I'm Mark Rivers. I'm a twenty-seven year old gay male and have my own successful accounting firm in town. I've been gay since I was fifteen and totally enjoy my lifestyle. Many of my clients are gay also and know that I'm gay, and for that reason, they give me their business.

I decided to start working out when I noticed some of my trousers were getting to tight in the waist. I joined the gym and on my second visit, I saw him pull up on his mototcycle just as I parked my car. He was beautiful!

He parked and was just a few feet ahead of me going in. I stared at his round, firm, hot ass.

Inside, I heard them greet him as 'Duke'. I checked in after him and went to the locker room. He was on one row and I was on another, but as I passed, I did get to see him nude and he was awesome. His long cock was of average thickness and cut, the head a soft pink. I could feel my own cock stir slightly. His man was a beautiful specimen.

It was about a month later that we arrived at the same time. We were given lockers next to each other and I was totally excited.

As we began changing, he said, "Hi. I've noticed you here the last few weeks. I'm Duke Wayne."

Looking at him questioningly, I replied, "Nice to meet you. I'm Mark Rivers." With that we shook hands. His hand shake was firm and masculine.

"I saw the look on your face when I told you my name. I'm John Wayne. My parents named me after the actor. I guess they thought it was cute. Needless to say, I immediately got the nickname of 'Duke'."

"It fits you, with your physique."

"Thanks. Yours is deveoping nicely."

"Well, I noticed all my clothes getting tighter, so I decided to try and do something about it."

"That's good and it is showing. I can tell you're down several pounds. Keep it up."

"I plan to," I replied.

"Say, Mark, I like your dedication and wondered if you'd like to be my work out partner. I'm here Monday and Wednesday at seven in the evening and Saturday at nine in the morning."

"Hey,man, I'd love that. I'll be here at the same times."

"Great," he replied.

We met regularly for several weeks and he was a great help to me, giving me proper work out techniques. I began to develop nicely. the best part was seeing him nude those days and sharing the showers with him after our workouts.

Then one Saturday, as we dressed after showering, he asked, "Say, you got any plans for tonight?"

"No, not really? Why?"

"Why don't you come to my place for dinner. It will give us a chance to get to know each other better."

"Sounds good. What can I bring?"

"Can you make a salad?"

"No problem. I make a great one."

"Great," he said. He wrote down his address and phone number and as he gave it to me, he said "Casual attire. Very casual. I'll be in shorts and probably shirtless and barefooted."

"Fine with me. You sound like you go around like I do."

We left and as we pulled out I watched him roar off on his bike, his hair blowing in the wind.

I arrived at his house on the outskirts of town right at six, the sun still high in the clear summer sky. I wore flip flops, shorts with no underwear and a tank top.

When I knocked, Duke answered the door just as he said he would wearing just a pair of shorts of nylon gym shorts. It was obvious he didn't have on any underwear due to the fact that his cock head outline showed clearly in his shorts.

We had a beer while he grilled steaks. Potatoes were in the oven baking and we sat on his patio, concealed by a solid block fence about eight foot high completely around his yard. A few feet from the patio was a slightly smaller that average in ground pool.

"Very nice," I said.

"I like the privacy. I like getting out here and swimming laps and not having to worry about the neighbors getting nosey. And when I have company, we also have privacy."

I couldn't help but wonder if he was insinuating something.

We had a great evening and I found that he was twenty-nine, single with no girl friend, and enjoyed camping and the outdoors and riding his bike.

"Mark, you can't imagine how free you feel when your're going down the road with the wind blowing across your body and face. You need to get a bike."

"I'd like that but I doubt that I could learn to ride it."

"Hey, if you're really interested, I'll be glad to go with you to pick one out, and a good friend of mine teaches classes on bike riding and saftey. I could get him to give you a discount on the cost. I'd Love to have a good bud to go riding with."

I said I'd think it over and before I left I had agreed to take the classes and learn to ride.

The classes took six weeks and I passed with flying colors. Duke and I went down and I bought my first bike. We had ridden together on his bike and left on seperate bikes.

