When life’s a Stage in this brand new age, how do we engage (Prince, 2014)?

            “This can’t be happening.” Thought Omar Watkins to himself as he watched  the young man at the end of the bar snap selfie after selfie then engage in meaningless quick chats with friends on his I-phone.  “Great music, great atmosphere, and beautiful people and he can’t put down that goddamn phone to notice much less enjoy any of it. 

            Upon sitting down at the bar the young man had announced that it was his 21st birthday. Omar thought back to his own 21st birthday (which was nearly 21 years ago), he was surrounded by friends at the club and enjoyed the ability to finally have a drink legally. This young man was alone yet seemed to be having a party via his phone. Fucken millennial; give them a phone and everything and everyone around them can kick rocks.

            As annoyed as Omar was with the young man’s aloofness to anything that wasn’t on his I-phone, he couldn’t help but notice how sexually enticing he was. He reminded Omar of a thinner, much younger version of Tyson Beckford. Like Tyson the young man was bald and had sensuous lips that were just right for kissing, even better for sucking. 

            “I bet I could fuck him silly if my dick had a downloadable app.” Omar laughed to himself. But really he was saddened. Such a beautiful creature and he seemed to not be aware,  let alone care that he was in need of actual human contact.

            Omar decided that he was going to penetrate the young man’s cyber wall, and if he was lucky his anal one, but for now talking to him would have to do. Omar moved down the bar to the stool directly beside the young man. He didn’t even look up from his precious phone to notice that another human being was sitting less than five feet away from him.

            “Can I get a drink for the birthday boy?” Asked Omar loudly over the music. To his surprise the chocolate cutie actually placed his I-phone down on the bar and looked at him.

            “Thanks.” He said “But just a soda; I don’t drink.”

            “Oh wow,” Said Omar. “Your 21st birthday and you’re not going to even do a shot?”

            “Nope; I’m straight edge: no drinking, no drugs, and no tobacco.”

            “So what brings you to a bar on the night of your 21st birthday?” Omar hoped his tone wasn’t as condescending as the question.

            “Free Wi-Fi.” Smiled the young man. “I couldn’t afford to pay mine this month, so I’ve had to get it wherever it’s free; Restaurants and bars are the most reliable sources.”

            “How interesting_______________” Before Omar could complete his sentence the boy was responding to another text.   He didn’t even notice when the bartender placed the ice cold glass of Pepsi down in front of him.

            “Your Soda’s here!”  Said Omar once again raising his voice to get the boy’s attention.

            “Oh thanks.” The young man smiled. “I really was thirsty and they even charge for a cup of water in this joint.” Before taking a single sip, the boy snapped a picture of the beverage with is phone, and then uploaded the picture to Facebook with the caption, “A handsome stranger just bought me this for my birthday.”  He took a long sip, savored it, and swallowed than thanked Omar once again.   “This was really sweet of you …..What’s your name?”

            “I’m Omar and you are……” he was back to texting on that goddamn phone again, arrgh!!!

            “I’m Crown.” He said before taking another sip. The sight of Crown sucking on the straw had Omar’s cock throbbing at the thought of those beautiful, sensuous, chocolate lips on his body.

            “Crown; that’s a unique name.”

            “My Mama named me that, she said that I was the only good thing that resorted from the night she and my daddy drank an entire fifth of Crown Royal. Both my parents are real bad alcoholics, which is why I don’t touch it.”

            “So are you in college Crown?”   Omar quickly wanted to shift the conversation away from anything depressing.

            “Nope, I work at the sandwich shop a few blocks over. It helps me meet my share of rent and utilities, maybe an outfit here and there. I make it.”

            “Well if you’re making it, you’re doing better than many in this city. You dating anybody.”

            “Nope. I’ve never really even had a girlfriend…..or …a boyfriend.”

            “A nice looking guy like you, that’s hard to imagine.”  But it really wasn’t. What time did the boy actually take to get to know real people??? Omar was willing to bet that this night had been the most face to face conversation Crown had had in a very long time.  “So does that mean that the birthday boy is still a virgin?”

            “No.” He smiled “Well not exactly; I’ve done some stuff.”

            “Let’s just be frank; when’s the last time you’ve given or received a good cock slam?”

            “I don’t think I feel comfortable discussing this with you.”

            “Oh so, do I have to follow you on twitter or friend you on Facebook to get the answer.”

            “I’m sorry, Omar, but I don’t like crude people; thanks for the soda, but I’ll be going now.”

            “Wait,” pleaded Omar, “That was very stupid of me. Look, Crown, I think you’re a very attractive young man, and I’d like to get to know you…intimately.”   

            “So in other words, you want to hook up with me.”

            “Yes and then we can see where it goes from there.”

            To Omar’s surprise Crown snapped a picture of him with his I-phone then stated “I’m sending your picture to my Instagram and see if my friends think I should hook up with you.”

            Just when Omar was about to say “Fuck it”, Crown smiled at him and said, “Wow, Omar, more than 300 of my followers so far think that you’re hot. I must agree with them.”

            “Wow I’m flattered” And annoyed as fuck.   “So does that mean we’ll be leaving this place together and going somewhere with a lot less people, preferably your place or mine?”

            “Yea, that’s what that means, Omar. You’re going to be my first ever birthday smash.”

