It was almost mid-night. Mark and Aiden just finished making love and Mark had fallen asleep. Aiden was to side tracked to sleep.

He was worried about Mark meeting his family. Aiden had already met Marks family. They knew he was a Pyro and they accepted him. But he didn't know if his family could be so understanding.

Sleepless and concerned he went outside and walked into Mark's backyard. He was so worried that his parents wouldnt approve of Mark. He's a Hydro and I'm a Pyro what will they say.

Sleepless night huh? Aiden quickly turned to see Mark at the door. Oh yeah I just have a lot on my mind. You need to calm down tomarrow will be fine. How can you know Mark? I don't but if your family is like you then they will understand. Mark gave Aiden a kiss and hugged him.

Aiden your hot! Uh Thanks and your cute! No I mean your head is burning. Oh yeah that happens when I worry. I still can't control the tempeture in my body! Maybe I can help. Here lay on the lawn chair and I will be right back. But why do I- ssshh just do it. Aiden agreed and layed on the lawn chair and he watches Mark disappear into the house.

Mark came out with a glass of water. Uh Mark I don't think drinking water while laying down will help. Your not gonna drink it now just relax. Mark put his hands over the water and began making the water rise out of the cup. He made the water go onto Aiden's forehead. He put his hands over Aiden's face and the water began to glow white. Aiden's fever began to decrease till it was gone. Mark then manipulated the water into the cup.

Cthat was amazing Mark thank you! Anytime and anything for you babe. Now let's get to bed we have a long day tomorrow. But Marky I'm too awake and not tired. Well I guess I will have to tire you out.

They walked back into Marks room. Mark began kissing Aiden and Aiden began grabbing at Mark's ass. They continued to kiss until Mark pushed Aiden onto the bed. Mark what's up with that. Well Aiden you always have me on my back so now your on your back. So just lay there and enjoy the ride. Mark pulled down Aiden shorts and unleashed his 12 inch rod. He began sucking it and massaging the balls. Oh fuck Mark you really know how to work me! After about 5 minutes Mark stoped. Mark removed his shirt and shorts. He stood on the bed facing Aiden. He lowered himself until the giant cock head was at his hole. Are you sure Mark this could hurt. Yeah but it will be fun. He sat down on Aiden's package and began slowly riding it.

Oh fuck Mark that's amazing your ass feels do tight like this. AHH Aiden your dick is amazing and I want it. He started going faster and Aiden began bucking. They continues their sex for about 20 minutes.

AHH I'm gonna cum Mark. Oh shit Aiden please cum in me I really want you. Aiden obeyed and shot his creamy load deep in Mark's bowls.

Mark hot off and layed next to Aiden. Don't worry Aiden tomorrow will be fine but no let's get some sleep. Mark gave Aiden a kiss and cuddled next to him.

They drifted into a sleep, and awaited for tomorrow to come.



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