My name is Rex Cooley. I'm a twenty-three year old gay male and only a rew of my close friends know that I'm into men. However, they do not know of some of my out of the ordinary activities with other men.

In my freshman year of high school, I realized I had an interest in other guys. In gym class, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them nude in the showers and wondering what their cocks looked like hard and what they might taste like.

It wasn't until haf way through my junior year that I found out. I had gym last period and was trying out for the track team. Everyone had left the campus except the coachs, or so I thought.

I went into the gym and told the coach that I would make sure that the door was locked when I left after showering. He agreed and I was alone.

After I stripped and began heading for the showers, I heard one turn on. Thinking I was alone, I eased in to see who it was and when I saw him I froze.

There in the shower was Mike Sims, our star quarterback, and a senior. He stood under the running water slowly stroking his cock, which was quickly stiffening. My own cock stiffened immediately, and before I could step back he turned and saw me.

'Come on in, Rex,' he said. I didn't even know he knew my name.

I slowly entered the shower and as I did he asked, 'Does watching me jerk off turn you on?'

'Uh, kind of. I've never seen another guy do it before.'

'Well, now you have. Come on over here and we can do it together.'

I walked over to him and he returned to stroking his cock. Seconds later I joined him. We stroked slowly and after a few minutes he said, 'You have a pretty nice tool there.'

My cock was about six and a half inches but his apeared to be over seven.

'So do you,' I said.

He stepped closer abd said, 'Why don't we do each other?'

'Well, uh, okay,' I said hiding my excitement.

'Rex, you've never jerked wih anothe guy before?'

'No, never.'

'It's exciting,' he said reaching over and taking my cock into his hand. He began slowly stroking me as I nervously reached for his and began stroking him.

We were just outside the shower spray as we stroked each other. Suddenly, without warning, he dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock. I gasped as he did.

He paused a moment and said, 'Just relax and enjoy it.' He returned to sucking my cock and I was loving it. It didn't take me long to climax and when I did it was the biggest I'd ever had.

I looked down at him as my cock fired off volley after volley of my hot cum into his mouth. He collected it all and when he pulled off I watched as he swallowed every drop.

As he stood up, he asked, 'Well, I assume that was your first time getting your cock sucked?'

'Yes, it was.'

'How'd you like it?'

'I loved it. It was awesome.'

'Rex, if you want I'll do it regularly for you, but you have to keep it secret.'

'I'd like that and I promise not to tell anyone.'

'Thanks,' he said.

'Mike, I've never sucked before but I've been curious about it for a long time. Can I suck you?'


I knelt down and began sucking my first cock and was loving it. I assumed he was enjoying it also by the way he moaned.

Before long, he said he was close to cumming. I kept sucking and felt his cock grow larger seconds before he climaxed into my mouth.

I collected his cum and savored the salty-sweet taste befre pulling off and swallowing.

'Fuck man, that was great. Your damn good.'

'Thanks,' I said.

We agreed on meeting regularly at his house after school since both his parents didn't get home until after seven.

He pulled me to him and said 'Until our next meeting,' then kissed me. I responded and within seconds our tongues were exploring each others mouth.

As the kiss broke, I said, 'I need to go. I need to piss.'

'Do it here. I want to watch.'

I started pissing slowly at first and as he sream grew larger he quickly squatted down in front of me and after grabbing my cock aimed the stream first at his chest then his face. As the stream hit his face he quickly opened his mouth and directed the stream into it. When his mouth filled, he quickly swallowed and opened up for more. I was in total shock.

When I finished, I asked, 'Do you really drink it?'

'Yea, I have for a couple of years. A guy I met at the park one day drank mine and I was curious and started by drinking my own regularly. I've been drinking other guys and getting hosed down for over a year. I enjoy it.'

'Damn,' was all I could say but my own curiosity had been raised.

I began tasting mine and soon drinking from a glass. Then in the tub, I'd lay back and aim for my mouth.

Two months later, when Mike and I were having one of our many sex parties at his house, I drank his piss. He had aready introduced me to fucking and getting fucked.

That was my introducion to male sex and watersports. Mike atended college locally and we continued to see each other throughout my senior year.

Throughout my college years, I continued to seek male companionship and was successful at it. What was harder was finding other men into piss play. I loved being watched when I drank from a guy as well as being out and pissing in my own jeans in front of others. I found it to be a real turn on.

Then after I graduated and got out on my own, I continued my fetish whenever possible.

A coworker had invied a few of us over to his apartment one weekend for barbecue and a swim. There were several others at the pool and after a while I got out and lay on a lounge to get some sun. Momens later, another resident lay on the lounge next to me. We glanced at each other and said 'hi'.

There was a puddle of water under me that had dripped from my body when I had lay down. I wore a medium speedo suit and needed to piss bad. I figured I could let it out without being noticed. Wrong!

I began pissing and was shocked when he guy next to me said, 'Damn, you're doing the same hing I am.' Stunned, I looked over and saw piss easing through the ront of his trunks.

'Uh, looks like it,'I said. 'I'm visiting a buddy of mine and didn't feel like walking back to his apartment.'

'I can understand that, but since I don't know you and you don't know me, I'll be honest with you. I do it because I love pissing myself in public.'

I smiled and said, 'So do I.'

'For real?'

'Oh, yea. I go to the park in faded jeans and piss in them while on the hiking path when someone is approaching me.'

'Hot, man. I've done that myself and even had others hose me down.'

'Love that also,' I replied.

'Look, I'm in 603. When you leave your buds, why don't you come over and we can ge to know each other. My patio is fenced and maybe we can go out there and have some fun.'

'Sure,' I replied. 'I'll tell him I have another engagement and need to leave early.'

'Great. I'll head to my place when I see you leave.'

An hour later, we all headed back to my buds apartment. When changed into my jeans and tee shirt, I made my excuses to leave and headed for 603.

I was greated at the door by the man from the pool. He too wore jeans but was shirtless, exposing the nice mat of dark brown hair.

When I entered he said, 'I'm Cory.'

'Rex,' I replied.

We talked and found out we both not only loved oral and anal sex but both enjoyed drinking 'straight from the tap'.

We kissed and made out on his paio then pissed on each other including each others face and into each others mouth. Later we had a sixty-nine, then more pissing, this time placing our cocks in the others mouth and when the others lip were closed around the cock we'd begin pissing, drinking every drop of the others golden fluid.

Cory and I became close friends and he took me to a leather fetish bar in a nearby town where guys got pissed on and drank piss while the other patrons watched or joined in.

We both ove it and have even found a picnic area on the interstate where there is no restroom and truckers stop and go into the woods to piss and get sucked. We love going there and staying most of the night. When we leave our clothes are usually dripping in piss.

Cory and I have now been friends for six years and Mike has returned to town and often joins us on our ventures. We have a great time together.

By the way, Mike and I are now lovers.



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