            “Wow, I feel so honored.” Omar smiled.   “So, will it be your place or mine?”

            “It’s going to have to be yours, my roommates want to be intimate tonight and there’s only one sofa bed, which the three of us normally share.”  

            Omar dared not ask for further details of Crown and his roommates’ unique sleeping arrangement.  He paid the tab and quickly ushered Crown out of the bar.  For the entirety of the ten minute drive to his apartment Omar pondered one thing: “How the fuck am I going to get this boy to put his goddamned phone down.”


            “Wow” said Crown admiring the furniture and décor in Omar’s apartment.  “This is how I want to live some day.” 

            “Well I hope it happens for you.”  Said Omar not at all interested in Crown’s aspirations. “So, are you ready to do this?”

            “I guess.”  Shrugged Crown.  “One my friends just told me to ask you about water melons.”

            Omar cringed.  “You know what!”  He snatched Crown’s Iphone.

            “Give that back!” said Crown sounding like a child on the verge of a tantrum.

            “When we’re done.”  Omar leaned in and genteelly kissed those luscious lips.   He then placed the Iphone on the dresser where it would be in plain sight but a good fifty feet away from the two of them.   He then rejoined Crown on the bed.

            “I really need my phone.”

            “Not for this.”  Omar began to unfasten buttons on Crown’s shirt.  “Right now baby, we don’t need no clouds, all we need is each other.”   Omar could feel the anxiety rise in Crown’s body, but he as determined to have this beautiful young man all to himself and not share the experience with a bunch of random ass strangers on social media.

            Crown yielded to Omar’s touch.  The older man’s hand and mouth roaming his body had him obviously hard in one place and surprisingly, but delightfully moist in another.  When Omar’s hot tongue made contact with Crown’s asshole the boy instinctively gripped Omar’s head with both hands while spreading his legs so that he’d be more open. His grip on Omar’s head was like a vice. Crown held on to Omar out of fear that the pleasure would cause his body to ascend from the bed and into outer space or cause his mind to descend into utter madness.

            A ring tone from Crown’s phone pierced the air, but Crown was not about to get up and Omar was not about to let him. By the time Omar’s tongue made its way to the tip of Crown’s hard dick, he could not have given two shits about the phone. Omar’s mouth engulfed Crown’s throbbing cock.    It only took six times for Omar’s mouth to slide down the entirety of Crown’s member before he erupted sending his salty sweet juices down Omar’s throat. 

            “You Ok?” asked Omar worried by the sight of the boy’s convulsions.   “Goddamn don’t let this boy be having a seizure; I want to get up in his ass.”

To Omar’s delight, Crown, hoarsely said, “Yes; I just feel so good.”

            “You ready to feel even better.” Asked Omar inserting a finger into Crown’s hot moist hole.  “Goddamn, you’re wet as a muthafucker.” 

By the way the boy’s asshole gripped his probing finger, Omar knew that he was more than ready for something bigger, and something bigger was just what he had for him.

“OOH Shit!” gasped Crown at Omar’s entry.  “Be gentle, I’ve never been fucked before.”

“Then, I won’t fuck you.” Cooed, Omar slowing his stroke.  “Let me make love to you on your birthday.”     Crown, already lost in the passion simply nodded his approval.

That damn cell phone went from ring tone to ring tone, as Omar buried himself deeper into Crown.

 Those back to back snippets provided the sound track to their ecstasy. Tamar Braxton wailed about “Love and War”, Omar went deeper. K. Michel sang “Love em all”; Crown arched his back thrust his ass forward, and wrapped his legs around Omar’s waist.   Some nothing special, flash in the pan rapper droned on the usual cliché spit about bitches and weed; Omar turned him onto his stomach.  

By the time those annoying ass people got the hint that he wasn’t going the answer the fucken phone, Crown was riding Omar like a freak nasty bitch in porno flick.

            “OOH, Omar, I’m gonna do it again.” He cried, his voice several octaves higher. “I’m going to cum!”   Omar didn’t announce his own building climax; he just unloaded into Crown as Crown sprayed his seed onto the sheets.

            “Goddamn.” Panted Omar as the two of them fell spent onto the bed.  “Not bad for an old man.”

            “Not bad at all.” Smiled Crown, nestling close to him.

            “You ain’t going to get your phone?”

            “Unt Uh” Crown sank deeper into the comfort of Omar’s arms. “Whatever it is can wait till tomorrow.”

            “Damn, I laid the dick that good.”

            “So crude.” Smiled Crown.  “But yea, you did some work.”

            “I aim to please.” Laughed Omar reaching over onto the nightstand and retrieving the remote to his stereo system.  With the press of a button Prince’s falsetto soared over a booming base line.  Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh ….You should never under estimate the power of a kiss on the neck…..

            “OOH snaps, this is my song.” Said Crown

            “What you know about Prince Boy?”

            “Nothing much, but I’m willing to let you teach me.”

            “Where do I start.” Smiled Omar, rolling back on top of him.  “Do we begin with “Soft and wet”, “Head” or do I just take your young ass clean to “Erotic City.”

            “I’m down for all of it”     

            Crown’s legs wrapped around Omar again as Prince’s guitar soared to match his blazing falsetto.     Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh…



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