From Part 1:

'No, sorry, it was tried once and I couldn't take it. It hurt like hell.'

He paused, looked hard at me, but didn't ask the obvious question.

The answer, if he had wanted it went back to my life as a teenager in the village. I was about thirteen.

Part 2

There was a lout of a boy a few years older who took it as his responsibility to give the rest of us sex education and so it was rumoured, practical lessons. One Saturday, I saw him close to my home. 'Hi Pete, lad' he called out, 'You doing anything?' Well I wasn't and half an hour later we were in an almost derelict woodsman's hut.

He had coaxed, helped and bullied me into taking my trousers and undies off, then bent me over an old bench and was applying saliva to my anus with his fingers. I remember pleading with him not to take me. I was scared. But he had me in a half nelson. As he was much stronger and probably twice my weight, I had no choice but to accept what he decided to do to me. I felt his erection against my flesh, hot and bulbous. He pushed and for a while nothing happened. At last he found the place and thrust at me.

The pain that shot through my loins was more than I had ever suffered before. I screamed out and he stopped. But he didn't withdraw. After a while I quietened down, though still begging him to let me go. Instead, he drove his monster deeper into my tortured flesh. He grunted as I felt him pressing hard against my body, pinning me down onto the wooden bench when he had violated me as deeply as he could. The nightmare continued as he started copulating. I don't know how long it lasted. I writhed, sobbed and cried, but nothing would stop him until he had climaxed. I felt his movement stop suddenly. He soon withdrew, his member no longer as turgid and vengeful as before. He now spoke kindly to me, saying he had done me a great service but this was our secret. I remember wiping blood from between my legs with my handkerchief before I got dressed again. I never told anyone about the incident; I think I was too scared. In any case a few months later he got drunk, stole a motorbike and was killed when he crashed it into a wall.

'OK then', Mike continued affably, do you want to try it on me?'

'Well I don't know; we'd need a condom and some lube.' I wasn't keen and I though that argument would close the matter, but Mike leant over to his daybag and pulled out a packet of Durex and a tube of KY Gel.

He handed them to me.

'I don't know; I've never done it before.'

'So now's the time to try. I'm willing if you are. You want to do it some time, don't you?'

Mike could be very persuasive and I have to confess I have always been easily influenced. He undid the packet, took out a condom and unrolled it onto my erection.

He then plastered us both with lube. 'How do you want me?' he asked. How the Hell should I know? I'd never done it before. He knelt in front of me. 'Come and get it. Last one in's a pansy.'

I hesitated, memories of the violation I had suffered surging back into my consciousness. Once more, Mike took control. 'Kneel down behind me man, what's wrong with you?' I obeyed, an automaton. I returned abruptly from the thoughts that bridged half my lifetime as I felt him reach between his legs to grasp my now flagging penis. The effect of his probing fingers quickly rekindled the flame, but he didn't release me. Instead, he pulled me forward until the floppy bit at the end of the Durex was tickling his hole. Once in position, he leaned back slightly. 'That's it! Push!' He gripped his buttocks to expose his opening as fully as possible and with surprisingly little fuss, I was inside him. I hesitated, expecting him to scream in pain, but he seemed content with our progress. 'Yeh, yeh, that's good. Come on in deeper...all the way.' He coaxed me to full penetration.

At last my mind cleared and the sheer exhilaration of the act burst over me. I pulled back and thrust to full length a few times, then realised in panic that I couldn't sustain this much longer. I came. I came powerfully and copiously.

'I'm sorry, I couldn't wait.' I started to make excuses.

'No worry, man. That was great for first time. I never knew it could feel so good.'

'First time for you as well then?'

'Sure, but not the last. Brother, we can make music together.'

We called in at the local on the way home. Mike became pensive. 'Pete, can I ask you something?'

After what we had been sharing what could cause him to hesitate?

'You're a photographer, right?'

'I was. As I said I gave it up to train in accountancy.'

'Yeh, but you've still got some pretty good equipment and a lot of special skills.'

'A decent digital camera and computer is all you need these days. But sure, I've got those.'

'Would you - would you be willing to come and take some pictures of Sally and me?'

'Course I would - no probs.'

'Er Pete, um - intimate pictures?' To my surprise I noticed he began to colour up. The penny dropped. He wanted a pictorial record of his sex life with his wife.

'I couldn't do that' I blurted out. 'What sort of voyeur do you take me for?' He hushed me. I didn't realise how much I had raised my voice.

'It's alright, Pete. Sally is up for it and has encouraged me to ask you.'

Disbelief overwhelmed me. This jerk hasn't told his wife that he's got a friend who would take dirty pictures of them in bed, has he? I stared at him. He had dug a hole and was now going to leap into it.

Quietly, conversationally he began the speech that delivered the biggest shock of my entire life. 'Sally and I have no secrets. We tell each other everything that we do. We're dedicated to have as much pleasure and the widest experiences possible. We want to get the most out of life and we just love doing sex.'

My voice trembled as I asked: 'Sally - your wife - knows all about me and what we have done together?'

'Yes. She also knows that I was planning to have full sex with you one way or the other this evening. She's longing to meet you.'

I was utterly horrified. I stared numbly into space for a while then took my decision.

'Mike. The answer's no, no, no. I never want to see you again. Please get out of my life.'

I left the pub and walked the two and a half miles back to my car. Mike, wisely, did not follow me.

Some weeks passed. I was rushing through Tesco's with a shopping list when I felt a hand on my shoulder. 'Pete! How are you? This is my wife, Sally. She's been wanting to meet you.'


Jon Benedict

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