After having such success the last time we put an ad in Locanto Colombia we decided to do it again. The ad read¨Looking for married, single men with big cocks to experience our private gloryhole. The last time we had over one hundred responders to the ad. It took alot of time to weed out the male prostitutes, the effiminates, and  the curiosity seekers who had no intention from the start. But after all was said and done we have eighty macho masculine men who were more than willing to delve into m2m sex with us. The only prerequisite was to send a photo of their cocks to prove that they were indeed endowed. Not because we are size queens, at least not me I just love sucking cock and emptying their balls down my throat. Whereas Jhon enjoys a big cock in his tight ass, fucking him hard til he shoots his load.

   Jhon is a perfect cohort since he is black and has a nice size black cock, not the biggest but nothing to scouff at either about nineand a half  inches of real hard dick. Many times, black men have huge cocks but can´t fully attain a real hard erection. When Jhon sends his cock into your ass you know it til he fills your ass with his creamy deposit. It may have something to do with luck of genetics since all of Jhon´s male members have real hard cocks. I remember his brother, Diego who let me suck him off when he needed some extra money. I don´t mind paying when it helps someone out in need plus many times, it is the one thing to break the ice and pushes the person to cross the line of taboo sexual escapades even within a family.

   Diego, I found out quickly had no problem with getting his cock sucked  and the money to him was icing on the cake. He even mentioned to his brother, Jhon that he had a huge cock with a enormous head that I wouldn´t be disappointed. And I wasn´t but I had no idea just how big he cock turned out to be. Fully hard it measured a good thirteen inches almost too big to suck off since I like to take a cock to his balls and have him unload his cum. Jhon was alittle apprehensive  about the whole thing since deep down within his psyche he wanted his brother´s cock up his ass, but he couldn´t get past the taboo part of having sex with his own brother. We alittle help from me he managed to cross this line. Diego, his brother came to the house after finishing a long night of work at the Mayorista. He said he wanted to take a shower but I told him I wanted to suck him off without covering up the scent of his male body with soap. He stripped off all his clothes , like it was nothing and sat on the edge of the bed. Jhon asked him whether he could watch as this went down and he said sure the more the merrier. I got between his hairy legs and gazed at his turgid cock. He smiled and grasped it in his one hand,his fingers peeling back the thick black foreskin exposing his huge cockhead already producing precum that was beginning to exude from the slit. As I knealt  in front of his magnificent cock I was watching Jhon edge closer to where i was. I could see he was excited about what was going to go down before his eyes. I edged forward and engulfed his cock and heard Diego gasp at how hot my mouth was as I slid down its shaft. I got about ten inches down my gullet always watching Diego´s response. He told his brother, jhon to come closer so he could watch me suck his cock. Jhon now stood next to his brother as I started to go up and down on this cock. I could see, Jhon lick his lips almost unconsciously which his brother also saw. I wanted to make this scene last a long time so I withdrew his cock from my mouth and went to his pendulous black balls hanging below. I could feel the coolness of his huge balls. 

   All the while, I was feasting on his brother´s balls I noticed Diego unzipping Jhon´s jeans and tugging out his erect cock. Jhon didn´t attest at all, only unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down. I watched intently from below as Jhon turned toward his brother who had started to jack off Jhon´s cock. I saw Diego peel back Jhon´s foreskin exposing its wet,slimy head continuing to jack it until there was a pearl of precum coming from the slit of his cock. I watched as Diego extended his tongue to swipe and savor this liquid. Then I watched as Diego opened his mouth letting Jhon´s cock enter. Diego´s eyes were on his brother watching for his response to what he was doing. The only response was Jhon began to feed him his cock ever so slowly into Diego´s warm mouth. I had savored Diego´s balls for a few minutes but wanted to taste his ass. As I made my way below his balls to his hair covered puckered hole he automatically raised his ass telling me to go further. By this time, Diego was sucking Jhon´s cock and John was jacking off his brother´s big cock  with his left hand. 

   I told Jhon who was enjoying his brother´s mouth that he had to taste his brother´s cock. When I said this his brother withdrew Jhon´s cock from his mouth and motioned Jhon to go ahead. I saw Jhon lower his head ever closer to his brother´s cock perhaps hesitant but soon he got past that hestitation and started to suck his brother´s black pole. I could see Jhon´s eyes roll back almost like a white shark eating his victim. After a few minutes of savoring his brother´s cock, Jhon abruptly stopped and removed all of his clothes. Diego started to finger Jhon´s puckered hole as Jhon went back to sucking his brother´s cock. I continued to eat Diego ass relishing in the musky taste of his ass. It became too much for Jhon, he wanted his brother´s cock in his ass. I watched pleased as Jhon straddled above his brother´s black spear. Diego held his cock vertical waiting  below. I watched Jhon lower his pelvis until Diego´s cockhead started to enter the hole of Jhon´s hungry ass. Diego kept pressure pulling Jhon´s ass down onto his member. With one final  lunge  Jhon was impaled by his thirteen inches, all the way to his hairy balls. Jhon sat there getting used to the size within his ass. I watched Diego cup his buns and raise Jhon´s ass up and then let gravity take over, jhon´s ass sliding back down onto his brother´s member. Diego laid back on his elbows as jhon took care of milking his cock starting to go up and down savoring each inch. 

   I watched this whole taboo scene develop between the two brothers. Jhon said, ¨I  had always wanted to get fucked by you since I saw your cock  when we were growing up.¨Diego replied ¨I too wanted to fuck you but you dismissed my many approaches.¨ I couldn´t believe Jhon could take thirteen inches but it was true Diego´s cock had to be somewhere in Jhon´s belly when fully within Jhon´s ass. Finally Jhon laid completely atop Diego body and Diego began to thrust he cock at first ever so gently than will much more fervor. I started to lap both pairs of balls when they smashed against each other on the downward thrust of Jhon´s ass. This drove them both crazy until Jhon shouted ¨Diego my ass wants your leche.¨Diego said ¨soon brother after I fill your ass with my leche your ass will be mine, whenever I want it.¨Jhon shouted that he was going to shoot his load so I quickly engulfed his cock that he was jacking. Soon I was rewarded with a huge load from his balls. Diego was watching me swallow all Jhon´s cream and asked if I wanted half of his load when he shot. I had finished eating his brother´s but I wanted more. I saw Diego begin to tremble and saw his big balls raise up. Diego pulled his spurting cock out and I received his erupting head in my mouth, receiving the remnants from his orgasm. I saw more of his cum exuding from Jhon´s abused hole and fed on that too. 




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