With Blake's eyes still red, I was still feeling a bit uneasy. He just gave me possibly the biggest load in history.

I was panting and clamped my hands on his awesome ass. He bent over to grip my arms and pull me up. I was standing face to... well, definitely NOT face to face with him...

Now, at a height of 5'5", this guy was almost 2 feet taller than me. He basically towered over all others. He lifted me up and dropped my on his bed, belly first.

He crawled in on top of me and placed his massive cock on my virgin hole. In a slip second, he had thrust his entire cock inside me, but I felt no pain. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!!??!!

He had me in a head lock and started to pound my ass hole like their was nothing els he could do. I wanted to moan in pure ecstasy but I couldn't, I just couldn't get myself to moan.

I began to cope with the situation and just let the ultimate pleasure happen upon me.

He didn't say a single word or make even one noise the whole time.

He wrapped an arm around me and held my legs up with the other. He had me in his arms and fucking my ass. It felt like I was is heaven, and I was friggin' straight like a parallel line.

He started cumming deep within me and his cum generated a lot of heat. It felt like it was burning inside me. I felt so close to him, like a puppy to an owner.

He gently set me down and slid his massive cock out. I took that moment to catch my breath. I closed my eyes and let him crawl into bed with me. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight against him. I slipped into a deep sleep and found myself in a very unusual dream.

Unfathomable Love: Part 2.2

I was in a very strange dream. Everything seemed to spin, slowly at first, but gradually getting faster. I saw someone standing still, but his image became distorted as everything els was spinning. I everything stop moving. I heard a bang behind me. I glanced back to see nothing but an empty street. I turn back to face the man before me, but he had disappeared. I head a constant sound of foot steps getting closer and closer. I started to run, but still the noise got closer. I turned at a corner, glancing back. I was able to see the figure again. I kept on running, but ran into a wall. I fell back and saw the figure in front of me. Its eyes were glowing red...

I was suddenly sitting on the edge of a building; it was at least 10 stories high. I looked over to see someone who was killed years ago. It was my mom, sitting there with me.

"Kyle" she spoke, addressing me. "How are you doing, sweety?"

"Mom?" I asked in disbelief, starting to cry out of sadness as I recalled her death.

"Shhhhh, I'm here. It's okay, honey, moms here."

She put her hand on my head, applying pressure. I rested my head against her bosom. She rested her hand on my head and began to sooth me to a calm state, running her hands through my hair. I was crying even harder by now. She always had me rest my head against her to calm me down, and it always worked. There was nothing going on when I was in that position, we just had very good mother-son relationship, you know how it is right?

"Where were you?" I asked.

"In heaven sweety, watching over you. You need to know that the demon you're with right now is never going to harm you. I love you, Kyle."

I wasn't saying anything, I wasn't able to.

She started fading away and I started to scream out for her.


I sat up quickly in bed next to Blake, who was also sitting up, looking at me in a worried way.

I started crying. I just lost my mom again. I felt just as devastated as when she was killed.

Blake didn't say anything. (I later find out that he helped my mom speak to me through my dreams). He held onto me tight and just rocked me back and forth in his arms. I drifted off into sleep again after crying for almost an hour.



Ray Walker

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