Working six to seven days a week makes you appreciate your time off.  And it's even better if the company you work for makes up for the long hours.

I am employed by Unique Designs, a very innovated design and construction company.  We have five 'teams', each one working on a different project. For the company to accept a project, we must be guaranteed at least a million dollars profit. Once the project is accepted, that team works strictly on that job, putting in up to twelve to sixteen hours a day and  at times seven days a week.  However, even though the hours are long and grueling, we are given three weeks paid vacation every six months, in June and December.  Plus, when we get the vacation we also get a week and a half extra pay. The company takes care of its employees.

I was looking forward  to my summer time off. I had plans to go camping, alone, at a nearby state park. The park had tent sites and small cabins  to rent which were placed well away from each other. I had one of the cabins reserved.

The vacation time arrived and I was packed and ready to leave at daybreak that first day. It was a four hour drive away, and I estimated that I could be there, checked in, and unpacked by noon.

I had been there a couple of times before and knew Brad, one of the rangers that worked in the office and patrol.  He was twenty-six, stood near six-four, was muscular and had a neatly trimmed black beard and moustache, and his open neck shirt revealed a hairy chest.  I had no idea why I found him so attractive, but I did.

"Hey, Mark," he said greeting me.  "I've got your cabin all ready for you."

"Is it the one I requested?" I asked.

"Sure is," he replied.  "I made sure of that."  He smiled is beautiful smile and chills ran through my body.  What was happening?

As expected, I was unpacked and totally settled in by noon when I prepared a sandwich for lunch along with a cold beer. 

After eating, I headed out for a hike, dressed only in shorts and hiking boots.  Even at work, I was always commando.  I loved the freedom. Two hours later I returned to my cabin, not having seen or heard another person. I decided to do something I had never done before. I decided to spend the rest of the day totally nude. I went in, stripped, then returned to my lounge chair nude with beer in hand.  It was an awesome feeling.

Suddenly, I heard my name and realized that I had dozed off. It was Brad.

"Mark, was everything satisfactory with your cabin?" he asked.

"Uh, yea," I stammered, trying to cover myself.

"Hey, man, it's cool.  Lots of campers go nude at their campsite.  I'm used to it.  We just ask that you go nude only in the vicinity of your campsite and not go hiking that way."

"Thanks, I'll remember that," I replied as I watched his eyes cover me from head to toes, over and over.

"See you around," he said as he returned to his ATV. "If you need anything, give me a call."

"Will do," I called back.

It was then that I realized that my cock had began to stiffen behind my hands as I tried to hide it.  What was happening to me?  It had never happened when I went to the gym at the office.

The cabin was situated next to one of the lakes in the park and I decided to take a swim and see if the cold water would calm me down. It did and I was soon grilling a steak for dinner. After a couple more beers around the campfire, I headed to bed.

The next morning, I awoke, still nude and showered then prepared a small breakfast.  After eating I slipped on only my nylon shorts, socks, and hiking boots and headed out with my trusty long walking stick.  I found that I loved the feeling of the smooth nylon rubbing on my cock.

I had been hiking slowly for almost an hour when I heard soft moans  off to the side of the trail.  I wondered if someone was injured and turned off the trail to check it out.

As I neared the sounds, I soon found a small clearing, but what was in the clearing was totally unexpected.

When I spotted what was going on, I eased behind a large tree and watched.  There on a blanket in the clearing were two men, one in his late teens and the other in his thirties, laying in a sixty-nine and hungrily sucking each other  as they moaned.  As I watched, my cock quickly stiffened.  I pulled up the leg of my shorts completely exposing my cock and balls. I began slowly stroking my no hard cock.  The sight of two men servicing each other had turned me on big time.

After a few minutes, it was obvious by their actions that they were both climaxing.  I watched as they completed their oral activity then as they sat up, they swallowed. At about that time my own cock exploded, sending huge volleys of cum out onto the dry leaves.  They turned my way and after a moment the older man said, "It was probably a bird."  They then kissed passionately, offering each other their tongues. After the kiss, the older man said,  "We better get back to camp before someone starts looking for us."

"For sure," the teen replied.  "I wouldn't want my dad to know what I did with his brother."

"Josh, you're the best nephew I could ever ask for.  I love our time together."

"Uncle Jim, you're the best uncle ever.  I love your cock."

"I know," the man replied,grabbing the blanket and shoving it in a plastic bag. "We'll leave this here to use tomorrow."

The turned and headed my way as I quickly and as silently as possible returned to the trail. I headed farther along the trail but decided to return to my camp.  I turned around and in less than a minute I came face to face with the boy and his uncle. They were both damn good looking and it was hard to believe that they had sucked each others cock.  I spoke and the kid just nodded as the older man said hello back.

After they passed, I stood for a moment then faintly heard the boy say, "Uncle Jim, do you think he was the sound we heard and that he saw us?"

"Well, if he was, it's too late to worry about it now. Just act normal when we get back to camp."

I returned to my camp and replayed in my head what I had seen.  Each time I did, my cock got rock hard.  I wondered what it would be like to get sucked by another man.  I had heard that only a man could properly suck another man's cock.  I wanted to find out if it was true.

TO BE CONTINUED....................



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