decided to take a break from my hectic lifestyle and planed for a great vacation in the Caribbean, what better place than Puerto Rico. Just a quick flight from Atlanta, thus if I have to come back to the office in a hurry there will be no passports or customs to clear. I guess that even when I am trying to run from the office I cannot leave my work responsibilities behind.

I am a 32 years old corporate lawyer, ahead of my class and in great shape. I'm 6'2' tall 210lbs of solid muscle, been working out since I was 15 years old, black hair and hazel eyes, but my best characteristic is my body. My biceps can even be depicted when I am wearing my office suit. I play tennis and love running, that is how I got my strong legs, but what I love the most of my body is my washboard abs. I might sound too narcissist but hey you have to love yourself before anyone else, which is my philosophy.

I made all my plans; got a hotel suite in the most exciting resort in the Island, called the Conquistador, located in a cliff side in the east point of the island. I looked at the room features in the internet website; it was a cabana style overlooking the ocean with splendid sunrises. The hotel has its own private island and four pools all located at different levels from the top of the cliff until you reach the marina.

I was looking forward for a peaceful week to relax, and man if I got my wish. My adventure starts from the get-go. I got to the airport in Atlanta with an hour and a half to spare, everybody knows that today that is cutting it close, but since I was flying first class I was able to bypass the kilometric line and move ahead of the 'mob' to get screened.

But as many other passengers I forgot to take my suit coat before going thru the metal detector 'and don't forget your shoes as well sir' said the lady from TSA, her partner operating the X-ray machine said while smiling at me, 'yes you might be in first class but you still have to go thru us buddy'. He was a tall black guy (probably my age or younger in the late twenties) and you could tell he care about his body as well, his shirt was about to explode with his big arms, and he had a perfect neck, proof of long hours in the gym.

So there I was with the time clicking; getting almost undressed, the shoes, the belt, apartment keys 'why didn't I put the keys in my carry-on' I thought to myself..., that's when I realized what I also had in my carry-on! Before I could figure out an excuse, I heard two commands, 'ok sir you can walk thru now' from the female TSA Agent and 'but don't go too far Sir, may I have permission to look insight your bag?' came from the x-ray tech. Walking thru the screening machine, rapidly grabbing all my belongings I proceed to follow the tech, but instead of going to the end of the counter like they always do, to check your bags, he signal to a door and for me to follow.

'Am I in any kind of trouble Sir' I just manage to say with my rough masculine voice. 'No sir, I just need to further investigate your bag, follow me please'. We walk thru a long hallway with multiple doors at either side, all labeled Inspection rooms'. We finally reach the final door in the right side of the hallway, the TSA agent open the door and signaled me to go in. Which I did, still carrying my coat, shoes, wallet and belt in one hand and holding my pants up with the other.

'Excuse me sir, but I have only 45 minutes to catch my flight (I lied), and I'm in a very tight schedule' The gorgeous black TSA x-ray tech turned and faced me 'May I see your boarding pass, Sir' he said in a deep commanding voice, walking inside the inspection room I replied 'I forgot where I put it in the commotion Sir, it must be here somewhere' I told him trying to find it. 'Well we have a problem, if you cannot produce a boarding pass Sir' he replied in a demanding voice.

At this point I am already getting anxious 'well if you wouldn't have marched me here in such a hurry I will probably will remember asshole' I replied back furiously, without minding the trouble that comment could have put me in.

He rushed to me with his fist clenched, our bodies got so close that both of us could feel each other's pounding chests. Standing almost at the same height I was able to look down at his eyes, our faces too close for comfort. We stood like that for what appear to be minutes, but sure where only seconds, both fixed at each other's eyes to see who backs up first... That's when there was a knock on the door; it was his female partner holding my boarding pass.

'His flight is due in an hour and you are cleared' she told him while signaling to the camera in the room which was turned off and closing the door behind her, he turned back to me. Looking at my boarding pass he said 'Mark, do you know why you are here?' 'No idea Sir', I lied. 'Well I need to further check your bag Mark; it seems that you have some explaining to do'

Standing there and looking at my bag in the table I said 'What can be so wrong with the contents of my bag that I need to be in this room' 'Well to start you have a bottle larger than 3oz in your carry-on' and pulling my blue lubricant bottle out of my bag he turned to look at me with a grin in his face. His facial expression told me that this was not serious and that there was a hidden agenda in all this, then he pulled my magazine... 'Mark while investigating your lube bottle I found this... a Bisexual hardcore magazine... reading material, I presume?' he said while flipping thru the pages, meanwhile, I was standing there taking back because of the outcome.

'Hey Bryan (reading his name tape), that is not a crime right?' I said. 'No is not' he replied, getting close to me again. 'I like this one' showing me a page of two muscular dudes, one is getting fucked by the other while one of them fucked this chick as well. 'Yea is one of my favorite as well' I said getting ready to collect my things from the table. Bryan grabbed my hand, 'I'm not done yet Mark' he said dropping to his knees in front of me and unzipping my pants. I did a quick look to the camera and the door, 'Camera is not on and the door is locked, none will come here for the next 30 minutes' he said while pulling my soft 8'meet out of my pants. My cock just jumped to attention to the feeling of his warmth mouth sucking it and getting to his 10.5' active size in a heartbeat!

