Leo and Piper Halliewell have twin boys who have magical powers which are passed down.They have power to freeze time and telekinesis. The twin’s name are Benjamin and Brennan Halliewell. Besides being half human and half witch, they are regular children and are able to control their powers when they are not around their family at an early age. Now that they are able to control their powers, the twin powers will grow and evolve over time. Leo and piper have engrain the twins with the rules, regulation and responsibilities  that come with these powers from an early age. Little did they know, they have these powers for a reason and their father and mother are still training them for their destiny which is already written for them. 

Chapter 1

The blare of my alarm awaken me from my deep slumber. I hit the snooze button and jump out of bed. I paddle across my room to get to my bathroom so I can get ready for my senior year. Oh, right. My name is Brennan Halliwell and I am eighteen years old. I brush my teeth, jump in the shower and put on khaki shorts and a polo shirt that show off my rocking hot body thanks to swimming and hitting the gym. I have hazel/green eyes and brown hair. After getting dressed, I go downstairs to find my mom at the stove cooking breakfast and my dad at the counter reading the paper with his morning coffee which is black. There is no sign of my identical twin.

“Morning guys,” I said as I sit down.

“Morning, sport,” my dad said

“Morning sweetie,” my mom reply.

“Hey,” I start, “where is Benji?” 

“He is getting ready still,” my mom said, shaking her head.

“Do you want me to get him?” I ask, laughing

“Go for it,” my mom said, grinning

“I will be back,” I say after getting up. I walk up stairs and knock on my twin door. “Benji, your ass  better be up now since I don’t want to be late for school.”

“Shut up, Bran,” Benji reply. “I am good.” He finally open the door and reveal that he is in his clothes. 

“Finally,” I say laughing. 

“Shut up,” Benji reply grinning. He grab his bag and backpack walk downstairs with me.

“Ready for senior year?” he asked.

“Hell yea,” I reply grinning. “What with the bag”

“Oh,” he reply. “I am thinking of hitting the gym after school and possible have your clothes too.”

Shaking my head. “Really dude?” 

“Yeah,” he reply laughing. “After all it is senior year. It will be awesome man. Pranking the students and the teachers.”

Laughing and shaking my head. “Bro, you are too much but that is kind of awesome. Just don’t let mom or dad see that.”

“Deal,” Benji say as he walk out. “Crap, I forgot my phone.” He turn around and open the door. He wave his hand and his phone come to him and land in his hand. “All better now” Seeing this I shake my head. “Bud, just remember that we  don’t use our powers  in front of people.”

“I know,” he reply. We walk downstairs finally. We walk in the kitchen seeing that our plates is all ready, we chow down the food and grab our stuff. 

“Bye guys,” we say to our parents.

“Bye,” our mom say, “Be good and don’t use your powers in school.”

“Okay,” we reply and open the door and walk to my car.

“Ready?” I ask.

“Yup,” Benji reply. I start the car and put it in reverse. I drive to the school and found parking. There we open our respective door and got out.

“You heading to the gym after school?” I ask

“Yeah,” Benji say. “Anyways if we are going to switch places you need my shirt and shorts.”

“No,” I reply. “You pretending to be me, that’s it.”

“Fine,” Benji say. “When are you willing to do this?”

“After third period?” I ask, smiling.

“Cool,” Benji say. “Right, we need to head to homeroom. 

“Alright.” I say. We walk to homeroom together and then to our classes. I walk to my other class when I bumped into a guy that is around 6’3 200 pounds of muscle with brown hair and blue eyes. 

“Sorry,” I say, picking up his stuff.

“No,” he reply, I am sorry. I wasn’t watching where I am going.

I give him his stuff.

“Thanks,” he reply. “I am Aaron by the way.”

“Brennan,” I reply. “So where are you head off too?”

“AP Psychology,” he reply

“Cool,” I reply. “I am heading over there. I will show you the way. Anyways are you new here?”

“Yeah,” he reply. “I transferred here from Texas.”

“Cool,” I reply. We walk and I learn that he is a baseball player while I told him that I was a swimmer.

“That awesome,” he say smiling, showing his pearly whites. “I bet you are really good.”

“Thanks,” I say, blushing. “Well I am alright.”

“Cool,” he say. “Well I will see you around?”

“Yeah,” I reply, grinning. “Actually I have couple of classes with you bud.”

“Yeah?” he ask. 

“Yeah,” I reply. “We have third through 6 together.”

“Cool,” he reply. We walk to class together. Once we got there we got assigned to partners and Aaron was mine. Throughout this class we take notes and listen to the teacher. Once we are done, we head to another class together and finally have lunch. I pick up my brother while Aaron follow me off campus for lunch. Once I walk in with Benji, and Aaron follow he shake hands with me. He then turn to Benji then to me then to Benji and was stun

“I didn’t know you have a twin.” Aaron say.

“Sorry,” I reply. “But yeah we are twins and after third period we switch places and you were talking to him instead of me.”

“Okay, cool,” Aaron reply laughing. “You got me. Is there anything else you wanna tell me?”

“Nah,” I reply. “Except that this place is awesome because I remember the cafeteria food made some of the student sick.”

“Yikes,” Aaron reply. “That is not good. I guess you taking me here is a good idea.”

“You have no idea,” Benji say.” “Anyways there are ways that you can tell me and Brennan apart.”

“Really?” Aaron ask

“Yeah,” I reply. “I have a little higher voice than Benji, also have a mole on the bridge of my nose and chin while Benji have it on his cheek near his eye. Also we play different sports too. Benji is a football player while I am a swimmer. The frame of our bodies should give us away.”

“Cool,” Aaron say. “We better get back to the school. The classes will start soon.

“Yeah,” Benji say.” We walk back to my car and we head over to the school and made it to our classes without receiving a tardy. After finishing our two classes. Aaron, my twin and I walk to the parking lot. Apparently Aaron park his motorcycle besides our car. 

“ See you tomorrow bro,” Aaron say.

“Later,” I say along with Benji. Aaron start his motorcycle and drive off to head on home. Benji and I enter the car. I start the engine and start it

“He is cute you know.” Benji say smiling.

“I know,” I reply. “But I doubt he is gay.”

“Bud,” Benji says. “You deserve to be happy like me and Jessie. Anyways if he is the one then he is.”

“Okay,” I reply. “He is so cute right?”

“Definitely,” Benji reply grinning. I start off driving thinking that Aaron is so cute and that I probably see where it goes. My twin is right. I deserve to be happy. As if you didn’t already know, I am gay and he is not. Little did I know there are will be a time that friendship with Aaron might turn into something more. At least I hope so. 




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