"It is nice to see a young buck like you with a thick patch of pubes," Terrence says, "most guys your age are into shaving their cocks and balls."

I jut out my own mid-section, cock still at full mast from my groin, proudly displaying my hair-covered manhood for Mr. Kilcrease and the Bucs-man, Terrence, as they too are sporting their own massive erections.

"Not me," I say, "I like my fur, it's a sign that I am a man. It ain't goin' nowhere, sir."

"My stepsons shave their balls," Mr. Kilcrease interjects, as he strokes his cock, slowly, "I do not know why but they do it, I don't."

"You mean like this?" Aaron comes around from behind me; he is steadily stroking his growing throbbing erection.

Aaron walks from around me, naked, his cock, sporting a semi-erection as he comes from the house, making it known; he wants special attention from us around the pool to see his shaved balls.

Aaron had opened the door, silently, appearing out of the blue, from behind me, he made his presence known to us three men, poolside. Ray follows from behind him, naked too, his cock rest lazily against his legs, flaccid but still impressive in its resting state. He is not touching himself, just reveling in the attention for NOT being hard.

"I shave my balls, because it shows off my cock even more," Ray says, "I get more attention when I parade around in the buff with my shaved balls."

"I have no problem getting what I want," Aaron says, "when I am in the mood to fuck."

"I get plenty of attention, too," I say, "I don't shave my cock or balls, my sex life is active, real active."

"I do quite well, myself," Ray says, "shaved balls and all are just my personal preference. At lease when I get a blowjob, the person doesn't get a mouthful of pubes. I get plenty of offers from the ladies at the gym, I go to, they are not shocked by my lack of fur, they want less of it."

"A mouthful of hair just proves that you got the cock all the way down the gullet," Terrence says, "which is not a bad thing. I like it."

Ray and Aaron dive into the pool. Both emerge at the dangling feet of Terrence, standing up, their chests underwater, on either side of him.

"Terry's sportin' wood," Ray says as he looks up at the rugged Italian man.

"Yeah, sport, I am," Terrence says, "deal with it."

All three laugh at the outward expression of Terrence's 'wood.'

He laughs, not bothered by his visible erection. He grabs his extended tool and gives it a hard tug as a drop of pre-cum appears out of the piss-slit. He coats his tool with his clear man-juice over his cock-head.

"...and I am damn proud of my fuck-tool, too," Terrence says.

"Proud of mine too, fucked a sweet girl this afternoon from my gym, in the backseat of my car," Ray says, boastfully, "she had a right tasty snatch, swallowed up my rod and milked my boy dry of its cum."

"Awright junior, "Mr. Kilcrease says, "I don't care to hear 'bout your sexual escapades."

"Okay," Ray says, riddled with sarcasm, "I'll stay mum, but it was a sweet one, she milked my cock with her shaved tight little pussy."

Ray's cock hardens underneath the water as he describes his afternoon conquest out at the causeway park; he is talking about himself, which fuels his own naracissm.

I can see his erection as it grows where I stand, just a few feet from Daryl on the pools rim.

He is blessed with some awesome equipment between his legs too, just like his stepdad.

Daryl stands with his own erection, unashamed of it in front of his stepsons. He reaches under his balls, cupping them as sweat rolls down off them in the humidity that is so typical of southern Florida.

"Damn, it's hot," Daryl says.

"With that hot piece of meat like that between your legs, "I say, "I would be burning up too. I would be on fire."

"Bud, you ain't doing so bad yourself," he says.

I ain't I am nearly as big a man as he is, my cock could be his double, just darker.

"Anyone want a beer?" Daryl says.

All the men say 'yes' at his suggestion.

"Help me get them, sport," Daryl says to me as we both walk to the fridge behind the bar by the pool.

Once Daryl and I get behind the bar-top, out of sight of the others, Daryl reaches for my cock and strokes it. I bring my hand to the soft curve of his ass, as he squats, and rub my hand across the fine tender-haired covered rounded ass. He makes it known to me that this interaction is solely for us, not something to be shared among the others. As he stoops down, out-of-sight, hidden, he takes my hard cock into his mouth and slides down the full length of my shaft. I jerk as his mouth engulfs me. I am caught unaware of his unplanned advances, obviously, this was his intent when he mentioned the beers.

"Hey, where are those beers?" I hear Aaron shout out from pool, where he is horsing around with his brother.

Daryl hastily takes his mouth off my cock and opens the fridge, grabbing five cold beers, handing me three of them, while he holds two in his own hands.

