Once Tim and Victor were both vampires, who liked to suck blood and cum, they decided to open a trendy gay nightclub downtown. With their amazing hypnotic powers, they were able to convince the owner of an old nightclub downtown that he was ready to retire and sell the property. Tim and Victor met with bankers who surprisingly were quite eager to provide the necessary loans to renovate the downtown property. Once the right interior designers and contractors quickly agreed to get on board, Tim and Victor were soon able to open their new nightclub. Tim and Victor then covered the city with flyers for their new club. The cafeterias of the universities, the health clubs, and other bars and clubs, both gay and straight, were all sent flyers and ads were placed in the local newspapers. The necessary waiters, bartenders, cleanup crew and even bouncers were all hired. The best part was that there were enough qualified job seekers out there to allow Tim and Victor to not only hire an all male, all gay staff, but they were all very good looking.

And the big night finally arrived. When the doors opened at 9pm, Victor and Tim were pleased to find a block long line waiting outside. And because the space of the night club was nearly the size of a city block, there would be plenty of room to accommodate almost everyone who wanted to come inside and join the fun. Tim and Victor made a few welcoming comments to the crowd outside and then they flipped the switch to officially turn on the bright purple neon sign that hung over the front entrance. "Fang's Tool and Rod" was now open for business.

Victor and Tim walked hand and hand into their new club, seeing the smiling faces of their staff ready for their first night, and a crowd of eager customers streamed in behind them. Victor, his dark hair slicked back, wore a pair of black suit pants and a black suit vest, but no shirt. Tim was in white, also in suit pants and vest without a shirt. The last week they had so many hours with hot horny construction workers who were happy to give up their seed to Tim and Victor that the club-owning couple had their fill of their protein, so their faces were now rosy and full.

A couple of hours into opening night, Tim and Victor were standing near the main bar, enjoying the sight of their busy club and noticed a young brown haired guy sitting alone at the bar, nursing a beer.

"Who's the hot kid?" Victor asked, motioning his head at the brown haired guy.

"Oh, that's Adam, he's from the university and he helped us with licensing for the city and county. A nice guy. A bit on the quiet side," offered Tim.

"So how was he?" Victor asked with a smirk.

"No Victor, he helped us because he wanted to. I never made a pass at him," answered Tim.

"Oh really," Victor responded, in a slow hiss, staring now at Adam.

Tim stood off to the side and watched Victor slink over to Adam, knowing full well that Victor loved a challenge, especially trying to seduce a guy without his vampire powers of mind control. Eventually, Tim strolled over and joined the other two guys. Tim could see that Adam was already at ease talking to Victor but clearly keeping his guard up.

"I'm just not into the pickup crowd," Adam was explaining.

"You are so right. Sometimes its sad to see how fake some people can be," Victor said.

Tim threw his hand around Victor's shoulder. "We're just so lucky to have each other, right Victor?" Tim said, slowly prodding Victor into walking away.

Before leaving, Victor leaned over the counter towards Adam. "Would you mind if I send a good friend over? He's also looking for something real. And you don't mind if he's a vampire, do you Adam?" Victor said as he quickly walked away.

Adam was stunned at that last comment and thought it a joke. By the time he had a chance to turn back around, he found someone sitting right next to him. "Hi!" said the dark haired stranger.

Adam looked over at the voice. "Hi! I um, uh, didn't even hear you sit down," Adam said with a bit of a stammer.

"Victor and Tim sent me over. They said you were a nice guy looking for something real," the man with jet black hair said.

Adam grinned. "I'm Adam."

"Paul here," the dark haired man said, holding out his hand to shake.

Adam offered his hand for a shake, noticing the penetrating dark eyes of his new friend. Paul grinned back, showing a mouth of perfect pearly white teeth. Unlike Adam who was dressed casually, in a blue polo shirt and a pair of Dockers and some loafers, Paul was in a leather jacket and what appeared to be a white t shirt underneath. He wore black leather pants and a pair of black boots.

"And the guys said you were a vampire too?" Adam asked with a comical green.

Paul leaned his head in closer. "I am, to be honest," Paul offered.

"And I'm a werewolf!" Adam said mockingly.

