After a wild night of some good unexpected sex, and the shock of a vampire taking a bite out of Tim, friends Victor and Tim thought it safer to share the bed that night and try to get some sleep. Fortunately, as it was Friday night, they knew that the next day being Saturday, they could sleep in and take the day slowly, trying to figure things out.

Sometime the next morning, Victor woke up in a very cold room. He looked around but didn't see Tim. The window was open wide, allowing all of the cold air in. The rain had stopped but the sky was cloudy and gray. Dressed only in his boxers and undershirt, Victor walked into the kitchen barefoot where he found Tim, seated at the table, dressed only in his boxers and undershirt also. Tim was surrounded by what looked like the contents of their entire freezer. Frozen TV dinner boxes were ripped open. And in each one, there was an empty space where the chicken or beef or other main entré used to be. Packages of steaks and chops which had been carefully wrapped in freezer paper were also ripped open but all of the meat was gone. Victor looked over at Tim who sat there in a dazed and confused look, his mouth dirty from what was obviously an all night eating frenzy.

"Um, Tim, do we have a problem here?" Victor asked.

Tim looked up at Victor. "I just don't know what got into me. I just need to eat meat," offered an obviously confused Tim.

"You were bitten by a vampire, remember!" said Victor, feeling bad for his best friend and maybe his new lover. Victor always fantasized about such a relationship with Tim, but clearly not under these circumstances.

"We need to wash you up buddy!" suggested Victor, grabbing Tim under the arm and helping him stand up.

"Whew, you stink Tim," voiced a surprised Victor. "What the hell....?"

"I think when some of the meat thawed, some of the raw juices landed on me and just dried there over time," explained Tim.

Once Victor got Tim to the bathroom, he turned on the shower and ordered Tim to step inside.

"I'm going to clean up your room and make your bed Tim," Victor announced. "You going to be okay in there yourself? Victor asked.

Once Tim got under the shower, he started to feel immediately better.

"I think I'm better already," Tim shouted out. "You go do your thing Victor and I'll see you in a few. Thanks bud!" he called out from the bathroom.

Victor got to work closing and locking the window in Tim's room and changed the sheets, tossing the ones with the blood stains into the laundry where he started a load. With the bed made and things quickly put back in place, Victor moved on to his room where he made his bed and put things away also, taking much less time. Hearing Tim's shower still going, Victor stripped and jumped in the shower in his own bathroom. He washed quickly and stepped out of the shower and began to dry himself off. Leaving the bathroom he headed for his closet to pick out the clothes to wear for the day. Victor was hanging up his bathrobe when he suddenly heard Tim cry out.

Rushing out of his room to Tim, all Victor could do was wrap his bathrobe around his still naked body and tie it as he reached Tim in his bathroom, looking horrified at himself in the mirror. Tim was stark naked but focused his gaze on his own face.

"I can see myself," Tim cried out.

"Well, that's good," Victor announced as he stepped to Tim's side to look at the mirror as well. In the reflection was Tim, the bite marks were not as visible on his neck, but his already light colored blonde hair had lightened significantly, to a very very pale blonde, bordering on a grayish white shade. His skin had also paled from his normally fair complexion to a much lighter color as well. Otherwise, his face and cheeks were full and his hair was as thick and wavy as ever. Victor actually looked like the thinner person, despite his usually warm tan Mediterranean complexion.

"There's something else I haven't told you," Tim began, turning slowly to face Victor.

"Yeah buddy?" Victor said.

"Well you know I'm obviously hungry for meat, but I'm also thirsty," Tim announced cautiously.

"Like for blood or something?" Victor asked, starting to get nervous.

"No, for cum!" Tim said slowly. "I need to suck you off Victor, like right now!"

"Now?" asked Victor in a rattled voice, taking a step back from Tim.

As Tim shook his head up and down, he moved slowly and silently toward Victor. Victor continued stepping backwards, not knowing where he was going until he realized he had backed into Tim's room

Tim continued moving forward, cornering Victor into a corner. Standing just inches before Victor, Tim slid his hands gently into Victor's robe. As Tim's hands moved apart from each other, they forced Victor's robe open, exposing his bare body. The robe fell to the floor but Victor, because of either fear or something else, stood there silently. Now naked before Tim, Victor looked down at Tim's pale body which suddenly seemed a bit more muscular and chiseled then before. His roommate's body was sensual, sexy, arousing, in a very mysterious way. And it felt much much stronger as well.

In no time, Victor's cock rose to the occasion, throbbing with his hot red blood inside. Tim looked down at Victor's cock and licked his lips, moaning low as he fell to his knees. With his hands on Victor's hips holding Victor firmly in place, Tim moved his body forward, bringing his mouth towards Victor's hard cock. Smelling deeply first, Tim opened his mouth and took Victor's cock in its entirely. Victor had never seen anyone ever take his whole cock in one swallow, but Tim did it, his throat constricting on Victors throbbing cock and began an amazing suck session. Victor's head swooned, and he felt Tim somehow move them both onto the bed, with out ever separating cock from mouth. How Tim had suck strength also amazed Victor, who soon found himself lying sideways on the bed, Tim's growing cock suddenly staring him in his face. Victor instinctively moved his neck forward and opened his mouth. Tim's cock felt warm in his mouth as it throbbed and almost vibrated, coaxing Victor to take more. Tempting Victor to take more.

