Having been a traveling salesman, I was always on the road. Most f my unexpected encounters happened at that time however some did happen while at home. I hope you enjoy. I may have covered some of these in previous stories.

I was working in south Texas and was staying at a motel that catered to salesmen and truckers. I had just pulled into the parking lot, when I spotted a trucker working on his rig. He was in his early to mid thirties and nicely built as well as nice looking.

Wanting to get to know him, I went over and asked if there was anything I could do to assist him. He smiled and asked if I could take him to get a part fr his rig. I quickly agreed and away we went. On the way back to the motel, we talked and he commented that his company was sending money by wire the next day. The money he spent on the part was supposed to pay for his motel room.

"Another fucking night without a shower and sleeping on that hard bunk," he said.

"Look, you guys have helped me out a lot on the road. I would like to return the favors. My room has two beds and a hot shower if you want to use it."

"Thanks. I just might," he replied.

"If you do, I'm in room 402. Just come on up."

He thanked me again and when we returned to the motel, he got out, saying, "I'll let you know about that shower."

"Sounds good," I replied, hoping it would be positive.

I went to my room, dropped my things then went down to dinner. I had been back about an hour when my phone rang.


"Hey, this is Paul, the truck driver."


"I wanted to thank you again but another driver I talked to had a room for the night but got called out to make a pick up. He gave me the key to his room and told me to use it since it was already paid for. I'm in 410 if you want to come down and visit."

"Well, I'll have to dress. Right now I'm totally naked. I usually stay that way in my room unless I have company."

"Hey man, nothing wrong with that. If you got the balls, you can come down here that way."

Laughing, I asked, "You wouldn't be offended?"

"Fuck no. I was in the military and saw guys nude all the time. Besides, I dare you."

"That was a mistake," I said. "Have the door cracked open for me."

Laughing, he said he would.

I grabbed my room key and my smokes and opened my door, checking the hall. When the elevator was in use, it was noisy, but all was quite. Pulling my door closed behind me, I started down the hall just as he opened his and peered out. Laughing, he watched me walk to his room nude, standing aside as I entered.

"I can't believe you just did that," he said as he shut the door. Make yourself comfortable. I was just heading for the shower."

He was shirtless and barefooted. He removed his jeans, tossing them onto the dresser then with his back to me removed his briefs before going into the bathroom.

His chest was muscular and had a light coating of light brown hair on it. What I really wanted to see was his cock.

Giving him time to get into the shower, I eased to the bathroom door and listened. I could hear the shower running so I quietly eased it open and peeked in. He was in the shower.

Stepping in I asked, "You mind if I come in and pee?"

"Nah. Come on in."

I did and could tell he was washing his hair. The toilet was right next to the tub so I quickly stepped up onto the seat and very carefully peered over the shower curtain. He was scrubbing his soapy hair, his head bent forward. I leaned farther over and got a good look at his long slim uncut cock. After checking it out, I got down and flushed the toilet as if I had taken a pee, then returned to the bedroom.

I was propped up on one side of his king bed when he came out of the bathroom, nude and drying his hair with the towel. He walked over to his jeans, pulled out a comb and combed his hair into place, before laying on the bed next to me.

I asked if he had eaten dinner and he said he had. I suggested that maybe later we could go down for a beer. Laughing, he asked, "Like this?" indicating our nudity.

"Uh, I think they might prefer us to e dressed," I replied.

"Maybe later," he said.

We lay there and talked about where he as headed and what he normally carried. Then after a while"

he said, "May I ask you something?"


"Did you offer me the use of your room to hopefully see me nude like this and maybe more?"

"What if I said 'partly'?"

"I figured as much. I'm cool with it, so relax."

I've never done anything with another guy but I admit I've been curious. If you want what I got, I'd like to see what it's like."

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yea," he replied lifting his cock.

I got into the basic sixty-nine position and began sucking his soft cock. It quickly stiffened and a moment later he began stroking mine. It surprised me but I kept sucking his rock hard cock. Then, I felt his warm wet mouth surround my cock as he began sucking me. I soon got him off and swallowed. He stopped sucking me and I flipped around and said "I'd love to kiss you."

"I'll give it a try," he replied.

We kissed even swapping tongues and when we stopped, I asked, "Well, what did you think?"

"Some of it I liked very much, some was okay and some isn't for me."

"Getting sucked you liked, kissing was okay, but sucking another guy isn't for you."

"Bingo!" he said smiling.

"Was that really your first time getting sucked?"

"From a guy, yes," he replied.

"You think you'll let other guys blow you in the future?"

"Hell yea. That was great. I've never "

had a woman do that good or go all the way."

"You think you'll ever kiss a man again?"

"I might. It wasn't much different than kissing a woman, just more intense."

"I was just curious," I said. "Now how about that beer?"

"Sounds good. I'll wait for you in the hall."

I returned to my room ,slipped on minimal clothing, and returned to the hall just as he came out of his room. We went to the bar and I bought us two beers. When we returned to our rooms, and stepped off the elevator, we separated, him headed one way and me the other. He stopped and said, "Come here a minute."

I turned and headed toward hos room as he unlocked the door. He stepped in and I just entered the doorway. He pulled me closer and to my surprise, gave me a hot tongue kiss before saying, "Thanks for everything. You don't know how horny I was."

"My pleasure," I replied, then asked what time he was leaving the next morning.

"Around five," he replied.

"Well, if you want another before you leave just knock on my door."

"I'll keep that in mind,"he replied.

The next morning at five to five I heard a knock. When i answered the door, he was standing there smiling. I stepped aside and let him in. By the time i could shut the door, he had his jeans around his knees, ready. I knelt and gave him another blow job before he got on the road. In return I got a hug and another hot kiss.


