My friend, Jhon and I were checking out the photos of the prospective studs to suck off  through our private gloryhole when Jhon stopped in his tracks and stared at this guy´s photo. It was a picture of a guy´s torso  showing his cock and balls. The guy was definitely black but lighter in color than Jhon but he had the blackest cock and balls I have ever seen. Usually a guy´s skin color is a good determination of what color his cock and balls will be. Jhon stared at this photo for the longest time and finally said ¨Sergio  The guy from Andes that broke my cherry when I was fourteen years old.¨ I said äre you sure?¨ Before he answered he was texting this guy setting up the day and time to service him. Jhon said he had fantasized about getting fucked by his cock again.

   The day arrived and the guy arrived at the door, Jhon made it a point to answer it. It was definitely Sergio but was fifteen years older but the years had been kind to him. When he came face to face with Jhon it was like going back in time reliving what Sergio and him had done. Sergio said he had gotten married but still liked to do things on the side with guys whenever the opportunity arose. When he saw the ad for some reason it intrigued him. All three of us had a few beers and finally went upstairs. I went in the closet and got ready . Jhon said he wanted to stay out side and watch Sergio get his cock sucked. Sergio stripped and stood nude, his huge cock totally erect. I watched from the hole as he approached Jhon who was sitting on the bed. All at once Jhon was on his knees with Sergio cock and balls just inches away from his face. Sergio took his black huge cock in his right hand, peeling back the heavy foreskin, revealing its huge head. He brought the cock up to Jhon´s mouth  and jhon received it like he was going to receive holy communion. Sergio watched as Jhon began to suck his cock just like he had done when they were younger. Sergio told Jhon to strip and when he saw Jhon´s cock he exclaimed ´this cock wasn´t the cock of the fourteen year old boy.¨ Jhon motioned Sergio to get on his knees almost paying homage to the member before him. Sergio took hold of jhon´s cock amazed how big it it was. I watched as Sergio took the black cock of my friend within his lips, savoring the musky taste  and the precum starting to leak from its head. Jhon said to suck it and he would give him a load of magical white cream. Sergio laughed but Jhon didn´t utter a word he just stood there getting his cock serviced by Sergio. He told Sergio to suck his big hairy balls which he did taking each ball within his mouth. I could see Jhon was enjoying having his balls sucked. Jhon began to jack his cock off while Sergio was mouthing his hot nuts. After a few minutes, Jhon had Sergio stand up and bring his cock to the hole.

   Sergio slid his huge cock through the hole where I was waiting. He started to fuck my mouth with his enormous member. Jhon in the mean time had started to finger Sergio´s asshole getting it ready for his cock. All at once I heard Sergio moan and I thought he was cumming but it was from Jhon´s cock entering his hole from behind. I continued to suck Sergio ´s cock while hearing Jhon ´s balls slapping against Sergio´s ass. Jhon was fucking his ass so hard that it was forcing Sergio cock into my mouth. Sergio was whimpering as his ass was hammered by Jhon from behind and I knew it wouldn´t be long til I got my own load of magical cream. I had managed to take all of his member down my throat letting my throat muscles milk his tube of meat. I heard Sergio shout fuck my ass  cause I´m ready to shoot my load. I got ready  and I could feel his cock expand within my throat. I heard Jhon say I´m going to fill your ass with my cream so get ready. Sergio was pinned against the door by Jhon and couldn´t move and  I had Sergio´s  cock lodged down my throat when he began to unleash his cum. Jhon shouted I´m filling your ass with my magical cream. Sergio shouted I´m filling your mouth with my magical cream. After what seemed an eternity they both started laughing. Jhon said it was a great fuck and Sergio said he had never experienced such a great blow job while getting fucked at the same time.

   After we rested for a while Jhon said he wanted to get fucked by Sergio. Sergio was more than willing to do it as his cock began to grow in anticipation. Sergio said, ¨Look how my cock is reacting to the thought of fucking your ass a second time after fifteen years.¨ This time I hope you can take the whole thing¨cause I´m going to fuck your ass so you come back for more. I watched as Sergio fingered Jhon hole getting it ready for his huge cock. He asked me if we had any lubricant and jhon said he wanted to take it dry just like Sergio had done with his cock. Sergio said ¨ you´re sure cause it is going to hurt in the beginning.¨¨Yeah I´m sure¨ replied Jhon. Sergio got behind him and started to enter first pushing his cock´s huge head within. Then he slowly slide in til Jhoon had the whole member within his ass. Sergio started to pump his cock in and out. I watched Sergio´s ass muscles contract with each thrust getting a moan and gasp from Jhon. I watched how his huge black  balls slapped against Jhon´s ass, increasing in tiempo as Sergio was fucking him. Jhon was jerking off thoroughly enjoying getting his ass fucked by such a huge cock.

   I slid my head between their legs so I could have a great view of the huge cock sliding in and out of my friend´s ass and hopefully be available for a load or two. Jhon continued to fist his cock just inches frommy mouth. All at once he said take my load which I did with pleasure. Then I heard Sergio shout that he was cumming and started to fill Jhon´s ass. After his cock shrunk I was there as it left Jhon´s ass and  flopped into my mouth. It was still exuding alot of cum still left in it´s tube. Jhon told Sergio let´s keep in touch and not wait  another fifteen years. Sergio said you got that right.¨




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