"I bet I can make you howl! You're a real cutey," Paul said.

"Well, thanks but no thanks Dracula, but I'm looking for a real relationship, not one night stands with hot studs in leather!" Adam said.

Paul grinned wide and long. "You think I'm a hot stud?"

Adam blushed at that point. "Well, yes but you know what I mean."

Paul looked down. "To be honest, I put on this act and dress this way so I don't have to let down my defenses. I don't like to be someone's conquest. I have a horrible track record and this dress up persona seems to be my shield. I'll be right back. Excuse me," Paul said as he quickly got up from his bar stool and left.

Adam looked shocked. I blew off another one in only five minutes, Adam thought, not happy with his record either. But a few minutes later he felt someone sit down next to him. He looked over to see a blushing and smiling Paul sitting there again.

"Um, uh, what the?" Adam began before Paul cut in. Paul was sitting there in a light purple polo shirt which was nice and snug, perfectly showing off his impressive biceps and pretty decent chest. "Your hair is different," Adam said.

Paul blushed. "I thought Id lose the fake Paul and let you see the real me," Paul explained. "I also washed out the gel in my hair and just comb it normally."

"I like it much better this way," Adam said. "And you rock in that shirt man," Adam said, as he was the one blushing now.

Paul leaned in closer. "Sorry I didn't have spare pants, I still have the leather pants though!" Paul revealed in almost a giggle.

"To be honest, they are a bit hot!" Adam added.

They both laughed and started to talk as two friends should talk, without bullshit or false bravado.

"So you always bring an extra shirt to a club Mr. Vampire," Adam suddenly asked.

"Well, first off wise guy," Paul began, "Tim and Victor have an apartment in the back and I have access so I just grabbed one of Victor's shirts! And NO, before you ask, I have never taken any guys I picked up back there for a quickie!"

Adam blushed at that comment.

"And secondly, I really am a vampire. Tim and I are old friends from college and one night we went to the movies, he was already going with Victor, and he told me their story and asked if I wanted to join the gang, so to speak," Paul further explained

"Many of the guests here tonight, and much of the staff that work here are also vampires. Its nothing like the movies, honest!" Paul said.

The conversation turned to many other things as Paul and Adam really became comfortable with each other, each starting to feel an occasional twinge down in their crotches as they occasionally looked into each others eyes.

At one point, Adam looked over very seriously at Paul. "What is it Adam?" Paul asked.

"I really like you Paul, your so damn cute and really seem to be a nice guy. I just wish you'd get over your vampire obsession ," Adam said.

"I could show you," Paul offered. "I'm not supposed to show off but I'm starting to like you too, a lot actually!" Paul admitted.

"You want to fly me around the room when you sprout your wings?" Adam teased.

Paul was starting to get annoyed not being believed but he knew that most people were doubters, which actually was a good thing for him.

"Let's go into he privacy of Tim and Victor's apartment and I can show you a few things!" Paul suggested.

"Is that where you seduce me and get into my pants?" Adam asked with his own annoyed face.

"If you don't trust me then forget it! Paul snapped. The two sat quietly for a few moments.

"I didn't mean to offend you, but you have to admit it does sound like a come on line Paul!" Adam said.

Paul turned slowly to Adam and started to smile. "I guess it does, but I just wanted to share this with you," Paul added.

"And hey Adam, so what if I really am not a vampire but like you enough, or want you enough," he added with a slow pause, "to really want to make a move on you!"

Adam grinned. "I guess I should be flattered then, huh? That a hottie like you wants to make a pass at me!" Adam concluded.

"Now you're talking," Paul said as he stood up, taking Adam's hand. "Follow me hot stuff!" Paul added with a giggle like a school boy about to do something that would get him in trouble.

From the other side of the club, Tim and Victor stood looking over their domain.

"Our matchmaking efforts seem to be paying off!" Victor said to Tim, watching Adam and Paul walk away from their seats.

"I sure as hell hope so, those two guys are so nice, and so deserve someone special!" Tim replied.

