Chapter 2: Sensuality

The two teens remained partially submersed in the warm tub of water - wild thoughts racing through their heads. Taylor's arms and legs remained wrapped around the winning athlete's body and legs. The buff Italian continued teasing the lean muscular jock's erect nipple while sensually stroking the redhead's hard cock. Josh had melted into Taylor's clutches. Uppermost on Josh's mind were thoughts of what was next as he reclined into Taylor's control.

At eighteen the redhead had fantasized many times about this moment with any number of his male athlete peers or classmates over the years. So many times he wanted to put into practice with them what he'd discovered on the Internet; moreover, he had secretly yearned for Taylor's touch every time the hunky stud would pickup his sister. Josh was ready and wanted to have sex with Taylor in the worst way. Most of all he wanted to get a close up view of that bulge resting against his lower back and top of his ass crack.

Sitting in the close confines of Josh's bathtub Taylor's mind was occupied with how he would make further sexual advances on the redhead sitting in front of him. The Italian-American was especially curious about what he was holding in his left hand; it felt like a good size piece of man meat in his grip.

The straight acting Taylor Trella couldn't decide what he wanted to do first once he got his girlfriend's brother out of the tub and in bed. One thing for sure, he wanted to get to work exploring the redhead's fire crotch. Both young men knew that in a few minutes there would be no more fantasies or dreaming about sex between the two of them. They were going to see each other in all their glory, begin engaging in more foreplay before sex.

The redheaded Irish lad was purring like a content kitten as Taylor held him close, lightly kissing and nuzzling his neck and side of his face questioning, 'Are you okay with all this, baby?'

'Uh-huh.' Josh murmured, 'you can do anything you want Tay.'

'You know I want you in the worst way,' Taylor whispered back, 'I've wanted you since the first time I saw you.'

'Why didn't you choose me instead of my sister?' Josh asked meekly.

'Oh Baby, I want both of you,' Taylor responded, 'Why can't I have both of you?'

'You can, Josh cooed, 'You can do anything you want with me as long as you don't hurt me Tay.'

'What would make a big strong athlete say that? I wouldn't want to hurt you, baby?' Taylor questioned in a startled voice.

The taller redhead replied squeamishly, 'I think you probably want to fuck me in my ass, Tay and I've read on the Internet that anal intercourse can be painful.'

'I won't lie, it can be if you don't prepare for it,' Taylor whispered into Josh's left ear, 'You know I would never do anything to hurt you, baby. I want whatever we do to be the most pleasurable thing you'll experience in your life. You do believe me don't you?'

'Uh-huh,' Josh responded in a soft voice, 'You know we've got a week to do whatever before my parents and sister return, Tay.'

'That sounds great, baby. You know, if you don't want to do certain things I'll respect that, baby,' Taylor whispered into Josh's ear.

'Thanks Tay, just take it easy until I get used to all of this,' Josh said enthusiastically.

'By the way my folks are in Las Vegas for two weeks so we can go to my place if you like. We got a hot tub, pool, big screen television,' Taylor replied excitedly.

Taylor knew he had conquered the Irish-American teen. Soon he would be making love to Josh as he had to the redhead's sister so many times. He would also take Josh's cherry as he did with Josh's sister months earlier. He couldn't believe how fast everything was happening.

'Oh, I've also gotta king size bed and a bigger bathtub too,' Taylor said even more excitedly, 'So if you want to wait we can go over to my place to have sex.' Taylor realized that was the first time he'd used the word sex since sliding into the tub behind Josh.

'If I'm gonna spend the night with you I need to feed our dog and my sister's cat before we leave. You know, I promised to do that before they left,' Josh said.

'That's cool. Let's get out of this tub before we turn into prunes,' Taylor said with a squeeze on Josh's cock and nipple.

Taylor Trella knew that redheads were hot in bed and if Josh was as hot as his sister in the sack he had scored the mother load. The young Italian at eighteen was now the master of seduction, but that wasn't how it all began for him. Once up a time, years ago, he was the novice. As they prepared to get out of the tub Taylor began remembering the day he experienced his first sexual encounter, just after beginning puberty when he was only twelve years old.

A neighbor boy and friend who was just fifteen at the time coaxed Taylor into a game called show and tell one late spring day. This was not the typical show and tell Taylor had been used to in middle school. At first his friend just wanted to compare their cocks as they talked about what they had done sexually thus far in life in the seclusion of the friend's bedroom. Boys' comparing their cocks with other friends or relatives is not all that uncommon. Taylor's friend Roy was more experienced in all things concerning male to male sex than his younger apprentice and playmate.

After that first rendezvous Taylor was hooked. He enjoyed touching Roy's penis and having Roy touch his cock. The next few weeks they would meet as often as possible to measure their cocks. Of course that was just an excuse to touch each other's hard members. As things progressed sexually with his new friend Taylor became especially fond of oral sex. That first blowjob was a memorable thing although it didn't last all that long. No sooner had Roy taken Taylor's little breakfast sausage into his mouth than it exploded, squirting that first load of boy juices. From then on the two boys couldn't get enough of each other's cocks, making each other cum.

From those secret blowjobs and mutual masturbation sessions the two moved onto to other sexual pleasures. The friends started engaging in anal sex late spring when Taylor was thirteen and from that point on the two boys began sexually experimenting nearly every day during that summer of enlightenment. God, how could he forget those glorious days? His first boyfriend was a late bloomer as far as growth; however, the boys continued experimenting throughout puberty and into adolescences until both boys became interested in pussy.

After discovering the pussy the boys drifted apart for a while, but eventually they got back together when the need arose for sexual fulfillment. Although both boys were fulfilling their sexual needs with girlfriends they still desired intimacy with each other from time to time engaging in great sex between the two. I guess that may go back to the saying, absences makes the heart grow fonder. In fact, Taylor and his pal who was in college were supposed to hook up in the coming days after Roy returned for summer vacation for a sexual marathon.

The two sex pals watched each other mature growing through puberty into adolescences. Both boys were true bisexuals. If things worked out between he and Josh, Taylor had a secret plan lurking in the back of his mind about threesome. However, before a threesome Taylor wanted to see what Josh looked like, and especially what his knob might look like before he shared his new find. Taylor could feel that Josh's cock was every bit of six inches or better, but the glans didn't feel that big.

Taylor was almost six and half inches long and fairly thick with a prominent cockhead. Roy who was much longer also had a nice prominent cockhead; a cockhead that had brought so much pleasure to Taylor's asshole. Taylor wanted to see what his new friend had to offer. Another thing on his mind was that when it came time to pluck the redhead's cherry would Josh be able to take his thicker than average tool. Taylor was going over all these things in his mind as they stood in the tub drying off. What he wanted to do first and then next and next. Would the two frot for a while and culminate sixty-nining each other, or should Taylor move right the meat of the matter taking Josh anally for the virgin's first time out.



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