We headed out onto the open highway and he took it slow for me, giving me time to get used to the bike. We stopped at a small truck stop several miles out of town for coffee. He excused himself to go to the restroom and when he returned, he appeared to have a partial erection. I wondered abut the restroom and went to see for myself. It was empty, but I found a glory hole between the two stalls. I wondered if he had sucked a cock, been sucked or both.

We returned to town and to his house. It was still early on Saturday and he asked if I liked Chineese food. I said yes and he called a restaurant he liked and ordered dinner asking that it be delivered at six sharp.

As we sat by the pool, he said, "Mark, I've noticed at the gym that you don't seem to mind getting nude in front of the other guys."

"I don't. I lived in a dorm for four years in college and it was one big shower room. Guys were going to and from the showers nude all the time."

"I was wondering because I was going to ask if you'd like to take a swim. I know you don't have swim wear but you don't need it. I always swim nude."

"Hey, I have no problem with that. It won't be the first time I've been skinny dipping with another male."

"Fine, let's hit the water."

There on the patio, he quickly stripped and dove in with me following seconds later. we swam a while and when we go out we were both semi-erect.

Neither of us said anything, but as we sat down remaining nude, he asked, "When have you gone skinny dipping before, if you don't mind me asking."

"Not at all. I did it a lot with my buds back in high school and I have taken vacations and gone to nudist resorts and camgrounds."

"Awesome," he said. "I did it as a teen also but I haven't been to a nudist resort. Here at home though, I live nude. That's the main reason for the high solid fence."

"Nice," I said. "You ever go skinny dipping as a kid?"

"Yea, I did, but we did more than skinny dipping."

"Oh?" I asked.

"Well, boys will be boys. There were four of us that went camping together regularly. Besides skinny dipping we got to jerking off together. A couple of the guys got into more."

"More in what way?" I asked.

"They liked to suck cock. They kept the rest satisfied as well as each other."

"Damn, Duke, we could have been part of the same group."

"Some in your group sucked cock also?"

"Yep," I replied. "That's when I found that I loved getting blow jobs."

"Hell, man, me too. And to be honest with you I still do. I get blown as often as I can but it's not often enough."

"I know what you mean. Same with me. But back then while I was getting blown, I'd jerk them off. I had no problem doing that."

"Me either. We jerked each other off all the time."

"So did we. I haven't done it with a guy in a while." I said.

"Me either," he replied. Then after a pause he looked over at me and asked, "Hell, no one will know. You want to do it now? I always found it erotic."

"So did I and I'm game if you are. Bring back old times."

"Fuck yea," he replied as he spread towels out on the grass. we lay in a sixty-nine position and began stroking each others cocks. It was aawesome and we soon brought each other to a climax, each shooting our load onto the others chest and stomach.

When it was over, Duke smiled and said "Fucking awesome!" before we went to the outdoor shower and rinsed off.

We stayed nude and during the evening, we both began getting boned again. We jerked each other a second time. Damn how I wanted to suck him instead.

We got together every weekend and erked together and each other often.

Then Duke aid his vacation was coming up and asked if I could get off and go with him. He said he was just going to ride with no particular destination for two weeks.

I said I could. He was thrilled.

As time grew closer, we began talking abut where to go. I asked if he wanted to go to a campground I knew of. He said sure and asked where.

I told him it would be a two day ride but there was just one catch.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Duke, it's a nude gay campground."

"Fuck, man, you go there?"

"Yes. You can get sucked or fuck a guys ass anytime you want. If you don't suck or get fucked, they don't mind. But most of the sex goes on out in the open with others watching as they pass by."

"Fuck, Mark, that sounds hot as hell. Let's do it."

"I'll make reservations for seven days, okay?"

"Sure. What do we need to take?"

"Just a few clothes in case we go into town and toiletries."


"I'll reserve a shelter rather than a cabin. It's a screened room with toilet and beds, plus blinds you can lower for privacy. There is a common shower room and cafeteria. Meals are included, and condoms are in every cabin and shelter if you want one."