Bryan pulled my pants to my ankles, working my cock furiously. I could see his face getting fucked by my meat, balls slamming against his chin. WOW! That went from nervousness to pleasure in a matter of seconds. I grabbed his head and kept moving it back and forward, stopping just so he could take a breather. I could see his lips rubbing over the huge veins of my massive cock. Bryan slipped it out of his mouth just in time to lick all the precum. I was enjoying this moment which was just unreal, a moment ago I was in a screening line and now I'm face fucking this gorgeous muscular black dude...

Bryan stood up and quickly took his shirt off, I was amaze at his massive pecks, but what caught my attention was the huge bulge depicted in his tight polyester pants. 'We need to free that beast' I said taking his pants off. We continue to get each other undressed in a hurry.

We looked like to high school guys, getting undressed and tossing clothes everywhere. He laid back on the carpet, his cock bigger than mine but almost as thick was standing straight up like a flag pole. I just got on top with my cock directly at his mouth and me looking directly at his... I got in the push up position, Bryan already deep throating my cock, I got my mouth ready and started licking his shaft up and down, getting excited by his masculine moans, his huge balls just laying on the ground look like two huge golf balls... I started to do pushups and with every movement each other was face fucking the other, it was invigorating. Bryan moved me sideways and we continue our great 69 in the inspection room. We were just savoring each other's cock.

I got one finger wet in my mouth and proceed to poke his hairless tight hole... Bryan started to moan loudly now, I just did not care if anyone could hear us, I was having a blast enjoying this guy. I continue in his tight hot ass, two, then three fingers, Bryan was going wild, his body trembling, his nut sack so tight to his cock that I knew he would blow any minute. The room got so warm so fast that we were just two sweat studs deep throating each other. I was sucking Bryan so fast now and complementing it with my fingers, fucking his tight hole, that he could not hold it no more, he manage to take my cock out of his mouth just in time to warned me...'Mark, I'm gona cum!!! Oh shit, I'm gona shoot this load'... I did not stop, I could feel his mushroom head in the back of my throat, fingers fucking him wildly, and suddenly a torrent of man cream was filling my mouth... Bryan's body shaking violently under the amazing orgasm, I could feel his body trembling under me, this man continued to shoot in my mouth what it felt like torrents of cum, I swallowed as much as I could but some escaped my mouth and travel to my finger that continued fucking his ass.

He quickly got from under me, still trembling from his orgasm, got in all fours with his glimmering tight ass just inches from my throbbing cock... 'Fuck me Mark, please fuck me I want to feel that huge cock in me... I know you are about to come and I want to return the great orgasm' I quickly grabbed my bag and pulled a condom, in less than ten seconds I was behind Bryan, his butt was firm and round, all his arms and back muscles were very visible. I just got my cock purple-mushroom head barely in Bryan when he just pushed his body back getting impaled... I managed a moan that was mirror in pleasure by Bryan as he was been fucked balls deep. I quickly grabbed him by his hips and continue to wildly drive my cock in and out of his hot, tight muscled ass!

We were fucking madly in that room, Bryan's ass cheeks were making this amazing sound every time they were colliding with my body... 'Oh yeah, UMM yeah, fuck me Mark... Yeah faster...' my balls all sweaty were slamming against his body with every deep thrust. I could feel my orgasm approaching fucking fast.

I started to moan, my hands tightly holding Bryan's body in place, while my cock drill his hole. I was fucking him so wildly I was surprised we hadn't caught anyone's attention. Bryan straighten his body arching his back, my cock deep in him, he turned his face and in between deep thrust from my massive meat, he told me ' I want to swallow every drop, just give it to me Mark, feed me your seed!!!

That did it for me, my balls raised to my body, I quickly withdrew my cock and removed the condom, Bryan turned around still on all fours, I grabbed my cock in one hand and his face with the other and just shoved my cock so deep in his mouth that he had to hold on to my body for balance,... one, two quick in and out of his mouth and my body went thru the same climatic orgasm, I could feel my body draining thru my cock with every stream of cum... Bryan kept moving his mouth just enough to milked me out of every drop.

We just collapsed back to the carpeted floor, our muscled bodies trying to catch our breath. 'Oh Shit, my flight, I missed my flight' I was able to say while gasping for air. Bryan check his watch, 'no man, you still have a 20 minutes...' he said. I looked at my watch and clearly it had been an hour of fucking sex, I looked at Bryan confused. 'Mark you will make your flight, I get you out quickly thru the screening area!!!' he said with a great smile.

We helped each other to get up, Bryan opened a drawer from the office desk and took out couple of towels, and we quickly dried the sweat from our bodies. I got dressed and quickly collected all my stuff, apart from two drained cocks, there was no proof of what had taken place in the room.

We walked back to the main terminal, Bryan in front of me; I was looking at his tight butt, his uniform made it just perfect... I was remembering the way it slammed against my cock just several minutes earlier!

As we reached the screening area, Bryan signaled me out thru a side security door leading to the clear side of the screening area. There were people just sitting there awaiting secondary screening 'Thank you for your kind support Sir' He said as he open the door to let me out.

I walked out and immediately continue towards my departure gate. By the time I got there they were already boarding, I found my seat in first class and took of my coat off, just in time for the flight attendance to come and get it. 'Would you like something to drink Sir?' she asked while collecting my coat, 'Yes, coffee... and hold the cream please'

To be continued....



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