I met Josh the day we both were sworn into the Marines.  Although we were from the same area, we went to different high schools and had our own circle of friends.  We seemed to 'click' immediately as we waited for transportation to our training facility.  Within two weeks, it was if we had known each other all our lives. I began to suspicion that Josh was into the same activities as me...male sex.

Nothing was said or done, but I soon noticed the way he would smile when he looked at me. We got through the basic training and after our graduation on Friday, we were given a weekend pass to go into town.  We arrived and immediately wanted to get out of our uniforms and into civilian clothes.  We finally found a motel room that we could afford and was clean, but after Josh got the room, he told me that all they had left was a room with one queen bed.  

"No big deal," I told him. "I see nothing wrong with two men in one bed."  He gave me that sly smile again.

We entered the  room and after tossing  our bags onto the bed, Josh casually stepped up to me, face to face, and gently put his arms around my waist before bringing his face closer to mine. I knew what I wanted to happen and a second later it did.  Ever so gently, he pressed his lips to mine, and after a few seconds both our tongues began to exit our mouths and explore the others mouth.

After a long, hot, passionate kiss, we separated  and as we did, he looked into my eyes as he said, "I've wanted to do that since the day we met."

Smiling back, I said, "I've wanted it also and was so hoping it would happen today, and it did.  I want more." 

"We have all weekend together.  Let's not waste it," he replied.

Immediately, we began undressing each other and in short time, we were both totally nude and boned.  He led me to the bed and after shoving our bags onto the floor, we lay down and began our affair.  Moments later we were hungrily devouring each others cocks. After swallowing the load fed us, we began to make out again and a while later, we went further and fucked each others ass ravenously.

With the exception of going to eat, we spent the weekend in bed having sex.  All too soon, it was time to return to base.  The next morning we received our assignments, and were excited when we saw that we had both been assigned to the same unit.

After more training and sex when we could manage it, we were sent to Iraq, to join other groups in the war. We had been there just over a week, when Carl, a corporal from another unit, said to us while on patrol, "If you get horny, let me know.  There is a guy in my unit that will sole your problem."

"Really?" I asked, knowing that gays were quickly discharged when discovered. "How does he get away with it?"

"First off, he is a damn good marine and has rescued several guys in danger.  Secondly, he has the support of our CO, who I know uses his services."

"He just might come in handy," Josh replied.

A few days later Josh and I told Carl we needed to be serviced.  He smiled and said, "Behind  the shower tent are some containers.  The grey one is unlocked.  Be there at nine tonight.  He will meet you."

Just before nine, Josh and I began to casually make our way toward the shower tent.  When about thirty yards from the tent, we saw Capt. Rogers come out from behind the tent.  We wondered if he had just busted his nuts in the guys ass or mouth.  

We found the container and one door was slightly open.  we slipped in and as we made our way through the dark inside toward the back, a small light came on.  To our surprise, there stood Carl, smiling.

"So, I assume your the guy that does the servicing.  Am I correct?"

Smiling, he said "Yes, I am.  And I wanted you two the moment I saw you two in the camp."

"I just have one question." I said.  "Did Capt. Rogers just leave here?"

"As a matter of fact he did.  Normally, he wants his eight inches in my ass but tonight he wanted a blow job, so that's what he got.  Now, how about of you in my ass while I blow the other?"

Josh spoke up and said, "I got his ass."

We all three dropped our pants and after Carl bent over, Josh slid his cock into the hot hole s the mouth devoured my hard cock.  Soon, Josh leaned forward as did I and as we used Carl, we kissed. 

Moment later Josh filled Carl, ass as I filled his mouth.  Carl eagerly and hungrily swallowed my load, then as he stood up, he said, "You two are gay also, aren't you?"

"What makes you say that?" we asked.  

"I'm not deaf.  While you were using me I could hear you two kissing, so it's cool.  No one else will know."

Josh and I looked at each other before Josh said, "Well, since you know, how about us servicing you?"

"Go for it. I haven't been sucked in a while."

Josh and I dropped to our knees and took turns sucking Carl's hard cock.  Before long, Carl fed me his load and after I had every drop, I kissed Josh and shared it with him."

As we all three pulled up our pants, Josh asked, "You said you haven't been sucked in a while.  So who else is doing any sucking?"

"Josh, I really can't say.  I made that comment when I should have kept my mouth shut.."

"We promise to keep it just between the three of us.  who else plays?"

Carl hesitated a while then after looking first at me then at Josh, he said, "Capt. Rogers."

"What?," I exclaimed. "Isn't he married?"

"Yes he is. But he also enjoys sucking  cock and getting fucked.  He says his wife has no idea."

"Do you think there is any way you could let him casually know about us.  He's is so damn hot," I said.

"Let me check things out.  I'll let you know," he said.  "But for now we need to get the fuck out of here."

We left and two weeks later, Josh and I were called to the command center.  We had found out that Carl, was an aid to Capt. Rogers.  "The Captain would like to see you both in his office.

We entered and saluted and were immediately told  "At ease, gentlemen."

Moments later he said, "I need to make a trip to an outpost to check things out. Be in full gear tomorrow morning at zero six hundred in the court yard."

"Yes, sir," we replied with a salute.

"Your dismissed," he said.

When we left we looked at Clay.  He just looked at us and shrugged his shoulders.

None the less, we were where we were supposed to be at the set time and in full gear.

Moments later, Capt. Rogers pulled up in a jeep and after telling us to "Climb aboard," he told us to keep a sharp eye out for insurgents.  We headed out and after an hour, he stopped the jeep. After telling us to climb down, he also stepped out of the jeep.  

Moments later he began unbuttoning his shirt.

TO BE CONTINUED.....................



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