And the power of sex soon took over. Tim hungrily sucked Victor's cock, making it harder. Making it hotter. Making it grow even more then before, stretching the skin taut. Tim felt Victor eagerly devouring his own cock, making it grow and harden and throb even more. As Victor worked Tim's cock with more and more passion and fury, both lovers felt themselves getting closer and closer to the point of their coming. Tim came first and Victor took it all in. Wave after wave of cum poured from Tim's fuck stick, filling Victor's mouth to overflowing, but he swallowed it all. Victor continued to suck, but with much less force and ferocity. But the cum was now somehow addictive, as never before. Victor sucked harder again, pulling the last drops from Tim's balls. But he didn't want to separate. He wanted more.

Suddenly Victor felt an electric shock between his legs as his own cock let loose. Victor's hips bucked forward again and again, thrashing into Tim who eagerly drank from Victor's own spurting cock, taking wave after wave of the cream that was being given to him. Tim moaned in delight, obtaining the sweet nectar he so thirsted for, and again, he wanted even more from Victor.

As if on cue, the two pulled them selves apart from each other, trying to get their bodies and minds back to reality. As both Victor and Tim rearranged themselves on the bed, to get their heads up on to the pillows, Victor looked at Tim and yelled.

"What the fuck did you do to me?" shouted Victor, seeing blood on the corners of Tim's mouth. Victor then looked down at his crotch and saw a small area of blood near his pubic hairs.

Tim calmly shrugged his shoulders. "You'll be fine, I just took a little bite down there," Tim explained.

Victor got brave and looked down there again, seeing two small bit marks at the base of his penis. Victor quickly brought his hands to his neck, feeling for something there as well.

"I didn't bite your neck, babe. Chill out," offered Tim. "But now at least you're like me," Tim explained.

Victor was in shock. Now he was a vampire too? Holy fuck!

"You made me a ...... But how, I mean when, or what....?" Victor babbled, his head filling with questions.

Tim pushed Victor on his side. "Go take a shower man! For some reason, the water seems to clear your mind. But be prepared to come out a bit paler for some reason," Tim advised.

Wide eyed and totally confused, and now really hungry for a good rare steak, Victor did as he was told and walked into Tim's bathroom and started the shower, getting under the streaming water. Under the shower, Tim washed, his head indeed clearing as he washed as if he normally would. Victor put some shampoo in his hair, soap around his body and under his arms and between his legs. His cock and balls did seem a bit more sensitive then normal. As he washed, he felt his chest and upper arms had somehow become a bit more developed, a bit more muscular. Victor noticed his upper legs had also bulked up, and by the time he finished showering and stepping gout of the shower, he felt a bit more powerful then normal. This was nice. Then, Tim bravely looked towards the mirror, wiping off the steam that had build up. With the mirror cleared, he moved his head closer and took a good look. He was pleasantly surprised to see very little change, at least for now. His very dark brown hair had indeed lightened, to more of a middle shade of brown. His skin, on his face and body, normally a darker bronze, had also lightened to a more average shade. Down his body, his skin tone had faded some, and one nice result was that he lost his tan lines. From face to shoulders to chest to stomach and along hips and legs, his skin color was the same shade. Any blemish or mark he ever had seemed to have before, had vanished. A small scar he had on his shoulder was also gone. Not bad, not bad at all, he felt, as he exited the bathroom stronger, but still naked. Feeling his hair for the need to wipe it dry, he felt his hair had already dried and already was in a nice wavy style.

"I think I'm better Tim, much better!" Victor announced.

In the room he found another surprise. Tim had made the bed (hopefully having changed the blood stained sheets) and had also dressed.

Tim wore a crisp button down white shirt, the top three buttons open revealing the beginning of his buff chest. The white shirt was a good idea, making his pale skin less obvious. Tim also wore a pair of black pants, very black pants, which were very very tight. Tim turned around slowly showing his new look to Victor.

"Your ass looks absolutely amazing. And that bulge in the front is pretty hot too!" Victor said.

"It's a shape enhancing jock strap," Tim announced. "Here's yours babe," Tim added, tossing a jock to Victor. Victor put on the jock and kept noticing the rest of Tim's outfit. A nice leather belt and a pair of very shiny leather shoes completed Tim's new look. Tim looked at Victor with a wide grin, holding up a very pale blue buttoned shirt for Victor to put on. A pair of dark gray pants already lay on the bed.

Victor quickly dressed and then turned to Tim. "So now what, we going to be fashionable gay vampires?" Victor asked with a comical grin.

"I've figured out that since we have power over body and mind, we can lure in guys and get their juices, which of course make us stronger." Tim announced.

"But we are NOT going to bite anyone else. I just wanted you for my eternal partner!" Tim added.

"And then what?" Victor asked.

"I think we will open a trendy gay nightclub downtown! Then we'll have all the free drinks we want!" said Tim, grinning from ear to ear.

"Mmmmmmmm," said Victor thinking about it all. "And sunlight isn't a problem? Or garlic? Or crucifixes and blood sucking?" Victor asked.

"Nah, that's all for the movies!" Tim responded.

"We just need fresh meat, a good supply of cum, and a healthy share of cocks now and then!" Victor said with a sly grin.

"Sounds like a perfect description of Hollywood, huh lover?" Tim added, as they stepped out side into the night, under the moonlight, finely dressed, hand in hand, looking to have some fun!

Guys out there, BEWARE of two well dressed muscular handsome guys! And protect your juices!

(organ music and a crack of lightning in the background as we hear a soulful wolf howl in the distance!)




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