Meanwhile, Paul, still leading Adam by the hand, went behind the bar and opened a door leading down a long hallway. At the end they found a door, which looked like any typical apartment door anywhere else. Paul pulled out a key chain and fished around for one particular key which he used to unlock and open the door. Adam followed both meekly and excitedly. He loved the forcefulness that Paul showed but also liked his soft side. And that hand holding, was it cute or what? And it felt good, Adam thought.

They walked into the apartment which looked like any other ordinary apartment. Paul took a left turn down another hall which seemed to be a smaller apartment. Opening a red door, they stepped inside. Adam stopped to look around one very large room. In one corner was a kitchen area and another corner had a small door which was partway open and seemed to lead to the bath room. The room was completely carpeted in a loud red carpet and the black painted walls were covered with movie posters of vampires, aliens, zombies and all other crazy creatures. One poster in particular caught his eye and Adam walked towards it. It was from the Twilight Trilogy movies and showed the two lead stars, the one who was a vampire, and the other guy, who played the werewolf, but they were stark naked on this particular movie poster, and both sporting rock hard erections while grinning at each other/ "Holy fuck!" Adam exclaimed. "Are these pictures real, Paul?" Adam's mouth was wide open, enjoying the view of the two movie hotties.

Paul walked over to stand at Adam's side. "To be honest Adam," Paul began to blush as he spoke, "I always had the hots for the Lautner guy." So one day I took a photographer friend who specializes in movie posters and we visited the guys on the set of a movie they were shooting recently. I talked them in to letting me take a nude photo for a private poster, and there it is!" Paul said with his arms proudly crossed over his chest.

"But they're naked and HARD, very hard!" Adam said, still in disbelief.

"As a vampire, I can make people do things," Paul explained.

"I don't know Paul," Adam said. "Maybe this is photo shopped, but don't get me wrong, its still a hot pic!" Adam added.

Paul turned to Adam and grinned. He kicked off his boots and pulled at his socks, so he was now in his bare feet. He then reached to his waist and pulled up and off his polo shirt, revealing a firm ripped chest and very impressive abs. He smiled softly at Adam, who took a step back, unsure what to expect seeing Paul partially undress.

But Adam was drawn in to Paul's face which seemed to shimmer with a calmness and sweetness, as if they always knew each other. Adam was totally calm and comfortable by Paul's amazing warm smile. He felt good. He felt warm. He felt safe. He just stared at Paul who grinned back.

Then Paul turned away from Adam. He was actually facing in the opposite direction. Adam immediately felt his heart sink. He felt cold. He felt alone.

And then Paul turned back to face Adam. "You okay Adam?" Paul asked.

"Um, uh, sure, um why do you ask?" Adam responded, feeling just a bit odd.

"Maybe you're cold because you are standing there in only your briefs!" Paul suggested.

"What?!" Adam said, looking down and seeing that he was no longer wearing his shirt or pants and was now barefoot. He looked around to see his clothes neatly folded on the edge of the bed. "How? Um how...?" Adam stammered.

Paul dropped his leather pants, wearing a pair of yellow striped boxers, the exact opposite Adam would have expected, he thought. Paul walked slowly up to Adam. "I'm sorry man, I just had to show you. I wanted you to know me, to know the real me," Paul pleaded to Adam.

Adam stood face to face with Paul, his mind filled with questions and confusion, but feeling the body heat next to him, wanting to touch that body heat, to be part of that body heat, but so afraid of being let on for something cold and temporary. All Adam could hear was his own confused mind pleading that this could be real, and not just some quick and easy emotionless sex.

Paul grinned softly. "Adam, this is not quick and easy emotionless sex. I do not want that either. I also want something real," Paul admitted.

"You..... you .... you read my mind! You can read minds! This isn't right!" Adam exclaimed, his voice rising.

"Please forgive me, it was just so loud in my mind, so close, and it sounded like my own mind. We are so on the same wavelength. Please I beg you not to be mad. I'll try not to do that again," Paul said, his voice cracking in his plea.

"I so need this to be real!" Adam said.