"Fuck, all this talk is turning me on," he said. I glanced over at him and noticed his cock steadily stiffening. Mine was doing the same.

"Shall we take matters in hand?" I asked.

"Hell, yea," he replied. We quickly stroked ourselves to a climax.

Reservations were made and the day before our departure arrived. He asked me to stay at his place so we could get an early start.

That evening I asked, "You won't mind me or others watchng you get your cock sucked?"

"Hell no. I didn't mind my buds watching. I found it to be a turn on to be watched."

"Same with me," I said.

We left and shared a motel room that night then arrived at the campground shortly after five on Sunday.

After being assigned a shelter on the edge of the central area, we went and settled in, stipping first. Meal times were posted and we decided I'd shoe Duke around befoe we ate.

As we left the shelter I said, "Don't be shocked to see guys having sex or walking around with their cocks hard."

"Hell, mines already getting hard."

i showed him around and we did indeed see guys sucking and fucking and boned. One guy had three others taking turns fucking his ass. Duke took it all in.

As we ate, I asked, 'Duke, when I asked you what you did for a living, all you'd say was that you worked for the city. What exactly do you do for the city? I hope you tust me enough to be honest."

"I do now that I know you better. I am a motorcycle police officer for the city."

"Holy shit! You're a fucking cop?"

"Yes, so you see why all of this has to be kept secret."

"No problem. My lips are sealed."

After eating we showered then returned to our shelter. It had two single beds and one king bed.

"Feel like jerking each other?" I asked, deciding to go for broke.

"Hell yea, anytime," he said, waking to the king bed and pulling back the covers.

We got into a sixty-nine position and started stroking each other. After a few moments I went for it. I quickly took his cock ino my mouth and began deep throating him.

"Oh, fuck yea! Do it," he said.

As I sucked his cock eagerly, I suddenly felt his mouth close around mine and begin sucking me. I could definitely tell it wasn't his first time.

We soon brought each other to a roaring climax at almost the same time. Looking into each others face we both swallowed.

Afterward, I said, "I assume you were one of the guys in your group that sucked."

"Yes, I was and you were too weren't you?"

"Yep. Damn, Duke, I've been wanting to do that since the first day I saw you in the gym."

"Same with me. You don't know how many time I almost went down on you while we were jerking but I wasn't sure how you'd accept it."

"Come here," I said. We both sat up, our faces close and I leaned in to kiss him. by the time our lips met his mouth was open and his tongue waiting for my open mouth.

After a hot passionate kiss I asked, "Are you bi or totally gay?"

"Totally gay. I haen't had cunt since I was sixteen. Don't want it either. How about you?"

"Same," I said.

We kissed again then he said, "I hope we'll be sharing this bed while we're here."

"Count on it," I said.

Later we fucked each other and it was fantastic.

The following day, Duke and I got to watch each other suck other guys cocks and fuck and get fucked in public. That happened daily the entire time we were there. However night, we had our on party in our shelter.

We returned home and Duke asked me to move in with him. I had two months left on my lease and I said once it was up, I would.

I did mve in and a couple weeks ater he asked, "Mark, how would you like to have to more cops join us for a four way?"

"Fuck, I'd love it."

"I know two patrol officers that I've played with before and they are hot. I told them about you and they want to meet you."

"Bring them on," I said.

That weekend we had them over and the sex was wild. Then the unexpected happened. As the four of us sat on the patio after a sexual encounter, Duke went to the house and returned with something in his hand.

Kneeling in front of me he smiled and said, "Mark, I've fallen deeply in love with you and would be honored if you'd accept this ring as a symbol of my love and be my life partner."

O just stared at him then said, "Oh hell yes. I love you too."

He took my hand and slipped a beautiful signet ring on my finger. After we kissed, I said I needed to get him one. Smiling, he held up one for him. I quickly slipped it on his finger.

The other two officers congratulated us and wished us well.

We've been together five years now and couldn't be happier, our love growing deeper daily.



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