At the beginning of my senior year of high school, I became curious about gay sex, after a campout with my two best friends. Jim and John Baker were twins and identical in every way. We decided to have a weekend campout at the end of summer and on that Saturday, after a few beers, we went skinny dipping and afterward, John suggested we all jerk off together.

I had seen them nude in the gym after our football games, but never in a sexual way.  As John suggested it, he began fondling his cock, bringing it to a full erection.  Jim quickly followed and seeing them both boned made my own cock stiffen.  We sat together outside our tent stroking our hard cocks. It was a real turn on for me and soon I got to watch my two best friends climax and shoot their huge loads out onto the ground. I was even more surprised to see them reach over and milk each others cocks dry.

They quickly began convincing me to stay nude for the rest of out campout. It sounded exciting and I quickly agreed. Things grew wilder that night after we went to bed. We were all side by side in the tent and shortly after going to bed, I heard them moaning and moving around. I turned on the lantern to see them hugging and kissing.  I immediately began to get an erection when Jim suggested that I join them.  Seeing my cock rise, he reached over and grasp it as he quickly pressed his lips to mine. 

Soon, John moved closer and we began a three-way kiss, trading tongues.  I had tongue kissed my female dates before and had always enjoyed it , but doing it with my best friends made it even hotter.

Then, Jim pulled away and as John an I continued to kiss, Jim moved down and began alternating between out hard cocks, sucking first one then the other. As I let out a loud gasp, John said, "You have done this before, right?"

"No never," I replied.

Jim immediately stopped sucking our cocks and sat up as did John.  Looking at me, John asked, "You have never been with another man before?"

"No, I haven't," I replied.

"Fuck, Mark, we thought you were gay also.  If we had known you weren't we would never had done anything.  You know how people are here in town, so would you please not tell anyone about us?"

"Of course, but I have to be honest with you two. When we jerked off today, it turned me on, and I began wondering what it would be like to jerk another guy off and have him jerk me. Then, when we started kissing I was loving it, and Jim's mouth felt awesome on my cock.  I don't know if it is what I want, but will you both let me join you and see what it's like to have sex with another guy?"

"Hell yea," John replied, adding  "Shall we get started?"

John immediately leaned over and as we returned to kissing, Jim returned to sucking us, concentrating on my cock.  The experience was awesome and before long I warned him of my impending climax.  He sucked with even more enthusiasm, and as my cock exploded, he collected every drop and eagerly swallowed.

"Fuck! You swallow it?" I asked.

"Sure," he replied.  "It's pure protein."

He kissed me and I could taste the remnants of my cum in his mouth and liked what I tasted. I wanted to see what the entire load tasted like.  I began sucking John's cock and as I did, John began sucking Jim.  Moments later they both climaxed and as my mouth filled with John's cum I savored the flavor.  It was awesome and to my surprise, I had no problem swallowing it all. The rest of the night was spent kissing and fondling and sucking. I later sucked off Jim then just after day break, I alternated between their cocks, getting one huge load right after the other.

The were both in agreement that I was a born cock sucker. I had to admit that I did enjoy sucking cock. Mid morning, I watched as John and Jim took turns fucking each other.  John first fucked Jim as I watched.  Then as Jim  fucked John, John sucked my cock. I wanted to try it and later that afternoon, with much initial pain, Jim took my virginity.  After he filled me with his load, John took over and gave me his.

The weekend ended and I had admitted that I was bi and not gay. Although sex with men was awesome, I still wanted sex with my girlfriend.  Jon and Jim said that they were bi also but only to hide their preference for male sex.

The three of us , along with our dates, would go out on weekends and have sex with the girls, then after taking them home drive out to the woods and have a hot three way.  We kept our desire for man sex a secret.

Then, just at the end f the football season, we decided to stay late and work out in the school equipment room.  Finding the door on the far side of the gym still unlocked, we entered and made our way to the equipment room. As we neared our coach's office, John suddenly stopped and motioned for us to remain silent.

Pointing to the window, he whispered, "Look."

We did, and found our coach naked from the waist down, stroking, and watching gay porn on his laptop.  We watched a moment then saw coach reach into a desk drawer and extract a lifelike large rubber cock and begin sucking it.

Coach Sims was thirty-two, divorced and extremely muscular and hot, and his cock looked awesome.

We stepped back out of sight and decided on what to do.  It was decided that we would all get totally naked and quickly enter his office and demand sex from him for our silence.

By the time we entered his office he had already inserted the rubber cock in his ass and was working it.  Seeing the three of us nude and boned, he froze, not knowing what to do.

Looking at him, Jim said, "Coach, your secret is safe with us as long as we get to join in." With that, Jim went up to Coach and began sucking him as John and I put two wrestling mats on the floor.  We removed his shirt and soon had him on the mat, my cock in his mouth, Jim sucking him and John fucking him. For the remainder of our senior year we had regular sex with Coach and our grades were always A's.

I attended the local small Kansas state college and majored in business John and Jim attended also and our sexual encounters continued, and expanded.  We continued our sex with Coach at his house on weekends and with other classmates on campus.

Graduation was soon upon us and I got a job with an accounting firm in Topeka.  It was good to be able to be myself more.  I still wasn't sure so I kept my preference for men private.

I began dating Amy Clark, fucking her wildly and thinking about cock. Amy was from New Orleans,  and kept wanting me to meet her parents.  She seemed to me to be getting more serious than I wanted.  After dating for almost a year, I finally agreed to going to New Orleans. 

I took vacation and a week before it started I visited John and Jim.  They lived together a few hours away and as we had a wild weekend of sex, I told them about Amy.  They both agreed that I had to find some way to dump her.

She didn't know that I had taken a full week of vacation although she had taken the week off also. I flew to New Orleans and got a room in the French Quarter That first night I decided to see what was around and began walking along Bourbon Street.  At the far end of the street, I came upon a bar and from the activity I could see inside I knew it was a gay bar.

I went in and began checking it out.  With a cold beer in hand I began to circulate around. After a few moments, I noticed that a man old enough to be my dad yet damn good looking, muscular and hot, checking me out. I had no problem with his age, and if he made contact and wanted to jump in bed, I was ready.

TO BE CONTINUED............................



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