Paul leaned in for a kiss as Adam met him half way, their arms locking in a tight hug and embrace. Their lips parted and Paul's tongue moved forward, finding its target as two tongues touched and tasted and explored each other. At one point Adam let out a little moan as his defenses started to collapse and felt Paul's own moan echo deep inside of him. Their hands pulled at the others briefs and in no time they were both standing naked, their hard cocks snaking up their bellies between them. Adam's eyes were locked on Paul, enjoying this human contact, this warm skin on skin touching. Adam looked to find himself sideways, his toes no longer on the ground, not touching, but not touching anything! Still in Paul's embrace but feeling a bit startled, he realized that the two of them were floating over to the bed. He was sure that he was imagining this and that he was probably fast asleep enjoying a rather bizarre dream.

Paul was in ecstasy having found a kindred spirit, wanting to find a guy who was not only sexy and hot but wanted something real, not something fake and just sexual. And to Paul's added pleasure, this Adam guy was a real hottie. Just under six feet like himself, his brown hair framed the face of a cherub with mischief boiling under the surface. They were both in their mid twenties and ready for something real. In their embrace, Paul used his vampire ability to bend the space around him so he could float over to the bed with his new lover. Paul just didn't want to take even a moment to let go of this guy just to get to the bed.

On the large mattress, Paul and Adam were sitting up right on the bed, their legs crossed, their cocks rock hard looking for release. The two smiled as they moved towards each other, but this time going in opposite directions as the settled on their sides, each with the hard cock of the other facing their mouths. Instantly the two moved hungrily towards each other,. Adam took Paul's hot hard cock into his mouth. He loved feeling the soft skin and the firm hot muscle throbbing underneath. Adam tasted Paul's precum which began to leak and that only made Adam hungrier and thirstier, his lust taking over and building his sexual frenzy.

Paul was also enjoying a taste of hot cock in his mouth. He reached around to grab Adams ass cheeks and held on tight, keeping the hard cock deeply embedded in his mouth. While in his own sexual bliss, he felt his vampire teeth slowly extend as he turned his mouth so that his fangs could reach the underside of Adam's cock where his cum would soon flow. Paul allowed his mind to spread, filling the room until he felt his mind melt with Adam, feeling Adam's sexual frenzy and heat. The double shock of heightened pleasure which he both took from Adam and sent back into Adam, caused both guys to orgasm at the same moment. Adam let out a howl of pleasure, having never reached such a level of sexual release.

Adam's hips bucked and shook as he seed flowed out of his cock. But Paul wanted more, as his bite penetrated the skin of Adam's cock base and additional cum began to flow into his mouth. He sucked and sucked, taking his load from both the head of Adam's cock and from the base. Paul's sucking began to ease, as he knew that he had nearly drained the sweet balls before him. He withdrew his fangs from Adam's flesh and began to lick over the area, hoping to heal the cut and avoid too much blood leakage. He remembered the large blood stain around his own balls after Tim had taken his seed and brought him into the vampire clan. It was most upsetting to see the blood and he was hopping to spare Adam from the same sight.

Paul soon released Adams cock from his mouth as he felt his own cock begin to relax although it was still deep in Adam's mouth. Paul smiled as the pleasure that Adam had just provided him. Adam was clearly a natural, providing such wonderful bliss and bringing Paul to such a high level of ecstasy. And in exchange, he knew that he had provided Adam a large offering of his own seed. The two lovers pulled apart, soon finding themselves on their sides facing each other with their heads on the pillows.

"How you doing hot stuff?" Paul asked sweetly.

"That was amazing!" Adam responded. "Your load was like an aphrodisiac, and I think I came in buckets. I just came and came and came. Whew! I'm almost embarrassed. It must be a mess down there!" Adam joked.

Paul's face got serious for a moment. "Adam, could you feel what I did down there?" Paul asked.

"Well, I know you sucked me, and I felt a quick little bite I think?" Adam answered and asked.

"Well, to get to the point, you are halfway there to becoming like me. But its up to you if you want to go all the way. If we stop now, you'll return to how you were. But if you want the extra powers, we have on more step." Adam continued his smile, staring at Paul and began to let his eyes follow down Paul's rock hard body. He loved to look at Paul's chest and those amazing pecs and cute nipples staring back.. He loved the washboard abs and the v shaped muscles coming down his hips and pointing to his amazing trimmed pubes and gorgeous 8 inch uncut cock, which seemed to move and twitch with a life of its own. Adam looked further and down at his own body, and seeing a small blood stain around the base of his cock and another blood stain on his sheets.

