I stayed the course, buried to the hilt and pumping my fluid into the condom. Mike didn't pause. He continued like the pistons on a steam train until, with a roar, he threw his head back and with no rubber to impede him gushed his produce deep into my intestines.

This time was different. I didn't rush off to the bathroom like a scared chicken. There was no point in pretence after what we had just shared. We had found a level of sexual fulfilment that, I suspect, few people even guess exists, let alone get to experience. We lay there for a long time, enjoying the feel of desirable and satisfied flesh in a lovely muddle of limbs and bodies.

Two days later Jill left me and moved in with one of the hospital doctors. In some ways I was sad, but it gave me all the space I needed to get to know Mike and Sally better.


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