(This is A semi-true story Only because of the names and address Thank you!)

I am Marcu 19 and The Responcble one of my friends. I'll do the driving them home carrying Thar bodies to Thar beds i am the one that has Kies to Thar homes and most every thing else. Because if i have a drink i am out. what i mean by that is i lose all muscle and collapse so that is why i Do not Drink!only a few of my friends know That.

secs we are all going to collage i bought a NEW Lincoln Town Car IT was Loaded. We Had it get the beast!

OK so we are going to the party i Pick up my friends going to collage and we go to the party. When we arrive We See a Big Ass Home With big Ass Dudes All around And we are just Athletic Guys but these guys just two of them could lift the back of my car! As we walk in This is a nise home and My friend start to drink and i just talk with people hang out with my friends That i know.

After a couple of hours i went up stares and party a little seance i am at a party! i was carried off 10 guys and tuck me to a big bedroom and they sed want some pizza and i sed yes it had mushrooms on it i only had a piece of it And i was high as freaking Pluto. it was shureams and i did not know of that at that time. they locked me in the room seance i was a dam luney toon. and i only had an amount of a olive. 5 men pounce on me all most borked my spine in hafe and they did something to make me not high. and i was yelling don't kill the butterfly's and my friends Hurd my voice and Ran up and opened the door and saw people all over me and someone explained it and they know what happen winced they were done doing something. they tuck me in to the bathroom and then Dillon kissed me and sed a prise Because just a little more of that i would have been DEAD!

he was cring so much. He was holding me in his arms Because i was as limp as a banana skin. my shirt got riped when i was high. i all ways had closes in my car so we went down to the car my kies were not Thar! they thought that it was in the bathroom so wen they went back up Dillon still carrying me tripes on a star Because he was a little buzzed and we went tumbling down and Dillon was taking the Brunt of it protestation me and he and i were bleeding and hurt a little.

one man through us over each shodler and bandaged us up and lay us on a cough wen Austin and Jake went to see if we are OK they sat aways form us and talked and then 6 guys came and sat next to all of us and they had Thar arms around us and sed that The news seas that a gang is in our neighborhood and doing home invasion and to hide in the safest place in your house with all of the lights turned off and that we need to go to the basement now! Austin and Jake helped me down Dillon was Walking down on his own of all of us he was the strongest he is the one i had to drag his 6foot 5 Latino ass to his bed.

The basement was filled with men beer beds and one big room a bed room



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