Morning came, the sun filled Marks room and Aiden began to wake. He opened his eyes and dint see Mark. Then he felt something. He lifted the covers to find Mark bobbing up and down, sucking Aiden's cock.

Eager are we? Mark looked up and took the enormous cock out of his mouth. Well I woke up in your arms with your hard rod poking me. So I took the liberty to try and get it down. Oh sorry morning wood it's a curse. Mark stared into Aiden's eyes and said well it's a hot curse. With saying that he went down again and continued to suck Aiden's dick.

Aiden lay there in bliss. He had his arms behind his head while Mark worked on his cock. Oh fuck Mark I'm gonna cum soon! Mark stopped and got off the bed. Hey where are you going do you not want To finish. Mark look med at Aiden and began taking off his pajama pants. Aiden was in aw he had seen Mark naked before but every time they had sex it was liked seeing him the first time. Once the pants were off next came the underwear. Aiden was about to loose it. He watched as Mark stripped down. This made him even hornier his dick stood straight up.

Once Mark was naked he started crawling on the bed. His face was right in front of Aiden's face. Mark began to kiss him. Aiden began to insert his tongue while Mark was feeling and rubbing Aiden's chest.

They made out for a while until Mark got up. He backed up and began to position Aiden hard dick onto his tight hole. He sat down on it the feeling was intense. He stared at Aiden and began to ride his cock.

Mark was riding Aiden's pole. Aiden began to moan. Holy shit Mark. ahhh fuck ride that dick. Mark started to get close to. He stared at Aiden and went down to kiss him. While they made out Aiden took charge he scooted them both to the edge of the bed. He sat up and told Mark to wrap his legs around his waist and his arms around his neck. After Mark was secure Aiden stood up. Ahhh fuck Aiden this feels amazing it's like you dug deeper into my hole.

Aiden began fucking Mark while they were standing up. With Mark all the way down on his cock all he had to do was make him go up and let him fall down. They fucked like this for awhile until they were both sweaty and ready to climax. Oh fuck Mark I'm gonna cum so hard it's gonna come out your mouth. Oohh promise baby. Matk hopped one last time Aiden's dick hit his spot and he began to cum. His ass tightened up and Aiden began to shoot his load. He shot stream after stream of creamy goo. Aiden eat them down and they began to kiss again.

Mark got up and so did Aiden. Come on Aiden let's go shower. Do we have to. Well we could show up at your parents house all sweaty and covered in cum. Yea your right let's shower.

After the shower they put there bags into Aiden's car and got in. They started the drive to Aiden's parents house. So how far do they live. They live in the next town it's about a twenty minute drive.

After about 10 minutes they came to a stop light. Mark looked at Aiden he got close at kissed him. After a while Aiden pulled away and started to drive again. About a minute later he turned to Mark. I kinda wish you hadn't done that. Mark looked confused why? Well now im kinda well um. Mark cut him off your horny aren't you? Yeah kind of. If only we were close to a gas station I could go to the bathroom and take care or it. Why don't I take cake of it Aiden. Are you nuts I'm driving. Yeah with a hard on! Your dick is 12 inches long and very noticeable in your jeans. Do want to show up at your parents house looking like that. Well no, he sighed and turned back. Ok but if we wreck it's your fault. Mark undid his seatbelt and turned to Aiden. He went down and began to undo his pants. Out popped Aiden's giant dick. At first he slowly jacked it. Then he went down. Inch after inch until he had the whole thing in his mouth. Awww fuck that's amazing. Mark began to bob up and down while massaging how ballsack. He lept it up for about 10 minutes.

Oh fuck Mark I'm gonna come. Mark put his mouth at the head and waited for Aiden release. It only took a couple of seconds until Aiden's cock was shooting out streams of cum into Marks mouth. After he swallowed it he got up. Wow Mark I've never had a blowjob while I was driving. Well Aiden your my guy my only and I will do anything for you so when you want to get rid of some tension just ask. They waited till they got to a stop light and began making out. They entered the town and made there way to Aiden's parents house.



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