I always considered myself straight. That is until my last year of law school. The second week of classes, one of my instructors, a divorced nice looking man of thirty-nine, asked me to assist him with grading papers and preparing lectures. I would be paid a small salary by the university. I accepted the job quickly.

Then to my surprise, he began making advances, which I found exciting and I started becoming curious. Within two months. I was totally into the oral part of man love. Before long, he introduced me to the pleasures of giving and receiving anal pleasures. By the end of the year, I was into almost everything with men, although I did have my limits. I knew I was totally gay and loved the lifestyle.

That is my background, now on to my encounter.

After graduation, I was hired by the local district attorney's office as a law clerk while I worked on getting my law license. Once I had my license, I was assigned to work with one of the experienced prosecutors. After a couple years, they started assigning me cases to handle on my own. I was very successful at getting convictions.

The cases became more and more involved and complicated. Then I had this high profile murder case assigned to me.

A local woman, a high school history teacher in her late twenties, had married a wealthy man who had inherited a very profitable business from his father. Just before their first anniversary, she arrived home to find the front door kicked in, the house ransacked, and her husband shot to death in the den. The case was assigned to me and I began to confer with the local police.

They attributed the crime to a series of home invasions that had been occurring and figured that the suspects didn't know that the husband was home. I listened in on their interviews with the wife and something just didn't seem right in her interview or in her demeanor. The police wanted to let it be classed as a home invasion but I pushed for them to check her out more thoroughly.

After six months, she was still my prime suspect. I convinced the police to put her under surveillance. They did and eventually found her wearing some jewelery that had been reported stolen. Then the stake outs revealed that three of the schools top football players were visiting her frequently, one at a time, sometimes all together, and staying until the early morning hours.

The police began questioning them and they all said they went to her for tutoring. The police pushed harder and finally one cracked after the police noticed him wearing a watch that had belonged to the husband. He made a deal, with my approval, and confessed the whole story.

It seemed that the wife was to inherit the entire estate if her husband died. She had begun having sex with the three boys and convinced them that they would be very wealthy if they got rid of her husband. Since there had been several home invasions they did a copy cat crime. They broke in, killed the husband, then ransacked to house to cover it up.

The trial was long and tiring but I won convictions all the way around. As I started to leave the courtroom, I paused and spoke to Rusty Davis, the defense attorney. He spoke softly saying, "I'm glad you won the case, Mark. From the time she hired me just after the murder, I didn't feel right about it. I always felt she was hiding something."

"So did I," I told him.

"What's next for you?" he asked.

"A long relaxing vacation. At least two weeks, maybe three. Someplace where there is no one else around."

"I know what you mean," he replied. "I just might do the same thing."

The trial ended on a Wednesday. I spent that afternoon as well as Thursday and Friday, tying up loose ends so I could leave on vacation. I had everything ready and pulled out early Saturday morning. I knew exactly where I was going.

About two and a half hours away was a private campground in the woods and sitting in the center of a large horseshoe shaped lake.

On one side facing the east was the family campgrounds. Separated by a large expanse of thick woods and facing the west was the adult section. There, clothing was optional and that's what I wanted.

I arrived and checked in and got my campsite assignment. Each campsite was private, separated from the others by enough brush and woods to prevent seeing your neighbor.

At the site, I unloaded my SUV and set up my tent and got things arranged. Every morning, the owner would make rounds and deliver fresh ice for your coolers if needed. That saved me from having to dress and go for ice.

After everything was in order, I stripped to just my sneakers and went to collect fire wood. It was a very peaceful and relaxing day. That night, I slept like a new born baby.

About noon on Sunday as I swam leisurely in the lake, I heard a motorcycle arrive at the campsite next to mine. There was only the sound of one bike but I didn't know if it was one or two persons.

After a while I went looking for more firewood and headed toward the campsite where the biker was.

As I neared the campsite, I kept out of sight, wanting to see who was there. Bikers, all blue collar workers and men in uniform turned me on the most.

Easing closer, I saw the man's back. He appeared to be extremely well built with no fat on him. His ass was firm and round. His hair was cut short and was a nice red-orange. Then he turned and faced me. I gasped silently when I saw him and quickly squatted down.

I was looking straight at Rusty Davis, the man I had just defeated in court. He, too, was totally naked. His muscular chest was covered with a medium coating of the same red-orange hair as was his thick cock bush. Below the red-orange bush was a long slim uncut cock hanging over two large perfectly round orbs in their sack. My cock immediately went rock hard.

I got into a more comfortable position and watched him. I knew that the adult section was mainly used by gay males and wondered if Rusty was gay or just a nudist.

I watched him for about a half hour and noticed his cock stiffen slightly. It, and him in general, was beautiful. I silently eased back and returned to my campsite with my firewood.

