A few summers ago I bought a skimpy pair of white nylon unlined shorts while away from home. They were really scanty and very see through, I must have had more confidence in those days. I wore these shorts over a black pvc thong which were my favourite underwear at that time. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and had an underwear fetish. I wore these for the journey back from the south coast, where I had been doing a training course, it was a long journey home and mad hot. I was in my late 20's I had a fit body, slim but defined with a tight little bubble butt, in fact I still am quite fit.

My car had been giving me trouble that week and on my way home I stopped at a service station to check under the bonnet. The car was ok but as I stood looking under the bonnet I became aware of someone quite near and just behind me. I couldn't help myself, I slowly bent over the engine, sticking my arse out and arching my back and as I did this I glanced behind. Sure enough there stood a fit looking well-tanned guy. This was Steve I learned later, he looked into my eyes but then his gaze went to my arse and I had a feeling he liked what he saw. Steve offered to call the RAC motoring club, I told him not to bother as I had fixed the problem. He went on to offer to take me to his place which he said was just round the corner and I could wait for the repair men there if I needed them. I told him I thought he was being really kind but told him I was ok and he didn't have to bother, when he said the pleasure would be all his I felt a rush of excitement, I felt certain we were on the same wave length and accepted his 'help'. I never was any good at flirting.

I followed him to his home, about 2 miles, and parked up behind him. I was really excited because I had only limited experience with other guys many years before, in fact I was hard and a little uncomfortable due to my cock straining against the restrictive pvc material.

After offering a drink he turned and said what a fantastic arse I had and what a tease I was to wear such short shorts. I thanked him for the compliment, and we started chatting and I started to relax. He told me his partner was away in Switzerland with a new job and they couldn't see each other for weeks on end and that he had gone without sex but when he saw me next to my car obviously flaunting myself he couldn't resist the urge. I told him I was in the navy but had had gay sex before and he asked about my experiences. As I told him about my past exploits he sat next to me, put an arm around me and we started kissing and fondling, he placed my hand on his bulge and said 'you little minx, let's go into the bedroom' and he led me by the hand.

His name was Steve as I mentioned and he was 60 but I would have guessed about 35, he was 5'7 but nice and compact and quite muscular although he said he didn't work out. In the bedroom we quickly got naked and I went down on him. After a short while he said he wanted to fuck me and he stood at the side of the bed and put a condom on and opened a small black sachet of what must have been lube and rubbed it on his dick and on my arse as he positioned himself between my legs so I was on my back with my legs over his shoulders. He loosened my bum up with a well-oiled finger and it felt great. After a short while he put his cock head to my hole and pushed. I tried to relax but could feel myself resisting but not for long, man what a feeling as the first few inches of dick pushed its way into my butt hole. It felt a little uncomfortable but didn't hurt, then as he slowly slid more of his shaft into me I heard myself moaning in pleasure.

His dick was about 6 inches and not very fat but it felt huge and I had a fantastic feeling of fulfilment. For about 5 minutes he slowly thrust in and out and said a couple of times `oh what a sight' as he glanced down at his rock hard erection sliding in and out of my arse. After a while he told me I was opening up to him and he started to thrust more quickly and strongly. There was absolutely no pain and I was really enjoying the feeling of being fucked. After about 15 minutes he withdrew and told me to turn over. I was in heaven as he pushed his dick gently back into my hole and after a few slow thrusts he really picked up the pace and the bed started creaking and the headboard was banging on the wall. He kept changing my position from time to time and had me bending over the brass footboard at the bottom of the bed at one point, it was just the right height to support me at stomach height and I put my hands behind me and Steve immediately grabbed my wrists and really started to slam into me. I have never tried bondage but being bent over the footboard with my wrists held behind me felt like bondage in a way and it felt fucking great! I wondered if the neighbour's over the road would be able to see all this, those houses opposite looked slightly higher up and I felt sure they would be able to look down on us. I couldn't have cared less, this fuck was better than I could have dreamed, I have always preferred older guys and Steve was obviously very experienced. After fucking me over the end of the bed for at least 15 minutes he again withdrew and I was ordered onto all fours back on the bed again.

Steve may not have had sex for a while but he was a long stayer and it was easily an hour before he told me he was going to cum which he did almost immediately after he announced it. He had me on my back again with my legs high in the air, he came for ages with a variety of long and short powerful thrusts and I could feel the spunk inside the teat of the condom inside of me. He kind of bellowed as he came. I shot my load at the same time, there was a lot more cum than usual and because of my position, almost bent double, I got a thick and sticky facial of my own cum. My orgasm seemed to go on and on, I had a mouthful of my own spunk, which I slowly swallowed down as Steve watched. I don't know how to describe it. The feeling of a cock up the arse at the end of a very long fuck with Steve having his orgasm with his dick up my arse was indescribable.

After a little rest we went back through to the sitting room and had a beer and a chat. Steve said I could spend the weekend with him, wow! Less than an hour later he had me bent over the settee for another out of this world fuck session, and so it went on like that all weekend.

Hope I haven't rambled on too much but I just wanted to share the experience of being shafted up the butt virtually all weekend. xxx



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