Victor and Tim were good friends. The best, to be honest. Meeting in grade school, they hit it off immediately. They liked the same sports, they liked the same books, and they both loved horror movies. The scarier the better. They'd sit in the back of the theater, laughing and hooting when the zombie or monster took a bite of some broad's arm or head. They would actually toss popcorn over the heads of other movie goers during the scariest scenes!

Their friendship only grew during high school. Victor couldn't be happier when his best buddy Tim made the swim team. And Tim threw a party when Victor made the baseball team. With their good looks and all the team sports activities, the girls flocked to them. But no one ever got serious enough for either Victor or Tim. They still enjoyed each other's company more then anyone else's.

By the time they entered college, they got even better looking. Victor, just under 6 feet and weighing in at a buff 180 pounds, had a head of dark wavy hair. His Mediterranean features were a magnet. His bronze complexion belied the fact that he didn't like to sit out in the sun. With a golden smile, a firm smooth body that sported impressive pecs, nice abs, and solid muscular legs and arms, he was always hit on by both the girls and the boys.

Tim was his physical opposite. Although just over 6 feet tall, his frame only carried 170 pounds. But his years on the swim team were his saving grace. His pale skin, and a mop of uncontrollable strawberry blonde straight hair detracted people from noticing his rock hard abs, a tapered waist, and graceful muscular legs and arms with big biceps, a product from all the swimming. Also smooth bodied, he trimmed whatever hair he did have to almost hidden patches.

After college, they both stayed near home and shared an apartment together. Victor found a job as an assistant account manager with a medium sized insurance firm. Tim ended up in middle management for a large business bank. But the two friends, with standard Monday to Friday 9 to 5 work schedules couldn't be happier.

Playing sports or going to the movies or just hanging out was always available to them. In the movies, they could still be found hanging in the back row, giggling or poking or leaning against each other. On a rare occasion, they caught the other jerking off, but nothing more sexually than that ever developed.

But one autumn night, the world for Victor and Tim changed dramatically.

It was an unusually cold and rainy Friday night. The temperature was falling and ice was starting to form in patches on the roads around town. Victor made it home on time but Tim did not. A concerned Victor checked his phone and saw that he missed a message from Tim. He listened to it.

"Hey buddy! Your Tim here. Stuck at work. We have some extra work to do for this big loan package the bank is putting together and we must be done before the weekend. They said to expect I'd be here til like 8 or something. Will keep you posted. Eat without me pal!"

Victor had something to eat but had a nagging feeling being concerned abut Tim. Eight o'clock came and went as did nine o'clock and ten o'clock, without any sign or word from his Tim. At ten after 10, Victor heard the key in the door. When Tim entered, in his soaking wet jacket, Victor could not help himself from running up to his pal and giving him a great big hug.

"What gives Victor? I'm like soaking wet!" said Tim.

"You had me so fucking worried, with that crazy weather out there! And you could have called me!" argued Victor.

"What are you? My wife or something?" mocked Tim.

"I was worried! Deal with it!" shouted Victor. "And get out of those wet clothes, you fool!" added Victor.

"Yes Dear!" mumbled Tim as he was pushed into his bedroom by Victor. In a whirlwind of activity, Victor yanked off Tim's wet jacket and hung it up. "Lose those shoes and wet pants!" barked Victor. "You're making a mess in here!" Victor said.

In no time, Tim was sitting on his bed wearing only his still damp white briefs. Victor was busy flying around the room putting things away and hanging up whatever articles of clothing were wet.

The storm of activity calmed and Victor turned to look at the half naked Tim, who was watching him with a half grin. "Can I move now Mom?" Tim asked sarcastically.

"I was worried about you. Alot!" offered a calming Victor, standing in his sweatpants and sweatshirt and socks.

Their eyes met for a moment. Victor looked over his pal and wondered why he never notice how cute he was. Tim looked fondly at Victor, his muscular protector so worried about him.

Tim stood up slowly and took a step towards Victor.

"Thank you for caring so much about me. I really do appreciate it," Tim offered.

"Well, don't give me so much shit next time then, okay?" Victor said, trying to be stern while unsuccessfully hiding half a smile.

Tim surprised Victor when he wrapped his arms around Victor's neck. Victor's heart began to pound as never before. Tim reached out and pulled up Victor's sweatshirt, forcing Victor's arms into the air above his head. Not wearing any other shirt underneath, Victor's bare chest was exposed. The cold air in the room made his nipples erect which Tim instantly noticed, bringing a smile to his face. Victor's chest pounded harder as he quietly brought his arms around Tim's waist. He could see Tim shudder upon his touch.

"What's going on?" Victor quietly asked.

Tim smiled. "You can be so dense some time you jock!" Victor blushed. "Should I draw you a diagram?" Tim asked. Victor could only nod his head up and down, sporting a wide smile.

