Dave didn’t remember growing up with his cousin Henry but he liked the aeroplane noises he was making. A warm feeling spread inside him each time Henry smiled and his tired grey eyes filled with life.

Henry had tried to be careful while feeding him but Dave couldn’t sit still for a second. Dave’s shaggy beard was now covered with strings of white yoghurt and his white T-shirt was smeared with the strawberry bits from the yoghurt. It didn’t help that Dave kept wiping his giant fingers on his T-shirt. After taking one more mouthful, Dave spat out causing Henry’s eyes and mouth to jolt wide open as gooey yoghurt rained down on his face.

‘Oops!’ exclaimed Dave as he climbed onto Henry’s lap, straddling him, and began using his tongue to scrub off the white goo from Henry’s face. Henry found himself fighting a strawberry scented, giant monster; the weight of his strong thighs clamping him in place. Dave, with Henry’s shirt clumped in his big fists lunged at each strawberry bit on Henry’s face and began greedily licking and sucking all the yoghurt away.

‘David! Stop it, you’re making my face wet,’ Henry gasped whenever Dave’s tongue left his mouth long enough for him to breathe, let alone say a word.

A few seconds later Dave stopped, he let go of Henry and stared down at him with a goofy face. ‘Are you mad at me?’ He mumbled in his sincere, deep voice though his eyes glinted with mischief.

‘Yes,’ Henry said sternly, as Dave’s mom had instructed him.

Dave massaged Henry’s shoulders with his big hands then planted a quick kiss that left Henry’s lips tasting sweet. ‘Sorry, I’ll be good.’ He froze, his hands on either side of Henry’s face, staring down into Henry’s grey eyes like he’d found something incredibly fascinating in them. Without warning his arms quickly wrapped around his cousin, and he threw himself back onto the couch bringing a wide-eyed Henry down with him. The tub of yoghurt in Henry’s hand spilled all over the new couch.

Dave started wriggling around, tightening his thick arms around Henry while his legs flailed about knocking everything off the coffee table. Henry’s stubbly face was buried in Dave’s clammy chest; he could barely breathe.

‘Stop it Dave! You’re making a mess.’

But Dave continued to grip Henry, licking any remaining traces of sweet yoghurt off his cute face amidst a fit of laughter that rang in Henry’s ears.

‘Let go, Dave. I have to clean it up,’ Henry grunted, struggling to free himself.

For a moment the apartment was silent again and they were just two cousins spooning on a sticky couch.

‘Clean up! Clean up!’ Dave screamed suddenly, licking Henry’s face faster and faster. He was writhing faster as well and clearly enjoying himself because Henry could feel that Dave was hard and poking into his ass. Spooning time was over.

‘David! Stop! Bad boy! Bad boy, David!’ Henry shouted, and elbowed Dave as hard as he could.

Suddenly Dave let go, stopped and jumped off his cousin and onto his big feet. He stood in front of Henry, his big hairy chest heaving, fists clenched at his side and his face and ears red. With Dave’s shadow cast over his frightened eyes, Henry anticipated the sting of a slap from his cousin’s powerful hands, and a blow to the jaw. But Dave just stood there, heaving but settling down. Henry’s fears subsided as his eye found a tiny wet spot on Dave’s blue boxers.

‘I’m not a boy!’ Dave screamed out of nowhere. He stomped to the bedroom door and began banging it filling the room with screams only heard between the loud thuds that shook Henry’s small apartment. ‘I’m not a boy!’ he cried over and over again now starting to pound his large fists against the door, tears streaming down his face.

Henry didn’t know what to do as he lay on his ruined couch, his ribs and lungs recovering from Dave’s powerful embrace. He was certain there’d be bruises.

After some time, a heavy silence replaced the pounding and the screaming.

‘I didn’t mean it, Dave. I’m sorry,’ Henry said softly, trying to fill the silence.

Dave lugged his way back to Henry and once again, Henry’s small body was wrapped around his cousin’s strong arms. They sat on the couch in the silence, images flickering on the muted TV, and Dave breathing heavily against Henry’s shoulder. Before long the laboured breaths had transformed into light snores.

Dave reposed with his hairy legs spread wide apart, his large feet planted firmly on the ground. He was dozing with one hand protectively around Henry’s shoulder and the other resting comfortably over his sack. Henry could see the wrinkly shaft of Dave’s penis through the hole in his light blue boxers.  He quickly looked away like he had been caught stealing a glance at a stranger on a train. He reached over Dave’s warm body to grab the remote and check the time on the TV. It was a slow Saturday and he had to finish his reports from the previous day.

Taking in the peaceful silence, this time it was Henry who wrapped his arms around Dave. He liked the smell of strawberry, cheap deodorant and sweaty clothes coming from Dave. Henry inched himself closer to Dave; his chest is so warm, he thought as he moved the arm that was dangling over his junk so the fingers were laced with his. That felt nice. Dave wriggled, pulling Henry closer, but he didn’t open his eyes.