As we move from behind the bar, he whispers to me in a very low tone, "I'll see you later once everyone goes to bed."

My cock twitches from the advances from Daryl and the excitement, which I know, will come later.

As I survey the others when I carry my beers to them, I get an odd look from Aaron, when I hand him a beer. My cock jumps, as it is still pointing out hard from thick pubes.

The Bucs-man gives me a succession of winks as he fondles his own cock, when I hand him his beer. We brush our hands against each other, he feels good, strong.

My cock thrust out in its own hardness and from the quick secret consumption by Daryl, it glistens in the light of the pool and its own hardness, I can feel the pre-cum as it makes it way up my cum chute of my pee-hole. A drop forms, clear, and full of my DNA, falling, escaping from my body into the chlorinated pool, I am standing over. I feel more forming, as I am drip like a man-spigot.

"The boy is leaking like the young buck, he is, "Terrence says, as the others look intently at my engorged cock and see what he sees.

"It is what it is," Daryl says, "he is a man like all of us here, no need to hide what he has, and the wife ain't here, anyway, so be a man, proudly."

"That I am," I say.

I take a swig of my own cold brew and place it on the patio table near me.

I position myself on the pool rim, ready to take the liquid plunge.

I dive in the pool.

I feel my cock as it makes contact with the cool water.

The sensation shoots through my body as heat meets cool; my hard-on disappears in the cool depths of the pool.

We frolic and play in the pool to the early hours of Saturday morning.

We all lose our hard-ons and just bond as males as we congregate in the nude with our masculinity.

I collapse onto the couch near the witching hour to sleep.

The Bucs-man falls asleep in the leather recliner, his leg spread, his cock, exposed, flops lazily to the right side of his hairy-legged groin.

After the rambunctious activity of our pool play and the hyped up expressions of our individual sexualities, I need rest. Of boasted sexual activities, past and present shared by each of the men.

Aaron and Ray retreats to their rooms, down the long hallway, I was offered the spare room but only made it as far as the couch in the den.

Mr. Kilcrease was the first to disappear; he was worn out and could not keep up with us 'youngins.' I guess he is not going to honor his advance, flirt, from earlier in the evening.

Out of habit, I don my pair of white skivvies from the pool, where I shucked them; I do not want to catch my death of cold from a naked mid-section.

I fall asleep; I fade away into my dreams with ease, dreaming of cock and fucking.

In the early dawning hours of morning, I am startled awake by a hand reaching into the fly of my tight-whitey's, pulling my cock from its confines through the opening.

My cock is finally released from its cotton prison, now it rests on the elasticized waistband of my underwear. I feel the pressure of the elastic as it squeezes underneath my balls into the crevice of my ass.

I shift about in my sleep, not aware at what is going on at first, what is happening until I feel a wet pair of lips encircle my cock and take me into their mouth.

The unknown mouth takes my flaccid cock into it; I feel a nose brush up into my thick bushy pubes.

Is it Terrence?

I groggily look to the recliner behind me; he is snoring loudly, with his hands resting in the crevice of his open thighs. His cock is hard and throbbing as he sleeps. While he sleeps, drops of pre-cum glisten in the pale light as he subconsciously releases his juice. His cock is massive, thick and bushy.

"It's me, bud," the voice identifies itself, "relax and enjoy."

I recognize who it is when he speaks.

It is Mr. Kilcrease, Daryl.

"Lay back, stud," Daryl says, "I want you back in my mouth."

"What about Terrence?" I say.

"You want him to devour your cock too?" Daryl says.

"No, what if he wakes up?" I say.

"He can watch," Daryl says, "he likes what you have between your legs as much as I do."

"What about Aaron and Ray?" I say, alarmed.

"They are fast asleep, don't worry 'bout them," he says, "They sleep like rocks."

Daryl resumes his motions up and down my cock.

He grabs both sides of my tighty-whiteys and yanks them down off my hips and throws them onto Terrence, who moves when the musky smell of my briefs hit him squarely on his face.

Terrence stirs as the briefs strike him in the face, making sniffling noises as he catches a whiff of my masculinity.

He groggingly stirs in his slumber.

I hear him but am caught up in the hot man that is sliding up and then back down on my flesh-pole. This continues for a while, times slips away as I am wrapped up in Daryl's skills as a sucker of cock.

I am shocked by a sharp jolt to my ass as something has been pushed into it.

It is Terrence's finger, he has moved quietly from the recliner to my lower body.

"Oh...oh...oh...," I say as I am pierced by his long powerful digit.

