From a very early age, i knew i loved looking at other males cocks, regardless  of their age. By the time i was seventeen and a senior in high school, i was enjoying cock both giving and receiving, orally and anally.

I worked  out daily developing my chest, abs, biceps, and thighs to be sucessfulon the football team and to hide my constant desire for cock.  My best bud, Scott, was our star defensive tackle and my sex partner every chance we got.  Scott loved male sex just as much as i did, and we worked out together daily.  No one had any idea that we were both  totally gay and had no desire for cunt, although we both dated to  hide  our secret.

Within a week after our senior year started, we were secretely slipping balls of paper into the latch of one of the locker rooms door, sothat we could slip  in and have sex undisturbed.  We would slip back in as soon as everyone was gone and have sex on the exercise equipment or on the wrestling mats.  Wewould sneak back in two to three times a week.

Then, in about the fourth week,  we returned to school and not seeing any cars, we assumed everyone was gone.  The doors we used were hidden from the  street and  parking lot, so we felt safe in sneaking back  in.  We went inside and immediately headed for the equipment room and stripped.   After a hot long kiss and make out session we eased into our favorite position...a hot sixty-nine.

After a few moments we heard voices and our cocks immediately started deflating. We determined that the voices were coming frm the coach's office.  The blinds were almot competely closed but we coud still see into the office.  What we saw totally shocked us.

In the office, was our head coach, Coach Davis and the assistant coach and senior history teacher, Coach Walker.  Both men were totally naked and kissing passionately.  We watched as they each sucked on each others hard cocks before deciding who was going to fuck who first.

Coach Walker smiled as he turned around, offering his hot firm ass to Coach Davis.   What surprised us most was the fact that Coach Walker was married to a hot teacher from another school.  We both had said how hot both coaches were and that we would love  sex with either.  We didn't care that Coach Davis was in his early forties.  He was still muscular and good looking.

After seeing them in action, both our cocks had returned to their rock hard condition.  We slipped away from the window and decided on our course of action.  

Scott retrieved his cell phone and recorded their actions for a minute orso.  Then, Without warning, we  eased the office door open and Scott said "Mind if we join?"

"What the fuck are you two doing here?" Coach Davis yelled, pulling out of Coach Walker's ass and turning to face us.

"The same thing you two are  doing here; having sex," Scott replied,before i spoke up and said, "Either we get  to join in on the fun on a regular basis  or our video goes  to the school board."

The were silent for  moment before slowly walking over to us.  As Coach Davis knelt in front of Scott, Coach Walker kneltin front of me.  Seconds later, they were both sucking our cocks.  Scott and i smiled at  each other.

Before it was over, they had sucked on each of us, we had sucked on each of them, and it ended with them in a sixty-nine with Scott fucking Coach Davis as i fucked Coach Walker. When everyone had climaxed, weall showered and as we dressed we agreed to meet on a regular basis.  Scott and i passionately kissed both men before we left.

The next day in history class, Scott and i agreed that it looked like Coach Walker had a semi-erection throughout the class.  When he would look at me, i would casually lick my lips.  

Our sex with both coaches was the climax of our days  and Scott and i both loved  their cocks in our mouths  as well as in our  asses.  Their secret desire or another man's cock remained hidden  with us.

A short time later, my dad's twin brother, Uncle Jim, came to visit us before going to Londn for a year at his company's London office for a year.  Our home had three bedrooms with Mom and Dad  in one, me in the other, and the third was dad's home office.  I had two twin beds in my room so Uncle Jim shared my room.

He and dad were very close, and dad spent as much time with him as  possible.  Uncle Jim and my parents were high school friends and all were thirty-six,and i thought both dadand Uncle jim were hot even thought i knew  that they were straight.

After Jim had been with us for  abouta week and a half, I arrived home earlier that normal and as i waked in,i heard soft moans emitting from my room.  Easing down the hall, i peeked in and saw Jim with a dildo in his ass and a life like rubber cock in his mouth as he jerked  his beautiful long cock. 

I slipped into the bathroom ad stripped before returning to the door of my room.  With my hard cock pointing the way, i stepped into the roomand said, "Would you prefer the real thing?"

Jim jumped and tried to hide what was going on when i stopped him  and lwaned down and began sucking his cock.  Moments later, we were in a sixty-nine, and after eating each others cumload, we kissed before Jim asked if my dad knew that i was into men.  I told him no and said that i wanted sex with him often while he was visiting.  We  made out some before he had me slide my rehardened cock balls deep in his ass.  Then that ight after we went to bed i had him fuck me.

