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"So do you think that your colleague will help you, he looks like he don't have any authority about it..."

"...Do you have the key?"

He looked at me, an expression that he probably didn't see me before, and showed it to me.

I tried to reach it, but he quickly grabbed my hand, while the key is placed back on his pocket.

"Just one last suck, please?"

An expression of confidence, that makes me fall for him when I first met him here, I lament, that years of being in a sexual roller coaster with him as finally come to an end in a brutal way.

"Fine, but I need to leave quickly."

The indifferent voice within me hides my excitement, as when we sneak onto a store when it is clear that nobody's here. Like the first time, the same 2 guys, the same date, and eventually, the same stall where I lost my virginity to him for the first time.


With just a single minute, my cock, a symbol for a devotion for each other, is unlocked, as we mutually joked about it as being a marriage to each other. Suddenly realizing its new found freedom, my cock tried to act upon its pleasures of seeing him, but the bound inflicted on it would need to wait for a long time before the blood starts to promote its growth again, if what I had research prior is true.

And without missing a beat after I put my pants back, he released his member, a running joke between us that he should have done porn with this, along with his undying passion for sex.

I gently hold it with both of my hands, caressing like the times I'm fully naked with him fresh out of work. Instinctively still holding his dick, I crouch, and I give a lick around his foreskin.

Around my mouth, I give the foreskin a pull. A grunt from him, but I didn't want to see him eye-to-eye.

Looking directly towards his shaft, I slowly march my mouth towards his dick, accompanied with the moisture of my tongue, making it easier like a skilled chef, cutting salmon like warm moist butter.

For this blowjob though, I just didn't want to concentrate him at all, just only focusing on his shaft. It is very deliberate of me, give all of my usual attention just for his dick, even at the expanse of my fair.

Each time I sucked & sucked, the beast inside me trying to release itself & witness the action, and my own breath, getting shorter for each suck I give.

"Turn around, show me your ass."

Dazed and ignoring the rules that I set for us, I stand up, facing his seductive eyes again, then my sights focus on his watch.

That snapped me from my lust, I grabbed his wrist, the watch says 1:48 p.m..

"...Come on, your last chance to get this dick in you babe."

But the gold present that I gave to him shone my eyes, giving me the indicator that I should finally leave him.

I stop. I breathe. Leave him now.

"Sorry, and goodbye."

I grabbed my lugged with me and opened the door, running inside the station. There are possibly other people there in the stall looking at me (or him with his big erect cock erect in shock), but I didn't care as reason to talk with him is finally over, so he's not my problem anymore.


Just a 4 minute walk (& quick purchase) later, I'm in the underground, sitting & gathering my thoughts, I'm quite surprised that he never came to see me, maybe because he don't have a destination to go to, or he just simply grab another guy in the toilet, assert his dominance to relieve the pressure that I gave to him.

I look around the station, where the arrival of the train starts getting closer, and the people doing things to distract themselves. Which is better than looking at me, as eye on eye contact starts to make me think of him again.

The thinking game goes on and on, & every minute of it increase my anxiety towards what my future comes, my anxiety of whether I would miss him, or the love that we have.

Thankfully, the noise from the train comes, it started small where I first met him, then it goes bigger where I submit to him, then bigger where he starts to hurt beyond reasonable.

And the noise stop, the thoughts, just stop as well.

The train finally opens the door. Looking at the space with my newfound determination, I go inside the train, and only when the door closes, that my heart is pleased enough to let look at the station one last time.



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