Tim pulled Victor closer as he pushed his face into Victor's neck, kissing and licking and nibbling on Victor's bare skin. Victor closed his eyes in delight. Yes, Yes, Yes, was all he could think. He felt Tim's hands slide along his sides to his waist as he felt Tim pull down his baggy sweatpants. By now Tim's attention had lowered to Victor's shoulders, kissing and nibbling as he went.

Victor felt his sweatpants fall to the floor around his ankles. He picked his feet up one at a time to disentangle himself from the garment. Standing only in his black trunks, his hands wandered down the back of Tim's smooth and firm body. They hugged tighter as Victor felt Tim run his hands over Victor's tight bubble butt, still covered by the cotton material of his underwear.

They both moaned in delight and excitement until Victor was able to pull down Tim's brief, who let a gasp escape his mouth. Victor leaned into Tim to kiss his ear.

"I've wanted this for a long time!" Victor whispered.

Tim pulled back with a grin, "Me too!" he responded, "Now your turn to lose those damn briefs!" Tim answered.

Both naked, Tim and Victor fell onto Tim's bed, locked in an embrace. Tim and Victor both shuddered as they fell onto the sheets of the bed. Victor spoke first: "You cold?"

"Nah, just excited I guess. You?" responded Tim.

"Nope, just horney!" Victor said with a grin.

The two guys explored each other's bodies carefully, nibbling and licking as they went. Tim, now on his knees hovered over Victor, looked hungrily over his lover's body with a grin.

"You look good enough to eat my boy!" Tim teased in a deep voice.

"Well, that's what zombies do! They eat people!" Victor shouted with a giggle.

Tim dove down Victor's body, stopping at his hardening cock, and licked the top, catching a drop of precum on his tongue. A shudder ran through Victor's body at the attention. Victor ground his ass into the sheets, eager for what was coming. Tim leaned back down again, taking Victor's cock into his mouth, gently sucking and licking around the cock head. Tim's head went lower, opening wide and taking in as much of Victor's hard eight inches he could. Locking his lips over his teeth, he began to suck, bobbing his head up and down. Tim had felt Victor's heart pound beneath his skin, and he soon felt his heart go into overdrive, pounding loud enough he thought the whole world could hear it. Tim cupped Victor's balls, tugging and squeezing as he continued a most excellent blow job. Victor's thrashing continued to grow as he got closer and closer to his climax. Tim enjoyed the feel and texture of Victor's skin and enjoyed the experience just as much.

Feeling Victor's cock suddenly seem to engorge even more, Tim felt Victor's hips rise off the bed, and then freezing before offering a large convulsion which signaled the beginning of wave after wave of Victor's cock cream release. Tim continued to suck hungrily, taking it all down and completing the pleasuring of Victor.

Their actions slowed, as Tim fell on top of Victor, holding him in a tight hug.

"Mmmmm," moaned Victor, "better then expected," he offered.

"Hell yeah," was all Tim could say with a wide grin before rolling off Victor and falling onto his back on the bed besides his lover.

"Now we need to get you to release too!" suggested Victor.

"I can suck you off or let you fuck me," Victor offered. "Its your call," he added with a grin.

"You'd let me fuck you?" asked an excited Tim.

"I want you to!" responded Victor.

Tim pulled a tube of lube from his night stand drawer, forcing Victor to look amazed at the convenience.

"I play with a dildo sometimes," Tim offered with a slightly embarrassed grin.

With Victor on his knees, and Tim positioning himself behind Victor, the two sexual novices moved in for a good old fashioned fuck. Pushing his cock in slowly at first, Tim moved his lube covered cock into Victor's waiting lube doused hole. Deeper and deeper, pausing as they went, Tim pushed more. Hearing Victor gasp, he paused.

"You okay babe?" Tim asked.

"Yeah, but how much more you got for me?" Victor asked.

"You got it all man!" Tim asked.

The two lovers got into a slow motion dance, moving back and forth in unison, picking up energy and speed as they went. Soon, Tim was giving Victor a complete thrashing, burying his cock deep and pulling out part way to only ram it in again. Victor's prostate was taking the brunt of the force, leaving Victor in a near trance state, his cock already hard again from the backside pressure it was taking. The two guys moaned and groaned as they went, both enjoying the fuck. Tim felt his head spin in delight and felt disconnected from his own body. Victor only heard the pounding of his heart and felt his heavy breathing fill the room. After a few more thrusts, Tim froze mid thrust, his head exploding and his cock erupting. His gasps heightened as his cock drained itself in a series of seemingly endless streams of cum.

Victor felt his bowels fill with Tim's sweet cream, enjoying the sensation immensely. Slowly, but certainly, Tim's cock began to return to its normal softer size. Feeling warm and snuggly, the two guys fell asleep in each others arms moments after hitting the pillow. Midway through the night, Victor got up to take a pee, and walked into the bathroom. Upon his return, he looked over the nude sleeping body of his lover as a wide grin crossed his face. Victor saw the open window but left it open just a bit for circulation. Victor then put a blanket over Tim, turning off the lights, and went to his own bedroom and crawled into his own bed.