Then, at mid afternoon I decided to check him out again. When he came into view, he was sitting on a lounger reading a book and slowly stroking his hard cock. I watched and his hand soon began to move faster. I new he was approaching his climax. Suddenly, he sat his book aside and stood up as his cock suddenly exploded, sending huge ropes of thick pearly white jizz out onto the ground at least two feet in front of him.

I hadn't realized that I had began stroking mine and when I saw him shoot his load, my own suddenly erupted out onto the ground where I squatted.

He headed for the lake to wash up and I eased back to my campsite, trying to figure out a way to let him know I was there.

I checked around and found that if I was out in the lake a short way, I could see him when he came into the water. I now had to wait for the right time.

A couple more times that dad I spied on Rusty. I knew he was divorced and was thirty-two years old. I always did research on the lawyers I was against in court. He lived alone in a nice condo on the edge of town and had no children.

It wasn't until the next morning that I had a chance to approach him. It wasn't the way I had planned. It was totally accidental.

I had gone out to collect firewood and as I did, he stepped out from behind a large bush his own arms filled with firewood. We almost ran into each other.

"Mark?" he said questioningly.

"Rusty?" I replied.

"Yea," he answered. "So this is what you meant by getting out all alone. huh?"

"Yea, and I see you had the same idea and enjoy being in the buff also."

"Hell yea. I wish I lived where I could do it all the time. I'd love to have a place in the country."

"Same here," I told him. Then acting dumb I asked, "Which campsite is yours?"

"Number 11, right over there. How about yours?"

"Number 10. We're neighbors. Come on over. I just made a fresh pot of coffee."

"Sounds great. Lead the way."

We arrived at my site and after we had our coffee, we sat in my lawn chairs, just inches apart.

"You come here often?" he asked.

"Not as often as I'd like to. With so many cases pending, we're lucky to get a weekend off once in a while. How about you?"

"I usually try to get up here between each case I have to clear my head and get ready for the next one."

"It must be nice," I said.

"It is and I've met some nice people down at the public showers."

"Yea, so have I. It's amazing how many singe guys enjoy nudity," I said.

"I know but to me it just seems natural."

"Yea, it does to me also."

I noticed him glance at my cock a couple of times as we talked. I decided to lead the conversation toward a sexual nature.

Looking over at him and down to his cock, I said, "I've never seen a red head nude before. I've always wondered if their bush was red also."

"Well, you can see that it is. I took a lot of ribbing about it in high school and in the dorm at college. The guys in the dorm nicknamed me 'fire bush'.

"I can certainly see why, but with a tool like that, I'm surprised they didn't call you 'horse'.

"Oh, there as one guy there much bigger than me. He'd sometimes pop a boner in the showers and when he did, it was scary. We'd all run for cover," he said laughing, then added, "But yours isn't small by any means."

"I've never had any complaints, but I bet the women loved yours."

"A few," he said, "but some were scared of it. I had a lot of dates with Madam Thumb and her four sisters."

"Hell, I still do. Fuck, I think we might be engaged."

"I know the feeling," he replied.

I noticed his cock had stiffened slightly. Seeing it, my own cock began to stiffen. He noticed and his got harder. Soon, we were both nearly totally hard.

"It's amazing how they have a mind of their own, isn't it?" he said.

"Yes it is," I replied and there isn't much you can do about it."

"Just one thing that I know of," he said.

"You got it," I replied.

"Mark, look, we're both grown and sitting here nude. I'm not bashful. Have you ever jerked with another guy?"

"Yes, I have both as a teen and as an adult," I replied. "So are you suggesting we jerk together?"

"I'm game if you are," he said.

"Fuck, it's just us here and we each know the other will keep it secret so why the fuck not."

He smiled ad reached for his cock. Seconds later we were both stroking our cocks gently. Soon, we both sped up and brought ourselves to roaring climaxes.

"Damn, that was hot," he said. "I haven't done that with another man in a while. It's such a turn on."

"Only one thing is more of a turn on," I said.

"What's that?"

"Stroking each other."

"Very true," he said. "maybe next time we should do that."

"Sure, why not," I said.

He got up to leave and said, "Why don't you come over later for dinner?"

"Sure, see you then."

Later I went over and we had dinner. Afterward, we went for a swim and horsed around, our hands sometimes feeling each others cocks. Soon we were both hard. When we got out, our boners pointed the way to the blanket he had spread out ahead of time. We lay down side by side and relaxed. Soon, I felt him reach over and grasp my cock and begin stroking me. I did the same to him. As we stroked each other our heads turned and we looked into each others eyes. Slowly, we turned to face each other. Our hands left each others cocks and went over the others body. Our faces moved closer with neither of us saying a word. We gently pulled the other closer.

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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