They made a cute couple. Without thinking about it Henry ran his hand up and down Dave’s massive, hairy thigh wondering what he might be dreaming about. Somehow his hand ended up resting right over Dave’s dick. He could feel his balls over the tips of his fingers through the cotton boxers. Henry planted a kiss on Dave’s bare chest. His boyfriend was miles away and in the moment Dave felt just right next to him.

With a dull ache in his heart he peeled Dave’s arm from around his shoulder and placed it back over his crotch. His cousin looked content just like that. He decided to leave him to sleep, he had work to do.

Henry massaged his temple and pulled his glasses down his nose then he ran his fingers through his long, dark hair. The apartment was now filled with soft light from the sunset. The snoring had stopped some time ago and the silence was starting to unsettle him. What if Dave had wandered off by himself? Trying to think if he even had the strength to go look for him, Henry decided Dave could probably find his way back on his own. He shut his eyes and fell into a light sleep, his arm resting comfortably on his tummy.

In his sleep, Henry’s ears had picked up the shuffling of feet in the hallway but as he jolted awake looking up at the white ceiling, all was quiet. As though remembering something, his eyes jumped to the door, where Dave stood with one arm hanging loosely from the doorframe exposing the thick brown bush in his armpit. His whole body was covered in hair; hair framed his pectoral muscles and ran down his cuddly abs, outlining the remnant muscles from when Dave used to work out daily.

‘I’m hungry,’ Dave said in his deep voice, his eyes staring at the floor and his thick fingers scratching and picking at his beard.

‘I was going to order pizza,’ Henry said picking himself up. He was so tired he just wanted to lie down. ‘Do you want me to make something for you now?’

Dave started walking towards Henry, adjusting his balls over his blue boxers before deciding to pause and abandon the boxers all together, leaving them crumpled on the floor behind him.

‘What are you doing?’ Henry asked in a high voice, tiptoeing back into the wall.

Henry, taking slow giant steps towards Henry, announced, ‘I’ll eat after.’

Barely a few feet from Henry, so close, in fact, that Henry could smell the familiar sweaty scent off his body, Dave continued approaching him. He stuttered something when Dave placed his hands on Henry’s arms and planted a big slobbery kiss on his neck, pulling him closer into his hairy arms. Their bodies were touching, heaving, and trembling against each other.

‘Dave, we shouldn’t do this,’ Henry sighed, perfunctorily pushing Dave away but Dave was a strong man and he was unmoved.

‘Why not?’ He mumbled, grinding into Henry.

‘What would your Mum say?’ Henry moaned, Dave’s big hands felt amazing on his tired back.

Dave mumbled something into Henry’s neck. He was fumbling with Henry’s trousers trying to unbutton them.  ‘Mum said I could play with you.’

Although convinced Dave was being creative with his mom’s words, Henry succumbed and let Henry unbutton his pants. Dave pushed him back into the wall and as though using it as a tool, he gave Henry a full body massage, his big hands reaching deeper and deeper into Henry’s ripe ass.

As his fingers started teasing Henry’s sensitive tight hole, Henry came back to his senses. He didn’t want Dave to stop but it didn’t feel right- he didn’t want to take advantage of his cousin. But who was the victim here? He moaned, Dave was sliding his middle finger inside.

‘Dave,’ Henry whispered as Dave necked him, kissing his earlobe. ‘Dave, you have to stop.’

Dave’s arms shot up from Henry ass and landed on the wall, trapping Henry. The kissing stopped.

With a quiet thud, Dave slumped his head against the wall over Henry’s shoulder.

‘I thought you liked me,’ he murmured so quietly that Henry wouldn’t have heard him if their bodies weren’t so close. ‘You lied to me.’

‘Let me go,’ Henry said sternly, bracing against the wall and pushing with all his weight but Dave was twice as big and he had him trapped in his strong arms.

‘You lied to me,’ Dave cried and started banging his head against the wall. ‘You’re just a liar, Henry. Why did you lie to me?’ Dave screamed continuing to bash his head into the wall. ‘You’re just a liar, Henry!’

Finally he removed his arms and walked slowly to sit down on the edge of the bed. Henry felt a huge breathe he didn’t know he’d been holding escape through his quivering lips. Dave had his face in his hands. Feeling uncomfortable about his eyes wandering towards the dick dangling between his cousin’s legs, Henry pulled up his own pants and picked up Dave’s blue boxers from the floor. He crept towards Dave, lifted one leg and started pulling the boxers up and over his knees.

‘I do like you, Dave,’ He said quietly, crouching between his cousin’s legs.

Dave pulled Henry in his big arms and held his face against his strawberry scented hairy chest. He embraced him for a long time then asked him, ‘Can we get a pizza now?’





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