Then, on one occasion, I finished my route early and returned home on Thursday afternoon late. Friday I had some errands to run and headed out about nine. Shortly before lunch I was on a six lane road, three in each direction.

I as in the far right lane and a pickup pulled up to the light in the far left lane. I looked over and saw a hot stud, shirtless, with tats on his arms. He has shoulder length dark hair and a moustache and goatee.

He looked my way and as he did, I smiled and casually licked my lips. He smiled back and pointed at me then his crotch. I knew he was asking if I wanted it. I nodded and he smiled again and motioned for me to follow him. I made gestures that I would turn right then u-turn. He nodded.

The light turned green and I made my right and saw him turn left. As soon as possible I did the u-turn and headed in the direction he went. About three blocks down, I saw him pulled over to the curb. when he spotted me he pulled out, motioning out the window to follow. I did and after he made a couple of turns, he pulled into the drive of a home that was vacant and being remodeled. I pulled in also and by the time i could get out of the car, he had the door unlocked and was inside.

I got to the door and he said, "Come on in, and lock that door."

I did and followed him into an interior hallway.

He paused and turned to me saying, "You want this?" as he rubbed his growing crotch.

"Sure, if you want me to have it," I said to him.

"Hell yea. Come closer."

I did and he told me to undress him. I unfastened his pants and let them fall. He was commando and his half hard cock sprang forward. He slipped off his boots and stepped out of his jeans. He began undressing me saying he wanted me to join him. Soon I was naked and boned also.

He surprised me when he stepped up to me and put his arms around me, then leaned forward and tongue kissed me. I immediately responded and as we kissed we slowly lowered ourselves to the carpeted floor. Soon we were in a sixty-nine, hungrily sucking each others cock. After we both climaxed and swallowed, we sat up and talked as we leaned against the walls.

Then he asked if I was ready to go again and I said yes if he got me excited. He began licking my balls and rimming my ass. Soon, my cock was again rock hard. He quickly lay on his back and pulled his legs up saying, "Fuck me hard and deep. I like it rough. No lube."

I went into him dry and began fucking him as hard and deep as I could. As I did, he moaned softly saying "Harder!" I fucked as hard as I could and soon filled his ass with my load. After pulling out, he told me to get dressed and get going.

"The rest of the crew will be here shortly."

I dressed and returned to my car, noticing the name of the remodeling company on the door of his truck. As I turned the first corner, I saw two trucks with the same name on their doors, and loaded with workers, headed toward the house. 'Close call', I thought.


On another trip out of town, I was in San Antonio, staying at a mainly truckers motel. It had restaurant and bar which was all I needed.

I was in the bar, checking out the occupants, most of whom were old or fat or both. A few were hot as hell, one in particular. At one point, as I scanned the room, our eyes met for just a second.

I finished my beer and went to the restroom just outside the door leading to the hallway. There were two stalls and two urinals. I had had sex there on previous visits before they closed the glory hole. After that, guys would get on their knees and slide their cocks under the partition.

In the stall next to the urinals was a very small peep hole allowing the occupant of the stall to see the cocks of the guys pissing and watch them piss. I was in that stall.

After fifteen minutes or so, I heard the door open and could see through the crack next to the door that it was the guy I had made eye contact with in the bar.

He went straight to the far urinal and began pissing. I peeked through the tiny hole and watched. He was well endowed and when he finished pissing he milked his cock for a minute or so. After putting it away, he went and washed his hands. I heard him pull paper towels and dry his hands. He again puled a paper towel but then there was silence. Seconds later, through the crack by the door, I saw him approaching my stall. Suddenly, the paper towel was slipped through the crack and released. he turned and left and after he had i picked up the towel and begin reading the note on it.

'If you want it, room 128 in 10 minutes.'

I didn't wait the full ten minutes. I pulled up my pants and slowly headed down the hall, quickly finding room 128. I paused and waited a few minutes before knocking.

He answered, standing there before me totally nude. "I guess you want it," he said.

"Only if you want me to have it," I replied.

"Come on in, but I'll tell you right now I don't do anything. I only want to get blown."

"I have no problem with that," I told him.

He lay on the bed then told me i could get 'comfortable' if I wanted to. I did, and got between his spread legs. I began sucking him slow and easy as he moaned softly saying, "Oh, fuck yea."

I took my time and eventually got him off. After swallowing he looked at me saying, "Ah! A swallower. I hate to see it go to waste."

"I never waste it," I replied.

"You in a hurry?" he asked.

I told him no and he said to give him a few minutes and he'd feed me another load. I did and after a few minutes I began fondling his cock and he achieved another erection. I began sucking him again. As I did his room phone rang. He answered and son said "Hi, babe. How are the boys?"

I froze realizing he was talking to his wife. Then suddenly he said, "Just laying here getting a blow job." Then after a pause he said, "Yea, he's damn good. He's about to get a second load out of me." Then another pause before he said, "Okay, I'll call you later."

He hung up and I soon brought him to another roaring climax.

As I dressed I asked, "You tell your wife hat you are getting blow jobs from guys?"

"Oh yea. When I started driving five years ago she told me she knew I'd get horny on the road. She said if I wanted to let a guy blow me she was cool with that but she didn't want me fucking any pussy. I promised her I wouldn't and I've kept that promise."

"Un-fucking-believable!" I said. "And thanks for the compliment."


"Yea. You told her I as damn good."

"Man, you are. I've had many many guys suck me since I started driving and by far you are the best I ever had do me."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," I said as I headed for the door. Once in the hall, I realized that I hadn't asked him what made him slip me the note.


I hope you enjoyed these encounters. If I remember any other special ones, I'll write about them. And if anyone has any ideas that you think would make a good story, please e-mail me. Thanks.



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