"That feel good, boy?" I hear Terrence say.

"Yeah...yeah, it does," I say, in a contained squeal-like manner, "but I would rather have a cock stuck up my ass."

Daryl raises his head off my swelled member to say.

"I would be happy to fill your sweet hole with my cock."

Daryl moves from my cock to my mouth to give me a deep passionate kiss.

I taste my own cum on his mouth as we exchange our intimacies.

Daryl stands and drops his briefs. As his tighty-whities are pulled down, a hard stiff cock explodes from its release.

His cock looks glorious in all its splendor.

"I want it," I say, "I want it now."

"Well, give it to him, man, "Terrence says, "give that man that cock he wants so badly."

Terrence grabs my two legs and lifts them up, bending me up, opening my ass for entry, taking my ass off the couch. While holding them he moves to my head and stands there. His cock dangles vicariously over my face, asking, begging me to take it in my mouth. I do.

I feel a tongue grease my ass, it is Daryl, lapping up my hole, reading it for his glorious entry.

"Damn what a fine ass," Daryl says," you teased me all day with this sweet hole, now I want it wrapped around my hard cock. Can you do that?"

"Yes sir, I can," I say, "are you sure you can handle my ass, sir?"

"I can take anything you can throw at me," Daryl says.

"Well, prove it, stick that cock in me, Mister," I say.

"He wants it," Terrence says, "give him what he wants."

Daryl says nothing but suddenly I feel his cock plunge deep in the dark regions of my being.

"Damn, boy, you are tight," Daryl says.

"I ain't had a big cock like yours in my hole in quite a while, Mister," I say.

"But you've got one now," Terrence says, "show him what you got Daryl, plow that sweet hairy hole with what you've got."

I smell the manly odor of Terrence's hairy balls towering over my stubbled face; I reach with my tongue and lick the underside of them. The man tastes like the leather chair he fell asleep on, naked, leather and musky scents reek from the studly Italian man as he leans over me sucking my cock as Daryl proudly pounds my hole.

Terrence's cock is a mouthful of dark bristled hair and a thick Italian sausage. He leaks more cum as he pumps my mouth with his tool.

"Suck it, boy," Terrence moans as he skull-fucks my mouth.

Daryl is filling my hole with each thrust of his cock as it enters my hole.

"Let's try a new position, boy," Daryl says, "I want to feel you in different ways."

Daryl sits his bare ass on the leather sofa. He tells me to sit upon his stiff prick and ride him, facing away from him. Which I do.

I drill myself with his cock, while he sits, legs spread, while I rock back and forth on his glorious man-meat, taking him deeper and deeper into my ass.

"Ride me, boy, ride that cock," Daryl screams as his cock goes deep into me.

In the direction of the hallway, which I am looking down, as I ride Daryl's hardened male appendage, I see a silhouette. They are walking closer and closer, into the light of the early morning hours.

It is Aaron.

His tighty-whitey's are pulled down to his pubes, his cock and balls bunched up over the compression of the elastic waistband. In the midst of his exposed pubes, Aaron is stroking his cock, slowly, as he watches, his step-dad pound my hole.

"C'mere boy," Terrence says as he watches my hole being drilled by his bud, Daryl, to the silhouetted figure.

Terrence sees Aaron too.

Aaron walks from the darkened recesses of the hallway.

"He's got a sweet hole that I have wanted to plug for a long time, "Aaron says.

"Not now, you won't," Daryl says, forcefully, "You can fuck him once you get back to Gainesville."

"I will, I will," Aaron says, "gladly."

Daryl pounds ever harder into the dark recess of my ass, as he knows his stepson is a witness to his machinations.

Terrence and Aaron stand on either side of me, stroking their swelled cocks with furious fervor abandonment a few feet from my face.

Terrence is the first to anoint me with his jizz; Aaron follows when he explodes his own cream onto me, mingling with the Italian white-sauce from Terrence.

I am soaked with the man-juices from those two man-beasts.

My cock explodes next from my tool, mixing with others on my chest.

In one swift release, I feel Daryl's cock, pulse; unload the contents of his balls, into my ass. His juice soaks my insides with his seed. I collapse on him after my sexual abandonment.

Daryl reaches for my tighty-whiteys, which Terrence had placed on the backrest of the sofa when he came over to finger my hole. He reaches around me, sops up the three different mixed doses of cum from my chest onto the cotton briefs, and brings the cum-moistened underwear to his nose, smelling the essence of us three men, while his flaccid cock still resides up my ass.



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