About a week after Jim and i started having sex, i arrived home after football practice was cancelled and walked in on something that totally shocked me.  Seeing what was unexpected, i watched for a moment.  There, in mom and dad's king bed, was my dad and his borther, hungrily sucking each others cocks.   I had never supected that dad was into men also.  

I slipped to my room  and stripped.  I desperately wanted in on the action, especially having my dad's cock in my mouth and my ass.  When i returned to  the bedroom, Dad was on his back with Jim sitting on his chest and his cock in dad's mouth.  Jim's back was toward me and dad couldn't see me.  I eased  in silently and slowly eased up between dad's legs.  Neither knew i was there, until i had swallowed  my own dad's cock.

Dad jumped, throwing Jim off to the side.  Then when he saw me devouring his cock only said, "Mother fuck!"

I continued sucking as Jim convinced him to let me continue.  It didn't take dad long to  reach his climax and when he filled my mouth with his load, it was the most delicious cum  i had ever tasted.  After swallowing every drop, we talked and i told dad that i had been into cock for a while.  I then learned that he and jim had started having sex in their teens and continued whenever they had the opportunity.  Then dad sucked me off while watching me suck jim.  

The three of us had regular sex for the remaining time Jim visited.  After he left, dad and i continued sex, eventually inviting Scott to  join us.  Dad, mend Scott went on many weekend "camping" trips, which amounted getting a motel room in a small nearby town and having sex all weekend.  Dad  and i grew extremely close and dad called me his secret lover.  We were just that...lovers.

Then shortly after graduation, dad was returning home after a late night meeting. and was hit head on by a drunk driver and killed.  I thought my life was over and became seriously  depressed.  I decided to join the military and went into the Army.  I was tested and eventualy trained to be a military policeman.  

About three months into my first assignment, I was working overnight and unexpectedly caught my lieutenant sucking an enlisted man's cock.  He  begged me not to reort him, promising me anything i wanted.  i didn't say anything at the time.  I just turned and left.

The following day he called me to his office, promissing me everything.  i toldhim i would give him my decision that night.  I was off duty that night and had a plan.

I met him and had him get into my car.  Silently, we drove to a localmotel wherei  had rented a room earlier in the afternoon.  He looked at me questioningly and i told him i wanted a privte place to talk where i knew nothing would be  recorded.   Once in the room, i had him strip and and searched his clothes for a hand recorder. 

Looking into his face, i casually stripped  and once totally naked, i asked if he liked what he saw.  He said he definitely did, and i saw that his cock had become rock hard.

"Here's the deal.  For my silence, you will suck my cock or let me fuck you anytime i  want."

"Man, you have a deal.  I have too much time invested  toward retirement and can't afford to get kicked out."

I lay back on the  bed and he went to work,lovingly sucking my cock.    He was  good and his cock was calling me.  I soon fed him a load and had him rimming my ass whie i reloaded.  When i told him to suck me off a second tme,  he was eager to please.  However, he was shocked when i swallowed his cock. 

Sam and i had sex regularly both on duty and off duty.  He gradualy became more  and more forward in his actions.  He scared me and not wanting to have my record to say i was kicked out, I did not reenlist.  I found out later that he was caught and booted out, as  was the officer he was sucking.

During my enlistment, my  mom had started dating casually,  and i was glad.  I didn't tell her i was being discharged and coming home.  I wanted to  surprise her.

When i did arrive home, I found her gone for a month on business.  i settled into my old room and called from my cell phone.  i told her i ould  betaking leave soon and coming home for  visit.  he was glad and  anxious to see me.

I looked up Scott  and he and i had hot sex that first night, and renewed our friendship.  I started going to a local gay bar and on  the second night met Matt.   He was older,  but a couple of years younger than my dad.  I wet with him to his apartment and we had wild sex.  We started seeing each other almost every night , sucking and fucking each other.  He was also muscular and most of all  hairy chested ike my dad  had been.   That really turned me on.

Then, whe i asked if i would see him  the next night, he said that business would keep him tied up for a while but he would call me.

Mom returned home and we had a great visit.  It was then that i told her that i had  quit the army and had applied with the local police department. She was glad to have me home.

TO BE CONTINUED............



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