"That's your handiwork Paul?" Adam asked cautiously.

"Yes, but that was the one and only bite, but if you continue the change and we become lovers and partners, we may nibble on each other from time to time if we want, if you want," Paul offered slowly with a grin.

"So no more blood tonight?" Adam asked.

"None at all lover," Paul said slowly, realizing that he was about to make Adam his life partner.

"Then do what you want," Adam began, "but just make sure I have the pleasure of a good fuck from you, and then I get to take your cherry too!" Adam beamed.

Paul began to laugh. "What's so funny, you sexy thing?" Adam asked.

"The second part of the "initiation" is me fucking you!" Paul explained. "And while you won't have the energy to fuck me tonight, you'll need to fuck me tomorrow to complete the circle of our vampire lust!"

With that explanation, both Adam and Paul broke out laughing and soon found themselves in a deep tight hug. Adam stared deep into Paul's eyes and felt love. But it was for the love of Adam, not Paul. Adam wrinkled his face, showing his confusion.

"You're in my head babe!" Paul explained with a grin. "And I love it!"

"I am?" Adam asked. "I didn't mean too!" he offered.

"Its cool! We're starting to link! I've never done this before. Its new for me too! Tim and Victor told me it would be this way Adam. For when I would meet my soul mate!" Paul said, his eyes filling with tears. Adam grinned, feeling that his smile had never been this wide before in his entire life as he let his mind float between him and Paul. He was so ready to offer himself to Paul, truly body, mind and soul!

Adam leaned on his back and put up his knees, rolling forward his ass as an offering to Paul. Paul leaned forward on the edge of the bed, his hard cock already throbbing and ready for more, his precum slowly offering a few dribbles onto the bed sheets below. Paul leaned into Adam's legs as he pulled Adam closer and was soon able to maneuver his anxious cock towards Paul's waiting rosebud. With their eyes locked, Paul pushed his hips out a bit further and forced his cock head into Adam's ass hole. Once the head popped in, Paul stared deep into Adams eyes, their hearts smiling. Paul felt both his cock reach inside Adam but he also felt the pressure Adam felt at that same moment. Equally, Adam experienced both the pleasure and pain of Paul's cock's entry into him. As Paul pushed in deeper, both Adam and Paul experienced the other's feelings and emotions. Both experienced a double sexual sensual experience. Not a word was exchanged as each knew exactly what the other desired and what actions needed to be taken. It was unlike anything either of the lovers had ever experienced.

In no time, Paul was thrashing and shoving himself into Adam. And Adam bucked and lurched against Paul's hot, hard and throbbing cock, feeling every sensation from within and around his own body. With their eyes either closed or staring at each other, their combined awareness actually controlled how forceful their eventual comings would be. In and out their bodies rocked. Their bodies glistening with sweat as they moaned and groaned as one, feeling as one connected body and one connected mind. Bliss was a level they had long passed. The ecstasy and passion was at a level rarely experienced between two lovers. And at the appointed moment, they knew they were ready. Each used their own bodies to coax the other into a frenzied orgasm. Paul's body racked with sheer pleasure as his hips thrust forward plunging his cock deep into Adam, giving up his own cream and even returning some of the cream he had taken from Adam just moments before, having already processed it and now implanting the full vampire essence back into Adam. After a full night's sleep tonight, Paul knew Adam would wake in his newly reborn vampire body and vampire powers and vampire senses.

Adam came at the same time and shot his load onto his own belly and chest, with some splashing up onto Paul's chest which was now lowering onto his own chest. Paul's cock softened enough to fall from Adam's love channel and he fell onto Paul, their bellies and chests settling down together. They were both exhausted, but Adam really began to feel out of it. Paul soon rolled off Adam as they lay next to each other, their faces a mere inches apart. "You need to rest now lover," Paul explained. "I'm going to clean up and then come back to look after you," Paul added.

"You know "I'm falling in love with you, don't you?!" stated Paul.

Adam grinned, his mind rolling off into the distance. "Me too sexy!" Adam murmured, before drifting off into a most glorious relaxing slumber.



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