Victor slept soundly but thought he heard some rustling or bumping noises during the night, but quickly feel back asleep, thinking fondly of the earlier sexual adventure.

Morning came and Victor dragged himself out of bed. He opened his window shades to find a bright warm sun on a cloudless morning. He walked naked into the shower and washed up, removing the few cum stains he found on his chest. Rubbing them clean, he grinned at their memory.

Sitting at breakfast, Victor read the newspaper, lifting his head when a bedraggled squinting Tim walked into the room, shirtless and in boxers. Victor immediately noticed something different about Tim. First thinking maybe an afterglow of sex, he looked closer and noticed Tim paler then normal.

"You okay babe?" a concerned Victor asked.

Tim squinted at Victor. "I think so. Its so damn bright in here, isn't it?" Tim asked.

Tim fell into one of the chairs. "You don't look so hot!" Victor offered, while getting up. "Let me get you something to eat. You want cereal? I can make you eggs? Some coffee?"

"Ewww, they all sound awful. We got any left over Big Mac from the other day?" Tim asked meekly.

"For breakfast? You are weird. Is that what sex does to you?" Victor teased, rummaging deep inside the refrigerator. Pulling out the cold hamburger, Victor jumped feeling Tim suddenly stand next to him, grabbing the leftover burger from his hands. Victor turned to sit down, finding a ravenous Tim already seated chomping away at the burger. Tim tore at the meat with a vengeance that almost scared Victor. As Tim lifted his chin to take another mouthful of cold meat, Victor froze, a chill runnning down his spine.

"Um Tim, Tim?" Victor began slowly. "Your neck? What happened? You cut yourself shaving or something?"

Tim finished his burger with a grin and a burp, wiping his mouth across his bare forearm. With a brighter, more alert face, he suddenly seemed responsive. "Huh? What ya say hot stuff?" Tim responded.

Victor jumped up, grabbing Tim by the arm and dragged him to the bathroom to stand in front of the bathroom mirror to show the bloody stain at his neck. Tim was oblivious to the blood stains on his neck. Victor turned to the mirror and let out a blood curdling scream.

"Where the fuck are you Tim!" still holding Tim at the elbow while standing beside him.

Tim suddenly noticed the problem. "Victor, Victor! Why can't I see myself in the mirror?" Time wailed as he began to panic and breath heavily.

Victor dragged him out of the bathroom into the bedroom. Tim sat down on the bed trembling as Victor looked around the room in amazement. The room was very cold with the window now wide open. The mattress was half off the bed frame and the dresser drawers were all either wide open or pulled completely out and emptied on the floor. Turning his gaze to the bed sheets, Victor almost began to cry. There was a large blood stain on the pillow. It was the size of a spread palm. Halfway down the bed was another blood stain of the same size. Victor looked over to Tim, sitting on the bed, as if in a trance. Victor leaned over his best friend, he could see two small punctures in the middle of the dried blood on his neck. He stood Tim up, grabbing him by the hands, and quickly pulled down his boxers. Victor gasped.

"What?" asked an almost numb Tim.

"You have the same bloody stain at the base of your cock, and I think two small skin punctures down here as well," explained Victor to an obviously worried Tim.

Victor pulled up Tim's boxers and pushed him back to a sitting position on the bed, where he sat down alongside.

"Do you remember anything from last night?" asked a worried Victor.

"No, not really, just that we had some awesome sex," Tim offered with a weak smile, now facing Victor.

Victor looked puzzled. "No Tim, you have to think hard, really hard. Look around here, something happened here last night!" Victor proffered.

Tim closed his eyes, squeezing tight, trying hard to force some memory or recollection.

"I half remember you getting up to pee, feeling I was missing a warm body next to me, but I was half asleep. Then it got cold, really cold. I was naked and I think I was shivering." said Tim.

"Yeah? Go on. Then what?" prompted Victor.

"I thought you came back. Did you?" asked Tim, looking at Victor with fear and concern in his face.

"No, I don't think so," replied Victor.

"Oh," responded Tim. "I thought I was Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz!"

"what!!" exclaimed Victor.

"Weird huh?" continued Tim, "but like the whole world was spinning, the room was spinning and something evil, like Dorothy's witch was here, but not a witch, it was like a male witch or something. My cock felt awful, then wonderful. My neck felt awful, then wonderful." Tim put his hand gently to his neck to be sure this was all real.

Tim looked around the room, examining the mayhem that was his room, as his eyes suddenly widened, turning to face Victor.

"Holy Fuck!" began Tim, "I was bitten by a vampire! That explains why I can't see myself in the mirror and the bite marks on my neck and cock!" Tim though further. "And it must have been a gay vampire!" Tim added, clutching his balls.

"Oh shit! Now what!"

"I will stick by your side. Lets get some sleep and deal with this in the morning." Victor said as he kissed Tim on the forehead and crawled into bed with Tim.



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